GWC Re-Watch Schedule, Part 1

It’s been a crazy week here at GWC as we’ve been sorting through all the awesome calls we received for this week’s listener cast, so first off let me offer a hearty thank you to everyone who took the time to call or send us audio. This week’s ‘cast is in post right now, but we had so many calls that we’re actually planning a bonus ‘cast mid-week to fit more of ’em in.

But to the point: Here’s the lowdown on the season one re-watch as promised.

Each week we’ll post a “Frak Party” for the current week’s re-watch episode. As you watch the episode during the week, go ahead and post your comments. (There really aren’t any spoilers in the re-watch, so post whenever you happen to watch.) We have a variety of different podcasts scheduled for the off-season including guests, commentary, etc., so sometimes we’ll discuss the episode at the end of the week and sometimes we’ll gather a few re-watch episodes together for a single podcast. Don’t worry, though: you’ll receive a podcast each week, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to contribute and participate!

Here’s the initial schedule for season one, starting this week:

  • Week of 4/2: The Mini-Series
  • Week of 4/9: 33 (101)
  • Week of 4/16: Water (102)
  • Week of 4/23: Bastille Day (103)
  • Week of 4/30: Act of Contrition (104)
  • Week of 5/7: You Can’t Go Home Again (105)
  • Week of 5/14: Litmus (106)
  • Week of 5/21: Six Degrees of Separation (107)
  • Week of 5/28: Flesh and Bone (108)
  • Week of 6/4: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down (109)
  • Week of 6/11: The Hand of God (110)
  • Week of 6/18: Colonial Day (111)
  • Week of 6/25: Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Pt. 1 (112)
  • Week of 7/2: Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Pt. 2 (113)

Look for this week’s Frak Party post right after the podcast releases — shortly! — and we’re looking forward to the start of your friendly neighborhood spider BSG support group.

Note: Next Sunday’s podcast will be the commentary for “33,” which co-incides with the re-watch. So, if you like we can actually watch the episode together. We’ll run the podcast past the end of the episode, of course, to talk about the mini-series and everything else that’s going on this week.

5 Responses to "GWC Re-Watch Schedule, Part 1"
  1. BobMac says:

    I’m lazy…do you have a Google Calendar for the schedule?

  2. Paul Duncan says:

    Here’s a Google Calendar of the schedule (hope it posts…):


  3. BobMac says:

    It said I don’t have authorization to view that calendar…

  4. Paul Duncan says:

    Frak!… didn’t click the “save” button on google… doh!

  5. BobMac says:


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