April 8, 2007

GWC Podcast #38

As we continue the scheduled re-watch into the first episode of season one — “33” — we offer our first “commentary-style” podcast which we recorded while actually watching the episode. So grab your DVDs — or your vivid memory — and watch this week’s re-watch episode along with us. Highlights: we wow over the truly incredible CGI we’ve been missing at the end of season three, get a big kick out of seeing Billy again, note how different Adama-the-elder seems this far back, and love on the BSG crew for having the guts to premiere the show with all their expensive, beautiful actors looking haggard as hell. Note: Though we’ve closed the polling for season one, you can still vote to select which season two and season three episodes we record in this fashion.

18 Responses to "GWC Podcast #38"
  1. BoxytheBoxed says:

    the closcks used our tome, there from earth…whel that was easy now wasnt it

  2. Pike says:

    Nice podcast. I actually stopped it after the first few minutes and started it up again with the episode cued up, because some of the comments were so specific to on-screen objects (like Six’s jewelry.) I’ve gotten used to RDM’s style, which is more about story points and writing decisions, so it’s easier to follow without the episode playing. This is a nice change-up.

  3. Scottish Jamie says:

    Loved the pod-cast, but…

    I had so many problems keeping the pod-cast and the episode in sync. I think the Region 2 DVD(europe) is a very subtly different cut to the Region 1(US), the theme tune is different and even though I could sync up after few minutes it was almost always ended-up a couple of seconds out (enough to notice).

    Unless you guys were pausing it quietly to frak with us…(only joking.)

  4. Chuck says:

    Jamie: Yep, I suspected there might be some issues along those lines. This was really our first attempt at this kind of ‘cast, and I think we’ll handle it a little differently next time adding more detail to our comments so that you can enjoy it with or without the DVD running at the same time.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience, and I think the next one’ll be better.

  5. Pike says:

    I totally forgot about that. Yeah, there’s a different intro in the UK version of season one. Fortunately they sync back up in the second season (if I’m remembering that right) so that should only affect this and the next rewatch.

    It’s hard to get it in perfect sync anyway. Different machines will spin up faster or slower.

  6. Scottish Jamie says:

    Nevertheless, good job, well done.

  7. Max says:

    Where did that old theme song go? I liked it much more than the new one.

  8. Joe says:

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I wanted to throw this out there for all the Kat fans. Saw “Blades of Glory” this weekend and notice ‘Kat’ plays a small role as one of Will Ferrell’s girlfriends early in the movie. It was hard to recognize her, she had her hair straightened like Roslin’s in the season 3 finale dream sequence! Go Kat!

  9. Joe says:

    Guys, awesome podcast. I decided to listen and watch the episode at the same time and it was great! Loved listening to your comments, wish it could be done for every episode. I had trouble with timing throughout too, but there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Good job guys, can’t wait for next week!

  10. The 13th Cylon says:

    Bravo! That was fun and quite a bit different than I had expected. Yeah, it took me a few tries to get the timing right, but it’s no biggie. It’s funny how often you guys mentioned the same things I was thinking, such as Six’s jewlry and the episode description after it was over. I’ve always wondered if that’s how they made Tigh a Tighclops lol. And I love the little pep talk Tigh/Adama gave the crew there, I think that one ranks right up there with Adama’s speech about how they would achieve immortality as “only the gods once knew” from Exodus II. Good stuff.

    And speaking of the R&D cartoons, there has been word (by the guy who makes them) that SciFi.com may do a spinoff of webisodes and stuff like that with appearances by the BSG characters. Those little things have been super popular so maybe they won’t have to reuse them so often in the future.

  11. tanstaafl says:

    For people having trouble synching the commentary with the episode, you might want to look at Sharecrow. It’s a DVD/video player application designed to play a DVD in sync with an external commentary track or podcast. The main downside is that you have to watch it on your PC.

    Just a fyi…

  12. Pike says:

    tanstaafl, nice find! Unfortunately for me, the mac version is ‘coming soon.’ I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys.

  13. By your Command says:

    I just wanted to comment that this commentary felt like Galactica Watercooler meets Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Which means it was just great), I couldn’t stop laughing with the whole “Why did you shoot the hot chick?” and “I can also be tortured and have sex at the same time”. Awesome stuff.

    I also wanted to point the fact that the Boomer theme that Audra hums at the commentary hasn’t been heard in quite a while (I think I heard it last time in “A measure of salvation”) and that it was great of hear that someone else loves that theme.

    You guys should really get Bear McCreary for one of tg the podcasts in these next 9 months.

  14. Mike P says:

    Great podcast you guys! I watched the episode last night and listened to your comments this morning while it was still fresh, so synchronization was no issue for me, and I recommend that method to others of you out there.

    On Six’s jewelry — Does it remind anyone else of a basestar? (And does RDM mention that somewhere? I can’t recall if I heard it or had the thought myself — the former, I suspect.)

    I also *think* I remember hearing that Lee’s line, “Be careful out there,” was an intentional homage to “Hill Street Blues” — ?

    I think the use of “souls” is standard naval terminology, and not just for when passengers or crew have died. (Maybe, of course, it is rerserved for such occasions in the BSG universe.) I have found at least one example of such usage, in a speech by an NTSB official from 1998: “One thing we can be sure of is there will be enough lifeboats to accommodate all souls on board. That was one safety lesson the world only had to learn once.” [link]. Of course, that , it could still be argued, is in a disaster-haunted context. “Money” magazine, however, has this lead in an article: “Early mariners had a way with a phrase. ‘All souls on board’ meant a full ship of passengers, ready to set sail. Similarly, consultants to the health-care industry often describe the size of an insurance plan by the number of ‘lives’ it covers” [link]. Maybe some listener out there with more nautical knowledge than myself can speak to this.

    One important exception to the economy-less Trek universe is, of course, the Ferengi — but I suppose, as they are “bad guys,” they prove your point. 🙂

    Max — I totally agree with you. I far prefer the season 1 credits music. Apparently there were legal issues with the UK and now standard both sides of the pond opening. Based on listening to the season 1 soundtrack, the season 1 credit music was “just” an adaptation of a cue from one of the episodes — but I still like it better even now. Oh, well.

  15. Raemani says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say I love the podcast.

    It made me feel like I was sitting in the room with you. Definately different then the RDM podcast.

    I found this podcast around midseason of season 3, but since have listened to every episode.

    This rewatch is a great idea – a great way to pass the looong hiatus. Everyone here has such great ideas and really makes me think about Galactica in a different way – hopefully throught the rewatch I will be able to contribute.

  16. Matt says:

    Great Podcast!!!!

  17. Pike says:

    I gotta go with Raemani (and, apparently, Matt) on this. I originally thought that doing the commentaries twice a season was prudent, but I’m hankering for more now. Maybe three per? Four? Is that pushing it? How about two for the short seasons and four for the long seasons?

    This was actually the first time I listened to a commentary podcast while I was actually watching the show, and I loved it. You guys are like the BSG-obsessed friends that I don’t have, who would come over and watch that episode that we’ve all seen a dozen times so it’s cool if we talk all over it…

  18. BSG-38 Minnesotia says:

    I actually listen to your Podcast when I’m at the Y. You’re on-air presences are so engaging that 30 minutes on the eliptical flies by! I haven’t called your hotline yet because I fear I’d never stop! One teensy thing I’d like to mention is that you guys were wondering what Boomer was talking about when she complained about being “stuck with a refugee from Triton”. I could be wrong, but I think that the Triton was another Battlestar that was destroyed. Makes sense that the Galactica picked up homeless Raptors and Vipers and their crews when their home battlestars were destroyed after the attack.

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