Any CSS Gurus Out There?

Please excuse this somewhat-non-BSG-content, but… I’m really frustrated that GWC doesn’t work well on Macs — or IE7 now — and it’s largely because we haven’t had a chance to update it since launch. I love the layout, but I really wish we could support Safari/FF(Mac)/IE7/IE6/FF(PC) — which seem to make up the vast majority of our readers.

If any of you have tips, feel free to drop ’em my way. I’m pretty sure the problem stems from two sources: my column-org CSS and the placement of the top of the graphic that makes up the top of the greenish center column. We had to do some browser detection to get it right in IE6/FF at launch, and it’s all busted now that browsers have just moved on (and it never worked right for the Mac).

I can’t offer much in the way of compensation for your help, but I can offer two things: 1) a shout-out here and on the podcast, and 2) I’ll tell you what one of the little bits in the green graphic says. You have to promise not to tell anyone, though, as they’re top-secret.

Anyway, if you have suggestions, fire away, and thanks!

9 Responses to "Any CSS Gurus Out There?"
  1. BoxytheBoxed says:

    yeah totaly lets see carry the 2, divide by 43 minue 56 and take the square root and yol be done….Im on a Mac and everything works perfect for me

  2. Timbuck says:

    That’s just another reason why Boxey got boxed by the writers on the new series…

  3. Leon Kensington says:

    Here here!

  4. BoxytheBoxed says:

    thanks Timbuck, your real nice. atleast i have one of those hip, new cylon bodies

  5. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Everything works fine in Safari on my MacBook as far as I can observe.

  6. Tanu says:

    Yea, I have IE7 and it works just fine.

    But if you are making changes to the site, i’d like to suggest that the very top banner be turned into a link to the homepage for the site because the only way to get back to the main page after leaving a comment for me is to hit “BACK”.

  7. Tanu says:

    OMG, when did you change that? Ok, i know i haven’t been on the site in a couple of weeks but thats awesome!!!! yay homepage button!

  8. Elspeth says:

    I see what you are saying. In Safari the green grid kinda sheers off and to the left… I wish I could help. CSS is just a little beyond me. Just wanted you to know that Safari has always had more problems for me. I have taken to using Firefox. I used to think all the Firefox people were crazy, but it takes more websites more like they were intended to look. (the green grid does not sheer off in FIreFox) I’ve given up on IE long ago…They stopped updating it so I stopped using it.

    And at very least this mac user forgives you. At least your site doesn’t crash my browser ( like Ugh!.

    If you don’t have access to a mac I would be happy to send screen shots.. I check in a lot even if I don’t post too much lately. I run a just barely pre-intel based powerbook…. (And yes, I do a lot of graphic work – and didn’t want to chance Adobe stuff not playing nice so I bought on purpose before they fooled with my beautiful machine 🙂 anyway…)

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m on an iBook running 10.4.9 and I use Firefox and everything is fine here. The only thing is that if I run my text size at “normal” the green box gets run over a bit by the rightmost column, but I just increase my text size up one level and everything falls into place. On a 12″ laptop you almost want it up a level anyway, so no biggie.

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