Mini-Frak Party: The Razor Trailer

I just saw the Razor trailer — I think — about 39 minutes into tonight’s Eureka episode. Am I wrong, or was that an incredibly short trailer? But for as short as it was, it did tell us a few things about what’s to come in terms of Razor.

I have a more to say about it, and I suspect you do, too. So here’s your thread to cut loose. Look for the rest of my post in comments.

Update: The Alpaca Herder added a slick summary of what we saw in comments below.

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  1. Chuck says:

    At first glance: it looks like they’re going to introduce a whole new set of main characters for Razor, fleshing out Admiral Roe’s crew as opposed to integrating them with our old-school faves — though we did see a few scenes from Pegasus as well. Could that indicate that Razor will “end” with a reverse-perspective view of the Pegasus and Galactica’s meeting?

    I’m sure the freeze-frame brigade will tell us more. Be sure to report your findings here!

  2. The Alpaca Herder says:

    As I said in a comment on the previous post: “So was there supposed to be one discrete entity airing?” I am not so sure of that.

  3. joe says:

    There looked like two blonds that both looked like starbuck dressed in all black. One was definitely starbuck, but i don’t know who the other was. Any clues?

  4. 13th Cylon says:

    We need a special podcast of the analysis of this trailer! Really, I think we’re well beyond the point of return. lol

  5. CodeAndrew says:

    GRR! I didn’t know about this (sigh). Hopefully they will put up the teaser on the scifi website.

  6. joe says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I would have rather had this trailer given to us in a few months rather than FIVE months before it premieres!

  7. Mike P says:

    I second 13th’s motion for a mini-podcast dissecting the trailer. Have everyone call in with their observations and let the good times roll.

    It’s been moved and seconded. Discussion? 🙂

  8. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Under “RETHINK DRAMA” in the Reimagine commercial preceding Eureka’s start we see:

    1. That new person, Kendra Shaw, on the flight deck with Apollo and Starbuck
    2. Admiral Cain with a different hair-do
    3. Baltar and a Six being playful
    4. Adama in a facility of some sort with a Battlestar’s emblem bathed in red light
    5. Starbuck flipping and catching what looks like possibly a pen

    Under the section in the Reimagine commercial preceding Eureka’s airing relative to showing off “Battlestar Galactica” we see Adama standing in front of a display case with an 1978-style Centurion in it

    The “trailer” during Eureka:
    * starts showing someone getting off a raptor. Kendra Shaw?
    * turns to Admiral Cain with the bodybags reference in Resurrection Ship Part 1
    * shows Starbuck dressed in black in an ambiguous scenario
    * Lt. Shaw reports for duty and we see Fisk in the background with Cain turning around with a primal look in her expression
    * Apollo then is on a flight deck that looks like Galactica’s asking: “Where the hell did they come from?”
    * Some sort of battle on a catwalk
    * Starbuck: “Fear gets you killed, anger keeps you alive”
    * Shaw is moving around in the CIC of Pegasus (This was way too short of a cut)
    * Then we see Adam mentioning “…those are our people out there…”
    * We then see an intercut with a little girl playing and a graphic showing text “The Fight” as Adam continues saying: “…we have to give them a chance…”
    * It looks like either Starbuck or maybe Gina is beating the snot out of a Marine and taking a gun in the Pegasus CIC (I am thinking it is most likely Gina)
    * Starbuck is back doing a sniper job of some sort?
    * Something goes boom on Pegasus while we hear Shaw saying: “We are completing this mission…am I clear, soldier?” We also see the Pegasus CIC shaking all Star Trek style with Apollo inside
    * A big bang on what looks like the Galactica flight deck with Figurski going airborne
    * We wrap up with Admiral Cain saying: “War is our imperative…so we will fight”

    I am thinking of what Sean has said about releases from RDM. RDM, in Sean’s view if I am paraphrasing correctly, shows what he wants you to see. Will it have any bearing on what is eventually shown? That I am not sure. Outside introducing what I fear may be a female Red Shirt with a Brit/Kiwi accent we really got nothing conclusive. It was all flash…but almost no substance. I could think of starting to reach really badly but I am not sure there is enough for a thread for that.

    In light of the discussion elsewhere on GWC about canon this presents a big question. For this short of a “trailer” what do we really know? Between the two instances of things leaking forward…I got nuthin’ so far.

  9. AirborneAce says:

    Hey timbuck, sorry but my nickname is a little misleading, Im not in the military, I’m enrolled in a commercial aviation program here in Mississippi. AirborneAce is my gamertag on Xbox Live, I signed up for it years ago and every other name I wanted was already taken so I came up with that and I use it online a lot. Sorry to mislead anyone who thought I was military.

  10. Leon Kensington says:

    Why 4 months? WHY?!!!

  11. ShadowGem says:

    So this new girl is a Kiwi? Sounds like it, although they won’t really explain why her accent is different from everyone elses. Maybe she just came from a different area, like Baltar did. Possibly the same area that 3 pretended to come from.
    There wasn’t enough in that trailer and now I’m nitpicking accents.

    I’m not sure I can handle another Kiwi is because whenever 3/Deana/Xena comes on my sister has to loudly announce in the Kiwi accent, “Fish and Chips,” but in the Kiwi way, “Fush und chups.”

  12. Cavatar says:

    The trailer looks really great. I wanted to point out, when Lee says “Where the hell did they come from?” that the uniform Lee is wearing has the red strip along the edge of the jacket that a Admiral, Commander and Colonel wears; verse the light blue one he wears as a Major, Captain and Lieutenant. Could that mean he is a Commander in the trailer? Could anyone see if the rank insignia on William Adama is for an Admiral or a Commander?

  13. AKron says:

    As Audra, Chuck and Sean say repeatedly, you guys ARE awesome! Do you think Razor will start back at the Cylon attack and move forward? Maybe they’ll start there and have two parallel storylines one on Galactica and one on Pegasus before completely focusing on Pegasus or do you think they’ll run parallel stories the entire time? Perhaps the writers will show how Cain and Adama deal with similar situations? Do we know much about what happened between the mini and 33?
    Alpaca_Herder = supa!

  14. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Now that I am back to work in education I am finding I can pick out accents again and my hearing is suddenly improved. Maybe the past few weeks were just detox? At the conference I was at I know I had to sit way, way too close to the front just to barely hear the keynoter speak and all. Maybe it was just a self-defense mechanism kicking in relative to brain functioning? Working summer school is surely a strange thing which is what is in play now.

    ShadowGem raised the point about the possible Kiwi accent. All I can say is that a Received Pronounciation seems very prominent with Kendra Shaw. It also sounds like either being much akin to how the character Lara Croft sounded in that film portrayal or the very oddly British sounding pilots and officers in Star Wars. Maybe it is just me but that is what seemed to inhere in what was aired.

    As to Cavatar’s queries I can only state not only did I not notice the piping on Apollo’s uniform I did not notice the rank insignia Apollo’s father had on. In the bits were William Adama was present the scene was lit so that seeing such would have been pretty much impossible to make out anyhow. As to the piping on Apollo’s uniform I can try to take a look again when I get back to the ranch this afternoon.

    As to AKron’s points above (and partially Chuck’s) I can say that basically we are seeing the parallel story track of the Pegasus. The different hair styles of Admiral Cain would seem to suggest that after having seen so much of Galactica’s first exodus we will now see the first exodus of the Pegasus. Seeing so many body bags just incarnates the memory recalled by Admiral Cain to Starbuck in Resurrection Ship about seeing so much death. Things that were alluded to in Admiral Cain’s chat over liquor with President Laura “Airlock ’em” Roslin and Commander Adama may well be incarnated as part of the canon rather than remaining areas for guesswork.

    One of the key writers/staffers on this is Jane Espenson. Espenson was a collaborator with Joss Whedon for quite a while and was involved in things as disparate as Angel, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. With Espenson’s elevation to Co-Executive Producer for BSG I honestly think Razor may relate to the Mini & 33 in the manner that The Train Job and Serenity were connected on Firefly. From her body of work out there this almost seems like it would fit with her M-O. The only key difference here is that Razor will have been deliberately filmed and written after BSG’s start while Serenity should have aired first for Firefly and yet was confusingly aired at the end while The Train Job served as the second stab at a pilot.

  15. Tanu says:

    I’m a little confused by the teaser trailer. From the information we had about Razor prior to the airing of the trailer, I had assumed that this would be a Pegasus-centric story solely covering the survival of Pegasus and the stripping civilian ships story lines that were touched on in conversations between Cain/Adama/Laura and between Tigh/Fisk in the Pegasus episodes from season 2. Now it appears that Galactica stories will also show up in Razor but in what capacity? Will it be as Chuck suggested, events of episode Pegasus from the view point of the other ship? Or will it be like whats happening on both ships at this one point in time even though the two ships haven’t met up yet (if that made any sense).

  16. Mike P says:

    I had heard that it would be the story of the Pegasus from the time of the attacks on through the time Lee commanded it — maybe like a “companion piece” to BSG, the way Orson Scott Card has started going back and writing Ender novels from the other characters’ points of view?

  17. Yorick says:

    Some interesting tidbits from RDM on ‘Razor’ today:

  18. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Tanu – Good points. As far as it looked from the commercial I would suppose that the story’s point of view is Pegasus. Just like how Pegasus played a peripheral role in Galactica-centric stories the reverse looks to be the case for this.

    Mike P – Yorick’s link helps explain hopefully the reasoning why Razor came about in this manner.

    Yorick – Thank you. RDM surely did not give away much of anything in that, it appeared.

  19. Dave says:

    hmm–wierd my last post didn’t go up…ah well

    lookin forward to the next podcast on this one.

  20. Raemani says:

    From what I know Razor starts from the Cylon attack and goes through a mission that is the first under Lee’s command – hence you see Lee and Kara, Bill and Laura. Tricia will be there as Gina.

  21. Raemani says:

    Just read something on another board that made me reread the interview. In the link that Yorick brought us RDM says

    “Also, it seemed very wrong to try to resolve the cliffhanger of season three in that format and then have a big gap and then start the second episode of season four, four months later. ”

    Umm – that makes the start of Season 4 in early MARCH…..unless he means that there is a 4 month gap between the cliff hanger resolution and the second epi….

  22. Dave says:

    MARCH?!?!?! Nonononononononononononono…(rocking back and forth). Better go take my pills….

  23. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Raemani’s point about time raises two distinct possibilities:

    1. RDM is having trouble again keeping figures straight such as when the vote tallies in the Roslin-Baltar election should have been checked yet possibly were not. Temporary numbers were pulled out of the air and put in the script but the ballpark estimates might have included a few lost ships here and there magically voting and all from beyond the grave.

    2. It will be a long haul until March 2008.

  24. Tanu says:

    (chuck, feel free to remove this post if its not kosher)


    There was an article posted on scifi wire where Aaron Douglas talks about the cylon reveals at the end of season 4. He mentions his feelings about playing a cylon and specifically, a cylon god. hmm…..


  25. Leon Kensington says:

    RDM is cruel. He gives us a BSG hit and now we all want some more. He’s a dealer and knows it. I just wonder now what we are going to do when it all ends.

  26. Chuck says:

    Leon: Keep on keepin’ on. If there’s one thing I learned from sitting through last night’s Eureka episode, we won’t all be moving on to the “re-imagined” Flash Gordon.

  27. The 13th Cylon says:

    I admit, I had high hopes for the new Flash Gordon. They could’ve done so many cool things with it, but the more I hear about it, the worse it sounds. No space ship! Instead, he’s going to use wormholes to jump back and forth from Earth to Ming. That goes against the whole idea from the original Alex Raymond comic strip. The new BSG stayed true to the original idea- a rag tag fleet on the run from the Cylons in search for Earth. Flash Gordon will last a season, maybe two, then fall off the radar blip.

    It’s difficult to imagine that the same crew who airs BSG also airs such craap like Mansquito and all their various “SciFi Original Pictures” of overgrown CGI animals.

  28. Timbuck says:

    I just saw the trailer on YouTube and it kept stuttering and stopping. It was craaaaap. Since I missed the SciFi commercial I “third” the idea of a commentary podcast on the teaser/trailer.

    Also: I tried watching the webisodes for the first time tonight. Why was the video such uber-craaaap? Is it my computer or can I fine tune it a bit? Help!

  29. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Tanu – Right now I am treating spoilers as misdirection. After the whole incident with Starbuck it seems the simplest way to proceed.

    L. Kensington – Perhaps we might all shift over to either Painkiller Jane or Doctor Who?

    Chuck & The 13th Cylon – If Flash is moving around the galaxy via wormhole is that not a lift of most of the basic premise of Stargate SG:1? We’ve already had ten years of that. I doubt Flash could keep up the stamina. We’ve already seen O’Neil versus Apophis et al by way of the Stargate so Flash versus Ming might seem done already.

    Timbuck – I got the footage I recorded edited down to about a 2 MB file. If you make contact arrangements via our hosts such could possibly work its way to you via e-mail.

  30. Leon Kensington says:

    Do they have a 12 Step program for Galatica. I need some, like now. WHERE IS MY RAZOR!!!!

  31. Radio Picon says:

    Raemani mentioned the series might not start till March based on the interview with RDM. All I got to say is that if RDM does that he better sleep with one eye open! You hear that Ronnie boy?!!

  32. Steviespin says:

    As short as it was at least it gives us a fresh jolt of new energy and reminds us that new stuff really is coming.

    If we’re getting this much gwcpc content from the rewatch, imagine the first podcast after a whole new movie.

  33. A. Lo says:

    Does this mean that Razor will become the episode whose name shall not be spoken after it airs? Not sure they’ve announced a set date for season 4 proper to begin in ’08. Not as long as the current gap, I hope.

  34. Hybrid Master says:

    Ok, March is just not cool….I can’t accept it….I am going to go forth believing in my heart of hearts that “early 2008” has something to do with Januay.

    Alpaca – you are THE MAN!!!! Thanks for the rundown.

    I too would be interested in a podcast on the Razor teaser. How about frame by frame?:)

    Sounds like from the interview with RDM (which is going to stand for “really dumb – or dead!- man” if it’s March!), the Razor storyline comes about simply because of the home video backing. BSG eye candy. Not that I’m against any of that – but it’s like having a bowl of rice cream when what I really want is a [fake] steak [I’m a vegan.] Feed me, RDM, feed me! All will be forgiven if there’s some more Tigh/Adama back story.

    BTW – total aside – I really think that what happened with them being reinstated was that Tigh frakked up, and Bill took the heat with him, got kicked out, and then led the way to get both him and Tigh back in……

  35. Browncoat_Bryan says:

    Are you all serious about the Flash Gordon remake? Please say no. I hated that movie. This was the movie that convinced me that Timothy Dalton was a frakking frakked up actor (who never should have played James Bond).

    I’m hoping that “early 2008” has January written all over it too. I’m going to be seriously (read “Lost”) pissed with Moore, if I have to wait until March. My iPod already knows that when I turn it on, it’s to go directly to Galactica jumping into atmo and then after Peggy takes out the basestars, it is to go to the act in CR2. I don’t even have to touch the Baltar torture wheel. All of this to say, I want new material.

  36. Chuck says:

    Just remember: I called it a few months back. When everyone assumed “Early 2008” meant January, I doubted. That’s one of the reasons that I haven’t jumped to adjust the re-watch schedule to end Jan 1st; I’m under no delusions that we’re going to see BSG that early.

    Not that I don’t hope to be proven wrong! But I’m gonna start holding my breath…

  37. 13th Cylon says:

    Well I’m sure there will be enough stuff to occupy a few extra podcasts in case the start isn’t until March.

  38. Bomber1979 says:

    Hi all,

    Was watching the episode resurrection ship part 1 today and Cain says “Jack I want to transfer a detachment of marines to Galactica, and I want you to hand pick them. Completely reliable, completely loyal – Razors.”

    Im sure you all know this but I hadn’t noticed before and thought i would share, maybe a clue as to the plot? Special ops mission attack on Cylons goes wrong, people see Galactica crew as cylons but no survivors to tell the story or something like that?

  39. Pike says:

    Damn, Bomber, I didn’t remember that, and I thought I had BSG down pretty cold.

    Pretty interesting that the title is singular, though. Here’s a thought: We haven’t seen Marine officers on the Bucket, so we don’t know what they look like. What if their uniform is very close to the Fleet version? The Kiwi girl could be one of the Razors, perhaps their commander.

    Damn, I got to get a better look at that video. Chuck, you can give my address to Alpaca if he wants it.

  40. Melissa in NY says:

    I was listening to the RDM podcast 201 for Scattered (just now getting around to listening to those) and he gives the Tigh/Adama backstory. They met when Adama saved Tigh from killing another man in a bar fight between the wars. He talked about how that whole backstory was originally going to be the first episode of season 2 but they decided against it. But in the first 15 minutes or so he gives the backstory. But he does say we may get some of the story in the future.
    Sorry if everyone already knew that, I’ve been listening to those as part of the rewatch because my DVD’s are in Iraq with my husband. I should totally make him send them back to me. Or maybe not 😉

  41. Steviespin says:

    For gamers:

    The big E3 convention is on and they’ve released a bunch of media for the official BSG game coming out later this year. woohoo!;summary

  42. Tanu says:

    Thats cool Bomber, I definitely didn’t remember that. I agree Pike, perhaps the title is Razor because it follows one person’s story, presumably Shaw (Kiwi).

    Melissa, you reminded me of something i was going to call in about but didn’t get to (ah finals!); at the end of the last season, there was a lot of discussion about how long the human models of the cylons had been around and on the podcast (i dont’ know about the comments) they kept saying that Tigh was in the first war so they must have been building skin jobs for a while. What i wanted to say was, Tigh only starts interacting with Adama much later (per opening of season 2) so if Tigh has memories about the first war, they could simply be planted as memories were planted in Boomer about her parents and such. The only exception of course is Ellen but lets face it, even while taking season 3 into account, there are a lot of things suspect about her.

    As for the Flash Gordon movie, I didn’t even know there was already a movie. I’m only vaguely familiar with the cartoon (or is it comic…i forget). but i know i’ll be watching only because the guy was on Smallville. … I know…i should be banned from the site. hahahah.

  43. Tanu says:

    OOOH, cool Stevespin. That one screenshot looks like its straight out of “Scar”.

    What does Release Date: Q3 2007 mean? 3rd Quarter of 2007?

  44. Pike says:

    Tanu, yeah Third Quarter of ’07. My reflex instinct is that the direct translation is “September 30th” but that’s just because I’m used to Apple’s product availability announcements…

    Oh, and Flash Gordon was cool when it originally came out. It was a live-action serial to begin with, then became a comic (and a cartoon? I missed that iteration. Well, and the other two, I’m not quite that old) and then the awful movie.

    Anyway, if you get a chance, the original serials are worth checking out. They are a direct inspiration for Star Trek/Wars/etc.

  45. Radio Picon says:

    The relationship between Tighlon and Adama was a little more fleshed out in the deleted scenes on the DVD. In the deleted scenes Adama seemed surprised to find out that Tigh had fought in a certain infamous battle of the war (Breckan or something like that). So I guess they didn’t know each other extremely well according to the scene. But I guess you can’t consider deleted scenes as canon .

  46. Timbuck says:

    Totally unrelated topic: I need one more for my fantasy football league. Someone smart but not fanatical about football and someone who wont quit.

    Email me:

    Sorry Chuck/Sean/Audra, but I hate the Cowboys! Hope you are not huge football fans so I dont get airlocked.

  47. Melissa in NY says:

    Tanu-I honestly don’t think Ellen was married to Tigh for that long. Now I can’t remember since no DVD’s but when Adama “saves” him from the merchant ship and gets him into the Fleet he wasn’t with Ellen then. And knowing what we do about Ellen, I’m sure in the beginning she only married him because he was an officer in the Fleet. I may be completely off base but that doesn’t bring his “known existance” back very far.

  48. Steviespin says:

    Tanu: yah 3rd quarter of the year, which is comin’ up!


  49. AKron says:

    Hybrid Master et al.
    Melissa and Radio Picon bring up good points regarding Tigh and Adama’s early years. According to the deleted scenes (canon?) they both served in the first cylon war but separately without knowing one another. They met as Melissa said, in a bar fight–where Adama saves the day. However, Adama recognizes Tigh or at least his name, as his new ship mate on the freighter. They serve together on the freighter for awhile, Adama applies to get back in the fleet and tells Tigh to wait a bit longer and he would get him back in as well. Perhaps a couple of years later Tigh is about to burn his medals and the officers come to his door with his reinstatement orders–he is surprised, but even here he is not married to Ellen yet.

    Again, according to deleted scenes, Tigh’s insight on the cylons method of attack once they boarded Galactia in Valley of Darkness–one team to the front and one to the rear actually came from a story Adama told him about his experience in the first cylon war–not Tigh’s. Now, since this scene never aired, and given Tigh’s newly discovered cylonic nature, it seems as if he was thinking as a cylon when he came up with this insight as well as his other good moves recently in the rewatch.

    Can’t wait until we get up to the Pegasus episodes in the rewatch, I think we’ll have even more discussion–I mean we’ve had 45 posts on a 20 second sneek peak!

  50. Gray says:


    How can they make me into such a geek after only thirty seconds?

    It’s going to be awesome I do have some questions though.

    I’m sure nobody is completely sure, but is Razor supposed to be happening all at once? I know it’s a flashback but I wonder if the scenes on Galactica and the ones with Pegasus are concurrent or if they skip ahead at all. I may be wildly misunderstanding this.

    Also, on the accent of Kendra Shaw, I know we didn’t get a very long clip but I’m betting Aussie or English. It just didn’t sound Kiwi to me. I could be wrong though. Stranger things have happened.

    It does indeed look like Starbuck is on some kind of sniper job doesn’t it. But again, that brings me to the question of when the HELL is it supposed to be happening?

  51. A. Lo says:

    If season 4 doesn’t start til March or later, how about a GWC Podcast Re-Listen? Sean, Chuck, and Audra could also provide real time running commentary while re-listening to the old podcasts.

  52. Pike says:

    A. Lo, LMAO

  53. Tanu says:

    I just had a thought… If the term “Razor” is supposed to refer to a soldier from the Pegasus crew then perhaps the episode is not Pegasus-centric at all. Perhaps it simply follows the story of this one soldier who ends up on galactica (either during the integration or after Pegasus is destroyed).

  54. Melissa in NY says:

    It may just be me because I haven’t gone scene by scene with it, but it didn’t really notice Starbuck much in it. I think most of the action scenes are a different blonde chick. The one that Shaw says that’s an order to.
    But again, not sure. And wondering who the new blonde chick is.

  55. The Alpaca Herder says:

    I will try to approach this in reverse order as to the comment posts above.

    Melissa in NY — Starbuck’s there. She’s dressed a lot in black. Look for the blonde with the ambiguous facial expressions. There’s Starbuck. As far as I can tell the other female blonde is Gina with different make-up and different lighting.

    Tanu — As to the use of the term Razor in the way you suggest I cannot necessarily agree. I am just not convinced of that link to Admiral Cain mentioning “Razors” to Fisk when trying to assassinate Adama and his command crew.

    A. Lo & Pike — That would be interesting.

    Gray — It will be flashbacks. That would be the only way to maintain continuity. As this is not Doctor Who continuity can be important whereas continuity is totally against the premise to that show.

    AKRon — The canonicity of deleted scenes is problematic. RDM is against usually director’s cuts with the exception of the 90 minute version of Pegasus. At this point the revelation of Colonel Tigh as some sort of Cylon means that those deleted scenes may just efffectively retconned into being apocrypha. An elaborate backstory to how and why Colonel Tigh can be a Cylon means that what those deleted scenes covered may well get dumped.

    Melissa in NY — We don’t have enough from those deleted scenes showing that William Adama got Saul Tigh back in to the service to really date much of anything. Could it have been Ellen? It could be depending upon how Ellen was deemed in the story to age. In light of the Final Four revelations I can only say that all that may get retconned away in a few episodes anyhow.

    Radio Picon — The battle on the Brenek as well as other things like that have taken up residence on the ship where Boxey and Bulldog live. I have to count such as being outside canon in terms of how we look at the trailer.

    Pike — I like the black and white Flash Gordon episodes I have seen on DVD. This is odd considering the generation I am part of.

    Tanu — I am curious to see how things are reconciled with the emergence of skinjobs and how Tigh is part of such. Retconning already happened in the third season. Somehow this worked out without retconning on the part of the writers I have seen. All we can do is wait for the clarity to come.

  56. Steviespin says:

    Since the wait does go to March, are there enough un-rewatched rewatch epsidoes to bridge gap?

  57. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Well, we could always start doing literary not to mention interdisciplinary reviews of fan fic by that point. 🙂

  58. The 13th Cylon says:

    Tanu- That would make sense. That would be an easy way for them to avoid rebuilding the Pegasus sets for just one 2 hour episode. They might rebuild sections, but that way they could avoid re-constructing the entire set.

  59. ShadowGem says:

    So Razor is in November? How exactly is it being released, has anyone heard? Like at the theatres, or as a TV movie? It’s depressing how far away it is.
    Oh, and as a sidenote, the Kiwi, (Shaw) is actually Australian, (and I know I was the one who said she was Kiwi in the first place) for any other Aussies out there, I just realized she was on Home and Away.

  60. Tanu says:

    ShadowGem, i remember reading on scifi wire that the way they are releasing it is on TV and then on DVD the next day.

    though, depending on how good it is and how much the DVD is, i might hold off buying the Razor DVD because of a possibility that it may be included on the season 4 DVD.

  61. The Alpaca Herder says:

    The 13th Cylon — Who said the Pegasus sets were disassembled? They still exist. Such were re-dressed to be the Valkyrie in Hero. I doubt they’d let go of those sets since they were obtained prior to 33 with no original clear purpose at that time. Considering how limited those sets happen to be the folks at BSG would likely have to build more sets for Razor than otherwise.

    ShadowGem — I looked up the actress and it appears she is from Hong Kong. The name of the actress is Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen it appears.

    Tanu — In the absence of firm evidence that Razor would be included in the fourth season DVD set like the Mini-Series was included in the first season DVD set I am just curious as to this. Of course, I would like to see what happened to the story so far featurette narrated by Mary McDonnell that is available free via iTunes to see if it is on the season three set to recap the story of the first two seasons.

  62. Pike says:

    Alpace, IIRC the Pegasus sets were remade into the bar for season three. I think the Valkyrie set was a redress of an existing BSG set.

    I’m betting that Razor will not be included in the S4 DVD. The miniseries was, I think, included in S1 to give added value to the US version (v. the UK version.) It’ll be interesting to see if the webisodes make it into the S3 DVD.

  63. The Alpaca Herder says:

    The Battlestar Wiki cites RDM’s podcast for Hero as saying Valkyrie was a redress of the Pegasus CIC. I downloaded such and ran it to the pinpoint cite. The pinpoint cite checks out but RDM does mention the redress as being of “leftover pieces” of the Pegasus CIC. Such then brought to mind the little matter of the pyrotechnics used in Exodus Part 2 when Apollo used the Pegasus as essentially a battering ram to take out a basestar.

    I would imagine the Pegasus CIC would actually have had to be rebuilt. From the scenes in the trailer it looks like they did do so.

  64. Stroogie says:

    I remember in one of the RDM podcasts (don’t remember which one exactly, I’m just pulling this out of my brain’s random access memory), he said they needed to destroy the Pegasus to make room to build the sets for the Basestar interiors at the beginning of Season 3.

    Haven’t commented for a while. I’ve been out of the rewatch ’cause someone has my discs. Grr…. Be back in a couple days.

  65. Raemani says:

    Found this on the Scifi forums – no real spoilers, but does give a possible date for Razor and and 8 week series of Webisodes. I have no idea of it is true as it hasn’t been confirmed on the main site…but then if the four month thing is correct – that is the end of March for S4.

    Kinda makes sense though – the movie would be out just in time for Black Friday.

  66. joe says:

    Raemani, it was confirmed on scifi’s website this morning. The webisodes will cover scenes from the first cylon war! That’s the official press release statement.

  67. Tanu says:

    WOOHOO!!!! more webisodes!

  68. BSG-32 Minnesotia says:

    This is gonna kill me. All this waiting! Makes the speculation go into frantic overdrive! Im not sure I want to see this trailer!

    Amazing how a tiny little trailer can make people just go wiggy! Anyway, I’d bet that what may be happening with these “minisodes” or whatever is that they’ve gotta know that there is a franchise potential here..a la Star Trek..and after they wrap up season 4…i’d bet a quarter that Battlestar Galactica will not “end” with season 4.

    A goofy and crazy thought came to me as I mulled this over. I’ve not seen the “Razor” trailer yet…but your posts here mention how it is basicly told from the Pegasus’ “point of veiw”.

    So it gave me this thought. After season four….wouldn’t it be really interesting (and never done…not really in TV…but in movies–like “Run Lola Run”) to run the whole thing again from the beginning again. But a bit different somehow? New characters? Different viewpoints maybe? I dunno. “All this has happened before and will happen again” right? Maybe this just needs to be sent to the “Insane–Never To Be Heard Twice” file…But I just watched Run Lola Run again and I forgot how great–and unusual it was.

    It seems to me that the crazy popularity of this show is a cash cow they won’t just toss away–“Razor” was a project that was done on the request of the home video guys at Universal it seems. That means they think this makes money. More BSG in other words, just not these chars

    My other thought is this: A great thing about Edward James Olmos is that he’s actually not that tall, and has that craggy, pockmarked face and less than perfect teeth. Hows that going to work when they cast a young, babyfaced, goodlooking guy for these webisodes?? Or did I see they wrong pic? 🙂

    Minnesotia Actual

  69. Pike says:

    (and never done…not really in TV…but in movies–like “Run Lola Run”)

    One word: Rashomon

  70. Audra says:

    Welcome to the ‘Cooler, Bomber1979!

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