July 1, 2007

GWC Podcast #52

Finally, here’s part three of our weekend podcast extravaganza: our audio commentary for Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part 2. If you’re new to Galactica Watercooler, you may want to back up to Podcast #49 to get more of a feel for how a normal GWC podcast works. See you next week.

22 Responses to "GWC Podcast #52"
  1. gafra says:

    Hi Chuck, Audra & Sean,

    I haven’t listened to any of the podcasts you have posted today, but I’d just like to say top effort! Take the day off on me…


  2. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Only one thought came up. Chuck brought up a point mentioning whether or not Helo believed Adama about Earth. Helo was on Caprica when Adama gave that speech. For Helo, Earth remained just a “myth”.

  3. master1228 says:

    I just finished Podcast #52, I can’t wait to listen to your Podcast #50 extravaganza tomorrow.

    I can still remember screaming at the TV when this episode originally aired and I was so mad that they were killing off Almos’ character.

    Remember when Roslyn was worried that Adama was a Cylon and wanted Adama’s blood to be the first tested by the new Cylon Detector? Well, with season 2, Adama is out of commission, Lee and Roslyn are bound by law while a Cylon is charged with commanding what’s left of the human race. I don’t know if Roslyn would have casually walked into that cell if she saw this in her Kamalla visions!

  4. Cavatar says:

    Loved all three podcasts… great jobs guys!!!

  5. Armando says:

    Man, I’m going to be listening to podcasts all week. Don’t you guys have barbequeing to do or people to see over the weekends? Dang!


  6. Browncoat_Bryan says:

    LOL @ Armando. I personally don’t know Timbuck, by the way.

    Anyway, no matter how many times I’ve watched this episode, I still jump when Boomer shoots Adama. And the music that accompanies it, extremely sad.

    I’m SO glad that I came into BSG during Season 2.5, so I didn’t have to wait a whole summer hiatus period for the resolution. It still sucks having to wait for DVDs through Netflix.

  7. Yorick says:

    Triple dose of GWC podcast… now I know what I’ll be listening to on the beach during this long 5-days weekend. You guys deserve some vacations 🙂

  8. Hybrid Master says:


    Loved episode 50, and while I forgot to call in, just wanted to say that the guy who said he “caught up” to all 49 shows in like a week is not really as far out as you think. When I first came upon GWC, I downloaded like 30 of them and ended up listening to ALL of them during a two thousand mile round trip drive from Idaho to New Mexico. Needless to say, it was one of the few things (that and coffee) that kept me sane…….

    I also wanted to comment on some of the discussion that took place during the podcast regarding the Cylon religion. First of all, just have to say that I’m not playing along with the whole “got to create something in order to be” human or evolved or whatever. I would say, just to put out there in the cyber-discussion, that how “creation” is being defined is very human-centric. Cylon creation, and creativity, is going to be different. After all, they are literally wired differently than we are, even though they look the same. I also would like to throw in there that you got to give them a little credit for having evolved themselves from toasters to the 12 models. If that’s not some serious creativity, I’m not sure what it. I also don’t think that their technological advances shoudl be overlooked. These are robotic/mechanistic beings – wouldn’t it make sense that thier creativity would be expressed as such? Their weaving of organic and inorganic materials and lifeforms is amazing. Look at the Base Stars! Baltars fainting couch nonwithstanding, it is a pretty cool and impressive creation. Where did they get the idea, why is it a star, how does its size and structure play into their social and cultural history, mythology, etc. Judging them on how well they create “artistically” – as defined from the human perspective of what artistic means – is somewhat biased – maybe they have the “ability” but just don’t give a craaaaaaaaaaap about it!

    Anyway, just my two cents on that topic.

    On Cylon religion: I don’t think the Cylons are copying the human religion, I think what they’ve done is build upon it, like Christianity built upon paganism, like Islam sees itself as building upon the judeo-christian foundation.

  9. Audra says:

    Alpaca Herder – I didn’t realize Helo wasn’t on Galactica during the earth speech. Thanks for the catch!

    Armando – Oh yes, we will be grilling meat and hanging out this week for sure. But we couldn’t let down for the fabulous 50th!

    Hybrid Master – Wow, that is very humbling. I hope we made you laugh during your long drive!

    Hybrid Master sez: “…you got to give them a little credit for having evolved themselves from toasters to the 12 models. If that’s not some serious creativity, I’m not sure what it.”

    Good point! And it does make sense that we’d judge creativity based on human creation and what we see as orginal art. But as you say, even by human standards the Cylons have come up with some pretty innovative stuff.

  10. Mike P says:

    Thank you guys for all three of the podcasts over the weekend. I haven’t finished listening to #50 yet, but I have enjoyed what I’ve heard, and both of the episode commentaries were a treat.

    I laughed at Audra’s renditions of the Universal theme. When Raemani, Timbuck and I were at the “Serenity” screening a few weekends ago (wish you could have flown down, too, Chuck!) and the Universal theme and logo came on the screen, all three of us, as if on cue, intoned “Previously, on Battlestar Galactica” — re-watch fever! 🙂

    Great job, as usual. Looking forward to lots more to come!

  11. 13th Cylon says:

    One word- Racetrack. Let the discovery of important things begin! Basestar explodes, New Caprica discovery, Lion’s Head Nebula discovery, ill Basestar, the Baltar lawyer Raptor bomb, and the missle running 0.3 seconds late. She’s probably going to start looking for Earth about 30 minutes into the series finale.

    And the Universal theme is always a hoot. I think they play it roughly 9 times before the recap.

  12. gafra says:

    Hi all,

    I feel somewhat special to have been named and played in podcast 50! Thanks for recognising I’m here.

    Sean, yes, emus are in fact the lap dogs of satan. You saw the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin tackle crocodiles, venemous snakes, spiders and…well…stingrays…but did you EVER see him try to take on an Emu? NO!

    Chuck, I’m, glad to say I actually went to each and every one of the Adelaide Formula 1 Grands Prix, each one was a blast! We no longer have the race which sucks big-time, but still have a motorsport carnival that tears up the local streets once a year and we all love it. Cool! You’ve seen my home town on TV! In population terms we are in fifth place behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, that’s saying something.

    Speaking of tangents, how the hell did you get from my call to discussing Klingon breasts in 30 seconds? Bloody hell now THAT is a tangent!


  13. ShadowGem says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the massive amounts of podcasts. I’m off school at the moment and have time to waste and that was the perfect way to do it.
    Sean, I agree with you, emus scare me to pieces, and Chuck it was way cool that you know where Adelaide are. I’m an Adelaidian as well and when I mention Australia to an American (or anyone else) all they can think of is Sydney, or possibly Melbourne.
    Happy Galactica watching.

  14. Audra says:

    Welcome to the ‘cooler, ShadowGem!

  15. ShadowGem says:

    Thank you, been listening forever and always heard about these fabulous boards but could never be bothered. Until now.

  16. Armando says:

    Hey by the way, since I finished this podcast yesterday I had to say something: you guys have the WORST memories EVER! I mean, come on, Chuck: what are the chances that they’d crash on the ruins of the city of the gods on Kobol? They were there to SURVEY THE FRAKING RUINS and were HEADED THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!



    (I rib because I love.)

  17. Phoenix says:

    I really like the commentary style ‘casts. Keep ’em coming!

  18. Stroogie says:


    Anyone ever wonder just how far away Kobol is from the 12 Colonies? The RTF has only been traveling for a couple months, tops, by now, and they stumble across it pretty easily. Were the Colonies so xenophobic for the past 3,000 years (or however long it’s supposed to have been since the exodus from Kobol) that they never ventured far enough to find the place?

    Loved all the extra podcasting this weekend, guys. I was in geek Heaven (geek 1% Heaven, that is). I listened to the 50th podcast while editing a video for church–in the sanctuary, with the volume turned up so I could hear it while moving to and fro to check the monitors. Fortunately, I was alone in the building, but it sure was funny when the Tracy Lords story came up.

  19. Timbuck says:

    Philly Meetup #2: is scheduled for Saturday 7/7/07 at the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA. We are planning to see “Transformers” at the 830p showing. We will meet at 6p beforehand to chat.

    Anyone interested can call me at 215-287-1617 from 10a-whenever Eastern time if you can make it there or afterwards.

    Hope to see others there or call for planning meetup #3.

  20. Stroogie says:

    BTW, Chuck, I’m soooo glad you got the “transparent aluminum” reference in podcast #50. I was afraid I’d gotten so obscure that I was sitting around listening to the sound of one geek laughing.

  21. Gryper says:

    Gafra: Beautiful city you live in. I was there last October for a week. My mates Liz and Mark took me out to Cleland Wildlife and I actually fed emus by hand. 🙂 Though I never let one of them get where I couldn’t see them. I reckon that Steve Irwin just did not like birds of any type?

  22. The 13th Cylon says:

    Sean- The Stupid Monkey thing is from Robot Chicken. You’ve probably figured that out by now, though.

    And I for one love the R&D end clip. It’s so off the wall.

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