June 3, 2007

GWC Podcast #46

Listeners had lots to say about this week’s announcement that BSG will wrap-up in season four, but we also put some time in on the current re-watch episode, Flesh and Bone. Highlights: we discuss BSG vs. Spanish soap operas, Trek, and famous early-cancel shows like Firefly and Futurama, speculate on the possible death of major characters in season four, enjoy learning about Starbuck through her torture of creepy-Leoben, question Gaeta’s motivations in clearing/stabbing Baltar, and digress into a discussion of Transformers, Star Wars, and wonderful sci-fi toys.

72 Responses to "GWC Podcast #46"
  1. BoxytheBoxed says:

    bububub i just called TWICE thats not cool

  2. BoxytheBoxed says:

    only because i messuped the first time grrrrr

  3. Pike says:

    Hybrid Master, very nice intro!

    Audra, wait ‘tl we revisit the middle of season three, and let’s reconsider the BSG vs Telenovelas thing.

    Las Vegas sounds like a good place for a meetup. Group trip to the Start Trek Experience?

  4. The Alpaca Herder says:

    It is a calm day here north of Area 51 & Tonopah Test Range. Some out of order notes/thoughts from listening to the whole podcast:

    1. Who gave Seelix crap about underwear and was at the boxing match?
    Figurski? He was around as early as the mid-point of Season 2 where he helped Chief Tyrol first in building the Blackbird before everybody else pitched in.

    2. Chuck mentioning a multi-episode story arc to the end being the most beautiful thing in TV.
    Who set up the long-running Dominion War finishing arc in DS9? Wasn’t it Mr. Moore in conjunction with Ira Steven Behr? I suspect there may be shadows of that in BSG’s ending.

    3. “…organize some sort of get-together…”
    “GWC-Con 2008”? “All Along the Watercooler”?

    4. BSG facing a Firefly/Serenity style snuffing.
    Mr. Moore apparenty likes the ideas & style of Joss Whedon. A big creative talent who has worked with Mr. Whedon lots, Jane Espenson, is now Co-Executive Producer of BSG. I think this sort of action will happen. I just have this odd feeling that Gaeta’s going to face a very weird fate.

    5. Gaeata’s compass doesn’t point north
    A big lie to come: Tigh-clops asking about off-log calls when Apollo escaped with Roslin. Gaeta knew there were such calls. Gaeta caught Dee dead to rights. Yet Gaeta lied to Tigh-clops in the episode Resistance with an eerily similar sound to where we see him perjured himself on the stand.

    This also leads me to think Mr. Gaeta will meet a bizarre, twisted end for his sins. This dude lies more than Baltar! Of course, then again, I would not be surprised if he happened to be the final Cylon and Gaeta’s sins are the “clue”.

    6. Hadrian being the only one left once the Galactica reaches Earth?
    Nah, I believe it will be Racetrack and Hot Dog. Racetrack will (re)populate the Earth with children by Hot Dog. They just feel like the only two who will truly make it to the end.

  5. BoxytheBoxed says:

    7. Boxy finally called in TWICE and you did the cast early grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Hey Audra/Chuck/Sean could you save 1 of my audio bits for the 50th ep. Please, id think you were cool again

  7. BoxytheBoxed says:

    when everydoby died in Shakespear i chered
    “I will survive, heyhey do dodododo
    I will survive”audra thats your new song

  8. BoxytheBoxed says:

    wow audra im 14 remember that
    it owuld be like a SCREWdeiver for Sean

  9. BoxytheBoxed says:

    thats what i told my friends girlfriend BSG is like the OC with cylons, and hotter people, and Vipers, and Cool explosions

  10. BoxytheBoxed says:

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  11. BoxytheBoxed says:

    o god 14 is old enough comeon

  12. john says:

    This has nothing to do with this episode, but I came across the fact that Kate Vernom (aka:Ellen Tigh) was in “Star Trek:Voyager”. It was a season 5 episode called “In the Flesh”. Just a bit of trivia for You.


  13. Gray says:

    Hey casters!

    Glad I could end the debate regarding my gender. Definitely a lady 🙂 The nickname definitely is more often male so there’s no hard feelings.

    Another stellar, quite entertaining podcast. I was pleasantly surprised to hear myself but pretty horrified that I said “you know” about ten times.

    I do think EJO and MM, the big hitters of the cast in terms of existing fame, will not be typecast, though that doesn’t mean they get anywhere near the roles they should.

    I worry more about the “contributing players” like Hogan and Douglas. In a just world, these guys would be offered much more. For Sackhoff, Bamber, Callis, and some of the other younger cast, I just hope being on this great show give them the springboard they need.

  14. Gray says:

    I didn’t want to do one obnoxiously long post so I’ve split it, which I hope isn’t more obnoxious.

    Anyway, I think Flesh and Bone is so compelling. Especially now, when we have so many layers to delve and consider.

    It’s frustrating because religion is one of the densest, and probably least understood elements of the BSG verse. We understand it’s important but the information we get about it is hard to sift through and make into a cohesive whole.

    The Cylon/Human disparity of religion is really, really hard to get a handle on. That said, I think ya’ll are on to something regarding the Leoben as cylon outcast/ spirit guide for Kara.

    I agree with Sean and Chuck that the Maelstrom Leoben is not real Leoben. Which makes things more difficult, assuming that the audience accepts Maelstrom Leoben’s statement that he never claimed to be Leoben. Literally, this leads us to believe that he IS someone we know, just not Leoben. But, more metaphorically, he may just be a manifestation clothed as Leoben because Kara’s subconscious decided to give him Leoben’s face.

    Further, Leoben’s status as the mystic, holistic, herbal tea-drinking, acupuncture-getting, patchouli-wearing, pothead Cylon might mean that he is more important to humanity’s survival and Starbuck’s role in that than even he knows. He’s definitely a factor in Starbuck’s destiny, but maybe the correct way to look at it, now that she might be taking on a more spiritual, mystic role herself, is that perhaps they are mutually beneficial, or have a cooperative destiny. Perhaps it’s only the two working together that can find earth.

    I don’t know. I’ve babbled and I’m sorry.

  15. Audra says:

    John – thanks for the reminder! Species 8472 rocks!!

    Gray – No need to be apologetic. Babble on! And make those posts as long as possible. We love to read ’em. It’s good for discussion.

  16. gafra says:

    Hi guys, I was just listening to the portion of your podcast wher you discuss Baltar not revealing Sharon is a cylon. My take is that he’s been corrupted already by Six and his actions, that he may well be totally morally ambiguous now.

    Not to mention I think he quite likes or even NEEDS having six in his head: if he reveals Sharon as a Cylon then…the risk is that Six will abandon him completely, and I wonder if that is all that is keeping Baltar going. Later on we see him go to absolute pieces when Six deserts him after he blasphemes one too many times.


  17. Hybrid Master says:

    I am totally THERE for a Las Vegas GWC frak party! For those of us out in the backcountry here in Idaho, Vegas is a straight 9 hour shot – 8 hours with some Red Bull! Me and the husband (a BSG fan, but not at my caliber) will bring the 30 foot travel trailer, we’ll camp out in the desert, and anyone who wants to can come on out for campfire fun and BSG mini-marathon!

    As for Baltar’s decision not to tell on Sharon, I’m sensing, in a “I see the patterns that foretell the future” kind of Leobin way, that Six’s main motivation was in keeping Sharon just Sharon for as long as possible so nothing would interfere with the New Caprica Sharon plans AND so she would have a clear shot at Adama.

    Though I have long been, and will continue to be until the day I go to Hybrid Heaven, a Baltar defender, one does have to wonder at his knack for really fraking up – decisions he make have a tendency to doom his entire species, often inadvertently. Kind of like the opposite of what happens with Racetrack… This decision to not tell on Sharon ends up equaling the near death of Adama, an almost collapse of the functioning structure of the entire fleet, and the incarceration of Cally.

  18. Pike says:

    “Though I have long been, and will continue to be until the day I go to Hybrid Heaven, a Baltar defender, one does have to wonder at his knack for really fraking up – decisions he make have a tendency to doom his entire species, often inadvertently. Kind of like the opposite of what happens with Racetrack… ”

    OMG, there’s the ending. Baltar and Racetrack are Adam and Eve on a promordial Earth. That’s our legacy.

  19. Timbuck says:

    Thanks to Chuck for his “Clerks” reference! Whenever I hear denoument (or however it’s spelled; I took Spanish in high school) I think of “Clerks”. Imagine Six saying, think miniseries opening scene here, “Are you open?”

  20. Timbuck says:

    Let’s meet up in Orlando, FL! Cheap airfare w a couple of those new airlines. Not that I’m anti-Vegas but I won’t have vacation time to do that yet. I’ll be at the Jersey shore in early July if anyone is interested.

    Philadelphia area BSG fans unite! Let’s do a frak party for season 4 or “Razor” in November.

  21. Timbuck says:

    BoxeytheBoxed–take your meds like Doc Cottle told you. The next daggit is yours. We promise.

  22. Cavatar says:

    Hello all…

    I am listening to the podcast right now so I don’t have much to say, but I wanted to comment on the meet up idea. I think it is a great idea!!! It would be so cool if a bunch of us met up somewhere. Thanks all.


  23. DeadParrot says:

    Through the wonders of Google, here’s a transcript from the “Family Guy” episode that listed all the canceled Fox TV shows.


  24. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Vegas? Hmm. That’s merely a two hour or so bush flight away.

    But what would it be named? “All Along the Watercooler”? “Cutting Razors: A Look at Battlestar Galactica”?

    I have an academic matter coming up in a couple weeks which could explain why those titles just tumble out my mind.

  25. amy says:

    This is my first time posting on the blog, so be nice to me.

    In response to ‘the devil whipering in someone’s ear’, I think that might go as far back as Descartes. When he was trying to figure out whether or not reality existed, he postulated that there may be an ‘evil demon’ on his shoulder making him believe things were not true, and thus making him see the reality in a different way. (That is a really simplistic explanation, but that is the main jist.) It is interesting to think of Six as Descartes evil demon. I doubt he imagined someone that hot.

    As far as Gaeta lying, he does lie in another episode. In the first couple episodes of season two when Tigh is in charge of Galactica and everything is going to hell. Gaeta knows that there are scrambled transmissions going on, and even suspects Dee being behind them, but when Tigh asks after the president escapes if there have been any scrambled calls, Gaeta says no. That’s a lie.

    Now for the Playboy. I looked at it. Why should anyone be embarassed by that? She’s an attactive woman (she could a few more good meals, IMHO, but that’s just me), and she decided to take these photos of her own free will, and knew that LOTS of people were going to see them. Why not look? Sean and Chuck are jealous. . .that’s the only reason they won’t let it go! Solidarity, Audra!

    I love the podcast. I am always laughing in my office on Monday. It’s nice to have something to look forward to when going back to the work week.


  26. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    “Battlestar GalactiCon 2007: All Along the Watercooler”…. I love it! Vegas seems like it’s getting a few nods, and I’m down for that. Although NYC would be better -guess where I’m posting from? ;). I think we could be on to something here… I definitely feel like part of a community within this site, and would love to meet up.

    Maybe we can even get some crew/cast members involved? I know the Watercooler’s been mentioned in the media, and I would be very surprised if RDM and co. haven’t at the very least checked us out. Are you out there, GalactiCast (my apologies to the podcast by the same name…)?

    As for Flesh and Bone, I stand by my previous theory: I think an early model Leoben is Kara’s daddy, making her the first Hylon. It would explain Leoben’s -and Socrata Thrace’s- insistence on Kara’s special destiny, her mental instability, and of course, her coming back to life (lending creedence to the theory that Hylons are ‘downloadable’, and giving a purpose to why the Cylons had Kara in isolation at the Farm, as opposed to simply hooking her up to the baby-making machines along with the rest of the captured females). Only one way to find out, I suppose.

    Anyway, enjoying the hell out of the podcast as usual. Thanks so much, guys!

  27. Nick says:

    First off, Sean and Chuck haven’t checked Playboy 6 but Audra has… All I have to say to Sean and Chuck is WTF? Why haven’t you two checked her out??? Why do you keep bringing this up because it seems that it is saying more to us about you two than it is about Audra. 😛 Granted, you won’t see much more in the Playboy pics that you haven’t already seen in BSG.

    I’m going back to my “This whole ordeal is a plan by the Cylons and Adama IS the last remaining cylon” theory. The first time I saw “Flesh and Bone” I immediately dismissed the whole Adama is a cylon thing as a lie, but now I’m not so sure. Examine Adama’s reaction in this episode. As soon as he hears about he doesn’t want to interrogate it, he wants it dead. Again, at first I thought this was because he didn’t want to expose the fleet to a possible threat, but now I think it’s to cover his tracks at the possibility that he gets exposed as a Cylon. After he is ordered to interrogate Leoben he goes to Starbuck, the 1 person in the fleet who trusts Adama more than anybody else, and preconditions her to take anything he says as a lie. Re-watch this episode again and from the thought of hey.. what if Adama IS a cylon? His actions this episode does seem to fit perfectly with somebody who at least subconsciously thinks his secret will be exposed.

    Now go back to the interrogation. A lot of what Leoben says may seem vague or mystic, but theroughout the entire interrogation EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS TRUE. Of course the only exception here is what he said about planting a nuke, but at the end he even tells the truth about that. I ask, what else did Leoben say in that was a lie? That’s the part that in retrospect has freaked me out.

    I think that “This has all happened before and this will all happen again” has a more literal meaning in the Galactica universe. Leoben’s whole purpose was speak with Starbuck and precondition her for future events. Specifically he is there to re-awaken Starbuck’s sense of spirituality. Up until this point I get the impression that Starbuck had grown up faithful, but let that kinda fall by the wayside. The whole purpsoe of re-awakening Starbuck’s spirituality is so that later she will be willing accept the idea that Rosalin is “the dying leader” and go against Adama and fly back to retrieve the arrow in order to fulfill prophecy.

    In the next episode there is the wounded raider that jumps all over the place. Another thing that is done on purpose specifically to give the humans the knowledge they need to activate the FTL drive on the captured raider,which is then used to retrieve the arrow… and fulfill prophecy.

    Also, there is one way that would make sense to me explaining why Baltar next episode would not tell anybody else who the cylons are. What if he tests Adama and it comes up positive? Then it’s like Adama says “If i’m a cylon your’e all screwed” If Baltar was fearful of exposing Boomer as a cylon, how scared would he be to expose Adama as a cylon. He realizes at that point that not only is he frakked, but all of humanity is frakked and his best option for survival is to play stupid let the whole thing play out. Besides, who would believe him? Tigh? (another cylon)

    If Adama is the last cylon then Deanna’s “I’m sorry I had no idea” would be the perfect response.

  28. Gray says:

    The image I get from the devil whispering, and all that is like the Screwtape letters or something like that. Just subtle pushes and hints along the pathway to misdeeds.

    Audra- I intend to take you up on the babbling carte blanche. You may rue the day you encouraged me to do so. 🙂

    And Vegas? I’ve never been. But I’m nothing if not enthusiastic about meeting fellow GWCers.

  29. Audra says:

    Dead Parrot – Thanks for the link!

    Amy – Nice to see you on the blog. Welcome! (I’d say people here are nice.)

    And the Playboy thing – lol. I wasn’t embarassed at first, but since the guys keep bringing it up EVERY podcast it’s starting to seem like all I do is ogle nudie pics all day.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the GWC guys saw the Playboy pics a while before I did, but didn’t tell me about it. And I agree; Tricia Helfer could use a big red steak and a couple beers, if you ask me. 😉

    Very interesting analogies to Descartes (Amy) and to C.S. Lewis (Gray). I can’t help but wonder if these are archetypal battles that get built into sci-fi stories that so many of us can relate to.

    Nice to see a few more females hanging around the ‘cooler!

  30. The 13th Cylon says:

    Oh my! I was name dropped twice. Both for things I thought (hoped lol) most people didn’t even read. Seriously though, I’m crazy about my little toy poodle. She’s our little baby and occasionaly a wild child, especially when she starts making laps around the living room for no reason. lol

    You have to do a special miniseries podcast about your toys. I admit, I still fool around with my toys (mainly the Star Wars LEGOs- Han and Chewie are so damn cool looking). I saw a thing the other day about how Ray Bradbury (whoo!) and Ray Harryhausen made an agreement with each other to grow old and never grow up. I think that’s a good model to live by.

    Oh yeah, great podcast. That should go without saying by now. I don’t have much insightful stuff to say right now. Or later.

  31. gafra says:

    I think the meetup is a great idea.

    Let’s make it in Sydney! Surely it’s gotta be inexpensive to get here…guys…heellooo????

  32. Gray says:


    Lucky you.

    I would absolutely love to go to Sydney. My wallet would not. One day though, I hope to go.

  33. Mike P says:

    Timbuck! Where in the Philly area are you? That makes at least 3 of us from GWC in the City of Brotherly Shove — um, I mean, Love — who else? Speak up! 🙂

  34. Mike P says:

    Nick, now you’ve got me freaked out. I suppose since Leoben does tell the truth about having lied (re: the nuke), he is truthful throughout the entire episode… Hm. I don’t know that I agree with you that Adama’s actions are consistent with someone trying to hide his true identity — they seem more like the reasonable thing to do, having had an encounter with Leoben (or another Leoben, anyway) at Ragnar Station — but I think your bottom line is none too easy to dismiss. Frak, I hope he’s not a Cylon, though!

    Another great podcast, you guys, and thanks for including and discussing my Gaeta theory. Audra, I love all the literary references you brought in. Sean — Is your Boba Fett the one with the missile that actually launched (before it was deemed unsafe for kids?) Chuck — The connection with the GWC community doesn’t have to end if the podcast and blog keep going… hint, hint! Seriously, even if you scale back to monthly or semi-monthly after the show is over — don’t frakking disappear completely! 🙂

  35. Sean O'Hara says:

    For the record, I have never started the Playboy topic of conversation and since Audra doesn’t either that leaves you with one suspect… I’m pretty positive about that. 😉 Ah-ha! Now we’re narrowing it down!! Though I will have to agree with others that think she could do with an extra meal or two.

  36. writch says:

    This chatter over Adama’s possible “Cyloness” might be squelched with one consideration: What about all that time he spent under Doc Cottle’s care after Boomer’s assasination attempt?

    Eventhough they ‘look and feel’ like humans, it doesn’t imply that they ‘mend and heal’ like humans. With demonstrative super-human strength, one would think the Commander, if Cylon in part or in whole, would have bounced back at a different rate than a shot human. Or certainly someother aspect of his recuperation would have been suspect since ole Doc would have had his vitals under the most closest scrutiny.

    At the very least, consider this: if Adama was Cylon, how is it that Leoben, through strength *almost* kicked Bill’s behind back on Ragnar; it was Adama’s cunning that got him out of that – and he didn’t suffer visibly under all the radiation. We didn’t have to see Boomer suffer because she was conveniently off on a B-story.

    Now as far as Leoben’s toxic cocktails of Truth and Fiction, I think Leoben had a reverse deja-vu that saw himself being airlocked. So being a mind-frak expert by Cylon design-and-purpose, he knew just what last words would have the highest impact on Roslin. This device has a potential to schism the RTF, but a simple assasination at that point would have been while the RTF was united and maybe caused it to even steel more so as a show of solidarity.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 centurions.

  37. Simon says:

    Touch your nose!

  38. Nick says:

    Writch, those were valid points against Adama’s “Cylonness” until Crossroads part 2 aired. This also assumes that the 4 revealed in that episode are in fact Cylons, because if this is true then the final 5 Cylons are fundamentally different from the other 7. Yes, Adama was on Ragnar station and suffered no ill effects, but so were Tigh and the Chief. Additionally, none of the final 4 fell victim to the plague that infected only Cylons.

    I have always believed in a more literal “This has all happened before and will happened again” which means at some point in the show time travel will be involved. Tigh being a Cylon supports this theory (40 years? in the colonial fleet) because if he is a Cylon, it means that he was inserted as Cylon agent at a time before the they had the technology to mimic humans. This also means that the rules we know apply to the original 7 do not apply to the final 5.

  39. Stroogie says:

    Audra, come to think of it, Leoben DOES die every time we see him.

    Oh my God, they killed Leoben! You bastards!

    And thus is the greatest reveal in BSG history–Kenny is the Final Cylon.

    BTW, I read Great Expectations in high school and loved it.

  40. Stroogie says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I gotta argue against Leoben being Starbuck’s biological father, because…that’s just gross. She was having wet paint sex with him, for gods’ sakes.

    I’m okay with her maybe being a Hylon, but only if Tigh is her father.

  41. Nick says:

    LoL Stroogie

    Oh.. one other point of housekeeping I guess. You still list links to Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders, and Nicholas Tyrol under “Posts By Human” Seems like those guys need to be bumped down to Cylon/Hylon status 😛

  42. Armando says:

    Wow! Audra likes me better than Kevin Smith! And she’s never even seen any of my movies! 😉

    Please email me for the address you can send my quarter to.

  43. Phil says:

    Just to clarify: 1 hour drive, found a parking space in 5 minutes…

  44. Sakmaniac says:

    I hate to say this but I’m kinda glad Galactica is going to wrap after this season. My wife and I loved the show… up until the season 2 finale. I don’t know why, but I think we still feel somewhat cheated by what we never saw and how the characters seemed to just “give up”. We were watching “The Hand of God” tonight and remembered how much more we liked the show back then.

  45. Raemani says:

    Timbuck, and anybody in the NYC area – there is a possible Frak Party (not at someone’s house – at some larger venue) for Razor in Nov and/or the season 4 opener. No real details yet, but I am on the planning comittee e-mail list.

    I was an idea of a poster at the Scifi.com forums (Skiffy for short). They had one in LA for the finale that turned out great.

    Once I get the details I’ll let you guys know – or have Chuck/Audra/Sean give you my e-mail and I will set-up a distribution list.

  46. Mike P says:

    Also for Timbuck — and Raemani — and any other watercooler fans in the Philly envirions — there are two midnight screenings of “Serenity” later this month (6/22 and 6/23) at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. In fact, there are such screenings all over the world — check out http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com for details — in order to raise money for Equality Now, which is Joss Whedon’s favorite charity.

    Not to be dragging us far off-topic, but since I know the management around here is amenable to “Firefly,” I trust I won’t be airlocked for it. 🙂

    (And, Timbuck, could you get Chuck/Audra/Sean to pass on your e-mail? What with you and Raemani, we could have our own Philly frak parties whether or not we also go to NYC.)

  47. Cavatar says:

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to post about the comments in the podcast about the hope that characters aren’t killed for simple shock value. I for one not only hope for the same, but I wanted to point out another favorite show of mine that has fallen into that pit.

    RDM has said in his podcasts that he is a fan (or at least respects the Soprano’s), saying he thinks it is the one of best show on TV. As a fan of them as well, I am disappointed in there final season. Knowing there show was at an end, they failed to create a good large arc to the ending; and are now killing off everyone just because they can. I hope RDM takes some notes from the final episodes and avoid the Soprano’s pit falls.

    With that being said I have tremendous faith in RDM creating a fantastic ending. I am looking forward to seeing how the prophecies, such as the dying leader are concluded; and seeing who will survive the no one being safe season.


  48. Timbuck says:

    Mike P and Raemani…I am in Trevose, PA which is Bucks County near I-95 and the PA Turnpike. I would love to get together for a Frak Party esp if it’s at a larger place. That would be cool.

    I have no problem getting emails from people here. I’m not as recognizable as Chuck. sturm_86@yahoo.com

    I want to look into that Serenity screening. I work Sat mornings but what the frak!

    Since Firefly/Serenity is a valid topic here I think we should also champion the idea of “Caprica” actually becoming a series. If the powers that be hear enough maybe they will realize we need another show and what better than one in the BSG world?

    Think about it Sean; the entire history and evolution of Centurions! And maybe a daggit or two for sport.

  49. Timbuck says:

    A “Razor” frak party would be amazing. Even better if it was at a huge theater in NYC. I saw “Apocalypse Now Redux” in an old school massive theater in 2001 and it was incredible. These new theaters have bells and whistles but can’t replicate the feeling of the scale of 70’s theaters like the one’s some of us saw (the real, first and original) “Star Wars” in back in 77. When that Star Destroyer first came on the screen it was bigger than life.

    I was lucky enough to see the 78 BSG movie in a theater. That had stacks of speakers along the sides of the theater in the seating area for extra punch. Whenever a Viper took off it knocked us forward in our seats. Amazing.

  50. Timbuck says:

    re: Gaeta and his “crush” on Baltar. Some have thought Gaeta may not play for the boy’s team. After all he hasn’t slept w Starbuck and every other heterosexual that isn’t commanding the battlestar has.

    Gaeta stabbed Baltar w a pen (insert Audra’s ‘butterfingers” comment here). A pen is a phallic symbol. Maybe Gaeta was trying to “penetrate” Baltar with the pen in a fit of psychosexual rage since his advances had gone unwelcomed in seasons 1 and 2?

    Yeah, this is out there and no, I don’t believe in this Freudian craaaaap, but I am a therapist by trade and like to give things a bizarre spin.

    I don’t think 6 is an extension of Baltar’s consciousness. He is too unstable to have such direct and forceful ideas in the back of his mind. Headsix is real and she is independent of Gaius. The fact that he walks around talking to no one is just like the schizophrenics I work with. A few of them have open, sometimes loud, conversations with their voices. Luckily none of them look like Leoben.

  51. Timbuck says:

    Cinnabon- a delicious treat.

    Leobon- not so much.

  52. Phoenix says:

    Great podcast as usual! I’m in North Jersey, so I’d be up for a NYC frak party/meetup.

    Are there any listeners who went to the SciFi event last night in LA? It sounded like an awesome event. Some members on TelevisionWithoutPity went and posted some highlights: http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?showtopic=3122120&st=2475

  53. The 13th Cylon says:

    Leoben is a delicious treat… to KILL!!!

    I’m not sure if it’s been posted, but there are pictures of Kevin Smith’s visit to the BSG sets. They even slapped the call sign (“Silent”) sticker on one of the Vipers for him. Then there’s also the forum he moderated with James Callis and Tricia Helfer (we learn that she dated Captain Mal/ Nathan Fillion).

    An off topic thought, but another show they should re-imagine is “V”. A bit like BSG, it’s got the aliens wanting to kill the humans. And after 9/11, I think that show could be a big hit. From what I understand, that was one of the top rated miniseries of the year (“I Love the 80’s” had a segment about it) and it holds up well almost 25 years later. The same can’t be said for the TV show though. The guy who did the original miniseries (not the sequel one) has been trying for some time to get his own sequel off the ground, but supposedly NBC wants him to do a remake of the original.

  54. cdbluejr says:

    Have Timbuck and Mike P,

    From Claymont, DE 20 minutes south of Philly.

    Also, WTF Callie is the best.

    Wish they would have an episode where we can see how hot some of the women like they did with Starbuck in Season One.

  55. Mike P says:

    Hi there, cdbluejr! Another “south of Philly” area fan! 🙂 I’m in Delaware County. My e-mail is mspote@aol.com if you (or anyone, wherever you are) want to get in touch.

    Timbuck — LOL on the idea of daggits being in “Caprica.” Maybe the Cylons practiced by killing all the daggits off first?

  56. Pike says:

    Good one 13th. That show just needs a paint job and it’s ready to go.

    Another one ripe for reimagining (or retelling, really) is the series UFO (by Gerry Anderson, who later did Space:1999.) It’s actually a bit BSG-like. Very odd aliens; you never were sure what they were or what they were up to. Cool tech (Flying subs! Chutes for everyone!) and enough hotties to wear out Gaius AND Ellen.

  57. The Fair Melissa says:

    Check out this Futurama clip from You Tube. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Extermination….


  58. Timbuck says:

    Hi to Phoenix! Where in N Jersey? I am originally from Bloomfield. I miss N Jersey but I’m stuck down here.

    New topic: I think I was the only one in the 80’s who didnt see V. I liked cheesy Space 1999 when I was a kid. Those Eagles were cool.

  59. Raemani says:

    Timbuck – what a small world – I work in Trevose and live in Benslem – now to wonder if we know each other some how. I’ll e-mail ya.

    I never saw V either.

  60. Timbuck says:

    Tigh’s Eyepatch is in NYC (?). We have N Jersey represented. 3 From @ Philly and 1 from DE. I’d say the meet-up should come east!

    And speaking of New Jersey…If anyone watches the final episode of the Sopranos. The final scene is shot in an ice cream place about a quarter mile from where I lived as a kid. “Holsten’s” ice cream. Amazing homemade stuff. Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ.

  61. Timbuck says:

    Raemani. Old Street Rd ring a bell? The non-Bucks readers are going “Street Road”? what the frak is that?

    I work in Penndel right now. Very cool. My email is above. Shoot me a message.

  62. The 13th Cylon says:

    To the daggit people- I wonder how they fit into the “all of this has happened before” theme of the show. I think that one of the earlier bits was that the daggits were actually hunting down and killing the Lords of Kobol. Hmmm…

    I must say, though, the Muffit is my favorite part of the old BSG. It’s two great tastes that taste great together- furry robot dog on the outside, soft and chewy ape on the inside.

    Seriously, I am NOT some animal sicko! It just happens to be that I’ve had the chance to make some fairly good jokes about it in the past few days, so I took it. Can’t blame me for that.

    And where was the quote (something to the effect of) “mistakes… were made” from? For some reason I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and it’s been driving me insane(r). Is it from BSG? It might not even be a quote at all.

  63. Armando says:

    “mistakes were made” is typical governmental use of the passive voice in order to avoid actually taking responsibility for any incorrect action. The Bush administration is fluent in this kind of use of language.

  64. Hybrid Master says:

    Hey 13th!

    “Mistakes were made,” from Taking a Break from All Your Worries, Baltar under psycho-torture, “yes, mistakes were made, were they mine alone???” or something to that effect. Yes, even under drug induced truth serum-ness, Baltar is weasily…I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t look in the mirror and see a little Baltar smilling or smirking back at you, you’re not being honest with yourself….

  65. The 13th Cylon says:

    That was it! I was thinking it was from BSG, but I wasn’t completely sure. Like Armando said, it’s typical for governments to say this, but I was thinking of when it was said in the BSG universe.

    Baltar was my favorite character in seasons 1 and 2, but I hate that beard of his. I don’t know if he uses it for storage (pens, harem, etc) or what. He’s just not as cool as he was in earlier seasons. I’m curious to see what they do with his character now that he’s apparantly a cult leader.

  66. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    13th- V is actually being re-developed (not sure if as a series or as a movie, and I can’t seem to find anything on IMDB), and should be somewhere in production… we’re working on tie-in books where I work. We also do the BSG tie-in books! I read the second one, and it was OK… revolved around Zarek and somewhat around Adama as a younger officer (plus the first mention of a Hybrid). Again, not great, but OK… The third one is written by Peter David, though, so it may be better.

    Raemani/Timbuck/Phoenix- I am in NYC, and I’m totally down for a frak party! Keep me posted!

    Stroogle- IMHO the incestuous connotations of Leoben being Kara’s daddy make it even more of a mindfrakk for Kara. That being said, what are the mechanics of Cylon relations within the context of their being many copies? For example, if copy ‘A’ of Leoben were to be Kara’s father, would copies B, C, D, etc. consider themselves her father as well, or do they just say “Oh, that was ‘Leoben A’, she’s still fair game to me!”?

    And the paint/sex scene (manomanthatwashot!!!) was a dream sequence, which can be read as Kara simply being all-frakked-up-in-the-head. . .


  67. The 13th Cylon says:

    Yeah, I heard that the creator of V has written a sequel to his original miniseries.

  68. Mike P says:

    Another series we need resurrected (tub of goo optional) is Max Headroom. Man, I loved that show. Maybe Edison Carter can show up as another Cylon reporter. 😉

  69. Gryper says:

    Tigh’s Eyepatch: Here’s the IMDB entry on the new V, it’s listed as a mini-series:


  70. Phoenix says:

    The idea of Leoben being Starbuck’s dad is all kinds of squicky.

    Timbuck, I’m in Bayonne. My address is jkcampbell@optonline.net. Emails are welcome!

  71. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    @Gryper- ah! Thanks! I had entered “V”, as opposed to “V: The Second Generation”.


  72. dxf says:

    Late comment: In Wile E. Coyote pleased-with-self voice: “Gaius Baltar… super GEN-i-us!”

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