Season Four “Mini-Sodes” Before Razor

According to a press release from Sci-Fi this morning, we'll receive "an eight-week series of exclusive mini-sodes, between two and three minutes in length, beginning in October."  They go one to say that the mini-sodes will "take place during the original Cylon War and center on a young William Adama (played by Nico Cortez), who discovers a dangerous Cylon weapon that will come to haunt him and his crew 40-years later." 

If -- like us -- you're wondering why they're not calling 'em "webisodes," this bit from the release might help explain: "The mini-sodes will be available on after they debut on the network."  We can't help but wonder how they'll release the mini-sodes.  Will we see them in the middle of Eureka?  Or other shows that need a boost?

We also noticed that the IMDB entry for Razor lists Nico Cortez -- that's a publicity photo of Nico above -- as "young Adama."  So it looks like we're going to see quite a bit of him in October and November.

(Thanks for the tip, Phoenix!)

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42 Responses to "Season Four “Mini-Sodes” Before Razor"
  1. Radio Picon says:

    My eyes lit at the thought of something new from BSG coming soon. But then I realized these mini-episodes aren’t starting till October. Right now that feels just as far away as November!

    By the way, how can they start in October and run for 8 weeks leading up to “Razor” if it is supposed to be in November? Either it is maybe the last day in November…or they have actually pushed “Razor” into December!

    Anyway, really happy they are at least giving us this.

  2. Leon Kensington says:

    Fraking great! They are going to put this in the middle of Flash Fraking Gordon! Now I actually have to watch that craaaaap!!!

  3. Tanu says:

    OMG, He is sexy!

  4. Tanu says:

    The scifi article states they will be released on the website as well.

  5. Pike says:

    Does this mean we’re getting old-school Centurions? THAT would be interesting.

    I wonder if the “mini-sodes” versus “webisodes” thing has something to do with the Writers’ Guild problems they had last year.

    OT, but I noticed at the bottom of the SciFi Wire release that they also have a series based on the “God, Inc.” videos. If you haven’t seen them, check out the first one here:

  6. Tanu says:

    I’m thinking they are called mini-sodes instead webisodes because they are being released on television first. The webisodes from last season were released online only therefore webisodes.

  7. Stevearino says:


  8. Dave says:

    Original Cylon War…..could mean some orignal Cylons…sweeeet

  9. Tanu says:

    Pike, that link is so funny!

  10. Phoenix says:

    This is really exciting! I really like the idea of seeing the original Cylon war. Nico Cortez reminds me quite a bit of Jamie Bamber, which is not a bad thing at all!

  11. 13th Cylon says:

    Yay! GWC goes back to it’s roots with the ___sodes. lol

    Was I the only person who thought that the picture was of the guy from VH1’s “I Love the …” series?

  12. 13th Cylon says:

    Sorry for the double post, but it looks like Farscape is being brought back in webisode form by SciFi and Henson. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who are going to be very happy about that. I think I’ll have to get back to watching the series on Netflix (I hate that there’s only 2 episodes per disk!).

  13. Chuck says:

    Pike: re: mini- vs. webi- and Writer’s Guild. Yep, that was my take. I’m just glad they worked it out so some disagreements didn’t kill what’s clearly a great addition to the show — and other shows as well.

    Last time they used the webisodes to set the stage for the occupation on New Caprica, letting them jump right into the action in season three. They also introduced us to the idea of collaborators.

    So what will the mini-sodes bring? What do they need to “set up” before Razor and season four? It’s sure starting to sound like a (kick-ass) history lesson. I don’t see how they can avoid showing us some original Cylons if we’re going to see lots of action from the first war.

  14. Pike says:

    I dunno. I’d love to see some old-school Centurions running about causing mayhem, but I have my doubts as to whether we’re going to get that.

    They avoided the classic Centurions in the first place because they looked like, well, guys in plastic suits. They did give a nod to them in the Armistice Station officer’s papers (The full cylon suit in the museum was a deleted scene, IIRC.) Now if you’re going to revisit the first war, you’re going to come up against the same problem. It might be easier not to show them at all, and have all the action be ship-to-ship. Of course, we could easily have the old-school Raiders.

    The only way I see a Centurion Classic(tm) showing up is if the FX guys did one on their own as a proof-of-concept and they came up with something that looked decent (creative guys do that sort of stuff all the time.) It’d be a tough one to pull off, because if you get it exactly right, it’ll look just like a guy in a plastic suit. It would have to be ‘off’ enough not to register as that.

  15. Leon Kensington says:

    Maybe we will see a boxy.

    And I was just thinking, how old does that make Adama if the cylon war was 50 years before the attack and the actor looks to be in his early twenties?

  16. Timbuck says:

    I thought that picture was Sean! Silly me.

  17. Phoenix says:

    I wonder if we’ll see any other “young” characters. A young Tigh would be cool. This could lead in to the spin-off, Caprica, as well.

    13th Cylon-I am so excited for new Farscape! No idea what it will be, but just to have anything is great.

  18. Luc says:

    I’m interested in them exploring the orginal Cylon war and the early career of Adama. I would even make for an interesting miniseries, maybe after they conclude BSG.

    Actually, if they continue with the same level of writing, acting and production values, I’ll watch anything they come up with. From what I read, the minisodes come from outakes of Razor which did not make the cut due to time constraints.

    Just looking forward to seeing some BSG in the future…


  19. The Alpaca Herder says:

    I thought I was going blind as I thought it was Jamie Bamber initially. It was a long day working with the kids at school.

    I am so glad, though, that the blipverts are going to show up on TV first. Sci-Fi’s convoluted embedded video player greatly crashes Safari for me. The TV screen here is bigger anyhow.

  20. joe says:

    Timbuck, for two seconds I thought it was Sean too!

  21. IceCap says:

    I agree with Pike. If they go with the original ’78 Cylons they will have to go CGI. If the mini-sodes are like the webisodes they might avoid the expense of CGI altogether and imply action off camera.

    Leon Kensington questioned just how old the “old man ” was. I think in “Hero” Adama gets an award for 40 (or 45?) years of service, having also fought in the war 40 years prior. So he’s in his early 60s. But that’s Earth years so I guess he’ll have to get to Earth to really get a true count. 😉

  22. adoracion says:

    wow. the casting people are on point choosing Nico Cortez as young Adama. he definitely looks a bit like both Jamie and Eddie (at least to me).

    i just hope the guy can ACT like a young Adama. Bill Adama is such a presense!

  23. The 13th Cylon says:

    Phoenix- Young Tigh will also be played by Michael Hogan. He looks exactly the same as he did 40 years ago, just with a slightly worse comb over.

    If they do old school Cylons, I’d bet they do it CGI. In the original series, they had a lot of problems with the Cylon’s chrome suits reflecting the crew. Heck, there’s a Star Wars Ep III web doc about a gal who’s job was to color over the C-3P0 suit reflecting the crew.

  24. adoracion says:

    “Young Tigh will also be played by Michael Hogan. He looks exactly the same as he did 40 years ago, just with a slightly worse comb over.”

    OMG that’s the BEST!

    hey– imdb’s cast and crew list for RAZOR does NOT list Katee Sakoff in the credits.

  25. Tanu says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, too funny 13th.

    Adoracion, you are right, Katee is not listed on the Razor cast page but if you look at her profile, she is credited for “Razor: Part 1 (2008)”. Now i’m confused.

  26. Cavatar says:

    To the question as to why they are not calling them “webisodes,” they may be showing them in certain cable “on demand” services as well as the internet and commercials. They also may be itunes releases too.

  27. ThotFullGuy says:

    I love the fact that Razor will go back and delve into Adama and other characters from 40 years ago and the first Cylon War. Makes me think of when I read the Horatio Hornblower novels by C.S. Forester years ago (RD Moore is a Hornblower too I recently discovered…). There are about 12 or so books in the series following Hornblower from Midshipman to Admiral. I decided the read the middle three books first, then go back and read the 1st book and go onward to where from there and then the final set of books. There’s something great about the drama of character when you know what the man he’ll eventually become will be like.

    Just to digress a moment.. I was on the vacation the last couple weeks, so Audra, sorry I’m late thanking you for posting your “Here in CIC” song for download. And thanks to 13th Cylon for coming up with the idea. After playing “Here in CIC” for my daughters—-which they really liked but didn’t understand (too young for BSG), I went ahead and paid my 99cents and bought KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” from iTunes. So Audra you helped make a sale for KT Tunstall.

  28. Steviespin says:

    13th: I wonder how they’ll budget these. the webisodes were effective, but super low-lost (hopping from tent to tent)O Here’s hoping they inject a little more cash into this one.

  29. Leon Kensington says:

    Has anyone heard if there is another trailer tonight?

  30. Dave says:

    Hi guys

    Off the subject a bit, but I ran across a Season 3 Gag Reel that had me cracking up at work. Don’t know if it had been posted before, but thought Id’ share to give us soemthing while we wait for Razor and the mini-sodes.

    Thanks again for all your hard work on the podcasts!


  31. Radio Picon says:

    Phoenix, I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering if this might end up being used as a bridge to a future pilot for the “Caprica” spin-off….if that EVER actually happens. The way “Caprica” was described sounded really dull…light on the sci-fi and heavy on the drama, hopefully this means they are reworking it and getting closer.

  32. Tanu says:

    Dave, that link is hysterical!

    As for the “Here in CIC” download. Sorry, i haven’t been able to listen to the podcasts 51 and forward yet so where is this download?

  33. The 13th Cylon says:

    Oh boy, “Here in CIC” is from a few months back at podcast #32. Ha ha.

  34. Leon Kensington says:

    There is a direct link in the blog, just go to the podcast 32 post and then go forward one.

  35. Tanu says:

    oh ok. so i didn’t miss something. i thought there was a special download placed on itunes that was just the song and not the whole podcast. my mistake.

  36. ThotFullGuy says:

    Hey Tanu,
    Here’s the direct link to “Here in CIC”.
    Audra was kind enough to post this on a frak party thread a few weeks back.

  37. Kappa says:

    Yay! New content!! Seeing the first Cylon war will be very interesting indeed–I wonder if we’ll maybe see something that will clue us in to how Adama recognised that Leoben could be a Cylon so quickly…like prototype skinjobs, mabye? Whatever they are, I’m excited.

  38. Tanu says:

    Thanks so much ThotFullGuy. I swear, i’m losing my ability to read and comprehend things. lol.

  39. Altair IV says:

    I don’t know if you guys have seen it but there is a RAZOR Teaser on=line at YouTube here.

  40. Altair IV says:

    Hey maybe we’ll get to meet a Young Ellen Tigh too! My guess is all straight males in the Galaxy will be pleased by this.

  41. battlestar carpathia says:

    i think they should make a new series about the first cylon war with the actor who played a yourng bill adama in the razor movie. i mean it would be so cool with the old centurians aand raiders and seeing a fleet of battlestar go at it with the old base ships. there just was never enough of that with the new series. the old centurians,the way the looked in razor, would be so great. instaed they made caprica which i think is going to be boring with no action. bring back the old centurians and tell the stories of the first cylon war—- i know it would be great !!!!

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