August 7, 2007

GWC Podcast #57

Here’s our late (but delivered as promised) latest ‘cast. Highlights: We discuss The Farm in all its creepiness, finally table the ship business, make good on last week’s quarter bets (with Pike’s help), and, having postponed our “big questions” ‘cast until closer to the Razor release on some good advice from listeners, ask some “small” questions instead — like who you’d actually be if you were in the Colonial fleet and which BSG ship you’d own if you could have any one you wanted. Sean’s answer: a Cylon heavy raider. Why? Because it’s “like a Centurian you can ride in.” Who can argue with that logic?

46 Responses to "GWC Podcast #57"
  1. Timbuck says:


    Timbuck Says:

    August 3rd, 2007 at 2:13 am
    Radio Picon: AWESOME idea. Let’s get Sean a nickname. He’s the Funny Guy so maybe we should go w that? How about The Joker? Wait, I think that’s taken. Private Joker? Nah, Sean’s an artist not a killer. [Chuck must think he’s Mickey Frakkin’ Spillane] What about Spider? He thought Pesci was “funny”. Maybe Sean doesnt want to get shot (often). Seanfeld? Hmmm…

    8/7/07 Since he’s a rabid Cylonophile: Seanturion?

    Since he jams to dance/house music: DJ TechnoChrome.

    Since he’s an artist: The Artist. (That isnt funny but I didnt want to be beaten to it)

    Since he loves OP from Transformers and isnt overly positive in his outlook: Pessimus Prime.

    Since he lost that quarter bet about flying cars: 25 cent

  2. Viper209 says:

    Excerpted from Wikipedia:
    Near the end of the 19th century, the color yellow was often associated with mental illness, specifically including insanity, and with other sorts of mental problems (e.g. depravity). Examples include The Yellow Book, The Yellow Wallpaper, The King in Yellow, and The Yellow Sign.

    Link to entry on “Yellow”:

  3. The Fair Melissa says:

    So, because I say “yellow” when I answer the phone, I’m depraved? Cool. And I thought it was just because my daddy was from Texas.

  4. Trak101 says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know, no more about the flying cars, but I just couldn’t help myself. The link is to a video for a care/plane hybrid. You drive to the ariport and then fly to your destination….

  5. Trak101 says:

    Let’s try that again… it’s a CAR/PLANE hybrid that you drive to the airport, fold out the wings and then fly to your destination, land then drive away. The inventors are taking orders now only $148000!

  6. The Fair Melissa says:

    Timbuck – You want a name? You want me to give you a name?

    Master P (for “Photoshop Psean” (that “p” is silent)). Following rap logic, Sean’s new nickname could be Puffy, as in “Sean ‘Puffy’ O’Hara” and all the variations on that. No?

    25 cent? That was inspired.

  7. Phil says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for falling on the sword for me over the large aquatic cargo vessel that shall not be named. Sorry to cause such a stir. [Note I specifically did not say ‘make any waves’.]

  8. Phil says:

    Also want to point out that even though one of the green house/jungle ships did get destroyed in the miniseries, I noticed during the re-watch that there is a different (though visually identical) one as part of the RTF. I guess it’s still possible to get fresh veggies with their poached algae.

  9. Audra says:

    Noooooo! The algae-eaters must be stopped!

    There are even recipes for algae-smoothies and other “tasty green recipes.”

  10. snacktime says:

    I’m with Audra regarding Brother Cavil. the character Brother Cavil is gross.

  11. Mike P says:

    Has anyone else wondered/speculated if the Starbuck who shows up at the end of “Crossroads II” is somehow derived from “our” Starbuck’s stolen ovaries (or eggs) in “The Farm”? I have no evidence to argue this either way — just throwing it out there FWIW.

  12. Melinda says:

    Great episode and I loved the question, which I’ll try to answer on that thread.

    In your discussion about who you would want with you if you were stuck in a bad situation, I think it was Chuck who made the comment that the only reason Anders was still alive is because he’s a Cylon. I think I have to disagree. Anders has never shown any Cylon skills or strenghth; he has always seemed as human as anyone, so it isn’t Cylon abilities keeping him alive. Also, the skin-jobs, with the possible exception of Brother Cavil, and definitely DeAna, don’t seem to have any knowledge of who the final five are, other than the fact they know they exist and they don’t talk about them. Therefore, I don’t think the Cylon(z) are keeping Anders alive.

    It was also mentioned that Simon knew Anders name because Anders is a Cylon. Again, I don’t think they know Anders is a Cylon. I chalked that up to the Cylon(z) simply knowing their enemy. Even on war-torn Caprica, it wouldn’t have been terribly difficult for Cylon intelligence to determine who some, or all of the resistance fighters were. But that’s my own humble opinion.


  13. Stroogie says:

    I think a pale, slightly greenish yellow is usually the color we see in the movies when it’s used to suggest insanity. The Wikipedia entry also mentions that yellow is associated with sunlight and cheeriness. And in China, it’s the color of royalty. In the Chinese film “Ju Dou”, the neglected, abused wife of a wealthy silk merchant is often seen dressed in or surrounded by yellow cloth, suggesting an inner regalness that her social position denies her.

    And that’s my pretentious thought for the day.

    Requoting my suggestion from an earlier post: “Awesome, Coolest, and Partly Evil.” (It’s the half goatee, man.) But there have been a lot of good suggestions already, so maybe this ship has sailed.

  14. Audra says:

    Thanks, snacktime!

    Melinda – I thought Chuck was suggesting that somehow Anders was spared because the Cylon(z) knew he was a final five? Not sure, but that’s how I took it. I agree with you that he’s always seemed very human (albeit an extremely ripped, hot human). 😉

  15. Timbuck says:

    The Sean nickname thing hasnt gotten enough steam!

    Stroogie said:

    Requoting my suggestion from an earlier post: “Awesome, Coolest, and Partly Evil.” (It’s the half goatee, man.)

    Partial goat make me think of Shaggy (as in Scooby &). Does Sean drive a hippie van that goes “boota-boota” (assume club music here people)?

    The Fair Melissa said: 25 cent? That was inspired.

    It’s my favorite so far!

    Melissa said:

  16. Timbuck says:

    oops cut and pasted too much on that Melissa said. Please have it sacked!

  17. Timbuck says:


    Tony Jack Howard
    Have you read Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous short story, “The Yellow Wall-Paper”? Gilman creates a protagonist whose physician/husband treats her “nervous disorder” by confining her to a room papered in yellow which she describes as follows: “The color is repellent, almost revolting; a smouldering unclean yellow, strangely faded by the slow-turning sunlight. It is a dull yet lurid orange in some places, a sickly sulphur tint in others.” As the story continues, the yellow wallpaper slowly drives the protagonist crazy. Give it a read and see what you think. My guess is no one will want to paint his or her bedroom yellow again. 😉

    R. Holbert
    Do you know the story is of Gilman’s life? The fact that she was depressed and that she commited suicide? If you haven’t read “The Yellow Wall Paper” i highly suggest you do. It is an increadable story. I think the way Gilman describes the grotesque yellow wall paper is actually her way of describing the character’s (or possibly her own) life. It is an excellent story and really gets to you right where it matters.

    This story sounds cool May have to find it. But where???????

  18. Timbuck says:

    slice of scifi blog:

    The first of four direct-to-home-theater “Futurama” movies is (finally) coming. “Futurama: Bender’s Big Score” will hit home theaters on November 27, 2007.

    Fox Home Entertainment issued a press-release that gives fans a hint of what’s to come.

    As Xmas 3007 approaches, the “Futurama” crew must fight to save Earth in an epic battle against nudist alien Internet scammers. When the evil naked aliens launch a cyber-attack on Planet Express, they make a shocking discovery: the secret of time travel, mysteriously tattooed on Fry’s buttocks. Using their devious nudist software to control Bender, they repeatedly send the beer-fueled robot back in time to loot Earth of its greatest treasures. Bender’s rampage through history has shocking repercussions when he encounters Al Gore (guest-starring as himself) during the 2000 Presidential recount. Meanwhile, Leela finds true love, a beloved crew member suffers an embarrassing decapitation, and Fry learns deep secrets about his destiny and his buttocks.

    Al Gore, Coolio and Sarah Silverman guest star.

    “Futurama: Bender’s Big Score” will be the first full-length “Futurama” adventure, with the universe expanding when three more films are released individually through 2008. More information on the next feature films will be forthcoming.

    TV Shows on DVD is reporting the DVD will include a bevy of great extras including a full-length commentary by creator Matt Groening, series producer David X. Cohen and members of the cast, a full-length episode of “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad” that includes commericals from the future and a spot for “An Inconvient Truth” featuring former Vice-President Al Gore and everyone’s favorite robot, Bender.

    This movie will be later broken into four individual episodes to air on Cartoon Network sometime next year. Footage from new movie was previewed at ComicCon and if you look around YouTube, you might just find some of it. The footage is vintage “Futurama” and seems to be warmly received the gathered fans. It also mocks the FOX network for cancelling the show.


    Mark your calendars “Battlestar Galactica” fans for November 24, 2007. That evening, SciFi will air the much anticipated two-hour movie “Razor. The fourth and final season of “Galactica” will hit the SCI FI Channel in January of 2008.

    TV Shows on DVD had a few other details about the two-hour movie from a report in “Home Media Magazine.”

    “Razor” features the return of Michelle Forbes (Star Trek: TNG’s Ensign Ro) as “Admiral Cain”, leading the Battlestar Pegasus in a standalone “two-part episode”. This actually goes back and tells us the history of the Pegasus, and “covers a span of about 50 years, and two wars between the humans and the robotic Cylons”. That quote from Home Media Magazine contains info which they attribute to coming from Ronald D. Moore, the show’s Executive Producer.

    In addition to Forbes, and several of the the regular cast of Galactica, are slated to appear in “Razor,” which will reportedly feature an additional treat: ORIGINAL Cylon centurions! Yes, the silver-plated robots with the red eye that roves back-and-forth will show up, as will the original Cylon “raider” ships that were seen in the original late ’70s series.

    Where can I find Venture Bros? Netflix didnt list it. Craaap!

  19. Pike says:

    I like “25 cent”, but how about taking it a step further? “Two Bit.” 😀

  20. Stroogie says:

    Five stars for “Two Bit”! *****

  21. The Fair Melissa says:

    Do we get to add our own word to the end of that… like “two bit [insert word here]”?

    Chuck and Sean – did you say that Audra’s “Excuse me while I whip this out” was Venture Bros? For those of us old enough to know better, that is a direct quote from “Blazing Saddles”.

  22. Chuck says:

    Melissa: Nope. My bad Monarch impression was Venture Bros. The simultaneous “whip this out” bit is definitely ‘Saddles.

  23. The Fair Melissa says:

    Chuck – Just checking. Loved the Animal House and A Christmas Story references, too. Reminds me of a very happy, and movie filled childhood.

    Oh, and Timbuck? Venture Bros. is on Netflix (check your notes!).

  24. Number 13 says:

    “Blazing Saddles” is such a funny movie. I’m still shocked that GWC has never had a reference to my favorite Mel Brooks movie, “Spaceballs” (best sci-fi spoof ever!).

    What I came to mention was that RDM just signed a deal with Universal to make more projects, and one for the SciFi Channel is at the top of their list. It could air as soon as fall 2008. All of the shows he’s worked on have been solid (the Star Trek series, Roswell, Carnivale).

  25. Audra says:

    Timbuck – This is the story I was referencing in the podcast. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was depressed, and suffered the “treatment” of Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell, a major proponent in his time of what they called the “rest cure.”

    Basically, Victorian-era women (white women, that is; women of color were considered inherently “robust”) who were found to have symptoms of depression and anxiety were labeled with the disorder “hysteria.” The word comes from the Greek “hystero-“, or uterus, as all mental anguish in women was believed to stem from the mysterious uterus and associated reproductive organs. (Hence all the leeches and unnecessary hysterectomies during the time.)

    The rest cure stated that these women should be isolated from all but the most necessary human contact, and prevented from getting out of bed, writing, talking, or thinking too hard. When Gilman nearly lost her mind under Weir Mitchell’s care, she became determined to write a story based on her experience as a warning to other women about the rest cure.

    Here’s a link to the full text of “The Yellow Wall-Paper.”

  26. Timbuck says:

    Audra: Thanks for the info. I’m a Freud nut and a therapist by trade. I will so look into that story. It sounds AWESOME!

    TFM: thanks for the Netflix notes. I put Venture Bros near the top of my Q. Chuck has made me want to see it w all the references. Those guys got me into Firely as well!

    I’m missing the Two Bit thing. I should not always post when very tired. Reagrdless, 2-bit or 25 cent seem to lead the pack…

  27. Timbuck says:

    Audra: I checked out the etext and skimmed a bit. I like it already. It has that “Misery” feeling of being trapped. Thanks.

    My school has those etexts too. Gotta love technology!

    Next time on Galactica Bookclub…

    Hey wait–not a bad idea for post-422!

  28. Stroogie says:

    Sorry, Melissa, the asterisks were supposed to be my “five stars”. I couldn’t think of anything better.

    Meanwhile, on another tangent, anyone think that the Season 3 DVD and CD releases were delayed due to the Emmy nominations? Maybe they’re hoping to be able to slap “Emmy-Award Winning” stickers on the packages. So Say We All to that.

  29. BoxytheBoxed says:

    no its not a phase, its summer, ive left podcasts, and forums for most of the summer, but im back
    Chuck and sean:when is venture brothers on?i stayted up late but fell asleep, and never saw it…maby ill never get jokes
    aboot the quarter bet on the cars flying cars fly, they dont use streets so they will never be street legiel, Sean take your quarter
    chuck say Sean made a bet knowing you could never win and SUE

  30. Number 13 says:

    Stroogie- They typically like to wait until just before the new season starts to build hype, typically a month before. Word has it that is listing an October release date, which makes sense because Razor airs in November.

    And I’m no expert, but I would imagine that isolation isn’t a great way to treat depression. I find it funny that 150 years from now (assuming the human race is still alive), people will find our ways of thinking to be odd and backwards.

    Add me to the list of people who have added The Venture Bros. to my Netflix list. I’ve seen the pilot and it was pretty funny. I saw one commercial a while back and they were in the car singing/humming to Holst’s “The Planets”. lol And I admit, I do have that on my iPod, but it’s required listening for any John Williams fan (he borrowed quite liberally from Holst, ex: opening scene of Star Wars Ep IV).

  31. Audra says:

    Timbuck said: Thanks for the info. I’m a Freud nut and a therapist by trade.

    Well, sheesh, you know way more about this stuff than I do!

    Then he said: Next time on Galactica Bookclub…

    Now THAT’S an interesting idea. 😉 It does seem many of us share tastes in media and can give good recommendations…

  32. Audra says:

    BoxytheBoxed said: aboot the quarter bet on the cars flying cars fly, they dont use streets so they will never be street legiel, Sean take your quarter

    LOL. Welcome back, Boxy!

  33. Atersolitas says:

    Am I the only one who, while shuddering during the scene with the women hooked up to the tubes, thought to myself “axlotl tanks”, like those used by the Bene Tleilax in Dune? Also, they did reference this episode later on New Caprica when we were originally led to believe that they had used one of the eggs taken from Starbuck in this episode to create Kacey.

  34. Atersolitas says:

    OK, I’m officially screwed up in the head – listening to the podcast, there was a mention of taking care of other people’s kids by the Cylons, and then I started thinking – “What if there was a Cylon version of Mary Poppins?” *shudder*

  35. BoxytheBoxed says:

    wow, somebodys got the same stuff Chuck Audra and Sean have

  36. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Atersolitas wrote in pertinent part: “…taking care of other people’s kids by the Cylons, and then I started thinking – ‘What if there was a Cylon version of Mary Poppins?’ *shudder*”

    Well, a small scale FTL-style device built into a Centurion that worked akin to that rift device seen in the re-imagined Flash Gordon that would certainly demystify much of Mary Poppins. I could just imagine how the Centurion would react after a cannon blast or two as seen in the movie. I suppose such really would result in a “re-imaging”……………..

  37. Audra says:

    “Just a spoon full of sugar, helps me implant this tracking device in your brain…”
    (Cylon Nanny)

  38. The Fair Melissa says:

    For you cut corners freaks (hi, Chuck!) the Simpsons parodied “Mary Poppins” in season 8. “Cut Every Corner” was one of the songs….. it’s a conspiracy!

  39. BoxytheBoxed says:

    nooooooo Melish has found my secret plan to take over the world

  40. BoxytheBoxed says:

    audra less posting more recording

  41. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Btb: Give the GWC Three time for the next podcast.

    TFM: Not being a sufficient Simpsons fan…when was Season 8?

    Audra: Just like those P-C twisted re-tellings of fairytales…that could be an interesting round of fanfic reimagining Mary Poppins with Centurions serving as nannies. The big question would be which skinjob would direct them…if any would do such…

  42. The Fair Melissa says:

    TAH: Season 8 of the Simpsons originally aired in 1996 – 1997. That was also the season with the X-Files parody (funny stuff).

  43. The Alpaca Herder says:

    TFM: Ah, that explains it. I had many, many things going on at that time. Lots of moving, too. I probably saw it but as that was about ten years ago…quite a bit has happened in the past decade.

  44. Chuck says:

    Alpaca: Thanks for getting my back, man.

    Btb: Audra’s totally not the one you should be giving hell. It’s me. I’m the one who was too lazy to complete the transfer earlier today. It’s all “Scrubs” fault. I’m so addicted.

    All: Podcast momentarily. Thanks for the killer week here on GWC. All the comments have totally been high point of my otherwise overworked week. 🙂

  45. Audra says:

    Aww, I thought Boxy meant I should stop singing in type and start workin’ the mic…;)

  46. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Chuck: My teacher voice might be showing….

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