Watercooler, Watercooler, on the Wall…

Just in case you were worried the GWC crew was focusing too much on heady discussion, here’s your reprieve. Based on our discussion in podcast #45 and on popular demand (oh, all right, we just wanted to do it) — Who’s the hottest on the show? You decide. Vote once for each category. Boo ya!






35 Responses to "Watercooler, Watercooler, on the Wall…"
  1. michael in austin says:

    speaking as a hetero male, I can’t believe that Gaius only got one (read: my) vote. He’s a jackass, but he is hot.

  2. Gray says:

    I went with Anders. I like a little height and sometime’s Helo’s receding hairline doesn’t do it for me. Though very occasionally, Saul Tigh strikes my fancy. I can’t explain that though. It’s weird.

    As for the ladies, I went Starbuck but I probably could have voted for Six. If I ever decide to switch teams, I guess I’ll be going for blondes.

  3. writch says:

    I primed the pump for Tom & Tory (BTW: together they’d be an Unstoppable Force). Maybe I’m a softy for Brunette’s, but I think its a people that can use power with finesse that makes my knees weak.

    Power + Finess = Scar. While *nearly* an Unstoppable Force, it was the strong, silent type; either the others babbled or barked too much, or weren’t strong enough.

  4. gafra says:

    WHAT?? 2 votes for Brother Cavil?
    Your straight jacket is waiting for you in this padded room sir/madam…

    I don’t know what’s more disturbing: that Cavil has 2 votes or that Cavil has 2 votes and Admiral Adama and Tigh have none (yet)!


  5. snacktime says:

    first time commenter here. (hi!)
    for females I voted for Starbuck but Mary McDonnell is my desktop wallpaper at the moment. she’s so beautiful! but to me it seems kinda wrong to think of the President as “hot”.
    for males, Anders. no contest. there’s a promo photo of Starbuck and Anders with their arms around each other and their tattoos united and z0mg0rz, too much hotness.
    for other character I picked Scar because Scar is the most badass. the idea of Tigh, Anders, Chief, Tory, and Unknown in robes isn’t hot.

  6. Pike says:

    OK, so I chose Sharon (SUPRISE!) b/c, well… c’mon! Teh Hotness!

    And I chose Helo. And NOT because I have some sort of man crush. But because… y’know… whatever…

    And I chose the Hybrid. (Hell, she’s a human female analog at least. What kind of daggit-molesting freak are YOU?!)

    (For the record, Gaius and Roslin were in serious contention.)

  7. The 13th Cylon says:

    Gotta go with that crazy girl Ellen Tigh! She looks so classy, though Ellen is anything but.

    Went with Helo. Lee looks like a guy you could stomp on and scrape him off your boot *his ice cream hair might cause problems though*. Helo’s a very good looking guy, no doubt.

    Gimme the daggits! Contrary to what Pike says, it’s not molesting if they want it too. lol

  8. adoracion says:

    jeeze, this was too much frakkin fun!

    although Audra pokes fun at Baltar’s “sashay-ing” metrosexuality, i think its hot. so he gets my male “hot vote”. LOL.

    i absolutely agree with Snacktime. Kara and Anders is just TOO MUCH HOTNESS.

    Starbuck is my “future ex-wife” so she HAS to get my vote.

    and Scar….. well the spacehorse with personality is just too damn hot.
    thanks for raising the bar once agian, Watercooler!!!!

  9. gafra says:

    Sharon/Athena etc. Intelligent AND sexy. And, at the risk of sounding crude, we Aussies would say she would probably bang like a dunny door.

    On the other side of the sexuality buffet, if I had to change teams it would be Helo: fer cryin out loud he makes breakfast in the morning! What more do you girls want???! Did you see Anders..or Balrat…or Tigh…or Lee…do that?

    As for the “others”, I would have to pick Scar, although he’d probably not be much of a conversationalist. Blokes filled with rage generally tend to be kinda cranky in the morning…


  10. Miguel in Los Angeles says:

    Its a tough call.

    Roslin is a smokin’ older lady…but Dee has those lips. Cally is really cute too in a pixie-ish way.

    On the male side – I’m guessing Anders will take the trophy. Helo can’t win – he has too much forehead.

  11. Gray says:

    I didn’t see the “other” category until now. I went with Scar. If he’s hot enough to be manhandled by Boomer then he’s hot enough for me.

  12. Rorlins says:

    No other love for Racetrack?

  13. Sean O'Hara says:

    Had to go with Cally myself. She’s just too cute and too cool to be overlooked. As for the others Anders, cuz he’s just huge and third I prolly don’t have to tell anyone who listens to the cast which one I picked there.

  14. Phoenix says:

    I voted for Lee, because he had me with the towel scene. Anders and Billy were close contenders though.

    Six got my vote for the hottest female.

    And as a wise man once said, “Pain heals, chicks dig Scars, and glory lasts forever!”

  15. Audra says:

    You guys crack me up! Lol! Ok, I took over the vote that Chuck and I share (since we use the same IP address).

    I voted D’Anna Biers for hottest female, because, well, she’s just damn sexy. Roslin or Starbuck are my other faves.

    For guys, I voted Helo. Surprised? I was too! But when it came down to it, early romantic Helo when he first hooks up with Sharon, his devotion to his wife, and especially the scene where he’s working out with Lee – all did it for me. Anders was almost my choice but Helo edged him out.

    13th – Lee’s “ice cream hair” – Lol!

    And finally, for “other,” I chose Scar, because he’s sleek and tough and cool.

  16. Gray says:


    i didn’t think about Track. She’s pretty cute. She might be worth dating, at least. Think of all that she could do:

    Find your keys
    find buried treasure
    find change in the couch cushions.

  17. Audra says:

    Welcome snacktime!

    Adoracion – True I’ve teased Baltar. But he can be pretty sexy at times, I agree. I actually like the beard on him!

    13th – Ellen AND the daggits! Very brave, sir! 😉

    gafra – I’m not sure what a dunny door is, but oh, my!

  18. gafra says:

    ummm Audra I’m now officially blushing as I think of how to elegantly describe that phrase to a delightful young lady such as yourself. Best I don’t!

    I think Gray has a good point with Racetrack. I’m always trying to find the odd lost planet / keys / remote control / daggit / pet centurion that falls down the back of my couch.

  19. Gryper says:

    Audra – A dunny is what is called an outhouse here! So Gafra is sayin’ that he thinks she really bangs. Hehehe. People are so cute when they blush online!

  20. Audra says:

    gafra and Gryper – Thanks for the lesson in Aussie slang. 😉

  21. Audra says:

    Wow, it’s a close race with Six, Starbuck, and Sharon. For the guys it looks like Anders maintains the lead with Helo and Lee wrestling for second… (using best announcer voice)

  22. kittenbiscuits says:

    Well, I voted for starbuck. she’s sexy and she can beat down a man. If I had to switch teams, she would be it. Oh, and what is sexier than having a special purpose/destiny? Haha. Six is right after her though. Sexiest man? Lee!! Now, Anders and Helo are really, really sexy, but Lee edges them out for me. the towel scene in Final Cut sold me on Lee.

  23. Audra says:

    Wow, even Leoben got three more votes than poor ole’ Hot Dog.

  24. Pike says:

    Yeah, well Hotdog’s got the ick. I wouldn’t even sit next to him.

  25. Gray says:

    If they haven’t developed a cure for cancer in the BSG verse I guess it’s not too far of a stretch to think herpes is still a problem.

  26. eyeless says:

    Starbuck is easily the hottest female for me. She’s totally down-to-earth, while Six (in the show, at least, I know in real life she’s completely different) is like the girl who’s too hot to get a date because everyone assumes she’s taken and they don’t want to look stupid for asking.

    Sharon is amazingly beautiful, but in the show, she strikes me as kind of weird. All minor female “good guys” in the show such as Racetrack, D’ualla, and Cally are downright stunning too. /end gush

  27. BoxytheBoxed says:


  28. The Alpaca Herder says:

    How can you not pick Racetrack while valuing looks and attitude?

  29. Timbuck says:

    These are some strange votes. I went DeAnna because I am pro-brunette and she has a strange power thing personality. As a hetero male I am most jealous of Anders looks and swagger so I voted for him. Lee and Baltar would tie for 2nd. Helo doesn’t have the same commanding presence as the others.

    Tory would my #2 vote for the gals. Exotic and hot.

    I am so disappointed the Centurion is not representing here! Where’s the love Sean???? These guys have MACHINE GUN ARMS! I dont think people would sneak 13 items into the 10 or less aisle of the supermarket when you have your Centurion with you. He would be great when you ask your boss for a raise.

  30. BoxytheBoxed says:

    yeah but the daggitt is cute and fuzzy

  31. Audra says:

    Timbuck – lol!

  32. Max Peck says:

    Sharon is teh smokin hotness…

    Love Roslin in that MILFish way…

    and come on, Doral is such the fashion horse…guess I threw that one away…

    Sean is right, once you go chrome, you don’t wanna go home…

  33. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Max your a maggott if you didnt side with the daggitt

  34. Fire-breathing Chicken says:

    Laura and the centurion. I mean, those guys are all about the macho. Not Laura I mean.

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