May 22, 2007

GWC Podcast #44

(Corrected! If you received #43 in place of #44, you’ll now get the correct ‘cast here!) Sorry this ‘cast was late — though Audra was ready and waiting to record, Sean and I were beat after returning from San Francisco. We delve into this week’s re-watch episode, Litmus. Highlights: we love on Adama’s great quote toward the end, wonder whether this witch hunt would have resolved differently had it occured in season two or season three, and listen to Sean’s goat jokes.

22 Responses to "GWC Podcast #44"
  1. 13th Cylon says:

    Thank the maker! And goat jokes… I can’t wait.

  2. Leon Kensington says:



    GWC+even still here=great

    me+this list=sad

  3. EtC says:

    erm guys?… looks like ep 43 got reposted by mistake & i was SO looking foward to goat jokes no but really where’s 44 keep up good work ppl

  4. Leon Kensington says:

    Yah, this is 43, and your wordpress is down. 🙁

  5. 13th Cylon says:

    Well, all I gotta say is that there are many copies.

    Some are even programmed to think they’re a new podcast.

    And they have a plan.

  6. Leon Kensington says:

    I wonder,

    If you kill it will it wake up in a tub of goo?

  7. Chuck says:

    It’s corrected. My bad. As you’ll notice (in the actual Podcast #44) I was a little tired. Doh!

  8. BernUnit says:

    Uh, hi guys….

    Not as many drugs this week!

    Am I losing my mind, or was it Shelly Godfrey, not Gina, who shows up? …(goes and checks….

    Yep – it was Shelly Godfrey. Understandable, though – those Sixes all look alike! 🙂



  9. 13th Cylon says:

    Cylons don’t get tired.

  10. Armando says:

    Boo-hoo. “We were beat after returning from San Francisco.” Waaah!

    Poor you! WE have been here waiting with bated breath. How selfish of you! SHEESH!


    (I tease, of course. I know exactly how taxing traveling gets.)

  11. Chuck says:

    BU: No drugs. Just tired. And none of us has seen 6DOS recently, though I’m sure we’ll make time this week during the re-watch! Thanks for getting our backs on the Shelley/Gina bit.

  12. Pike says:

    Arg, BernUnit beat me to it. Gina was the Pegasus’ Six. (And I don’t believe she was actually refered to by name in the show.)

    And yeah, Hadrian’s makeup was very deliberate. Note that Caprica Six in the brig still has makeup, but Gina doesn’t (at least, not the usual kind.) In Gina’s case, it’s to elicit pity, (which is an interesting contrast with Hadrian.) But Cap. Six still has hers so as not to equate the Galactica’s crew with the Peagasus’.

  13. BoxytheBoxed says:

    your late, just take some frakin stims come on
    i heat hardian, she needs to be put in the brig
    with the cycical theme when adama puts her in the brig is just like Cain(or maby the XO when he took cintroll)putting Helo(maby Starbuck or Lee one of em) in the brig. same situation, same outcome, see cyclical

  14. Gray says:

    I definitely enjoy the conversation about Roslin’s way back into the presidency. It’s really interesting to think about the differences in her terms and the way she handles herself.

    In both cases she’s sort of foisted on the people (to varying degrees of acceptance) and I think you can argue that in both situations, though she’s obviously at different levels of comfort depending on the season, she is totally committed to doing her thing. She goes about it differently and in season 3 she’s obviosuly getting very comfy in the authoritarian shoes that wartime can force you to wear, but she’s learned by season three to get stuff done perhaps independent of cost or examination.

  15. The 13th Cylon says:

    Mark my words (unless I’m proven wrong, then forget it)- Roslin will be back to her good ol’ Season 1/ 2 self in Season 4.

    And Chuck, we’ll also get a poll for President Zarek for a week or two.

  16. Mike P says:

    You can follow the above link to an interesting interview with Richard Hatch that, while not primarily about his work on BSG, does touch on the question of whether and to what degree Tom Zarek is a villain. Thought you all might be interested.

  17. The 13th Cylon says:

    I always thought Tom to be an “end justifies the means (…which are typically not pretty)” type of guy.

  18. Armando says:

    So the whole tribunal discussion piqued my interest. I don’t think Sgt. Hadrian (when the fleet gets to earth she’ll eventually settle in England and become renowned for her wall building–snicker–) is doing anything but her job. She follows the line of reasoning from the missing explosives to the door on causeway 6 (3?) being left open and Boomer and the Chief having a tryst on a part of the ship that one can only get to from that door, which raises all sorts of suspicions. Not only that, Chief Tyrol is clearly lying on the stand (I’m not so sure it’s obvious that Sharon is, but I can’t remember right now), which raises suspicion even if he does not incriminate himself (and even though his sense of incrimination-having an affair with a superior officer-is different than Sgt. Hadrian’s-collaborating with the enemy). Where she maybe loses sight of the goal is when she pursues the illicit affair (anyone else reminded of Ken Starr during the whole Whitewater mess a few years ago?) and tries to place the blame on Adama…who then proceeds to exceed his legal authority and disbands the tribunal, simply because he doesn’t like where it’s headed (as Admiral Cain will later remind him when he very nearly brings the RTF to civil war).

    On another point: the portrayal of media people on BSG. Shelly Godfrey (not Gina…I’m such a geek! But I’ve recently watched this episode) is not a reporter but a scientist or graduate student assistant to the doctor on the Olympic Carrier who was going to, we’re led to believe, expose Baltar. Doral posed as the Galactica’s communications officer, which is a position that, although dealing with the press, is not part of the press (the ensemble I direct just added such a position to our administrative board, which is why I know this). The only Cylon reporter is D’eanna.

    Now, is it me, or have I turned into the Galactica version of those Star Trek geeks who know every episode? In 1000 years I’ll be kidnapped by an energy being on another planet and the fate of the BSG cast will depend on my knowledge of the show. 😉

  19. Armando says:

    So I had this long post addressing issues from the podcast and it didn’t show up. Hmmm….and now all I can remember is that I thought the whole independent tribunal reminded me of the Whitewater affair a few years ago, when an independent counsel pursued the lines of his job beyond the boundaries of the case and let politics color the investigation.

    Not that I think that’s EXACTLY what’s going on with Sgt. Hadrian (and could her name be a coincidence? She’s named after a Roman emperor most famous today–even though he reigned over a veritable golden age at the peak of Rome’s imperial power– for building a wall; and Sgt. Hadrian, in a way, seeks to build walls between the powers that be by raising suspicion of EVERYONE’S motivations), whose line of reasoning is, I think, justified by the circumstances of the case, even if she overreaches at the very end.

    Oh…the other thing was on your comments on the press. Not ALL cylons within the fleet are press agents. Shelly Godfrey was a scientist (or at least pretending to be an assistant to that doctor who died on the Olympic Carrier); Doral was the communications officer on the decommissioned Galactica, a position which deals with the press and members of the media but is not a press position itself; and D’eanna? Well, all right, SHE’s a journalist. One out of three ain’t bad, right? 😛

  20. Audra says:

    Armando – Sorry about the lost post. For some reason it went to spam but I dug it out and it’s in this thread now. Thanks for your patience!

  21. Audra says:

    I had the amazing opportunity to see Hadrian’s villa in Rome – I totally overlooked the name connection, doh – and it was so cool. I had an Italian art and architecture prof who showed us around the place. There was this grotto/cave thing built into a rockface by the water where Hadrian had parties, there were long narrow reflection ponds with marble statues all along the sides, and there were open fields for recreation surrounded by enormous walls (yep) of foliage. The best part – inside the light, airy building where he made his home, there were paintings on the walls of each room. Small, colorful images of people – children, adults, animals – they were scenes of his family and moments of their life captured and put into art right on the walls. I can’t remember who did the painting, but I seem to recall the prof saying Hadrian’s wife did some of them. One room had pictures almost entirely of little kids playing – must have been one of the kid’s bedrooms. Anyway, none of this is scientific, just what I remember from college, but I thought I’d share.

  22. Audra says:

    Hmm. I researched a little and tried to find pics of the art at Hadrian’s villa but to no avail. It looks like much of the artwork is hard to make out or nearly destroyed. It’s possible I saw either something up close that could be made out to be people, or what we saw the prof told us had been scenes of family life. Bad memory! Hey, I was an undergrad, what do you want. 😉

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