GWC Frak Party: “Crossroads, Part 2”

If you’re not already attending a Frak Party — or hosting one! –join us here for the GWC online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we’ll check in here first to see what you had to say in real-time. Sweet.

Holy frack, it’s the season finale already! First off, I’d like to say thanks to all of you who’ve made this already great show un-freakingly-believeably-great for Audra, Sean and me with your great comments, theories, emails, and calls.

Secondly, if I may, I’d like to offer some advice about watching tonight’s show:

As you’ve heard via the podcast, I was really pissed after last season’s finale. I was angry for a lot of reasons, but mainly I was mad that a full year had passed in the lives of characters that I followed very closely (and held dear) without me seeing it. The chief was married? Why wasn’t I invited?

But after a while — even just a few weeks — I began re-thinking my initial reaction. As I started to wonder how the “resistance” would work — and how each of the characters would participate — I started to see how this storyline would add great depth to the entire cast, and I started to like it.

Eventually, after I saw what we described to Rolling Stone as “the best moment in on-screen sci-fi since the return of the Millenium Falcon at the end of Star Wars” during whatmany of you described as “the best hour of sci-fi TV ever,” I came to see the occupation on New Caprica as a truly brilliant story arc.

My advice: when you watch tonight, be prepared for some major shocks. I’ve successfully avoided the spoilers, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. I have some ideas, and I know you have ideas — because I’ve seen a lot of them via Submit a Theory this week. But one thing’s absolutely certain: whatever happens tonight, it’s going to be big, and it’s going to be controversial in the fan community.

I thnk it was Patton who said, “In war nothing is impossible provided you use audacity.” That’s good advice for the creators of BSG who from all reports have been fighting an uphill battle this season, struggling to expand to fill the new time slot. We’ll likely see some of that audacity tonight.

If I remember correctly, Patton also said, “Do not take counsel of your fears.” That’s good advice to the rest of us in responding to tonight’s episode. Last season I was afraid that we’d just lose that year. I was afraid we’d lose the vigor of the show’s premise with everyone stuck on the planet. In the end, those fears were unfounded.

My point is, whatever happens tonight, remember to give it a chance. Before you crank up your blog or podcast and begin firing shots that’ll be recorded for posterity, give it a chance to sink in.

Now I just have to take my own advice.

See you here tonight!

672 Responses to "GWC Frak Party: “Crossroads, Part 2”"
  1. Joe says:

    I would just like to point everyone to this recent interview with RDM. It says there are spoilers, but it’s not true. They talk a little about last week’s episode. Great interview!

  2. Pike says:

    I’m not even going to check that one out, Joe. I managed to stay spoiler free so far, so I’m not risking it.

    OK everyone, see you on the other side of the iTunes release. I hope they get it out quickly this week.

  3. Rich McCarty says:

    Right on, Chuck! I came to BSG via seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. Season 3 was the first time I couldn’t just change discs in the player to see what happened next. I was forced this season to “live” with certain plot twists, to fume over them, to be confused by them, to wonder where the frak we were being taken. Now that we’re at the end, I spent the last week or two rewatching season 3 on iTunes, and I was reminded how ‘tight’ of a story this actually is–and what is more, that it is not misplaced faith to trust in the ‘powers that be’ of BSG. What seemed questionable in the midst of the season now makes perfect sense when considering the season as a whole. I’m not only ready for a cliff hanger–I’m ready to get kicked off cliff and into a 9 month free fall! 🙂

  4. Kieltok says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s ep. It’s going to be frakin’ great. Nothing will be the same after this finale. We’re in for a doozy, and I can’t wait for the bomb to drop.

  5. Saberhawk says:

    I’m with you Pike. I have managed to remain spoiler free and my speculation continues to run wild. See everyone later tonight.

  6. Gray says:

    I had Rich’s problem too. The first ep I ever watched was A Measure of Salvation. I then did a marathon viewing of the entire series in about two days. Now I have to suffer in real-time like everybody else.
    Can’t wait!

  7. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    I just sat through a back-to-back viewing of Season 3 yesterday (initiating and bringing a friend up to date-yes, another new fan!), and I came to the same conclusion as Rich: BSG is much much tighter than it seems when you watch the episodes week-to-week. RDM & Co. know exactly what the frakk thye’re doing.

    That said, I can’t wait for the episode to get posted on iTunes. They’d better not have us waiting around like they did for Occupation/Precipice…. I don’t know if I can stay off the internet long enough to not get any spoilers!

    Catch y’all on the flipside, have fun tonight!

  8. BoxytheBoxed says:
    my vote for rosilin pic i cant wait ill be at the party

  9. Eyeless says:

    This blog post will reach 500 comments at least, which I’m sure is some kind of record for comments on a simple blog pot, and quite respectable even for a forum. =D

    Chomping at the bit. Can barely type my outline for a debate I have tomorrow. =P

  10. BoxytheBoxed says:

    at gateworld we have one with 79640 posts

  11. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Hey all! Just checking in on the pre-episode hype.

    I’ve got to be totally honest, I frakkin’ psyched out for this episode.

    I’ll see everyone back here at 10. Can’t wait. *Twitch*

  12. Flyer Ken says:

    2 hours left and i have my snacks and drinks ready so see everyone back here when the shows over.

  13. the 17th cylon says:

    I’m pumped for the episode too, I read the spoilers though, which was a HUGE, HUGE mistake. I’m warning all of you, do not read them. It will ruin everything.

  14. Craig, England says:

    Damn, you guys are so lucky ! We put out clocks forward 1 hour here yesterday for summer time. If only I could have skipped a couple of days I would be watching the finale on download by now. Gotta keep away from all podcasts and posts until Tuesday before I can join in the praise of what is bound to be another shocking, surprising, frustrating, nail-biting finale ! Don’t spend all night chewing over the episode, get it uploaded ! I got bandwidth twiddling it’s thumbs over here !

  15. Craig, England says:

    Oooops ! Forgot to mention what a great job you guys do with the podcast. You reach far and wide – required listening for me here.

  16. Brian CC says:

    It’s about an hour till air, and’s front page has
    “Who are the Final Five Cylons? Learn the Shocking truth on the BSG Season Finale”
    If that’s a total lie I am going mail them a box of poop.


    Brian CC

  17. Jayne Cobb says:

    Spoilers… Curseth thee, Willpower!!

  18. Requiem says:

    All you East Coast-ers are the luckiest of the lot of us! You’ll be the first ones to watch, and can discuss everything here real time. ^_^ I’m on the West Coast; just under 4 hours to go! Can’t wait to read everybody’s thoughts here and listen to the _amazing_ podcast. 🙂

  19. 13th Cylon says:

    Whoo! I’m a spoiler virgin going into this one. This is the only BSG site I’ve visited for almost 2 weeks now because of wanting to not get any spoilers.

    And I’m calling it- They all find out that they’re daggits or that Boxey is the Cylon god. Maybe both.

    Don’t blink! This has got to last us until the fall DVD (?) movie. Ahh. It’s like telling Tigh that he can’t drink for another 7 months. I’ll become a murdering, raving looney.

  20. Ziggy says:

    This is a total guess as I have NOT read any spoilers. I think the final five cylons are Rosilyn, Helo, Bill Adama, Anders and Starbuck. And the radio is going to pick up a broadcast from earth, like the original series when they picked up a broadcast of the Apollo moonlanding.

  21. Ziggy says:

    So is there anything definitive about an off season movie and whether next season is the last and only 13 eps long?

  22. frank says:

    Ziggy, there are a couple sites that have confirmed the movie, and someone also posted that they ordered the last nine eps for next season, so if all is correct, then next season will be a full one.

  23. HailBaltar says:

    Ziggy, I completely agree about them picking up a broadcast from Earth. I believe that’s what Tigh has been hearing.

  24. HailBaltar says:

    Has anyone else rewatched the episode “Bastille Day” lately? I did and found a few things:

    1. Near the end, Adama tells Lee that he is “talking like a lawyer”. In hindsight this is hilarious.

    2. Roslin tells Lee, in confidence, that she has cancer, but to not tell anyone else because it would “erode hope”. Lee agrees, and she says she has full confidence he will remain silent on the issue. This makes his betrayal during the trial all the more tragic.

  25. Ziggy says:

    I wonder if thats what was meant by “someone will find earth”. By finding a radio signal they will prove that earth exists and they’ll know the direction to go in.

  26. Cavatar says:

    The seconds seem like hours waiting.

  27. Retro says:

    Ziggy, Why is Tigh hearing the music when there’s no radio?

  28. Cavatar says:

    Ziggy…that is a good idea!

  29. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    You can say that again Cav. It’s 9:50 and I’m already about to burst with excitement….

    Gah! *Twitch*

  30. Cavatar says:


    Becasue “Its in the frackin’ ship” LOL

    That is a good question, becaused it seemed Anders heard it too.

  31. Cavatar says:

    I hear ya Dan…what are we gonna do for 10 months in the wait too!!!

  32. frank says:

    I hear it too, don’t you Cav?

  33. Cavatar says:


    Its in my model ship…its in the fracking model ship!!!

  34. Cavatar says:

    Hey anyone out there know where I can find a model ship of the new Pegasus???

    A little off subject I know, sorry.

  35. Joe says:

    Will somebody turn off that FRAKKIN MUSIC?! Craaaaaap…

    6 minutes for us East Coasters. Don’t forget about the extra five minutes of show, everyone!

  36. Blue says:

    I haven’t turned on the TV at all this week…I wanted to take NO chances on catching a spoiler to ruin the surprises in store…just a few more minutes till the show!

  37. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    I for one will be watching DVD re-runs and visiting GWC like a fiend.

    …9:55. Last commercial break in the pre-Galactica show, whatever it is. By the looks of it, I’d say it’s a pretty crappy one.

  38. Joe says:

    Cavatar, did you hear about the BSG special movie event thinger? It’s a flashback to Pegasus during and after the initial cylon attack. If there aren’t models now, there will be soon enough.

  39. Ziggy says:

    Yeah, maybe Tighes a cylon and thats why he hears the music. Although I don’t know why cylons would hear music.

    Of all of the characters, Tighe being a cylon would be the most interesting. I’d love to see how he would deal with that revelation.

  40. Cavatar says:

    Dan I hear ya there…

    three minutes left!!!

  41. Retro says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Limpkin is not Limpkin, but is in fact a con-man who has taken the indentity of Limpkin. Kat can’t possibly be the only one who did that.

  42. Rich Cruz says:


  43. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    OMG!!!! Is everybody ready?! Only a few more minutes!

    *Jumps around and claps like the fanboy he is*

  44. Joe says:

    End Dresden Files, END!

  45. Ziggy says:

    2 MINUTES! This is going to be hard to watch. Its the first time in a while that I am not watching it delated on my Tivo. Won’t be able to skip the commercials 🙁

  46. Cavatar says:


    I did not know it was going to be about Pegasus, I thought it was going to take place 40 years before the attack…that would be cool if there was.

  47. Carol says:

    Woo! Very exciting! This must be the most comments for a frak party before the show has even started! Here we go!

  48. Retro says:

    party time…Galactica style!

  49. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    And the Lord(s) said:

    It begins…

  50. Cavatar says:

    Here we GO!!!!!

  51. Rube says:

    Here we go gang..

  52. Blue says:


  53. Aleigh says:

    Its in the frakkin’ ship! Here we go!

  54. Saberhawk says:

    Let’s ROCK

  55. Rich Cruz says:

    I hope we don’t declare war on a country or something tonight.

  56. Saberhawk says:

    Let’s ROCK! Here we go….

  57. Rich Cruz says:

    so in the preview, it was commander Adama who utters the words “we are cylons” Did you hear that?

  58. Rube says:

    No opening theme like last week.. too much info to get into this hour.

  59. Jayne Cobb says:

    How you doin?

  60. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:


    Bill’s got a little cut there.

  61. Cavatar says:

    Dare I say this….that is almost kinky!

  62. Blue says:

    Hey, they’re in high school! Giggling over the phone first thing in the morning….what a crazy couple the Admiral and President make!

  63. Saberhawk says:

    LOL – Chief singing the song. Least we know he hears it.

  64. Rich Cruz says:

    The noise sounds like electrical current…

  65. Rube says:

    Music = beacon left behind by the 13th colony?

  66. GWC N00b says:

    Bill and Laura sittin’ in a tree…they’re so cute together.

  67. Zack says:

    So thats 3 for those keeping track

  68. Aleigh says:

    Chief hears music

  69. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Man, I hope GMC comments on that little scene between Adama and Roslin.

  70. Zack says:


  71. Zack says:

    IS IT!?

  72. Rich Cruz says:

    I guess there is not such a thing as mourning the dead in the Galactica world. I’m sure everyone knows that his wife just died.

  73. Retro says:

    It sounds Hindu…

  74. Cavatar says:

    Tigh, the Chief, Tori, and who else hears the music???

  75. Aleigh says:

    I really want a Romo Lampkin Galactica Law and Order show if the Caprica series washes out!

  76. Renegade says:

    why is Sam fracking Tori???

  77. Blue says:

    Anders has an interesting way he mourns….maybe some of Starbuck’s “vices” rubbed off on him.

  78. Zack says:

    I hate Lee…I cant believe he has gone to the dark side

  79. Aleigh says:

    Anders hears it

  80. Cavatar says:

    I am starting to like Lee as a lawer.

  81. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Looks like losing Kara hit Sam harder than I had thought. What was it that Sean said about Anders being a good-hearted, stable dude?

  82. Rich Cruz says:

    Here is the Chief following some noise again.

  83. Zack says:

    So Racetrack looks like she is offical the new Starbuck.

  84. Renegade says:

    thats five who have heard the sounds…. :^(

  85. Rube says:

    Yup, Racetrack is the new “pilot w/ a ‘tude”

  86. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Bah Humbug!

    Sam doesn’t fit in the shoes of a Viper pilot well. I’m tellin’ ya, he’d make a non-pilot officer, or better than that, a marine.

  87. Zack says:

    Is it just me, or is this the calm before the “storm” I mean its kinda boring.

  88. Cavatar says:

    If the Chief is a Cylon…that would be why Boomer and him never were able to have a child.

  89. Saberhawk says:

    I think it is implants (inserted on NC) that allow them to hear – not that they are cylons. That is someone else’s theory – I’m just agreeing atm.

  90. Aleigh says:

    Tori, Sam, Chief, Tigh I only have four that hear the music.

  91. Shaun says:

    so is it only 4 ppl who hear the melody???

  92. Renegade says:

    in the original series, it was a radio signal that help them find Earth, this could be the twist, but why just those five, unless they aren’t the only ones. It would suck if they were cylons. That makes the Chiefs son a hybrid.

  93. Shaun says:

    yea only those four, so who is 5???

  94. Techie says:

    But Tigh heard the music and he can’t be a cylon, he’s too old, he was around during the original cylon war.

  95. Rube says:

    I agree, Dan.. Anders doesn’t strike me as pilot material, much less officer material – too emotional and too mutinious. He’s use to being in charge would have a problem following orders that he didn’t necessarily agree with.

  96. HailBaltar says:

    I don’t think Lee has changed at all in this new role. I’m just waiting to see where Zarek is in all of this.

  97. The 13th Cylon says:

    I thought Sam likes being on top of a Viper more than being in one. lol

    YES! The text message! The worst one yet!

  98. Techie says:

    BOOOOO for text voting!!!

  99. Aleigh says:

    I vote D for tonights poll-Who the Frak cares its a lame poll question!

  100. Joe says:

    Text question isn’t that bad this week. Still a stupid concept though!

  101. Blue says:

    I’ve had a crush on Racetrack ever she she discovered….well, everything. So glad she has more to say these days than, “Holy Frak, look everybody, there’s some ________!”

  102. Cavatar says:

    is it me or are the questions getting worse???

  103. Rorlins and Adeldia says:

    I have to admit I respect Baltar’s commitment to having a verdict….

  104. Rich Cruz says:

    They’re crazy to think anyone will txt a, b or c.

  105. Zack says:

    um what was that all about?

  106. Shaun says:

    Gaius back at the door…. How is laura and athena connected

  107. Rich Cruz says:

    this will be good…

  108. Cavatar says:

    LOL….that was great…”your both feaking out at the same time!”

  109. Retro says:

    Holy crap…They mixed blood…they’re connected now.

  110. Rube says:

    I don’t see the place on scifi’s site to cast my vote for C – 3rd party to be revealed…

  111. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:


    I remember seeing something about that somewhere. How in the original series, Galactica located Earth by picking up a radio signal.

    It’d be interesting if something similar happened in this series.

  112. Zack says:

    there all having a joint vision 3some?

  113. Renegade says:

    the theory of having implants wouldn’t be a bad plan

  114. Rich Cruz says:

    Athena, Six and Roslin all have the mission to protect Hera. What’s going on?

  115. Rube says:

    Uh oh.. Gata’s on the stand… Baltar is a dead dagget…

  116. Cavatar says:

    Felex is lying!!!

  117. Rich Cruz says:

    Zack said “3some” hehehehe

  118. Zack says:

    Oh great…he is gonna get off >.

  119. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Anybody see how pretty Roslin’s hair was in the Opera House vision?

    Daaaamn, that was stylish. Pretty too.

  120. Techie says:

    That quote was amazing

  121. GWC N00b says:

    GAETA! For all that I loved you…now you go and lie on the stand.

  122. Aleigh says:

    Butterfingers Awwww love it……..

  123. Zack says:

    and yes I did Tehehe 😛

  124. Renegade says:

    Felix isn’t a lair, why is he doing this

  125. Joe says:

    Felix Butterfingers! Hahahaha

  126. Ziggy says:

    Wow, he’s lying on the stand.

  127. Steve B says:

    I hope Tigh doesn’t space himself looking for a way to get away from the music.

  128. Luc says:

    I dont like that music business so far, reminds me too much of the last episode of “The Prisoner”. That was such a disapointment.

  129. Cavatar says:

    ok…why is Sci FI showing ads for the film Saw???

  130. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    I love Gaeta. Great character.

  131. Rich Cruz says:

    butter’fingers. He called him buttedfingers. That man needs to expand his bad words vocabulary. I don’t think “butterfingers” offended anyone, or even made Felix feel bad.

  132. Luc says:

    Oooohh! Gaeta not being his usual boy scout type. Cool and collected on the stand… Interesting

  133. Saberhawk says:

    Gaeta will regreat that when they put six on the stand and she refutes what he just said.

  134. Chucksax says:

    The episode’s only an hour five, right? They’re not really trying to resolve stuff too quickly, are they?

  135. The 13th Cylon says:

    Wow! This court stuff got crazy. Clever bastard for lying on the stand. It was kind of what happened and they’re going to believe him before they believe Baltar.

    For some reason I keep typing in “Batlar”. lol!

  136. HailBaltar says:

    Wow, Gaeta lying to get Baltar convicted… Gaeta is not someone to fuck with.

  137. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    “…You’re the one who tried to stab me through the neck– and you missed! Butterfingers!”


  138. Shaun says:

    Was Tigh’s qoute “There must be some kinda way outta here” a Jimi Hendrix referance?

  139. Saberhawk says:

    But then craaaaap will hit the fan when the cylon(s)z attack and all will be forgotten…..for now.

  140. Rube says:

    Anybody else think that this current round of commercials came awfully fast? Must mean a long sequence somewhere in the future of this episode.

  141. Blue says:

    I could see Gaeta trying to kill Baltar, but not lying on the stand. He’s one of the few people that I thought had integrity (the willingness to commit murder doesn’t automatically take away his integrity, ya know!).

  142. Zack says:

    Saw is coming to Sci-Fi

  143. Shaun says:

    oh crap this should be good with Lee

  144. Zack says:

    He is just putting Adama vs Adama again!

  145. GWC N00b says:

    oh man, calling Lee to the stand…Badger’s the best lawyer ever.

  146. Techie says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! Lee is going to lie and redeem himself!

  147. Chucksax says:

    Wow… the Admiral’s about to send Lee shooting out of the nearest Viper tube, sans plane…

  148. Shaun says:

    Lee might find himself in an airlock next season

  149. Zack says:

    No he isnt. He believes strongly in the law. He will unfourtunatly tell the truth.

  150. Ziggy says:

    Adm. Adama should never have been eligible to be on the panel in the first place.

  151. Rich Cruz says:

    Is one of the judges the guy who played Q in TNG?

  152. GWC N00b says:

    John De Lancie? I don’t think so…

  153. Rube says:

    What??? Adm Adama wants to hear what Lee has to say??
    Here is the healing between father and son…

  154. Chucksax says:

    Lee the whiner… “It was someone else’s fault!” Sorry, dude – but being the President means that you’re responsible for bad decisions.

  155. Cavatar says:

    ITS ABOUT TIME the pardon came up

  156. Zack says:


  157. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Wow. Rousing speech.

  158. Ziggy says:

    Lee’s making some great arguments. I knew that pardon was going to come back to haunt them.

    Of course, Lee was off planet getting fat while the others suffered.

  159. Techie says:

    “We don’t like you very much”


  160. Rich Cruz says:

    Wow, Lee has some very good points. I did not see this coming.

  161. Zack says:

    Enough with the trip down memory lane. OH SNAP WAIT! Lee is redeeming himself now!

  162. Rube says:

    Where’s Tigh when we need a good “What’s this cccrrrrraaaaaaaaaapppppppppppp?????? ” ????????

    Baltar deserves to swing but for only things that we as 3rd party spectators know, not what the characters would know.

  163. Jayne Cobb says:

    Nicely done.

  164. Blue says:

    Damn. Lee really is his grandfathers progeny! This is a hell of a good closing argument (uh…except it’s not a closing argument, it’s testimony on the stand…but you know what I mean).

  165. Carol says:

    Good job, Lee.

  166. Renegade says:

    Baltar is going to walk, i believe in this, Apollo is right

  167. Cavatar says:

    NO Baltar…I wanted him to testify

  168. Zack says:

    Unfourtunatly Renegade you might me right. This is some screwed up Craaaaaaaaap to me.

  169. Luc says:

    Some really nice acting by Bamber, his best yet. Convinced me.

  170. Renegade says:

    he will testify… in the end

  171. Ziggy says:

    Wow, I would acquit Baltar with that.

  172. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Can someone find a transcript of that speech that Lee just made and link it or type it in a post? Thanks.

  173. Saberhawk says:

    And when Baltar walks……..I say again – who is president? I believe it is Baltar – thus the hurricane begins…..

  174. Retro says:

    Rube…what we know is that everything Lee just said was right.

  175. Shaun says:

    Lee for President!!!

  176. Joe says:

    That entire act was Lee talking. Wow. Lee is coming full circle and discovering himself. Wow. That was powerful and truthful.

  177. Renegade says:

    its true, by law, he should walk

  178. Jayne Cobb says:

    And he gave the Old Man props…

  179. dharmabum says:

    Free Baltar! Free Baltar!

  180. HailBaltar says:

    Holy crap. This trial is a joke. How the frak did Lampkin get away with that? He’s good… too good. Baltar the traitor is going to get off? After letting the Cylons destroy humanity, stealing a nuke and giving it to a Six, and surrendering on Caprica? Why didn’t the prosecution mention how Zarek, the VP, refused to collaborate? Bah.

  181. BoxytheBoxed says:

    ive posted like 4 times in some other post damnit
    holy crap
    baby jesus, baby baltar

  182. The 13th Cylon says:

    Bill! That move just got Baltar off. “Violence is going to ensue.”

  183. Rube says:

    It would have been nice to see Baltar squirm on the stands.. but Lee’s little stroll down self-righteous lane will keep him from the gallows/air lock.. plus it has the effect of exorcising his (Lee’s) demons…. “Captain America (Apollo) to the rescue once more”

  184. Retro says:

    They should have pulled a Nixon…recordings from inside the presidential ship.

  185. mCombs says:

    there wasn’t any closing arguments… just Lee’s “testimony”

  186. Steve B says:

    Whiny Lee just manned up and said what everyone else was thinking, but were too affraid to admit.

  187. Chucksax says:

    The wife still thinks that Baltar’s headed out the airlock, even though Lee made some nice points.

    But, who’s the Cylon? The “music-hearers” are Anders, Tori, Chief & Tigh… maybe those four & Roslin?

  188. Saberhawk says:

    I CANNOT wait to hear “Lawyer Bill’s” comments on that little play by Lampkin.

  189. Retro says:

    Lee was the only one that wasn’t self righteous…he even called himself out.

  190. Brian CC says:

    Nice trick to get Lee on the stand like that, but it seems totally implausible. The speech should’ve been delivered in closing and would have been just as effective.

    But he has a good point. Taking into account the limited amount that the fleet knows about Baltar’s actions and the specific charges against him, he should walk. Can’t believe I said that!

  191. Renegade says:

    not Roslin, no reason for her to be a cylon

  192. Rich Cruz says:

    Did you see the look Rouslin gave to the chick who brough in the picture to Baltar? They looked at each other, as if they shared something.

  193. Zack says:

    Alright boys and girls the moment of truth.

  194. Shaun says:

    Isn’t what lee just said about a new system the same thing Zarek said when he was running for President

  195. Cavatar says:

    Here it comes…

  196. caleb says:

    Lee getting to testify is a bit odd; but being a former officer (especially a commanding officer) there’s something to say there. Looks like baltar is totally off.

  197. Renegade says:

    3 to 2 , baltar walks i know it

  198. Techie says:


  199. Rube says:

    Baltar deserves the airlock just for giving a “6” a nuke

  200. Renegade says:


  201. Jayne Cobb says:


  202. Cavatar says:

    So who is the president now???

  203. Techie says:


  204. BoxytheBoxed says:

    the marchmellows i was eating just fell on the floor

    haha like OJs trial both were really guilty

  205. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Whoa! Roslin shot Lee one HELL of a dirty look.

    And holy crud… Talk about your courtroom riots…

  206. Steve B says:

    Jesus… no wait, Baltar wept.

  207. Cavatar says:

    So where does Lee go from here???

  208. BoxytheBoxed says:

    the cell has cut corners

  209. Rich Cruz says:

    Romo don’t play that.

  210. Blue says:

    Guess who’s a prime candidate for assassination? I’ll give you a hint…he used to be the president.

  211. Renegade says:

    he’ll get reinstated

  212. Rube says:

    Typical Baltar.. ‘what about me?’

  213. BoxytheBoxed says:

    “if i had killed the humans this i show i would have done it” by baltar

  214. Shaun says:

    Cat metaphor, Lampkin ROCKS

  215. Renegade says:

    sorry, Lee is going to be reinstated, not Baltar

  216. Carol says:

    Oh great, now I have a vision of Baltar with green curtains and a big old curtain rod behind his shoulders (channeling Carol B doing Scarlet)

  217. Flyer Ken says:

    No fracking way that was crazy.

  218. Rube says:

    OMG.. the cane!

  219. Cavatar says:

    So much for the cain!

  220. Jayne Cobb says:

    More CYLONS!!!

  221. Blue says:

    HOLY MIND FRAK! Romo just walked away without his cane…and NO LIMP! I don’t trust a thing that dude says or does!

  222. Cavatar says:

    cane I mean

  223. Saberhawk says:

    Adama voted not guilty

  224. BoxytheBoxed says:

    laua and Adama sitting in CIC k-i-s-s-i-n-g whel i thought it was funny

  225. Zack says:


  226. Cavatar says:

    OMG….Good for the Admiral

  227. Renegade says:

    Adama is going to fight with the President

  228. Chucksax says:

    Good question, Blue – what does happen to Baltar, now? Since he was found not guilty, does he have a legal claim to the presidency?

  229. Flyer Ken says:

    The old man helped him at go free

  230. BoxytheBoxed says:


  231. Rube says:

    Well.. so much for the love between Roslin and Adm Adama.

    and now the cyclons… hehe

  232. Steve B says:

    So much for the potential love affair…

  233. BoxytheBoxed says:

    cylons r gonna vmoe

  234. BoxytheBoxed says:

    noce animation

  235. Ziggy says:

    High speed action from now on!

  236. BoxytheBoxed says:

    cylon attack

  237. Saberhawk says:

    Oh Craaaaap

  238. Cavatar says:

    Ut oh!

  239. Flyer Ken says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO that ships are dead

  240. Renegade says:

    the jump set and EMP and now they are drifting

  241. Retro says:

    boom boom…out went the lights

  242. Steve B says:

    So, is it now that the Cylon fleet will appear being led by a familiar pilot?

  243. BoxytheBoxed says:

    to 500 posts!!!

  244. Shaun says:

    That was some of the best ship cgi in a season

  245. Renegade says:

    Roslin acted like she was hit by an EMP and rebooted like a cylon, crrraaapppppp

  246. Saberhawk says:

    I love ROMO – still one of the best BSG characters ever. I know someone said he has signed on for Bionic Woman – wish he was in line for Caprica. He would be awsome to see every week.

  247. Zack says:

    What the hell is going on?

  248. Shaun says:

    That would be one Craaaaaaaaaaapping twist Steve B

  249. Retro says:

    The Cylons could lose power too.

  250. Chucksax says:

    Wow, it’s going to suck if the ships start bouncing off each other… craaaaaap.

  251. The 13th Cylon says:

    Bill! You really did get Baltar off. Ahh!

    Alright folks, last 12 minutes or so of BSG for a long time. Still have to have someone find Earth and we discover a Cylon (or 5).

  252. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Renegadr nice your totaly right

  253. Renegade says:

    that was the “best ship cgi” ever

  254. HailBaltar says:

    I think Baltar is going to be in more of a prison now that he’s free… he’s going to have to look over his shoulder at every moment. Where’s he going to go, Zarek’s old prison ship?

  255. Blue says:

    Saberhawk’s right…we need a heartfelt “CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP” from Tigh right about now. It would’ve been cool if when we saw the fleet lose power and start drifting we heard Tigh in the background saying “craaaaap”…

  256. dharmabum says:

    and now for something different.

  257. TGH says:

    Does anyone think the cane was Grandfather Adama’s cane

  258. BoxytheBoxed says:

    it says on all 5

  259. Chucksax says:

    Where’s Racetrack, 13th Cylon? Bet she’s already parked in traffic outside NYC…

  260. BoxytheBoxed says:

    extra3 mins at end of ep. toinght

  261. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    You know, I was just thinking that Chuck.

    Like Cavatar and you said, now that Baltar has been exonerated of his New Caprica charges, can he legally challenge Roslin for the Presidency? Although practically speaking, he’d NEVER become President after what happened on New Caprica, he might still reclaim the Presidency from that legal technicality.

  262. The 13th Cylon says:

    I think Baltar may move towards the Jesus thing and start a religious faction. He’s already got the look and some followers and he believes (or did at once) in the Cylon god.

  263. Joe says:

    I can’t keep up with these comments guys! Wow, this is just so intense. EMP! OH NO!

  264. Rube says:

    Now would be a good time to kill Baltar

  265. Rich Cruz says:

    I think that despite the explosion, he didn’t need the cane. He may be a cylon.

  266. Renegade says:

    creepy Baltar followers

  267. Joe says:

    13th Cylon, I think you’re right about the jesus thing

  268. Cavatar says:

    here comes the final five!!!

  269. Rube says:

    I thought they were gonna put Caprica 6 on the stand.

  270. Zack says:

    Jesus Baltar. THE FINAL FIVE!! OH BOY. DAMN!

  271. Cavatar says:

    Dan, its good to see someone is reading my posts…lol

  272. Shaun says:

    I knew it was Hendrix

  273. Retro says:


  274. Zack says:

    It is in the frakin ship! How did he get out of his loony box anyways?

  275. Renegade says:

    oh ccccrrrraaapppppp, they are cylons

  276. Steve B says:

    If Chief is a Cylon I’m going to be so fracking pissed

  277. Jayne Cobb says:


  278. HailBaltar says:

    They’re HEARING HENDRIX!!!!

  279. Jayne Cobb says:


  280. Ziggy says:

    The Rolling Stones are Cylons!

  281. Rich Cruz says:

    somebody barfing, I bet they have implants.

  282. Rube says:

    Saul, Anders, Chief and Tori.. and BALTAR??

  283. Steve B says:

    Oh craaaaap they are singing all along the watchtower!

  284. Zack says:

    Its a loony party ladies and gentlemen.

  285. dharmabum says:

    jimi hendrix, yeah baby!

  286. Ziggy says:


  287. Blue says:

    Okay, this is some crazy crap happening!

  288. Renegade says:

    yet those four were the one who fought the cylons on NC, the chief already knew ever since the beginning

  289. BoxytheBoxed says:

    mi crying hones t o god

  290. Ziggy says:


  291. Chucksax says:

    Wow… Tigh a Cylon?

  292. Zack says:


  293. BoxytheBoxed says:


  294. Cavatar says:

    Guys…three of them were part of the “Circle” when they got off of new caperica

  295. Timbuck says:

    All along the watchtower? Why? I love the Hendrix version more.

  296. BoxytheBoxed says:

    sorry 40 gesus

  297. Renegade says:

    here comes Tighs speech

  298. BoxytheBoxed says:

    tinught Boxy cries himself to sleep

  299. Chucksax says:


  300. Zack says:

    um…k…no they better not be!

  301. Rube says:

    I told you it was the chief.. and I told you we had a second hybrid

  302. Chucksax says:

    What is this craaaaaaaaaaaap? What about Nicky?

  303. Retro says:

    I don’t think so. The music is a marker. They just mind fraked themselves.

  304. GWC N00b says:


  305. BoxytheBoxed says:


  306. Retro says:

    Never jump to conclusions…

  307. BoxytheBoxed says:

    o damn tigh

  308. Renegade says:

    good song

  309. BoxytheBoxed says:

    who saw the watercooler

  310. Cavatar says:

    Good for Tigh!!!

  311. Chucksax says:

    Did Baltar hear the music?

  312. Retro says:

    Where the hell would Cylons get Hendricks.

  313. Jayne Cobb says:

    I called Tigh from the moment he was returned to “general population”

  314. Rich Cruz says:

    They’re not cylons. This is something else. A decoy or something else to keep the focus away from (for example) from whoever coordinated the power outage. What do you think?

  315. Steve B says:

    Go get ’em Tigh!

  316. BoxytheBoxed says:

    cally wow dude lee STARBUCK IS COMMING I CAN FEL IT

  317. Rube says:

    Lee goes to war wearing Brooks Brothers…

  318. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i guess lees back in the army

  319. Timbuck says:

    Torrie a cylon. This keeps with the all Cylon women are hot rule!

  320. GWC N00b says:

    *laughs at Rube’s comment* Women go crazy for a sharp dressed man.

  321. Blue says:

    Okay, Sean, if you’re reading this….HERE COMES SOME VIPER ACTION, JUST FOR YOU!

  322. Zack says:

    WOW Cool Sequence! APOLLO YAY!

  323. Steve B says:

    I still don’t like Tori

  324. BoxytheBoxed says:

    baby its starbuck o god

  325. Ziggy says:

    Lee’s going to find Starbuck.

  326. Cavatar says:

    is the unknown starbuck…does lee find earth?

  327. Aleigh says:

    I can’t wait for the conversation with Cally and Chief…guess what honey I am a cylon and Nicky is a hylon

  328. Luc says:

    Whoah! Good thing they got renewed. Had the show ended on this I would need therapy.

  329. Rube says:

    Hello Starbuck.. in the stealth ship

  330. Timbuck says:

    Dont die Apollo!

  331. rose says:

    To keep important people away from their jobs when the attack happens?

    Jayne Cobb-are you saying this is a copy of Tigh – not the real Tigh? I don’t get why you would think he was a Cylon after he was returned to the general population.

  332. Chucksax says:


  333. Blue says:

    I knew Lee would don the Colonial Navy’s uniform once again!

  334. Zack says:


  335. Ziggy says:

    Starbuck is leading Lee to Earth!

  336. BoxytheBoxed says:


  337. Joe says:


  338. Jayne Cobb says:

    Hell’s yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  339. Zack says:


  340. BoxytheBoxed says:


  341. mark says:

    tory seriously thats craaaaaaaaaaap what a waste of a spot if that is in fact the final 5

  342. Aleigh says:

    So do we know have head Starbuck?

  343. GWC N00b says:


  344. Renegade says:


  345. Steve B says:


  346. Shaun says:


  347. Ziggy says:


  348. Cavatar says:


  349. dharmabum says:

    what the frak?

  350. Carol says:

    Yeah!! There’s my girl!! She looked all glowy and stuff.

  351. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i know that planet omg

  352. Chucksax says:

    Man, STARBUCK! My TV-girlfriend is back… does this mean she’s a Cylon?

  353. The 13th Cylon says:

    THAT WAS AWSOME! I’m totally freaking out right now! YES!!! Oh my gosh this is awesome!!!

  354. Timbuck says:

    Shes dead. Damn! They really did the orb of white light thing! The cheesiest part of the 78 series!

  355. Renegade says:

    anyone know that song’s title and artist??? need to know

  356. Shaun says:

    Starbuck, that is going to take some ‘splainin to do

  357. Aleigh says:

    So help me if they go to earth and find the statue of liberty on the sand and apes running around I will be mighty Frakked!

  358. BoxytheBoxed says:

    nooo ten months fralfrak

  359. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:


    Yeah, I feel the same way. Sometimes there’s so much going on in the posts that it’s hard to keep track of.

    Oh, and 13th, some thoughts on the Jesus Baltar. I’m starting to agree with that theory. There are more and more similarities between Baltar and Biblical Jesus, and although I used to pass it off as just a coincidence, I’m starting to think it might be intentional.

  360. Leland says:

    All sorts of goosebumps!!

  361. Josh says:

    HOLY FRAK!!!

  362. Rich Cruz says:

    They showed earth. Not fair. WHAT’S GOING ON? These people have a lot to explain. That RDM podcast better be the best podcast, ever!

  363. Techie says:


  364. Cavatar says:

    oh this podcast will rock tonight

  365. Joe says:

    Oh my God! I was on the floor jumping up and down! Stay tuned folks! Holy FRAKKK!

  366. Aleigh says:

    And ten frakking months ARGH!!! CRAAAAAAAPPP

  367. BoxytheBoxed says:

    there gonna fond it and its gonna be akn over by transformers goning to bed bye

  368. Retro says:

    Did anyone else wonder why there were six white glowing strips behind Six and Baltar. A clue…or a set director with OCD.

  369. Shaun says:

    Is it gong to be like the 1980 Galactica where earth is primitive compared to galacitca?

  370. Ziggy says:

    They did not definitively show us the five cylons.

  371. Josh says:

    Does this mean Starbuck is a Cylon also?

  372. Flyer Ken says:

    Thanks the goda shes back or did lee die after splitting fom the fleet and went to where she is.

  373. The 13th Cylon says:

    Well I’m totally going to watch the rerun in an hour. My brother watches it later in the week and he’s been complaing about why they killed Starbuck, well I can’t wait to talk to him after he’s seen it! OMG OMG! That was such a satisfying season ender. Man that was great.

  374. Rube says:

    Wahoooo…. good thing we know that they got renewed. But man it is going to be a long, long, long dry spell

  375. GWC N00b says:

    This song is so totally going on my iPod

  376. Aleigh says:

    Hey what happened to 5 minutes over?

  377. Zack says:


  378. Flyer Ken says:

    Is there a way that i can go to sleep and wake up when the show is back on?

  379. Joe says:

    Ahahahaha! Screw you David Eick and RD Moore!
    Katee Sackhoff

  380. Cavatar says:


    that is so true…it is hard to follow at time.

  381. Rich Cruz says:

    gotta love the music.

  382. HailBaltar says:


  383. Aleigh says:

    I need a cigarette and I don’t smoke!

  384. The 13th Cylon says:

    Joe- I was cheering when they showed her, too. This was right up there with the Pegasus coming to save the day back at New Caprica. I even got a little teary eyed.

  385. Joe says:

    Ok, can anyone tell us what that song was? Is it a real song or did they make it for the episode?

  386. Blue says:

    Oh my gods…!

    WTF just happened!?!?!? We have to wait till JANUARY 2008 for more BSG? (By the way, the “F” in WTF is for Frak).

  387. Timbuck says:

    WHo sang that version of Watchtower??? It was sweet.

  388. Mediator88 says:

    I believe we have been misled. I do not believe we’ve seen the final 5 cylons… but Six has.

  389. Renegade says:

    me too

  390. Saberhawk says:

    Excellant. Let the pondering begin as to why the 7 never speak of the 5…..

  391. Steve B says:

    Did everyone else notice that the nebula was revealed to be part of the Milky Way?

  392. caleb says:

    what the frak!!! Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and the president’s aid all cylons; it can’t be true. Also, why is Anders a nugget with his broken leg. Wasn’t Starbuck grounded when she broke her leg?

  393. Jayne Cobb says:

    Great way to wrap it up. Starbuck sounded so relaxed.. almost devine

  394. mark says:

    well if someone was supposed to die ,be a cylon and find earth then kara can’t be a cylon if she is then she didn’t die unless there getting into semantics.

  395. Shaun says:

    This was my first Frak party on here. It was fun to see all your comments. My wife says I am a dork but she is sitting here watching me type this. LOL. See ya all in 10 month FRAK ME!!! 10 Months Craaaaaaaaaaaaaapp!!!

  396. GWC N00b says:

    Shaun, this was my first one too 🙂 I look forward to attending more…*WAIL* in 2008!

  397. Joe says:

    All Along the Watchtower? That’s so odd. That’s so modern. That must be a clue that they are indeed in the future. Thousands of years in the future?

  398. The 13th Cylon says:

    And Tigh is so totally the man or Cylon, whatever he is. He’s staying true to what he is.

    Caleb- Starbuck was actually piloting, I think Anders was a backseat Dradis watcher for a Raptor.

  399. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:


    All Along the Watchtower, heavy metal style, as Starbuck comes flying in her super-Viper-that-was-apparently-not-so-vaporized-after-all.

    Perfect. Except for having to wait ten months… That’s not so perfect.

  400. Steve B says:

    This was my first Frak party as well! Take heart though, there will be the 2 hour made for TV/DVD movie in the fall to give us a small fix!

  401. Shaun says:

    Yea I have listened to the podcast all season. Does anyone know when season 3 DVD will be released?

  402. mark says:

    i just recently found the show for the second part of season 3 and then they go and do this to me frak i’m gonna be in serious withdrawal

  403. Renegade says:

    the Final “four” said that they are cylons, but that just their idea, they might not be the final 5, they could be just freakin out, its not official

  404. Zack says:

    She might actually be dead guys. Like She could be a vision, or like a ghost.

  405. The 13th Cylon says:

    Shaun- the season 3 DVD will likely be released just before this movie or at the very end of the year. They like to release BSG about a month before the next season starts to get people talking and stuff.

  406. Shaun says:

    Maybe there is something about Starbuck in the Scrolls of Pythia. Not that they have been mentioned in awhile

  407. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    I’m pissed. This was like a throwaway season. Besides Malestrom and Crossroads II, this season was underwhelming. I still don’t know if any questions have truly been answered. How the hell are these guys Cylon? I want to know the backstory.

    By the way, Tori is frakking hot!!!! I want to comb her hair and get her out of the cheap Ann Taylor suit.

  408. Aleigh says:

    The cylons are active tonight my BSG podcast commentary has gone missing off of my Itunes and IPOD-CRAAAAPPPP!!! Goign to look for All along the watchtower after I reload the RDM commentaries!

  409. mark says:

    i still like the idea posted earlier head starbuck

  410. PhoenixP3K says:

    I guess Earth might be closer than what they though. I felt Kara would be back but this is just crazy. So we have sorta 4 cylons confirmed… could Kara be one?

    Roslin connects with Six, Era and Athena because she was injected with baby Era’s blood (my guess).

    Was the shutdown caused by the Cylons or is it related to Saul, Tyral, Anders and President’s aid?

  411. Timbuck says:

    I cheked VideoETA yesterday and there is no date for season 3 yet. It has an email alert you can sign up for. Good site.

  412. Shaun says:

    Awww, that really sucks. I have watched my season 1 and 2 dvds so often they are starting to scratch. JK

  413. Cavatar says:

    the withdrawl was begun.

  414. Josh says:

    I don’t think she’s simply a vision.

    Maybe it’s….HEAD STARBUCK!!!! LOL

  415. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Nah, Zack.

    I agree she might be a vision or hallucination or something, but not a ghost or anything supernatural. It’s too unlike RDM to do something like that.

  416. Aleigh says:

    Boomer The Brother at least Anders or Lee didn’t find Starbuck with Boxey in the shower saying it was all a dream!

  417. Jayne Cobb says:

    head Starbuck…awesome

  418. Switchblade says:

    I honestly do not think that Starbuck is a cylon. I think that when her viper exploded, she was so close to the core of that planet, that she was somehow transported (like a wormhole, or blackhole style even) to Earth, and her viper was sent with her. Lee saw her viper explode, but maybe that is just how the worhole theory worked. She also was sent Earth, BUT it is Earth in the 1960’s, and thus, will not provide ANY help to the fleet at all.

  419. Retro says:

    Nuggets are military in training.

  420. Carol says:

    Nice season end. There’s lots of story potential for next year. Where did Baltar’s harem take him? Will Callie plug Galen in a fit of pique? Why does 6 think Hera needs protection? How do they ‘splain Saul? Oh, the irony about him killing Ellen for collaborating w/Cylons. Still not happy that Sam is boffing Tori. Lee was good today. What will his next career be? Will he and Papadama make up and then be re-instated? Roslin is all pissed off at both Adama boys now, quite a killing glare. Delighted Kara is back, in some form. Apparently getting to Earth is coming soonish, which will be a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Still fresh, still lots of potential. Hope next year isn’t the last.

  421. Saberhawk says:

    For now – I am holding the same thought I had earlier – which agrees with Renegade – I believe that there were implants put in on NC. I also think we are supposed to believe that Roslin is the 5th since she can project with six and Athena. Here again, I think this is suspect as she has Hera’s blood which could account for the projcetions.

    Until someone wakes up in goo…..I am just not convinced. I think the writers are having a big laugh with this one……

    Pike – when you get on and read this – I would be interested in your thoughts.

  422. Proton says:

    I’m blasting Hendrix right now.

  423. Browncoat Bryan says:


    2008?!?!?!? Damn them!!! Damn them to HELL!!!! (Well, they can go there after Season 4). I don’t know how I will survive…. Now all I have left is Heroes.

    Even with the spoilers, this was one HELL of an episode. I was SO happy to see Starbuck. She looked… different.

  424. Scargums says:


    I still think we are being pulled around as Mediator88 said, and that just because those four believe they are Cylons does not mean they actually are, and could have things implanted in them from the occupation, or some unexplained phenomenon via a third party as I’m sure 12 people voted for with their cell phones. Having only four also suggests that Starbuck is the fifth of the final five as well, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  425. The 13th Cylon says:

    Does anyone else think Starbuck might be the 5th? Perhaps they were limited edition Cylonz and part of the reasons why the 7 couldn’t mention them. At least we know what her destiny was to do.

  426. Josh says:

    Were there spoilers saying Starbuck would be back? If so, THANK THE GODS I was spoiler free.

  427. Rich Cruz says:

    Hey if tyrol is a cylon, does that mean, that “his” baby is not his? But his wife looks so innocent. Or maybe it makes perfect sense, all that represed anger from the time he beat her…

  428. Scott Palmer says:

    What the… I’m going to have to watch that again just to make sure they are playing around with us to the extent I think they are.

    Adama voted for Baltar? Everybody’s a Cylon? Lucid dreaming between Roslin and the Cylons? I’m all for cliffhangers, but this was a frak with our heads special. I loved Starbuck and threw things at the TV when she died, but it’s too soon. Don’t show me ten seconds of her and then not say a word for ten months. That’s just cruel.

  429. Timbuck says:

    My head is spinning. I cant wait for the podcast and then watching this episode about 3 more times this week. This was first frak party. I should never have looked away from the TV. Something was always happening.

    Who sung that cover of Watchtower??????

  430. Josh says:

    I think she may be the 5th, but I hope she’s not.

  431. Carol says:

    And was I the only one thinking that she’d fly above him, upside down?

  432. Gray says:

    That last fifteen minutes or so was so creepy. And I’m way too nervous to scan through all the posts before mine. But I’ve gotta talk about the return of the Buck.
    The scene with Lee was so similar to her chase after the Heavy Raider that I’m really reluctant to pass judgment. In what capacity is she back?

    KS’s name at the end credits kind of freaked me out because it was so big and alone and she was credited “as Starbuck” which seems very guest star esque but could also have been their attempt to be like “She’s back!!!”

    I don’t know about all this but I guess we’ll all have ample time to cogitate.
    The episode was pretty tight but I really wish the trial had been cut down. And Lee’s speech, while impassioned, belonged in closing arguments. It was not in any way, shape or form a testimony.

    Aside from that though, the episode had me so tense. And I’m really gonna have to think about the Roslin/SHaron/6/Hera Quad of Doom part deux.

    Loved: Tigh channeling Keanu. “Whooooooaaaa”- Better than “crraaaaappp”

  433. Carol says:

    Oh, and Chuck, Sean and Audra?? Don’t feel constrained to 1 hour! This is worth at least 2, eh????

  434. Jayne Cobb says:

    Agreed…Starbuck was different, not so weighed down

  435. Aleigh says:

    I think three hours at least!

  436. Alex says:

    Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, not Hendrix. Hendrix only covered the song – although Dylan considered Hendrix’s interpretation the definitive version.

  437. Leland says:

    I was waiting for her to pull a “Top Gun” too

  438. Rich Cruz says:

    If they had a beacon that killed the other cylons, they might as well have a different beacon that does something else. Also, I wonder if anyone else could see Kara, or will she be in Lee’s head from here on. I wonder if Leoben knows she is talking to Lee again. That may just escalate the cylon/human conflict to a completely, more messy level.

  439. Joe says:

    Ok, so everyone is making a big fuss over Hera because she’s a half human half cylon… What about Nicky? He’s one too! What’s so special about Hera?
    So many, many, many questions.
    Starbuck is Head Starbuck. Just like there is no explanation for the two other head people, there is not yet an explanation for Starbuck.
    Does anyone else feel they are getting no sleep tonight?

  440. Devo says:

    Does that make Chief’s baby a Cylon too?? Has anybody considered that? So that means there is another Hera….Nicky is a special baby as well!

  441. Josh says:

    That was Dylan’s version?

    Are you sure?

  442. The 13th Cylon says:

    This should get a miniseries podcast!

  443. Rich Cruz says:

    Imagine the cylon men complaining how the humans males are taking our women.

  444. kittenbiscuits says:

    First time poster-hey Joe…it’s a Bob Dylan song called “All along the Watchtower”. Many people have covered it, with the most popular version being the one done by Hendrix. I have no earthly idea who did this version-it kinda sucked, but I really love the fact they used this song at least for the lyrics

  445. Joe says:

    Hahaha, Carol. I thought she would fly above him upside down too!

  446. Alex says:

    No. I meant only to say that people forget Dylan wrote the song – just to give credit where credit is due. The song was definitely not sung by Dylan

  447. Switchblade says:

    So does anyone know who’s cover of the song that was?

  448. Josh says:

    Ah, thanks for the clarification kitten. I loved it too. I have Jimmie’s version on my iPod already, guess I’ll get a few more.

  449. Joe says:

    You know All Along The Watchtower is going to be in the top 10 on itunes tomorrow.
    For all itunes fanatics, download All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan!

  450. The 13th Cylon says:

    I’m sure that it’s something to do with Bear McCreary or his Oingo Bingo mates. Hopefully it’ll be on the Season 3 soundtrack.

  451. Aleigh says:

    So who sings this version tonight?

  452. Renegade says:

    bob Dylan rules the world

  453. Rich Cruz says:

    My theory…comes next season, there will be no fight scene. Those cylons following them will likely be copies of the ones on the ship, and are looking to join them on the road to earth. Can’t wait for a good cylon-bad cylon dog fight. Imagine the skies littlered with them, millions maybe, all fighting each other.

    And yes, the CGI last episode and this one have been amazing.

  454. Saberhawk says:

    IF, and it still is a big if to me…Chief is a cylon – then yes, nicky would be a Hylon.

    Chuck, Audra, Sean – you simply have to explore the “what if the writers are fracking with us” theory.

    I would have readily believed it if they appeared in the opera house in their white robes or awakened in goo. This just all seems to suspect to me. Perhaps I am just to cynical.

  455. Retro says:

    I still can’t get over the feeling that the fleet is not being chased but is being corraled…like they are being pushed towards Earth.

  456. Flyer Ken says:

    I have an idea what if the power outage in the fleet happened because they hit an early warning defensive line for the 13th colony. I you think about it the members of the 13th colony had to of had more advance technology then the other colonies to be able to travel so far away from the other colonies. And one more thing why was there the Ceylon fleet in the last episode and nothing in this one was it just a head faint from the writers to keep us thinking.

  457. Rube says:

    Re-watching episode now.. but one thought comes to mind as I think about Lee charging off to check out the dradus contact on his “10”. Did that same contact show up in Galactica’s CIC?

    The case for a “Head Starbuck” would be made real quick if Kara’s viper didn’t show up in CIC.

    She did look very at peace with herself in her Mark II viper..

  458. The 13th Cylon says:

    Will we ever find out if the Cylonz have a plan? That’s the real question.

  459. kittenbiscuits says:

    i dont think tigh, tori, anders, and chief are cylons. i think they may be hearing signal from earth. i think they are all going crazy from stress and they are using the “I’m a cylon” bit to explain why they are going insane.


    here are two possible thoughts-

    1. She is dead and Lee saw her in a vision
    2. When Starbuck blew up, she really didn’t, she entered some kind of black hole which caused it to look like she blew up…so she went on to find earth, which was her destiny, and now she is back to lead them

  460. Rich Cruz says:

    Just before they showed earth, did you notice that they are somewhere near the center of the milky way Galaxy? They also showed what I think is the right location of the solar system and earth in modern time, which is in one of the spirals. Interesting. I wonder if they’re clues there…

  461. Antillies says:

    Now that you mention it, I think I’m a cylon too…

  462. Dan says:

    So does this mean that Bob Dylan is the Cylon god?

  463. Devo says:

    I am not exactly sold either, Saberhawk, it is just too easy. But if they are Cylons then they are in perfect position to seriously compromise the fleet. Chief is the engineer and works on the Vipers…Tori advises the president…Tigh is the trusted friend of the admiral…not really sure what Anders does though

  464. TheOtherCylon says:

    What if Earth is responsible for the Cylon?

  465. Josh says:

    possibly Rich, but Earth’s solar system has been in the same area of the Milky Way for a very long time. The galaxy takes about 250 million years to spin once. So even if it was 10,000 years ago, it would be pretty much the same place.

    But I’m sure there are a lot of clues in the quick scene. Hense, I’m now Jealous of everyone with TiVo.

  466. Aleigh says:

    So now we know Starbuck’s destiny-show them the way to earth.

  467. Carol says:

    Devo, I think Anders was Kara bait. They’ve been saying for 3 years how important she is, and Anders was a way to get someone close to her.

  468. CB says:

    We need you guys to talk unitl your throats bleed on the podcast. Why was Starbuck “unknown”? Do you think the chief is really going to tell his wife about the final meeting?

  469. TheOtherCylon says:

    Don’t discount the VCR. That’s the ticket. Low tech needs for quality scrutinizing

  470. Ian says:

    I’m glad to see the series take this direction. It was a very satisfying closure to the third season. I’ve read a post on here a few weeks ago, and how the final five cylons are supposed to support the humans so that they do reach earth and rebuild relations with the cylons. But over all I’ve been very impressed with this finale’, I was very skeptical and began to lose faith in the series, but I stand corrected.

  471. Browncoat Bryan says:

    To answer a previous question, the spoilers I read did mention that Starbuck would be back at the end of this episode.

    Is it me, or is anyone else thinking that LAURA is the fifth Cylon? She’s the one having Bluetooth dreams with Six and Sharon. The only person in the dream who’s NOT on the dream party line is Baltar. Starbuck is something different… Kinda like Dave in “2001” and “2010” after going into the Monolith.

    Damn them… no frakking answers until 2008.

  472. Joe says:

    I believe they are cylons. Either Anders or Chief mention a key being turned. They all knew, not because of the music, but because somethign clicked in their heads after the final jump. I’m convinced.

  473. Dag2000 says:

    Could it be that the cylon (sss) are the thirteen tribe and Earth is the Cylon homeworld?

    Somehow Earth is involved in the Cylon transition from Chromedome to Skinjob?

  474. Rube says:

    Okay.. so did anybody else notice that one of the women that “abducted” Baltar was the same one that asked for his (Baltar’s) blessing on her sick child? Was the picture that was passed over concealing something – a chemical of some sort that allowed those three to home in on Baltar?

    Who are these ladies?? Obviously not any of the known 7 – three of the five?

  475. Ian says:

    WOAH Dag2000 that’s a great observation. I would love to see it unravel.


  476. Renegade says:

    this just in, Callie is a cylon lover…. what a hypocrite

  477. Ian says:

    hahah renegade, you’re right

  478. Ian says:

    well it comes on again in 20 minutes…gonna go watch it. Enjoy your evening everyone…


  479. TheOtherCylon says:

    A scene from season 4
    Tyrol turns to Callie.
    Tyrol:”I’m a cylon.”
    Callie:”I want a divorce. How dare you seduce me!”
    Tyrol:”What?!? You pratically threw yourself at me. I kicked your ass in my sleep and that made you more attracted to me.”
    Callie:”That was before I knew you were a cylon. And I’m keeping the house.”
    Tyrol:”It’s a room on a ship you crazy frak.”

  480. Renegade says:


  481. HailBaltar says:

    Don’t you insult Callie like that! She’s awesome!

  482. Devo says:

    Carol, that is a great point and makes absolute sense. Thanks for the revelation!

  483. Gray says:

    I’m sorry, I just have to say this about Starbuck.

    As cool as a Head Starbuck would be, I only like the idea if we have a real Starbuck too. Knowing that there would be no forward motion for the character’s development would suck for me.

    I’m hoping she looked glowing and ethereal cause she’s just so damned enlightened and happy to see Lee.

    And if she is real, how awesome was it to see her flyin’ around all Starbucky and badass like she was kinda playin with Lee. It was so Blackbird and so You Can’t Go Home Again. Just vintage Starbuck.

  484. mark says:

    so were looking at almost every couple on the show being part cylon and if laura is one then i can’t think of one human/human couple

  485. eve says:

    I had a feeling that those who heard the music would turn out to be cyclons but if i figured that out i wanna think that its what the writers want us to believe.

    We never saw the faces behind the white robes. so it could turn out that those who heard the music arent the final 4 out of 5 cyclons.

    ps: even though everyone knew starbuck wasnt dead im just glad they revealed it in the last episode instead of dragging it on until next season 🙂

    now to wait till 2008 *sigh*

  486. The 13th Cylon says:

    I think my wild guess about Baltar as the new religious leader was maybe right. Kinda funny since I posted that during the commercial break right before they showed that happen.

    Man oh man! Hurry up Harry Dresden, you wacko wizard, I want to see BSG again.

  487. Rube says:

    There were 5 cyclons revealed to us…
    Thigh, Chief, Anders, Tori and the first one to reboot … Rosilin..

    and BALTAR will be the one to suss them out..or at least Rosilin. clearing the way for Zarek to take the reigns of power.

  488. SkyWalker4 says:

    All Along the Watchtower, written by Bob Dylan, and performed this time by the group “Bt4”. It was in the credits.

    Enjoyed it immensely.


  489. Renegade says:

    Apollo and Dee would be the only human/human couple…….. and look how that ended

  490. TheOtherCylon says:

    Lee and Dee are a couple. Estranged with Dee hating Lee with the power of a battlestar, but they are still a couple.

  491. Techie says:

    If starbuch is head starbuck then that would also make her a cylon. However, I do not think it would have showed up on Apollo’s dradis if she was just head starbuck. So I think she is back for real. Of course you could counter argue that he might have imagined seeing her on dradis. To this argument I draw a parralel to Maelstrom. Kara never saw the heavy raider on Dradis, just visually.

    Also, I would like to point out the similarity between the shot from above of starbuck and apollo’s vipers and a very similar shot from You Can’t Go Home Again, that is the one where Starbuck gets marooned on a planet and then uses a light raider to get off of it. I do not think there is any meaning to this, just a really nice and poetic job on the part of the vis effects team.

  492. Devo says:

    You would think that when Anders broke his leg Doc Cottle would recognize that he was a Cylon….perhaps?

  493. Phoenix says:

    I don’t understand the timeline. I thought there were no skinjobs during the first cylon war. How could Tigh be one? Does anyone have any ideas?

  494. TheOtherCylon says:

    Are Anders and Company going to form a support group? Something like Cylons Anonymous…..Six could be a sponsor.

  495. Dag2000 says:

    I’m not sold on the music-hearers being cylons. Where’s the evidence that the music means they are dylons? Six and Athena weren’t hearing it. I realize the final 5 are different but why assume the music makes them cylon. Maybe they all had the same dentist and they are receiving earth broadcasts through their teeth. Or maybe they are some kinda special humans?

  496. mark says:

    well i’m thinkin they’ll be back together. it may take a few episodes but my bet is that lee falls back into his old role. he’ll go out and fight the impending battle with starbuck… maybe then he’ll pull some heroics and his father will reinstate him in the military because he convinced him that you must uphold the legal system right or wrong because if you don’t theres no point in having one.
    anyone else notice the theme of admiral adama’s guilt keeps coming up anyone think there goin some where with this

  497. pkell1 says:

    All Along the Watchtower is a Bob Dylan song that Jimi Hendrix sang.

  498. Zoe Connolly says:

    I’m soooo looking forward to this the finale. Please please have many podcasts between seasons….please?

    Your BSG and Galactica Watercooler fan in Second Life,


  499. Gray says:


    Okay, so one of the loosest threads for me personally, is the mythology. I can’t seem to get my head around it at all. Way too abstract–but Chief and Sam were so in sync with each other regarding the music and they were finishing each others sentences. They both chose to characterize the feelings brought up by the music as like “something from childhood”.

    This could be kind of a throwaway line but I think it’s significant. So…and keep in mind this is wild conjecture (the kind that will keep me warm for ten months), but if in fact it has all happened before, couldn’t the original founders of the thirteenth colony have been cylons on the run? The roles could have been reversed, just like Leoben said.
    I don’t know. I just lost my train of thought.

  500. Dag2000 says:

    What was Laura’s fainting thingy just before the lights went out? Was that a cancer thing or something more sinister?

  501. mark says:

    tigh could have been replaced inbetween wars but i think its kind of a sell out weren’t there no cylons based on real people so tigh couldn’t be one with the information give to use as of now

  502. Renegade says:

    i believe that all four were taken into the prison in NC and were implanted with some sort of device, and when they got close they were able to hear radio singals which came from Earth. SO that means that they are not Cylons, their programing hasn’t been actived and Tigh is fracking old to be on of the five.

    as for Starbuck, i knew she would come back but that was one messed up ending, not sure what up with that.

  503. TheOtherCylon says:

    perhaps the Cylon God Bob Dyan is calling out to his remaining cyclons to hurry the frak up and realize what they are?

  504. The 13th Cylon says:

    Well I think someone posted it back when we were in the double digits, but the return of Admiral Cain will be really fun for the movie. At least we’ll get some answers from that one lol.

  505. mark says:

    maybe implanted with something so the cylons could track or communicate with them but i don’t know about from earth that has some serious implications on the 7 known cylons and there knowledge of earth

  506. eve says:

    I really like Renegade’s theory about the cyclons implanting some chip that makes “the final 4” hear radio waves.

  507. Dag2000 says:

    Here’s the full lyrics. Anyone care to analyse and interpret?

    “There must be some way out of here” said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion”, I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.

    “No reason to get excited”, the thief he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”.

    All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

    Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

  508. Dag2000 says:

    Perhaps season four will open with “Everybody must get stoned”

  509. Rube says:

    You gotta be frakking me… it is like the BSG writers took the song and used it as a basis for the script

  510. Carol says:

    Gray, I agree, the ‘from childhood’ line is, I think, significant. Training before inserting into society?

    Dag2000, Ok, here’s a wacky theory about why Laura got all fainty right before the lights went out. What if Hera’s blood has some mechanical something or other in it and the lights out thing was something the Cylons were instigating to disable the ships? Probably a dumb idea, since we didn’t notice any problems with the Cylons on board, but grasping a bit at straws here.

  511. Jayne Cobb says:

    it would appear so

  512. Renegade says:

    Implants are my theory, it has to be, the Colonel is too old, and they were all on NC, they all had a big part in the resistant which gives the Cyclons a reason to put them in prison, and tracking devices would be a good idea to find them,

    In the beginning with the trailer about one will find this and one will find that, it said one will find out that they are a Cylon, One not four. Starbuck died, found put she was a cylon, and found Earth, lol 3 for 1.

    no really, Kat did die, Starbuck found Earth, and the “one” that is a cylon wasnt really revealed, damn

  513. Dag2000 says:

    So if I remember the promo it said… “One will die. One will realise they are a cylon. One will find earth”

    Instead of each of those statements describing a seperate person, as we’ve assumed, perhaps they mean “one” and that one is Starbuck – has she done all three things?

  514. Kate says:

    I don’t know if you got this yet, but the original “All Along the Watchtower” was written by Bob Dylan. It’s been covered by Jimi Hendrix and Dave Matthews. I’m not sure which version was in the episode tonight.

    Also, a blurb on the BSG site says the 2 Hour “movie” is coming out during the “fourth quarter of 2997.”

  515. HailBaltar says:

    Well you know, they said that one would die, realize they’re a Cylon, and find Earth – but they didn’t say they’d tell *us*. BTW the Starbuck thing makes total sense. I am totally not sold on the Galactica 4 being Cylons, either.

  516. Renegade says:

    fourth quarter of 2997???? what does that mean

  517. Dag2000 says:

    Any signifigance to the power fluctuation that caused Adama to cut himself shaving?

  518. Sissypoo says:

    If I was the Chief, the last person I would tell I am a Cylon is Callie. Not without ALOT of Kelvar on.

    Assuming that Lee just like the rest of us saw Starbuck’s ship go boom…how did she get a new Viper…sans hole in the windshield? That ship looked a clean and not banged up to me…

    Just for the record…the thought of Samuel Anders being a Cylon is absolutely not a bad thing…After all, now Starbuck cant horde him all to herself…with all those copies, there are plenty to go around and as soon as they get here, I am ordering my own model from the Cylons R Us catalogue.

  519. Nugget G says:

    Don’t know how legal this is, but here’s the wikipedia entry for the song. I think it might give some clues as to the show. Any thoughts?

    Dylan, recovering from a motorcycle accident which had marked a shift in his career, had been seen reading the Bible on a daily basis.[1] As with many of the lyrics to the songs on this album, the words to “Watchtower” contain biblical and apocalyptic references. The Watchtower is a term used several times in Old Testament and is the name of the official magazine of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    The song depicts a conversation between two people, a “joker” and a “thief”, about the difficulties of getting by in life (“There’s too much confusion”). Ironically, the joker is concerned about losing his property, and it is the thief rather than the joker who observes that some individuals among them that aren’t taking life as seriously as they should: “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.”[citation needed] It has been said that Dylan was complaining about record company executives cheating him out of royalties with the lines “Businessman they drink my wine/Plowmen dig my earth”.[citation needed] The joker then suggests that time is running out, which may hint of their own mortality or foreshadow a change in society. In the last verse the viewpoint of the song switches abruptly. The ruling princes stand guard in a watchtower over their women and servants as an unnamed pair approach amid ominous sounds.[citation needed]

  520. Jayne Cobb says:

    2997? Wow…hope it’s worth the waiy

  521. Dag2000 says:

    I like that phrase – the Galactica 4

    Free the Galactica 4!

  522. Sissypoo says:

    You know…maybe that is the plan. The Cylons want to come to earth to market hot Cylon’s to the populace. That is one way to control the population with millions of Hylons…

  523. HailBaltar says:

    Free the Galactica 4!!

  524. Devo says:

    Bear McCreary’s website says that All Along the Watchtower wil definitely be on the Season 3 soundtrack due out in August. We won’t be able to find it anywhere because it was composed specifically for the show by his band Bt4. McCreary also says the dvds are due in August as well.

  525. The 13th Cylon says:

    Frakking SciFi boards. Last time I was able to get on during the past hour there were 2500 users on the BSG section alone. It’s crashed and burned, though.

  526. The 13th Cylon says:

    Devo- Great find! I forgot about Bear’s site. Right before Exodus Pt II he told us all that the episode was one of the best yet and that one specific scene would blow our minds. So nice to know that we only have to wait until August for the set. I’m guessing it’ll be a 6 DVD set.

    And I think Roslin’s wacko thing with Sharon and Six and then the power shutting off was due to the chammalah extract, not her being a Cylon.

  527. HailBaltar says:

    Ahahahah rewatching & seeing Tigh telling Adama early on that “there’s too much confusion”!

  528. Rube says:

    Scifi’s website says that they ordered 22 episodes!!!! Oh wow.. it’ll be like a real tv season

  529. Dag2000 says:

    When tigh is telling Adama about hearing the music he says he doesn’t quite understand it, there’s too much confusion. Great foreshadowing!

  530. Joe says:

    Holy Frak! Tigh’s lines in this episode were straight out of the song! He was quoting the song.
    “There must be some way out of here”
    “There’s too much confusion”

  531. Devo says:

    I am watching the episode again as we speak. gosh I so tempted to waste my money and buy the whole season on iTunes to hold me over. Thank the gods, but I think iTunes has kept this tv show on the air. To me it sounds like season 4 will be the last. What am I going to do for 10 months?

  532. Devo says:

    It’s just brilliant tv, we sooo deserve an Emmy! Does television get any better?

  533. Nugget G says:

    I’m trying to figure out this whole ‘Along the Watchtower Thing’. The song obviously has meaning, or they wouldn’t have chosen it. After reading the lyrics I think Starbuck is the joker. Obviously a joker for most of her life, and was constantly confused and always trying to “get relief” which she eventually found by killing herself and then finding Earth. Along the way when she was ‘confused’ she found lots of businessmen “drinking her wine” and plowmen “digging her earth”. Sounds kinda naughty, but maybe? I just can’t figure out who the thief is. Ideas?

  534. Devo says:

    Nugget G, my obvious guess is Romo Lampkin but I truly doubt he will be on the show much more. Everything I have heard suggests he is a part time character.

  535. rose says:

    Not sure at all about how the song relates – but Romo was the only “thief” I can think of in this show recently.

    Joker =Lee?

    Is anyone else worried about the Cylons?

  536. The 13th Cylon says:

    Speaking of Romo, what a great conclusion for that character. Very statisfying send off for that character. Oh yeah, I loved the part where Baltar said that he’d go back and do whatever it was that he was doing before the trial lol.

  537. rose says:

    Did we see much of what Tory did on New Caprica? Was she around?

  538. Nugget G says:

    I don’t think Romo is the thief in the song cuz in the song he’s a calming influence on the joker. Who was a calming influence on Starbuck throughout her life? Someone who takes life seriously. Adm Adama? He was a father figure for her.

  539. Devo says:

    Hmm I don’t know. I think it was all too easy. Tigh is an incredibly hard sell to me. As is Anders because he served in the resistance on both Caprica and New Caprica. As did Tyrol…this means that the main players in the resistance were all Cylons??? Wouldn’t that do more harm than good to the Cylons considering they were so worried about the resistance? I mean Anders led the resistance on Caprica!

  540. Devo says:

    13th Cylon, I couldn’t agree more. It was the best ending a character could ask for..not drawn out.. and he lived up to his own standards. He did his job and he did it perfectly!

  541. Dag2000 says:

    Take a look at this image – I think it’s a screencap from this episode. Are these supposed to be the faces of the five, or just standins they used for now? One looks like Cally and the one in the middle could be Starbuck.

  542. Nugget G says:

    I think we’re about to get our heads completely turned upside down. What if there are ‘good’ cylons and ‘bad’ cylons. The resistance is more of a good cylon scene whereas the skinjobs are more of a bad cylon type. Maybe Earth is populated with good cylons and we’ve just witnessed over the last 3 seasons the struggle between the good & bad cylons. Or maybe the humans and the cylons were not at war on Earth, but were divided between good & evil, not toaster & human.

  543. HailBaltar says:

    Well, let’s remember that the Final Five and the Cylon Seven aren’t necessarily friends – the Final Five are almost gods to them. Who knows what the gods will want for them? Also, obviously they might be sleepers.
    BTW I don’t think they used real people for the Final Five shot in the temple – just standins.

  544. Rube says:

    The person who is standing with her back to us is Lucy Lawless’ character who got boxed.. but yeah one of the robed ones looks like Cally

  545. Carol says:

    I am reminded, as the episode plays again, how magnificant James Callis was in this episode Just watch him, he’s so expressive and he covered an amazing gammit of emotions. I love how when Lee suggested a mistrial, Baltar didn’t even look at him, he looked at the lawyer and spoke to him first, like Lee was just a stray barking dog that was annoying him. Amusing that he’s been so dismissive of Lee, when Lee saved his ass. And that bit after the verdict and he’s been shunted away back to somewhere ‘safe’ and he gets all hoity toity again, I could just image 6 marveling at his resilience. Laura should not be too quick to be angry with Lee and Papadama, since her blanket pardon was a factor, as well.

  546. Joe says:

    Dag2000, those are stand ins from Eye of Jupiter.

  547. The 13th Cylon says:

    Dag- That episode would’ve been the one back when 3 gets boxed.

    The Final Five in white are actually pretty creepy to me. It’s got this whole “Klansman” feel to it.

    Tigh as a Cylon explains why he’s able to drink sooo much. He’s got a specially designed liver.

  548. Nugget G says:

    Papadama. Funny. I like.

  549. Shaymus22 says:

    I know that no one is going to believe me, but I SWEAR TO YOU that I TOTALLY CALLED IT! I TOTALLY 100% knew it (and I didn’t read any fracking spoilers, either).

    I sent in my theory via the “Contact Us” link in the sidebar, and didn’t feel like writing it again when I sent the message and then noticed the “Submit a Theory” link. I’m serious! Check for the fracking email!


  550. The 13th Cylon says:

    Carol, technically it was a pardon to anyone “in the fleet”. Baltar as in a fleet, too, just not the human fleet. Not that it would’ve gotten him off.

  551. Shaymus22 says:

    *SOME WAY (are these the lyrics to an actual song? If so, please don’t be mad at me for not knowing; I listen to plenty of songs, but don’t really pay attention to the lyrics too intently) 😛

  552. Devo says:

    I find it remarkable how defensive Lee gets for his father when on the stand and facing Baltar after the trial. Lee is clearly bipolar!

  553. Carol says:

    NuggetG, perhaps the ‘thief’ is Roslin. She stole a baby. She tried to steal an election. She ‘stole’ getting the presidency back again.

    Or, the ‘thief’ would be Lampkin, Mr. Klepto, himself.

  554. Shaymus22 says:

    Also, Laura is SO the 12th – three characters had the same vision at the same time during the episode. Besides that, another thing that they have in common is that they’re Cylons.

  555. Ressa says:

    Wow I see I waited to long to visit here. 550+ comments??? O__O Overwhelming but I’m happy to see GWC getting the attention it deserves!

  556. Nugget G says:

    I like the Roslin as the ‘thief’ theory. If there were anyone who knows that life is not a joke it would be the woman with cancer.

  557. Devo says:

    So what does Baltar do with his life? Lead a rebellion with all those crazy followers? Did you all notice how Roslin predicted the massive power outage? How can that be explained?

  558. Joe says:

    Thank for the fun, all! See you after the podcast!

  559. Rube says:

    Any significance that Adm Adama orders all the nukes armed and loaded?

    Also.. kinda neat that Apollo finds Starbuck in a background similar to which he lost her.. in the “clouds”.. blue sky (albiet the second “blue sky” was from the flames of Lee’s engine/exhaust

  560. Dag2000 says:

    So on rewatching, Laura’s moment of wooziness seems connected to the power outage. They complete the jump, the ships all report in and then, as they commence Dradus scan, she gets woozy. As Adama notices and turns to her, the lights go out.

    BTW Tigh is great. I was waiting for him to start raving about the White Whale!

  561. HailBaltar says:

    You know, if something happens to Hera, Tyrol could always have a Yoda moment – “No, there is another!”

  562. Devo says:

    Tory looks great in this episode! It’s her biggest part yet!

  563. Carol says:

    What DOES Baltar do with his life. It’s a good question. I could imagine him being whisked away by his cult babes onto a different ship, and he could be the Queen Bee in that hive, having all his babes come to him with their children for blessing. He clearly needs to nest, in some way, for his own protection. It’s going to be a hard sell to convince the people who hate him that he still bring value to the table. Is he going to completely abandon Caprica 6? He seems to be on his writing kick, I don’t see him stopping that, anytime soon. He’s too in love with his own words/thoughts. Perhaps he’ll start some sort of rebellion to get Laura ousted. He’ll be like royalty kept safe in another country until support builds up enough that he returns to take back his ‘throne’. Though, frankly, I can’t imagine that he’s WANT the presidency back. It would be more the principal of the thing. And where was Zarek in all this?

  564. Carol says:

    *cackle* Good one, HailBaltar.

  565. Rube says:

    If you remember, Carol, Zarek wanted NO PART

  566. Zack says:

    Zarek has got off the hook im sure.

  567. Devo says:

    Very good point, Carol. He has to be intent on revenge, but he’ll use his mind to get it. I find it so hard to believe that Chief was so accepting of his Cylon-hood. He didn’t want to report to duty. I got the heebie-jeebies when tigh and tory reported for duty!

  568. HailBaltar says:

    Callie is so gorgeous!

  569. Ressa says:

    ha upon reading the commentary during the show, I literally laughed out loud at all the “CRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPS” posted at the end squence. My thoughts exactly!!!

    I think the final 5 are not evil cylons, but ones who are protecting the humans. If you noticed the way Tigh and Tori looked at Adama and Roslin respectively at the end, you could interpret it as dormant EVIL but I think they saw it as their duty to stand guard by these two important people for some reason…

    As for Anders and Chief (I can’t believe Chiefs a cylon! ;_;) I don’t know what thier role would be yet…

  570. Rube says:

    of a Baltar trial (ack, hit the return key by mistake). I’m sure that with the results of the trial he is reformulating his plans. He could be the one that is providing support to the Baltar Babes and giving them a place to hide.. stashing Baltar away until he is needed again to oust Rosilin. (Of course, Zarek isn’t aware of the reboot)

  571. Dag2000 says:

    Tonight only at Joe’s, the acapaela group “the Galactica 4” singing their hit All Along the Watchtower!

  572. Devo says:

    If they are cylons then the cylons really did their homework regarding infiltratingthe fleet. Anders has free access everywhere, tigh with Adama, Tory and the president, Chief and all the ships in the fleet!

  573. Ressa says:

    Are cylons just attracted subconciously to each other then?

    Starbuck + Anders
    Chief + Boomer
    Anders + Tori

  574. HailBaltar says:

    Well, looking at Earth on the final shot I think this:

    1. It’s not ancient Earth (ie Dinosaurs). The continents are in the contemporary place, and it’s not far-future Earth for that reason, either. It has to be the modern era, give or take a few thousand years.

    2. The Cylon fleet may have brought Starbuck (assuming she’s not in Lee’s head). If so is it a “good” Cylon fleet? Are there already Cylons on Earth?

  575. Rube says:

    I didn’t interpret the shared look between Tori & Tigh as dormant evil but more like irony that they both said the same thing to the fleet leadership – and then a mutual “OMG” type realization of what they said and the implications of their recent reboot and just what sort of power they each have and why the thought of either of them being cylong is scary as all get out.

  576. Devo says:

    What is the cylon plan anymore anyway? Maybe the cylons retreated to Earth to escape after the Cylon War? Perhaps all humans are cylons in the end?

  577. The 13th Cylon says:

    Well I say we get Doc Brown’s De Lorean and go to the fall so that we can have the movie and be a lot closer to Season 4.

  578. Dag2000 says:

    I saw four basestars in the pull-back to earth and there were definitely enemy fighters on Lee’s dradus screen.

  579. HailBaltar says:

    At least 4 basestars, if not more. The fleet is frakked unless they use nukes, find a way to quick jump, or Starbuck has a wormhole for them to go through.

  580. The 13th Cylon says:

    I’m guessing Starbuck’s gonna be the new Obi Wan. She’ll show up every so often to help our heros out. Perhaps she will also have a greater impact after her death. Shadowy dead people/ head versions can do a lot of things us regular living peole can’t.

  581. Rube says:

    I’m pretty open to the idea of two camps of Cylons and that both the Final 5 and the Basestars that showed up at the end of episode are the “good guys”… that would imply some sort of rebelion. Now comes the question of which side is in rebelion? And was the attack on Caprica (not NC) a result of said rebelion or was the rebelion a direct result of the attack?

  582. HailBaltar says:

    Here’s a question – didn’t Pegasus have nukes? Why didn’t Lee use them in the fight above New Caprica?

  583. Cavatar says:


    That is a good question… He really did not need to ram the ship to save the Galactica….

  584. Rube says:

    Good question, Hail.. only “excuse” I can come up with is lack of experience in a capital ship. Lee is use to thinking in terms of a Viper Pilot and not as commander of a Battlestar.

  585. Cavatar says:

    Anyone still posting…I had to go out for a while?

  586. Gray says:

    looks like just a few of us left

  587. J_Aucat says:

    Ok first time poster but I have to float a couple of theories:

    1. Tigh is a cylon and he served in two wars. The first as a old model toaster head. He evolved into the first skin job.

    2. Laura is becoming a hybrid. She is connected to the ships and thus her reaction during the blackout.

    3. Leoben was right. The twelth cyclon yet to be revealed is Zak Adama and he’s not around because he was boxed.

  588. Cavatar says:


    Dont forget that there was not a full crew abord Pegasus…that might have had something to do with that..,

    However, they took out that first basestar with almost ease…I liked the Pegasus. I miss her.

  589. john patrick says:

    It’s 10:30 on the west coast; Apollo just gave his monologue. I haven’t read any of the comments yet.

    All I have to say: Jamie Bamber gets an Emmy tonight.

  590. HailBaltar says:

    Yea, but it gets me to thinking since Adama’s armed his nukes – why didn’t Lee above New Caprica? He might have bought the fleet even more time, even if Pegasus were still lost.

  591. The 13th Cylon says:

    I’m excited for Johnny boy here, things are about to get crankin’. Man, I’m still blown away with those last 15 minutes.

  592. Cavatar says:

    I also felt the Pegasus gave the show a better dinamic, I know that RDM liked the “last battlestar” idea better…but I felt it was just another item that kept it different than the old show, the fact that the Pegasus remained.

  593. Gray says:


    The Roslin as a Hybrid theory is really starting to blow my mind a bit.

  594. Dag2000 says:

    I don’t think Nukes can take out a ship. They certainly damage a ship as we saw in the miniseries, but remember that to destroy the basestar at Kobol, boomer and racetrack had to bring it inside the basestar.

  595. Cavatar says:

    Well Hail, the Pegasus should have been in the role that Galactica had…it was more powerful and better armored that Galactica.

  596. Cavatar says:


    If you remember when the Pegasus charged that one Basestar with Lee in command, it only took several follies of whatever it fires from the ford guns to take out the basestar.

  597. Dag2000 says:

    Perhaps it isn’t cancer that has reurned but a cylon preapring to burst from here chect! Where’s Ripley?

  598. Gray says:

    This has probably been mentioned but in the link posted earlier that’s a screencap of 3 with the FF, you can hardcore see their faces and none of them appear to be anyone we know.

    SO it’s gotta be stand-ins with careful attention paid to their height. Two really tall guys, one extremely short person and a couple of slightly built females.

  599. john patrick says:

    Ha ha, Baltar really thinks this is about him; it was humanity that was on trial.

  600. Dag2000 says:

    Yeah Cavatar that was way cool but Galactica isn’t Pegasus. I think they are in trouble.

  601. The 13th Cylon says:

    Yeah, but then they’d have to change the name of the show to “Battlestar Pegasus”.

    And Dag, you hit the nail on the head. The key isn’t nukes- it’s Racetrack. She’s the secret weapon for the humans.

  602. Cavatar says:

    600 posts tonight…WOW!!!

  603. Shinobumono says:

    Good Cylons and Bad Cylons…
    Does seem really possible. Does that mean the cheesy white ones who bring Lee back to life from the original series are the “good five”?

    One question?
    Has anyone talked about the similar pronunciation of Cally and Kali by the way? No reason for the mythology to be limited to the greek after all, eh?

  604. john patrick says:

    The cain! he left the cain! and the glasses came on. Sweet. Romo for president.

  605. J_Aucat says:

    HAHA Dag that’s funny. But actually I can support it. Pythia is thought to be a strange truth sayer sprouting ramblings from a bowl of water. Sounds like a hybrid to me. And isn’t Laura thought to be from the religious sect to be a reincarnation of Pythia? Also I like it because Laura can die as the leader and still be around as something else. (Gotta keep Mary!) But if she jumps the fleet just by thinking about it, I’ll freak!

  606. Cavatar says:

    Oh that would be so cool is she did that J_Aucat

  607. HailBaltar says:

    Oh that makes SENSE. Roslin as a hybrid, and because the fleet can’t jump for 20 more minutes, she jumps them instead. Crazy, but it works!

  608. Rube says:

    Full crew or no full crew, Cavatar – Lee is not a capital ship commander. He was sent over to be Pegasus’ XO and do his apprenticeship but that got accelerated when the then CO (ex chief-engineer) chose to take the easy way out of his dilema (well played role by James Heard, btw).

    Admiral Cain would NOT have let one of her best weapons against a Basestar be in a state of disrepair for long. It wouldn’t take a full crew to raise the nuke tubes into firing position and to let ’em fly. Same arguement for during the year of train up prior to the rescue/evacuation of New Caprica — Lee was to take Pegasus and lead the remants of the fleet to Earth. No way that any trained capital ship commander let his best and easiest weapons to fire go to waste.

    The only other “excuses” for Lee not using nukes when coming to Galactica’s rescue above New Caprica were

    1. Pegasus class Battlestars weren’t built to handle nukes (Pegasus in my mind was obviously built post 1st cylon war).

    2. Adm Cain shot off all the nukes that Pegasus had

    3. When Pegasus fled the cylon attack, she had offloaded them (she was about to undergo major re-fit) and didn’t have a chance to reload.

    IF reasons 2 or 3 are valid, then it would stand to reason that Cain would have had Galactica trans-ship a few of hers but the opportunity never availed itself due to other circumstances that arose.

  609. Devo says:

    really interesting theory guys. Something is up with the president, that’s for sure.

  610. J_Aucat says:

    Thank you! I just thought about it and it made sense. That and Cally as Kali, TOTALLY! This show is so imbedded in mythology. I bet if you try you can find a corresponding character in Greek or Roman mythology for everyone. Yea I have a project to get me to 2008!

  611. Cavatar says:

    It is true that the Pesasus nukes may have been off loaded before the attack or they were used by Cain, but would to believe that the Mercury Class Battlestar (which the Pegasus was) normally had nukes.


    He did ot do a bad job against 3 basestars in episode the captain’s hand.

  612. Rube says:

    I wasn’t implying Lee did a bad job as Pegasus’ CO.. was just saying he was inexperienced. He never had the luxury of a “formal command course” (How to fight a Battlestar 101) like his father did.

  613. Devo says:

    Random question everybody…but if you buy the episodes off of iTunes can you burn them onto a dvd and watch them on your television?

  614. Dainin says:

    Just finished it here on the west coast > OMG BGS drops acid! I haven’t felt this way since 1969, and have you ever really lloked at your hands…wheeeeeee

  615. Cavatar says:


    I understand, I get all choked up thinking of the Pegasus being destroyed like that….I was jumping up and down yelling NOOOOO when I saw it.

  616. J_Aucat says:

    OK I’m going to suggest it. To our wonderful podcasters: How about having an expert in Mythology come in for a podcast during the break?

  617. Cavatar says:


    I have a device that allows me to plug my ipod into my TV…anything I download from I tunes I can watch.

  618. Devo says:

    ohh thanks Cavatar! How’s the quality and what is this device called?

  619. Cavatar says:


    The quality is good…let me check real quick.

  620. Dag2000 says:

    No, you can’t burn itunes video to DVD, unfortunately. With the apple video cable, or even a non-apple version, you can plug your ipod into the Audio and video inputs of your TV. Looks fine on my 42 incher. (heh, heh he said 42 incher)

  621. Devo says:

    Thanks for the effort, Cavatar, I appreciate it!

  622. Cavatar says:

    go here…this is what I have.

    I also have 2 DLO’s for my cars and have not had any issues with them.

  623. Gabe says:

    The episode should have been titled “A Few Good Cylons”. Can you handle the truth? – there are good Cylons and there are bad Cylons. My guess, next season, values and loyalty will define the new alliances, not tribal origin,and the good Cylons (yes, Tigh, Tori, Anders, and Chief) , along with Starbuck, will have to build a bridge between the Colonists and other good Cylons among the Cylon fleet, maybe the Leobon models. We’ll see….
    2008??! What happened to the Summer movie?? I wonder, does darling Nicky have the happy blood??

  624. Rube says:

    I was disappointed as well Cavatar – losing Pegasus was a major blow to the Fleet.

    If you know anything about military history, Cavatar, imagine the Battle of Midway being fought without the Yorktown. It would have been entirely different in my mind. That is what happened when the Pegasus was lost.

    However, I do think that without Lee disobeying orders and ramming Pegasus down the middle of Cylon alley and covering Galactica, we wouldn’t be debating this issue.

  625. Devo says:

    Thanks Dag and Cavatar!

  626. Cavatar says:


    Don’t mention it. I have a 50 inch DLP and it looks great on it. The quality is better than watching the itunes on my computer.

  627. Devo says:

    Seriously, thank you Cavatar!

  628. Cavatar says:


    This is very ture…It was also a big deal with Lee got the promotion…him being returned to Major was also hard to watch…I did not like it. I also posted about it several times.

  629. Cavatar says:


    No problem, its a 100 bucks but I am happy with it.

  630. Rube says:

    I’m gonna post this again because I think that it got lost in the flury of some of the other posts..

    on March 22nd.. Scifi ordered 22 (more than we had been led to believe) episodes of BSG… and we can expect the TV/DVD movie in Aug/Sep/Oct time frame (my guess at least) .. bittersweet pill folks but there is light at the end of the wormhole.

  631. Cavatar says:


    so they only order one more season so far?

  632. penpen says:

    I feel like such a sissy. I had teary eyes when Starbuck showed up. So much insanity going on.

  633. Dag2000 says:

    The only difference between the apple video cable and a standard A/V cable is that apple switch the red and yellow cables. So you can use a standard cable and just remember to plug red into the yellow video socket

    about $14 cheaper than apple’s cable. You can probably find one at your radio shack. They are sometimes called camcorder cables.

  634. Devo says:

    Exactly, Rube, what do you think the movie will be about? related or unrelated? How about this spinoff called “caprica”?

  635. Chuck says:

    For those of you still up with us, I thought I’d just let you know that the podcast is finally in post and will make it out ASAP in the overnight. This one’s quite long, so by that time it outputs and I tag and upload it, I’d imagine it’ll be right around 4 a.m. central when it hits.

  636. Timbuck says:

    Since it was a Bob Dylan song, maybe Bob Dylan is a Cylon. That would expalin why he talks so funny; “Yeah man like by your command” with that raspy slur.

    Maybe all those rock stars that never seem to die despite every logical reason to do so are Cylons. That would make Keith Richards the Imperious Leader!

    and Johnny Depp could play him in Season 4!

  637. Devo says:

    thanks Chuck! I really appreciate the podcasts and all the hard work you all put into it!

  638. Rube says:


    Lee should have never been given command of Pegasus, imho, because of his inexperience in fighting a capital ship. Tigh should have gotten the nod but realistically, his alcoholism warrented keeping him under Adm Adama’s thumb; therefore Lee was the next senior officer (except maybe whoever happens to be chief engineer on Galactica – there’s job Helo hasn’t had – YET!, hehe).

    As for Lee getting demoted, it wasn’t unheard of in the American military that during times of war that “regular” officers getting promoted to higher ranks and then during the drawdown in forces that follows aka peacetime, the same said regular officers be reduced in rank – their higher rank was just because they were filling a position that called for higher rank and their reduced rank was considered their permanant rank (what their retirement pay would be based on).

    At the time of his death, George Armstrong Custer was wearing the rank of General but his permanent rank was Lt Col (or maybe even full bird Col). The word for that is beverat (sp?).

    Anyhow.. with Pegasus gone, Lee was reduced to his “permanent” rank of Major.. that’s the way I look at that.

    Of all the characters on Galactica, Helo to me is the most unrealistic in that he has held every job on Galactica but Chief Eng but I realize that his character in alot of the arcs/storylines is just to keep from having to introduce a new character to us – his main purpose in the storyline was to bring us Athena and father Hera, imho.

  639. Timbuck says:

    Thank you Rube. We need to be reminded of that.

  640. Cavatar says:

    well all I need to turn in…I normally state up and wait but I have to be up in the morning..

    night all.

  641. Josh says:

    thanks chuck

    Can’t wait to hear it!

  642. Devo says:

    Thanks again Cavatar and Dag for your help! Nice talking with you all!

  643. rachel says:


  644. Cavatar says:

    Rube, I am aware that when Lee was promoted it was there version of Field Commission and he was brought back down to this last regular Commission…but I can still not like it….hehe

    You bring up some good points and it was fun talking with you…

    Devo enjoy the ipod acessiories….

    Night again all, Cavatar

  645. Rube says:

    I enjoy the conversation as well, Cavatar – night all!

  646. Mark says:

    Did you notice that in the “coming to you in 2008” moment at the end, that they showed a shot of Number 3? If true, the story around that is going to be amazing.

  647. Mikegyro says:

    The cylon fleet was on an intercept course, but I don’t recall anyone stating that the fleet was launching raiders, or any weapons towards the RTF.

    Starbuck is a cylon, the 5th one, and she says that everything is going to be ok. Why would she say something like that knowing the situation of the fleet, and the cylon forces that were closing in unless she knew the intentions of that Cylon fleet?

    There are 12 models, and 7 of them voted to attack the colonies, and the other 5 were outcast. I’ve read some other posts here mentioning that these may be ‘good’ cylons. Perhaps there are some Cylons who remember their original programming and are not of the mutinous lot that make up the 7 that we already know. For the purposes of the 7 we already know who carried out the attacks against the colonies, any knowledge of the other 5 cylons could have been deleted because of their differing directives. Similarly, the hybrid between Helo and Athena may be considered a threat to this faction of the cylon due to the fact that Hera is a product of an 8 which would carry the directives of the same group of Cylons which attacked the colonies in the first place. Hence, the protection that the 6 and 8 were feeling. And Rosilyn is being dragged along in the dream because she has some of Hera’s blood. Similarly the beneficial effects of Hera’s blood may be wearing off because of the proximity of this other group of Cylons causing the cancer to return. (In a leap of faith here, I believe that the cylons from last weeks episode which nearly killed racetrack were of the usual variety, and that the ‘fix’ on the fuel ship actually served in keeping them off the RTF’s tail. This group of Cylons were lying in wait)

    The power outage was probably a reboot for Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol, and also serves the purpose of this group of Cylons to keep the fleet from jumping away immediately.

    This is just my theory, but I cannot wait till 08…..This is torture!!

  648. MikeTheCAG says:

    Hello all! I’m a first time poster but long time listener of the podcast! and I love it!

    This episode was amazing and left me speechless! I have TiVo’d it and am rewatching it. Found something interesting:

    In the scene right before the Galactica 4 meet, while the power is out, this happens:

    Chief is on the hangar deck with all the comotion going about around him. Time is almost slowing down and then back to normal.

    Chief says “There must be some kind of way out of here.”

    Cut to Tigh listening against the wall, he says “Said the Joker to the Thief.”

    To Anders, says “There’s too much confusion here.”

    and then Torry, “I can’t get no relief.”

    They all quote the first verse of the song!

  649. MikeTheCAG says:

    Another thing, as Tigh and Torry enter CIC, you hear Adama say “Arm and load all Nuclear Weapons.”

  650. Timbuck says:

    to Mike The CAG–thats scary re: arming the nukes. What could happen? I know. We get to wait 10 frakkin months. Thats what happens. Time for bed.

  651. Deemetrius says:

    Some random thoughts that may or may not relate-
    Chief has had bad dreams before, simliar to Sharon, before beating his wife within an inch of her life.
    While re-watching Occupation, President Baltar insists to Roslin, while in captivity, that no one has been totured. Could Saul Tigh possibly rip out his own eye?
    And Starbuck emerging just as the cylon raider appeared that she chased. Did you notice how bright the clouds were when Lee saw her? Is it really Starbuck? Or is it something else, just as Leoben told Kara he was not Leoben in Maelstrom? Could this Kara be a clone from her ovarie?
    Too many questions!!!!

  652. BoxytheBoxed says:

    somebody owes me 10$ for guessing that the show would end like Pegausu in a cilffhangar with all vipers ready

  653. Cretos says:

    Wow this was amazing. IF you put aside all the Starbuck is a cylon ideas for a min, think about this. When her ship exploded, she could have ejected and been thrown to another part of the galaxy, and was picked up by people from earth. Got a new ship and came back to find her former fleet.
    Then again she could have just died and been resurrected. Then made her the 5th model.

    Since we only did see 4 in the end.

  654. Rube says:

    Timbuck…the nukes are out because in Adama’s mind this is the final showdown.. he’s got 1 Battlestar vs 4 Basestars and he can’t jump away because all the FTL computers were down and therefor it’ll take 20 minutes to jump out. If he nukes a Basestar or two.. maybe he can get out of this…

  655. ShinyFab says:

    What the frak?! I have to reboot . .

  656. Browncoat Bryan says:

    I still don’t think Starbuck is a Cylon. What if she’s like a special representative from God/the Gods?

    I’m liking the idea of “good” Cylons and “bad” Cylons. However, I think the distinction is a little too simple. But, I would go further to think that the Cylons and the Humans are related… What if they are the same race?

    The key question is, I believe, what makes a Cylon? What makes a human? Is there really a distinction between the two? Anders and Tigh got drunk. Why would machines model themselves physiologically to make themselves susceptible to human issues (drunkenness, depression, etc.)? What if both races are victims to a great lie, which is that they are truly different? Who would cause such a lie? Think about racism. All of us are human, yet there are some who truly believe they are better than others, in terms of evolution and so forth. Yet, that is a huge lie.

    Finally, it would appear that Baby Hera is not the only “hybrid” child out there. Now we have Baby Nicky, who is also a hybrid. Yet, Roslin, Six, and Sharon are only dreaming about Hera. What about Nicky? Why is Hera so special, yet Nicky is not?

    So many questions, so long to wait for answers.

  657. Craig, England says:

    God bless the Anglo-US special relationship thing ! Must be one hell of an episode as I will have gotten it all in half the normal time. Managing to avoid reading the postings but had to scroll a hell of a way down to get to the Reply Box to type this. Looks like it provoked a lot of discussion – must be theories-a-go-go ! Guess this is why they call it a cliffhanger !

  658. Pike says:

    Frakin’ A!

    OK, I gave up on iTunes and went to the torrents. (SciFi, I’m willing to throw money at you, but you have to put a product up!) Too frakin’ cool. Now I’ve got to wade through six hundred-odd comments while listening to the ‘cast.

  659. Gray says:

    I’m definitely leaning toward the theory I posted earlier and that others seem to be sharing.
    I wish Pike or somebody would come along and refine it because I’m still too fried from last night. Oh well- 10 months.

    But yeah, I think the Great Shock when they find Earth is gonna be related to it being inhabited by Cylons or Cylon- Human descendants.

  660. ShinyFab says:

    Okay. I think I’m getting myself together enough. And I’m sorry, I tried to read as many posts as I could along the way, but there’s just so many! There were a few questions I had which were cleared up by this interview w/ RDM about last night’s ep here: So Lee. Oh Lee. First point of interest – he’s still wearing his wedding ring. Guess he’s not giving up just yet. He reminded me of a small child when he ‘tattles’ on the Admiral’s feelings for Baltar. I think Lee has needed to get the guilt out for a VERY long time. He’s right though. Everyone has made decisions or mistakes which cost the lives of people and further illustrate how the Fleet is no longer Colonial society. I think its been mentioned here more than once that the Fleet is an extreme microcosm of what the Colonies WERE like. And I’m still darn confused about the Admiral’s decision to acquit Baltar. Was it his own guilt? Did he want to agree with Lee? Or did I miss something and there really wasn’t a supported case? I think it was probably not a good enough case to convict, but I just don’t know. The FabFinal4? Well, okay. It was a little weird to hear them quote Jimi Hendrix. But as for little Nicky the Hylon – if the Chief IS different from the other Cylons some way, wouldn’t that make Nicky a different kind of Hylon in comparison to Hera? I don’t question whether or not the FF4 are Cylons. I just don’t know how RDM will explain them. And who is FF5? Is it Starbuck? Or is it Lee? Or – the cylon is Lee and Kara is a Hylon herself. Tigh’s been through a few wars, Tyrol remembers his parents (didn’t they die in the Cylon attack?). I can see Anders being a cylon. Tori came out of left field. And how the FRAK did Tori meet Anders in the first place? And why the FRAK is Anders a pilot? From what I’ve seen of him, it doesn’t seem like he would fit in well as a pilot. I have to agree with Shaun (I think?) who said Anders would be a good Marine.

  661. Max Peck says:

    I know this is late… don’t think the final four are cylon… don’t trust RDM and DE… almost stage magic type of sleight of hand…think it is some form of cylon torture side-effect/ proximity to Earth combo…

    Someone had to coin the phrase:

    The final four have


    on their mind…

  662. Craig, England says:

    OMG, how good was that episode ! They better get a whole stack of awards for the visuals this series.

    Guess we can expect a flood of creative juices on YouTube to the soundtrack of All Along The Watchtower ! Who would have guessed that Bob Dylan was a Cylon broadcasting a beacon out into space huh !

  663. Gray says:

    Posted this in the other thread but EW has post-finale interviews with EJO, MM, and RDM up on their homepage.

    I’d link it but I’m pretty computer illiterate.

  664. Gray says:

    okay, thanks to Pike for the advice. Here’s the link:

  665. Gray says:

    fine. it’s sort of the link. just click HOME on the website menu.

  666. Ressa says:

    Aaaaah, 666 comments!! I’m adding one, quick!!!

    Mike the CAG I noticed them quoting the song too, but only after Tori said “I can’t get no relief.” I thought that sounded like a really akward thing for her to say.

  667. RPA says:

    the question of why ander? What is specail about anders is what he was. He was a superstar sportsplayer. think of him as John Elway, Micheal Jordan, He is an icon from the past. He has shown leaderships as much as the ty or chief.
    Six, athena, roslin they are the Fiathes

  668. Ziggy says:

    Just a thought on the way Tigh and Tori behaved back in CIC. The looks they gave each other was very reminiscent of the way the first 6 cylons often behave. Like they know they are Cylon, they have a role to play but they aren’t quite sure what that role is. The first six tend to have that same confusion often.

    If the humanlike Cylons evolved from the non-sentient machines this is very realistic. They would be aware that the machines want to destroy the humans, but do they really want to do that?

  669. Max Peck says:

    Not the watchtower version from last night, but eerily prophetic none the less..

  670. Pike says:

    OK, FINALLY got through all the comments.

    Carol, “Papadama” That’s classic. And yeah, I figured out it was Starbuck and was waiting to see if she taped that on the bottom of her viper.

    Saber, I would be fine with an “implant” explanation (although, that raises the ‘why’ question), but my gut says that’s not how RDM rolls…

    I’m thinking Niki IS important, it’s just that nobody’s realized it yet. (I’ve mentioned that possibility before, when I thought that Cally was going to be the reveal.)

    Browncoat, Roslin having “Bluetooth dreams” LOL

  671. C J says:

    hey. ive been digging around a little bit but cant seem to find much. is there an archive with the ancient scripts kicking around somewhere..?

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