GWC Re-Watch Frak Party: 33

It’s week two of our planned off-season re-watch of the entire “re-imagined” BSG canon, and after watching the mind-blowing “started it all” Mini-Series, it’s time to move on to the first episode of season one: “33.” So why not join us here for the GWC online frak party? There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

Feel free to jump in at any point with your comments on this week’s episode as the re-watch is by definition spoiler free. We’ll be in and out, but we’ll definitely take a look at your comments before we start next week’s podcast — which will be a combination “catch up” on the Mini-Series and 33 rewatch as well as a few more spillover calls from the season three finale.

See you here all week!

66 Responses to "GWC Re-Watch Frak Party: 33"
  1. BoxytheBoxed says:

    good stuff says boxy

  2. StevieSpin says:

    just watched 33 – i’m shocked at how young and spritely Baltar looks back then! That this episode was first of the core series is amazing cause it really does set the bar very high.

  3. suzanne says:

    speaking of spritely…how about both chief and tigh..they both held up extremely well for the circumstances, which seems more significant in retrospect,…to contrast-anyone notice the super duper dark circles under cally’s eyes…

  4. StevieSpin says:

    Hey that’s a pretty good point, actually. Starbuck and Lee also looked very rough and sleep-deprived. I wonder if it’s possible they (the writers and co) knew that early on who would be in the final 5 and even if they did, would they drop hints?

  5. Lt. Slingshot says:

    The orginal BSG is on some channel I’ve never watched before right now. I don’t think I’ve seen the first episode since I was 8 years old. This should be funny to watch!

  6. suzanne says:

    i was thinking that myself… that starbuck and lee, at least initially in the series, were not supposed to be cylons…
    i think rdm and co. knew at least who would not be cylons, and perhaps had an idea of who might be cylons…and would see how the show developed before determining who the final 5 were…i don’t believe rdm that he just came up with the 4 cylon reveals of the finale the way he said he did…the other elements in the show seem far too planned for that to be true…

    also, dr. emerick….was that a reference to the computer -emerac- that is supposed to be more efficient than the human librarians in desk set? the computer was not really an example of artificial intelligence, more a giant database of human knowledge…and it is a precursor of how computers would affect people in the future (computers as human tools). in the movie, emerac does not really work. and in the episode, dr. emerick is eliminated at least once (in the destruction of the olympic carrier). i wonder if it is a comment on the bsg worldview that certain types of computers are not networks on artificial intelligence, etc.

  7. Gray says:

    i didn’t watch the series in order and while I think this gave me a different perspective, it’s something i tend to regret.

    However, i talked my sister into watching 33 with me,( with the evil plan of forcing/coercing/guilting her into catching up during the break), and i got to vicariously experience it the way a true newbie does and it was pretty cool.

    I still get wowed everytime I watch 33. Such an eye opener

  8. Pike says:

    Gray, yeah. Order counts for a lot in this show (well, except for the midseason filler.) And they do have the unusual problem that the first actual episode (after the miniseries) is almost certainly the best one they’ll ever do, just because everything was wide open at that point. Fortunately, it set a high enough bar that it leaves plenty of room for the rest of the show.

    I didn’t vote for this episode on the rewatch thing, because it really is about setting the tone, and almost every other episode this season has more to do with what is going to happen next. That said, I was really happy with this cast because, frak it, it’s just damn good TV.

    BTW, what did your sis think?

  9. Eyeless says:

    33 was awesome. So simple, so what we now call a “filler” episode, but so great.

    I’ve tricked my family into watching the series. So far they’ve only seen the miniseries and 33. The ONLY reason they would sit down for the mini was Edward James Olmos, and after watching it, my dad concluded that Olmos was the only interesting and well-acted character. >_

  10. The 13th Cylon says:

    Lt Slingshot- I saw them earlier too! My brother called to tell me (we kind of laugh at the cheese factor) and I think they were on some channel called Ion that I didn’t even know I had. According to, this was apparantly their big hoorah for BSG and they’ll air the episodes at 6 on Sunday nights. I’ve already seen these episodes- the last one I saw was the beginning of one where Lorne Greene has to put up with some lady he doesn’t like so that she’ll give him some McGuffin. Hijinks ensue!

  11. Lt. Slingshot says:

    13th you know the 1st one wasn’t that bad. If you didn’t know that every FX shot was going to be recycled again and again, it was impressive for TV 30 years ago. I kind of enjoyed it except for the last 8 minutes where Dirk tries to do some serious acting. And OMG I forgot how smoking the original Athena was! I didn’t watch any of the rest because I’m pretty sure the 2nd ep goes straight the casino planet which is what we’d all do after a genocidal attack. Anyway I’m going to start watching 33 and the rest this week and get caught up with the GWC commentary.

  12. Gray says:


    My sister loved it. Loved it. She said she apologizes profusely for making fun of me and making Trekkie references to me. Prior to this the most sci-fi we’d ever seen was Star Wars so this is quite a step for her.

    She spent the first five minutes talking about how tired everybody looked and that she didn’t think Starbuck was very cute (i almost hit her 🙂 ) before she comprehended that the tiredness was the whole point. Once she actually got invested I couldn’t even get her to talk anymore.

    Mission accomplished.

    I agree with you that 33 set the bar very high. I didn’t vote for it either, if I remember correctly. I think I wanted to talk about KLG I or something.

  13. Pike says:

    I caught a few of those original episodes last year and was very suprised. For seventies TV they actually hold up OK. Turns out it’s not all about Boxy and Muffit after all.

    Gray, one by one…

  14. Nick says:

    Off topic here, but any fans of Wing-Commander style games needs to check this one out “Beyond the Red Line” The demo was recently released.

    It’s an independantly developed total conversion of the Freespace 2 engine in the BSG universe.

  15. Richard says:

    Wow, wow, wow. I miss this stuff. What the hell happened to this show?!? Season one was sooo good!

  16. Renegade says:

    I’m back…. i have a theory about religion of the Cyclons and humans, and why the last four aren’t Cyclons…. as for Starbuck, I’m drawing a blank. She might be a clone or something, but she frakin die,

  17. WackoTTL says:

    I just want to mention that that was one of the best sounding commentaries I’ve heard in a while, especially on a fan made one. Whatever gear you’re using was worth the money.

  18. Mike says:

    “33” is an incredible episode and probably remains my favorite — I was so shocked at the closing action. I know RDM et al. are upset that Sci-Fi wouldn’t let them show the people aboard the Olympic Carrier, but the ambiguity of whether people are aboard or not just heightens the tension in my opinion. Both Adamas and Roslin will have to live with not knowing whether the right decision was made (although the fact that the radiological alarm detected nukes aboard a civilian ship seems pretty damning evidence). Yes, I know Lee said at Baltar’s trial that “there were a thousand people aboard,” and in his commentary on “Crossways II” RDM makes it clear that this is the canonical interpretation — but I still think the not knowing just makes it that much more awful, and, frankly, more realistic.

    Incidentally, I had forgotten that, despite her initial protests, Starbuck joins Lee in pulling the trigger, too. Interesting moment. It makes me think about all those psych experiments where an authority figure is telling the participant to do things like shock the patients, etc. , and some give in because the authority figure says it’s okay, while others stand their ground… I think “Dateline NBC” or somesuch show just did a recent one, although the concept has been around for ages.

    I loved Col. Tigh’s speech about “Yes,’we’re tired, but…” It seems to be a nice bookend, actually, for the series thus far with his “Whatever else I am, I am Saul Tigh, and I will do my job” in “Crossways II.” They had better have a really great backstory worked out for that man to be a Cylon…! What a fantastic character and strong actor. Why hasn’t he been nominated for an Emmy yet? (For that matter, why haven’t they all?)

    One nagging question that bothers me every time I watch this episode: Are we supposed to know clearly what the photograph the pilots touch is a photograph of? I gather it is a scene from the ruins of Caprica, or at least one of the colonies — but how has the fleet’s press had time to put out any images in the five days they’ve been running from a Cylon attack every half-hour, especially when the guy at the “which colony?” desk says they can’t transmit images yet? I don’t remember RDM addressing this on the commentary, although it’s been a while since I’ve listened to that.

    And poor Billy! I agree with our three hosts — what a (bittersweet!) pleasure to see him again. Has that actor gone on to other things?

    Looking forward to everyone else’s comments throughout the week.

  19. Gray says:

    Mike- I wondered too about the picture. I think I read somewhere that it may have been from the first Cylon War but I don’t know if that’s what the producers intended it to be since we were never explicitly told. I do love the inclusion of it because I think it has such a poignant similiarity to the pictures we saw after 9/11. I think that whatever it’s origin it’s meant to evoke really strong emotions.

    Pike- No worries, I’m slowly converting every one around me.

  20. fuzzyelf says:

    the photo that the pilots touch was addressed in a cut scene from the mini series or the 1st season…anyway, it’s an extra on one of the DVDs. it’s a guy on his knees looking over the bombs dropping and stuff and whatnot….i think…it’s always bothered me too that it was so soon after that they had the pic…but I guess that’s kinda what we really do, isn”t it?

  21. fuzzyelf says:

    i don’t have my dvds here to confirm 1st cylon war or the latest one (on the pic)- loaned out the set. i’m iPoding it for a while…

  22. Gray says:


    you’re so right. we’re so quick to spin stuff, even tragedy. images get exploited really quickly for many different reasons.

  23. Timbuck says:

    Lt Slingshot–The original Athena is way smokin’! Glad to see another agrees with me. I’m not dis-ing the new one nor 6 and Xena but Ms Jensen always did something to me. Hey, I was in 4th grade back then.

    33 was the best of early season 1.

  24. Eyeless says:

    I’ve got to hand it to RDM and crew, it would be easy for the series to have gotten far worse after early season 1 than it did. I mean, the first few episodes, you’re still not sure who’s going to survive, what direction things will move in, etc. After that, you get in a rut, and hats off to the BSG writers for keeping us interested after season 1, when we know the fleet has to pretty much stick around, Adama and some of the major characters have to live, and they have to eventually find earth.

  25. Mike P says:

    Fuzzyelf and Gray — I don’t think the picture was being exploited; I had just always wondered where it came from. Interesting to hear that it is in a deleted scene; I will have to check that out. I do like the idea (even if the deleted scene contradicts it) that it was from the first Cylon war, though.

  26. Mike P says:

    I also just thought: I guess it’s not so far-fetched that they would have a picture in the pilots’ ready room after all. Think about how we can now take photos with our cell phones and print them out within a few minutes.

  27. Gray says:

    Mike P-

    I don’t necessarily think they eploited that particular image. I think right then it was a really important reminder for the pilots. I think it kept their head in the game. Literally, because none of them had seen combat before.

    Also, I’m sure so many different groups have rituals like that but I can’t help but point out that on the wonderful and underviewed Friday Night Lights, the opening credits show the team members tapping a blue P on the wall of the locker room as they pass it on the way out into the tunnel that leads to the field. It’s got all these greasy stains around it and its faded as hell but its still really moving.

    I’m a giant cheeseball apparently, but both shows really move me with their use of the whole crew acknowledging the ones who came before.

  28. Dainin says:

    Hello All… been suffereing with loss of my iPod (now replaced so getting back in groove)

    One thing that jumped out at me was the view in the ready room when Lee was briefing them in full Hill Street Blues mode (Be careful out there) was that the chairs were pretty much all filled. A full complement of pilots, as compared to what we have been seeing in this last season. Just a small detail that conveys that the RTF is truly worn down and a ‘broken military’

  29. Dainin says:

    I seem to remember from some source that the picture is also framed and given to Roslin. I don’t remember where and when, but I do have the mental image of it

  30. Jim says:

    Off Topic post

    Pegasus Movie – RDM was asked in his latest podcast (Frak party for Crossroads part 2) who was going to be in the movie and he said said the entire cast. I was wondering how he was going to pull that off since it is supposed to be about Pegasus’s escape from the initial Cylon(z) attack. There is always suppose to be new stuff leading into the season 4 story line. I guess you guys need to do a podcast just for speculating how the Movie will play out.


  31. Chucksax says:

    In watching the original BSG (I TiVo’d them & moved them on to DVD, so that I could watch them in order), the one thing that I was struck by was the number of planets that they discovered that had humans living on them, of various technology levels. (Two examples that I can think of – besides the Casino Planet – is the one with the kids playing at medieval lords & the one that had the toaster serving as sheriff.)

    That’s actually something that’s concerned me a little bit, over the course of time – why is it that we’ve found NO other planets that have human life on them? You’d have to figure that ships with warp drives would have spread out pretty far – there should be enough humans who want to live outside of colonial rule that they’d have taken off and founded these tiny, “wild west” colonies – meaning, small groups of wagon trains finding their own style of life.

    I mean, think about it – throughout human history, when there’s been some kind of unexplored frontier, there’s been a steady stream of people that have been willing to explore it, even at the threat of certain death. Why does that not happen in the Battlestar universe? Why have they encountered no other planets that are capable of supporting life, other than the algae planet & New Caprica? Plus, what about the people left behind on New Caprica – did any survive?

    These things bother me.

  32. Teh Bagder says:

    Chucksax: The parameters for life to exist are pretty narrow. Just because a planet can support life (under conditions suitable for human life as the baseline) doesn’t mean that it does yet, or hasn’t in the past. Today we’ve discovered a few planets that are possibly capable of supporting life but we won’t know for sure until we get there.

    It’s possible that the Colonials, being a heavily militarized society didn’t have the opportunity to explore other planets because space traffic was controlled and patrolled by the military. Even commercial transport ships would have to stay within the rules of the accord struck between Cyclons and Humans, so this means the military being pretty much in charge of all space travel. Colonial civilization is also very young, being 12 colonies spread out across a star system that has planets that can support life (which in itself is incredibly tough to find such a star system). Most references go back only a few thousand years, and the Colonies tend to be incredibly insular. If we use our own history as a reference, Europe during the middle ages was a time of great conflict politically and religiously, and this was more than enough to keep everyone occupied. The very stratified layers of Colonial society show very deep history between all the colonies, and very specific roles being taken either on purpose or organically. Most advances in science and society occur during or after a war, and in times of peace people are complacent and content to just live out their lives.

  33. Michael says:

    I just watched “flesh and bone” from season one and had a “holy frak” moment. At the end of the ep, after leobon is airlocked, starbuck offers this prayer at her bunk. “Lords of kobol, here my prayer. I don’t know if he had a soul, but if he did, take care of it” And before he is airlocked, she reaches her hand out to the glass and shares a meaningful stare with him. I think he got to her. he got to her there in episode 8 of season one.
    Not sure what is means, but….well, there you are.

  34. Michael says:

    ahem….sorry about the bad spelling. I meant “hear my prayer” not “here my prayer” that’s bad on me, sorry

  35. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i got the s1 dvd woohoo im gonna start watching fri

  36. Hybrid Master says:

    I’m not sure if Billy has moved on to bigger and better things, but I just caught a few second bit part by my favorite dead viper pilot (after Starbuck of course) – Kat. She had about 15 seconds screen time in Blads of Glory……she deserves so much better……

  37. Raemani says:

    It still amazes me how good this series really is. Rewatching them one at a time is going to be rough. I am going to try and limit myself in order to stretch it out as far as I can, but it is one of those shows that I can watch over and over.

    While 33 isn’t my favorite, it is still one of the best. It was back when you felt threatened by cylons. They don’t seem as scary to me now. Even in the more recent episodes the cylon threat isn’t as great as it was in the early part of season 1 for the characters as well as the audience.

    I think I prefer Baltar better in these early episodes – where he was just on the edge of losing it, but always seemed to come out unscathed.

    All of the characters/actors all look younger and seem more niave. It is funny how because we “know” Chief, and Tigh are cylons they do look less tired then the rest….but I don’t remember thinking that the first time I had seen the episode.

    I was a late comer to BSG (started watching somewhere around “The Farm”, but once I saw my first episode, I couldn’t get enough). I can’t wait to see everyone’s comments as we all rewatch the episodes togther.

  38. Gray says:

    Ok- here is something I’ve found myself pondering.

    When a Viper pilot is in the air, I realize that there are probably different channels/frequencies for them to transmit.

    I know we’ve seen something like a ship-to-ship from Lee to Kara, for example. Or from Starbuck to Galactica.

    But sometimes, it appears as though everyone on the ship is listening. During Flight of the Phoenix, everyone could hear the pilots and CIC.

    But usually, who exactly hears the transmissions? Does CIC hear all the pilots’ chatter? One at a time? Do they switch on the surround sound when they want the whole ship to hear?

    Can we assume there is a default setting for transmissions from the fray?

    What up?

  39. Pike says:

    Gray. It’s a complex ordering of procedures that has been delegated to very specialized computers. While not being networked, they contain very complex processing units that are invariably called upon in moments of need. They have a variety of technical designations, but, as a group, they are commonly known as “drama chips.”

  40. Gray says:

    Sounds about right, I guess. Damn them and their non-reliable communication structure.

  41. Pike says:

    OK, very weird google moment.

    Gray and I have just been going back and forth about the ‘drama chip’ aspect to BSG. Now, the term has been LONG current in Star Trek fandom to explain various system behaviours (most obviously, how the automatic doors would ‘know’ that you watnted to lean against them instead of actually passing through them.) So, I thought I could google a site that had a detailed explaination.

    It turns out, not so. OK, that happens.

    What’s meta-weird is what *does* turn up when you search for (“drama chip” trek) (everthing, including quotes, between the parenthensis) and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

  42. Michael says:

    Was just listening to the podcast for “33” on the way to work this morning. RDM did talk about the fact that the network wouldn’t let them show that there were people in the windows of the Olympic Carrier on the commentary track for “33,” but he also said that they had the SFX crew discreetly have a couple of people be visible through the windows. Allegedly (I’ve not checked this out myself), if you go through the fly-by scenes frame-by-frame, you’ll be able to see *something* in the windows indicating that there were in fact people on the ship.

  43. Maura (Mavourneen) says:

    Hi Coolerites,

    Just finished listening to the “33” rewatch podcast, and as a dedicated Browncoat, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Firefly, however briefly, into the discussion of BSG. I have long held that what draws people to Firefly can also be found in BSG. We over at who post on BSG often talk about the similarities in the two shows.
    I also really enjoyed listening to your running commentary. I am hoping that in future podcasts, you’ll identify the scene you are watching a little more clearly, for listeners like me (and Michael above me) who listen in their cars or away from the dvd player. As in “Now they’re on the bridge…ha ha look at Dee that frakkin toaster” or “This is the scene where we find out Dee is a toaster” (I’m not a Dee fan, huh? Yeah, yeah. I know she’s not a toaster. A girl can hope.) Just ID’ing the scene a bit better would be great. Thanks! I’m looking forward to next week’s show. (And Audra rocks. Hard! )

  44. Maura (Mavourneen) says:

    Pike said: What’s meta-weird is what *does* turn up when you search for (”drama chip” trek) (everthing, including quotes, between the parenthensis) and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

    Ok, dude. I would classify that as not meta-weird, but possibly Hella-weird.

  45. WackoTTL says:

    There is an explanation for what comes over loudspeaker and what doesn’t. There is a communications specialist that sets up the frequencies upon Adama’s request. I use to work in Air Traffic Control and we had a very similar system to what you see on the show.

    For most of the series Dee was the communications officer on the bridge. Making sure that communications are being sent for Adama in exactly the way he wants is all she did all day long, and she’s very good at it. I’ve always paid attention to that because that’s the job I would have had if I was part of his bridge crew.

  46. Cavatar says:

    Hi all…

    I had to leave town in a hurry and little access to the internet…sorry I missed the latest blogs and the podcasts…I will catch up and be back.


  47. Gray says:

    I think you’ll be pleased to note that I recently purchased Firefly for something to do in the offseason, and I love it. I think while the styles are mostly wildly divergent, there are obvious similarities. There is the element of being out on the far edge of civilization and post apocalyptic spareness.
    Whatever, I could go on but I’d just say what everybody already knows.

  48. The 13th Cylon says:

    Gray- I’m so glad that you decided to check out Firefly! I’ve always thought of Firefly and BSG as sister shows in a way. First and foremost, they’re non-alien sci-fi. They also have a filming style that makes it feel like a documentary in the middle of the action. The CGI and special effects also reflect that style. And then there’s the other stuff like morality and what’s right and what’s wrong and all the fun jazz. Now there’s obviously plenty of differences too, like Firefly being MUCH lighter in tone and BSG being much more serialized.

  49. Dainin says:

    Other Firefly-BSG shared elements are exemplary writing and character development and at their core they touch on family… what does it mean and how it ultimately is all you have to rely on.

  50. Gray says:

    13th Cylon-

    I’m definitely glad I checked it out. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Firefly is a smidge lighter in tone. I really love the dialogue on the show. I think it’s really smart and witty and you can definitely see the hand of Joss Whedon at work. I’m really very impressed with it. I’m only about 4 episodes in and for a while I really found myself comparing it with BSG a lot b/c they’re really the only scifi shows I’ve seen but now I’m content to just let them hang out and be their own shows and love em for different reasons. Now I have options!

    Hungry for some post-apocalyptic drama, haunting scores, and ripped from the headlines struggle for survival? BSG

    Fast talking, quasi-Wild West space pirates with smart mouths? Firefly.

  51. Dainin says:


    You are in for a treat. Pay attention to the music by Greg Edmundson. One of the best collaborations I have seen (very different than Serenity ~ the movie)

    The music can at times be another character. What it does in the Message or Objects in space. Also seeing the development from the true beginning is quite enjoyable.

  52. WackoTTL says:

    I’ve always put them in the same galaxy. who’s to say that they wont find earth “used up” and then just a short 50 light years away they find the alliance? They left earth after 1000’s of years and forgot how to do FTL. I’ve never seen any reason to not see them as one and the same.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it will ever happen, I’ve just grouped them together in my mind.

  53. Dainin says:

    Hmmm…. how about earth that was is abandoned and the Serenity ‘verse is really centered on…wait for it…… Kobol, the progenitor which colonized the 12 colonies of the ‘verse, which leads to the RTF leaving that known space and heading back to Earth that was.

    All that happens has happened before!


  54. fuzzyelf says:

    i have to thank GWC esp Sean for Firefly – i’d seen Serenity and thought it was neat but didn’t know where it came from. I just finished all the episodes. It just kept getting better and better. SOOO very sad it’s not around anymore. Need to go back and watch the movie a second time now. Anyway, thanks again.

  55. Gray says:

    I have two more episodes left before I finish Firefly, and I have to say: I am in love! It is so fantastic!

  56. Gray says:

    Maybe I should have picked a longer series to get me through the break.

  57. Chuck says:

    Gray: Not to get too far off subject, but I totally feel your pain. All three of us are big Firefly fans, too, and whenever we introduce someone else to the series it’s a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, you know they’re going to love it. On the other hand, you also know that they’re going to come after you when they find out how little of it there is…

  58. The 13th Cylon says:

    Yeah, I watched Firefly in a span of about 4 days and it would’ve been faster if it weren’t for school. I saw the movie first and it was so exciting watching these new adventures until I realized that there’s only one episode left. But I’m going to rediscover it tomorrow night on Universal HD. I just got an HDTV and a Comcast HD DVR box and it’s going to be awesome! I saw it at my cousin’s house in HD and I was absolutely blown away. Firefly comes on Thursdays and BSG airs on Saturdays. The next BSG episode is “Rapture”, I believe, and then “Taking a Break…” (one of my all time favorite episodes).

    And speaking of it being a lot lighter in tone, another show which should be just that is the new Flash Gordon. They got some dude from Smallville and if it’s done right, it could be a great little show. Hopefully they’ll stay true to the old comics, but of course update it for 2007. It’s supposed to start airing this summer on SciFi. It’ll be good for the BSG offseason to go along with Drive (I can’t wait for that to start- Sunday on FOX!).

  59. Dainin says:

    and since Drive has Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion, we can remember when….Damn I want my trilogy!

  60. Gray says:

    Chuck- I agree, not to stray too far from BSG I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to everybody who’s been stumping for Firefly.

    I am just so impressed by this series. Not only the humor, which I love, but the style and the production value. Everything about this series is almost too big for TV.

    The opening scenes of Objects in Space are like an arthouse movie you could catch at Sundance or Cannes. That scene where River’s holding the gun is incredible. And Jubel Early is so chilling. He was positively terrifying in his scene with Kaylee and then he’s got you laughing when he’s with Simon.

    “Am I a lion?”

    Hilarious. SO well executed. I’m fairly confident BSG’s still #1 in my heart but BSG is definitely a new favorite.

    SO thanks, everyone, and I’m glad I have all of y’all to share the break with!

  61. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    LMAO@Audra:”Check your under-carriage for a rash before you get up.”

    I caught myself actually laughing and chuckling while I was listening to that on my MP3 player while riding the subway.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed the ‘cast GWC! I listened to it stand-alone without the episode playing and found it just as entertaining as any other podcast. Great job, as usual!

  62. 13th Cylon says:

    Oh, two things I forgot to post that I just happened to think about when I was listening the audio commentary:

    1) What if “all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again” also meant that the original BSG is from the current version’s past, perhaps hundreds or thousands of years ago. They once mentioned that each time we play a different role- Richard Hatch was the star of the old show and he’s now a political… dude.

    2) When/if the rag tag fleet arrives at Earth, it’s controlled by damn dirty apes! Baltar gets another nuke from Adama to determine who is an ape and who is a human, only to bring his cult underground and worship the nuke. Then they do some crazy time travel stuff only to arrive in 2003, just in time for the miniseries to start. RDM is a big fan of the “Apes” films, you know.

  63. Mike P says:

    LOL, 13th! The final Cylon is Dr. Zaius. 🙂 Or the transmission of “All Along the Watchtower” is emanating from the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

    (Incidentally, the “surprise ending” of Burton’s Apes remake — Worst. Ending. Ever. Even worse than a “I’m Adam, You’re Eve” would be! )

    I agree with those who say the podcast is great without having the episode on. Maybe you should just do a commentary each week, with that episode’s rewatch episode, and then hang around longer for analysis, discussion, etc. on a broader scale? Too much too much?

  64. Gray says:

    OK- This is a callback to something way upthread, but as per the picture we were discussing.

    I happened to watch KLG part II the other night and then the deleted scenes from S1 and it does show Roslin being given a plaque with the picture mounted on it. An inscription reads, “Lest We Forget”. And Billy explains it’s a gift from a captain and the picture was taken on Aerilon during the new Cylon attacks.

    Probably, everyone already figured that out but I thought it a nice bit of whimsy that I stumbled on that particular DVD so soon after we talked about it.

  65. Mike P says:

    Thanks, Gray. Does anyone know if the picture is still in the “ready room” (or Roslin’s office on Colonial One, for that matter)? Perhaps it will resurface? Or maybe even be joined by some iconic photo of the sufferings on New Caprica?

  66. Gray says:

    I’d swear that I have seen it since then. I think it is for sure in the ready room and I believe I’ve seen it in Roslin’s office. Although in the ready room it’s just taped to the wall.

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