Philly-Area Mini-Meetup For GWC Fans

Listener Timbuck writes: “Philly-area GWC fans: There’s a mini-meetup this Saturday for the screening of ‘Serenity’ at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute in the Philly suburbs. Looks like myself, Raemani, and Mike P will be there. It’d be great to meet others from the area!”

Feel free to use the comment section of this post to get in touch or lay out details. And if you haven’t yet seen “Serenity” — shame! — you should; it’s a great flick and a fitting end to the much-too-short Firefly series. Audra and I were lucky enough to see one of the pre-release showings with some good friends (whom we actually met via Firefly) and a theater chock-full of hardcore fans. What a great time!

If you’re in the Dallas area, Audra, Sean, and I are hosting a mini-meetup sometime in the next month. We’re working out the detailshere. And there’s a slight possibility we may be in the Las Vegas area in the next month or so as well. We’ll post as time gets closer.

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  1. Shrekjdr says:

    Just some more info I looked up their website and here are times that I saw as long as this is the same place your talking about?

    Serenity – Bryn Mawr: June 22 & 23 Midnight
    Firefly – Bryn Mawr: June 23 Sat 3:00
    Firefly (6 episodes) – in the upstairs screening room, Sat., June 23 at 3:00 pm. Admission $5


  2. Timbuck says:

    Thanks Shrekjdr. That’s the place. The movie is $10 and the proceeds go to Whedon’s charity Equality Now.

    Will Shrekjdr be there???

  3. Pike says:

    How late does mass transit run in Philly on Saturdays? I’m toying with the idea of Amtraking in.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Oh wow, I went here all the time in college, which was just up the road. Now though, I live about an hour and a half away. I could probably go for an afternoon show, but not sure about a midnight one.

  5. Timbuck says:


    The R5 runs to Bryn Mawr but doesn’t run after 11pm. Looks like the earliest train is 7am after that. The link is for the Saturday R5. Mass transit in Philly is way inferior to NYC. Where are you coming from?

    You could come down earlier for the meet-up. I have no problem going earlier. I work until 245pm and after that all I have to do is drive the hour or so to the theater. Maybe a late dinner hour meet-up?

  6. Shrekjdr says:

    Unfortunally I will not be able to make those times but maybe next time. But its good to know there are other BSG Fans in my area since I live real close to this place..

  7. Audra says:

    I’ll be there in spirit.

  8. john b says:

    I’m from SEPA but unfortunately I cant make it.

  9. Phoenix says:

    I don’t think I can make it either. I wouldn’t get home until almost 4am.

    I hope you guys have fun!

  10. Dan, The Lord of Kobol says:

    Hey, Chuck, what’s the potential for a meet-up north of the border?

  11. The Alpaca Herder says:

    As to heading to the Las Vegas Valley…just need a little heads-up notice. Intrastate travel is easier than interstate.

  12. Mike P says:

    Timbuck — Thanks for getting this on the main page! Great idea!

    Shrekjdr, john b and Phoenix — Too bad you can’t join us. Maybe some other time? Timbuck and Raemani and I have tentatively toyed around with the idea of a Philly-area frak party, which would be very cool… If anyone has an idea of (or better yet, access connections to!) a large venue where we could have it, chime in.

    Pike — I hope your schedule will allow you to make it!

  13. Timbuck says:

    I still love the idea of a Philly-area frak party for “Razor” in November. I just wish they would announce the frakkin’ date already. It’s a busy month w Thanksgiving and I have my 20th (yikes!) high school reunion then too. The new episodes will be a nice break from reality.

    If we get enough people, my apartment is out as a place. My 4 cats outvoted me! And then there’s the non-sci fi wife…

  14. Mike P says:

    Timbuck’s apartment it is. 🙂 I can probably corral at least two more folks into coming — a colleague from work, and my sister (and she has friends who are into BSG, too, so there ya go!) I would volunteer my place, but we are going to have an infant at that time (not a Hylon, though!) — so the timing is bad.

    As for the date, the other thing that occurred to me is that “Razor” will be released on DVD in a matter of days after it is broadcast — so we could always have a “second viewing” frak party if the airdates don’t work out.

    Still no word from Pike? 🙂 My e-mail, btw, for any Philly area BSGer/GWCer who wants it is I have no myspace page. I am lame that way. 🙁

  15. Shrekjdr says:

    hmm did I see someone else has a non sci fi wife ……but I am slowly getting her to sci fi she went and saw Serenity and liked it so there is hope…

  16. Pike says:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it this weekend.

  17. Timbuck says:

    Shrekjdr: If I had one wish, my wife would learn to tolerate the NFL! That won’t be going away in 2008.

    Mike P: good point on the “Razor” DVD. We could do a 2nd watch frak party somewhere. I’m sure no one will argue about seeing it a second time. Nor a third, fourth etc.

    Phoenix: what part of NYC? I love to NJ Transit up to Penn Station a few times a year. Either for a Mets game or just to see the city. About a year ago we went to Gotham Comedy club. That was a good time.

    A NYC meet-up in the future would be very cool. We could invade some dive bar or meet at ESPN Zone in Times Square which is an easy meeting place. Any interest out there for Philly and NJ/NY fans?

  18. Shrekjdr says:

    what would be venue for a re watch is at the theaters to bad they would never do this there…. that would be cool!

  19. Yorick says:

    I’m all up for a GWC meeting in NYC if there are other people interested, I live in Manhattan. (although if we can avoid Time Square… 😉 )

  20. Mike P says:

    Pike: Too bad! Some other time!

  21. Phoenix says:

    Hey Yorick: I’m on the Jersey side of NYC and I think someone else is in the city as well.

  22. Raemani says:

    Hey guys (and gals) – if we could find a place, who says we have to wait until Razor comes out to have a Frak party? I can’t volunteer my place (little TV and parents you see), but if we could find some place why not have a mini-marathon or something – just a thought. I was thinking a weekend day or early evening….watch some of our favorites, or a couple in a row.

    I think Season 3 is coming out in Aug or Sept isn’t it?

  23. Timbuck says:

    A mini-marathon sounds great. I don’t have to work Sat nights until July sometime. Sunday is always open.

    Season 3 I think is August. Neither Netflix or has a date yet. I will be foaming at the mouth by August.

  24. Audra says:

    Dan, the Lord of Kobol: Let’s go ahead and throw out the idea-

    Anyone interested in a meetup in Canada? Really, it’s a small place, all you guys probably know each other already. *grin* Seriously, though, if you live in CA or a border state, it’s a beautiful time of year to go…and the U.S. gov’t let up on the passport requirements for a few months as long as you show you’ve applied for one. Just beware of TB fugitives. And get me some Molson at the duty-free shop!

    Dan – As for the province – If you speak it, they will come (hopefully).

  25. Shrekjdr says:

    When you Mentioned Canada For some odd reason I got a picture of the Centurions playing hockey against the Skin Jobs and Tigh as the ref…..

  26. Timbuck says:

    Skinjobs riding Centurion horses to a hockey game w the Caprica Buccaneers learning a new sport. Commit a penalty and get boxed…

  27. Shrekjdr says:

    Now that would be a site to see.. What can I say I had to combine to 2 things that are the coolest to me.. Hockey and Sci Fi… who would ever thought they could go toghther. but if they can do an Ep about the Black market I can see them put this in a ep…

  28. Mike P says:

    A Season 3 mini-marathon frak party sounds good to me. 🙂

  29. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Thanks, Audra. 🙂

    *Doesn’t know Carol, Joe or Tim “from Canada”, but is sure they’re all very, very nice people.* Just a reference to an old Molson commercial.

    So how aboo– about it? Who’s up for some Canadian-BSG fun… eh? I’m in Ontario. How about any other canucks?

    LOL@Cylon Hockey with One-Eye Tigh.

  30. Timbuck says:

    You mean “Tigh-clops”?

  31. Timbuck says:

    I just read that Dirk Benedict will be at the Philly Comic Convention this weekend. I am not a comics guy but may go to meet Starbuck.

    Being a nerd can be fun sometimes.

  32. writch says:

    Timbuck Says: “Skinjobs riding Centurion horses to a hockey game w the Caprica Buccaneers learning a new sport. Commit a penalty and get boxed…”

    Isn’t that called “Polo”?

    And I’m in Cleveland, OH if there are any spontaeously combusting frak parties on the NORTH Coast (as opposed to “No Coast” *ahem* Chuck). Of course, that’s SOUTH coast to our Great White Neighbors.

  33. Audra says:

    Dan, the Lord of Kobol wrote:
    >>So how aboo– about it? Who’s up for some Canadian-BSG fun… eh?

    Lol! I don’t think I told this joke on the podcast before (I hope not, anyway):

    Why don’t Canadians have orgies?…

    Too many thank-you notes.

    (Lewd mode off)

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