Podcast Shortly

This is just a quick note to let you know that GWC Podcast #37 — the “bonus” second listener podcast we promised Sunday — is in post right now and should be out shortly.

It’s another long ‘cast, mainly because we received so many great calls that we just didn’t have time to include all of them –even in this hour-plus bonus ‘cast. Don’t sweat it, though: after this ‘cast we’ll return to our normal about-an-hour length so you’ll have time to digest it all each week. We figured that between the mind-blowing season finale and the great listener calls, it was worth extending a bit.

5 Responses to "Podcast Shortly"
  1. Aleigh says:

    Why be regular? I could listen to your podcasts forever!! Please Sir can I have some more (imagine me saying that with an Aerelon accent)

  2. Tanu says:

    I dont’ have a problem with a podcast that goes a little over 1 hour, or a little over 3 hours. lol. i love listening to you guys on my commute so give me as many long casts and bonus casts as you can punch out, and my iPod will eat it up!

    And my last word is … butterfingers!

  3. Michael says:

    Guys, my Ipod has an off switch, so don’t worry about going over an hour. Talk till you’re through and if need be, i’ll turn the frakking thing off.
    Love the podcast!

  4. fuzzyelf says:

    i too don’t mind longer podcats – spelled that wrong, but i like it, let’s go with pod-cats – anyway i even like the longer ones better. A little before bed, a little on the way to work, and the rest after work, before re-watches. sweet.

  5. Audra says:

    fuzzyelf – I like that. I’m gonna call myself a pod-cat from now on. Kind of like the pod-people, but cooler.

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