Podcast Shortly

We got kind of a late start recording tonight, but the podcast is in post-production right now and should be out on the site right around midnight. By the way, we were a bit tired and, well, beat down from a really long week when we recorded tonight’s podcast, so forgive us if we’re a bit slow. It happens to everyone, and this week it was us.

In the meantime, a few news items of interest:

  • The Space Shuttle Endeavour has undocked from the ISS and is still on schedule for a landing Tuesday.The first opportunity would bring them down at KSC at 12:32 p.m. ET, so give it a watch if you get a chance. It’s not as exciting as vipers and raptors, but it’s, well, real. (If you’re at home, DirecTV offers the NASA channel. If you’re stuckat work — or without satellite/cable — you can watch a free streaming feed here.)
  • As many have discussed in comments, Sci-Fi announced their fall schedule. We now know that we’ll indeed see a series of two-to-three-minute-long “mini-sodes” broadcast during the new Flash Gordon, which now occupies BSG’s old 9 p.m. Friday night slot. We also know that Razor will air November 24th. Woot!
  • And finally, we’re in the process of making some changes to the galacticawatercooler.com site, and plan to release them in the next few weeks. As always, we’re doing thisover nights and weekends, so we’re not sure exactly what day we’ll finish. But it’s exciting stuff that we think will make the time you spend here even more enjoyable.

See you in a few with the ‘cast.

4 Responses to "Podcast Shortly"
  1. The Alpaca Herder says:

    1. NASA TV is also available on DISH at channel 213 and is also available streaming online at http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html

    2. Are we going to have min-frak parties for the mini episodes? Would such risk incidental discussion of Flash Gordon in the interim?

  2. StevieSpin says:

    When do those mini-sodes start running?


  3. Dave says:


  4. cdbluejr says:

    Re-watched Maelstrom, since SciFi is replying them. Noticed the Starbuck said the same thing in that espisode as she did in the commercial.

    Fear gets you dead, anger keeps you alive. (something like that).

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