Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: April 1, 2007

By listener/reader request, we’regoing to continue the weeklypresidential approval poll through the off-season. So…

Here’s the new weekly presidental approval poll. Remember — even if you voted last week, you’ll want to vote again on this poll as this is a weekly feature and the results will vary from week to week. Let your opinion be heard (for free)!

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Laura Roslin is handling her job as president?

  • Approve: 50% (131 votes)
  • Disapprove: 36% (94 votes)
  • Unsure: 14% (36 votes)

Note: This poll is closed, but you can vote in this week’s poll which will post shortly!

9 Responses to "Weekly Presidential Approval Poll: April 1, 2007"
  1. Pike says:

    Wait, so should we be voting on her performance in the miniseries?

  2. Klucky says:

    That is a good question. I thought she did well under the circs in the mini. But now? Hoboy, at least then she had the law on her side.

    I voted for how I see her now, negatively.

  3. 13th Cylon says:

    I’m gonna vote “disapprove” for the first time, mainly because her outfit is atrocious looking in the miniseries. It looks like something Aaron Doral would dress up his lady chrome job. She needs to get her awesome pinstripe suits because she looks so awesome and hip in the later episodes. C’mon Laura, appearance is everything!

  4. suzanne says:

    are these weekly presidential approval polls connected to our feelings about the episodes in the rewatch? or about the present state of affairs? i voted about how i felt about her in the mini, where i think she is at the high point of her presidency

  5. Matt says:

    Well I am not really sure if we are voting on now or her performance in the mini. I mean it is not a hard call for me though because I would vote approve for both. I guess I am just a Roslin crony. But I am guessing that most people are voting about her performance in the present because her approval is only at 48% and I think if people believed that they were voting on the mini her approval would be higher.

  6. Pike says:

    OK, I’m going to go with the idea that we’re voting on the performance during the rewatch. Otherwise I’d have to hit the same button every week for ten frakin’ months…

    I like her here. She’s out of her depth, but knows it. Rare in a politician. Approve.

  7. fuzzyelf says:

    i’m confused too….so I’m voting on the re-watch. MS vote: approve! even Super approve – way to step up…unless of course she’s the final cylon, then, well…ok, i’ll shut up….approve. for now.

  8. Abel_Vargas says:

    I’m voting on her work over the last few weeks of story, and I have to give a big “Disapprove.” As Lee put it so succinctly, they are just a gang. Admiral Adama and Roslyn are people with good qualities, and you might argue that the things that they’ve done are necessary, but they are gang leaders at this point, and only the force of their charisma keeps them in their leadership positions.

  9. The 13th Cylon says:

    This reminds me of the media dinner at the White House a few days ago. Bush said “A year ago my approval rating was in the 30s, my nominee for the Supreme Court had just withdrawn, and my vice president had shot someone. Ah, those were the good ol’ days.”

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