GWC Frak Party: “Crossroads, Part 1”

If you’re not already attending a Frak Party — or hosting one! –join us here for the GWC online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we’ll check in here first to see what you had to say in real-time. Sweet.

See you here tonight!

PS: You know how everyone’s been talking about the “roller coaster ride” through the last few episodes? I get the feeling we just topped the highest hill and we’re about to plunge right in…

321 Responses to "GWC Frak Party: “Crossroads, Part 1”"
  1. Athenor says:

    Hey, guys?

    Supposedly, AICN has up some pretty major spoilers about the finale.

    I’m not going to read them. I have no desire to have it ruined for me.

    With that said, I’d almost recommend people do the same. This site has always been advertised as “discussing the show, up to and including the latest episode.” AICN’s spoilers are not the latest episode, obviously. They should probably stay off the site as such.

    Of course, someone’s going to read ’em, and someone is going to slip. It’s human nature — even when you are careful, things get out.

    I’m just saying.. be courteous of one another. I don’t even visit this site until I get my fix on Mondays, and that’s hard enough as it is. So.. whatever your personal opinions on spoilers, keep in mind that at least some of us (*raises hand proudly*) prefer not to spoil things. =)

    Okay, you may now return to your regularly scheduled Frak Party. And forgive me, GWC crew, if I’ve overstepped my bounds.

  2. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i posted the link with bout a birzillion warnings not to go to itbut people still will go to it. i cant wait

  3. Cavatar says:

    Not sound silly…but crossroads? There are no roads in space.

    I know dumb comment but I could not help myself.


    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  4. frank says:

    hey gang,

    ready for the ride? 2 left before the big break!!!!!

  5. Doc says:

    About the spoilers…I’ve read them. I would STRONGLY urge any BSG fans NOT to read them.

  6. Joe says:

    Which podcast was it that Ron Moore put down spoilers? Maybe it was his long forgotten blog. He said something along the lines of being very disappointed in the people he works with and etc etc. I’ve always admired that about him, how dedicated he is to the show and the affect it has on it’s viewers.

  7. Joe says:

    On a side note, check out the website
    Hacked. Damn you cylons!

  8. Cavatar says:

    OK there is a saw comerical on the SCI FI channel…why is that moving sci fi???


    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  9. john patrick says:

    Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I read the spoilers.

    All I have to say is this: I told you so.

    Just kidding.

    Or am I?


  10. Retro says:

    Welcome to the lido deck aboard galactica

  11. Cavatar says:

    Here we go….this place looks fancy…where is this ship in the fleet….or is Roslin dreaming again?

  12. Zack says:

    Bingo Cavatar haha.

  13. Cavatar says:

    Anders is a nugget???? KEWL

  14. Zack says:

    Anders works on Galactica?! Since when!?

  15. caleb says:

    I read the spoilers. Quite frankly, they’re a bunch of horse crap. I don’t believe much of it (save certain things regarding Roslin that have already been hinted at–which notably also explain her weird actions as of late). Other things were hinted at by specific persons of the cast who have proven (already) to be lecherous conniving persons willing to do anything for a good joke. Some of it is plausible; the thoughts of some of it are highly disturbing. One thing I will say about it: I want Billy back.

  16. Rube says:

    Love the radio that Tigh is tuning.. right out of the 50s antique shop.

  17. Retro says:

    Tori…son of Baltar

  18. Aleigh says:

    For a second their Baltar looked a little less Jesus Like- I thought he had a hair cut….

  19. Zack says:

    SO! Baltar is Jesus!

  20. Cavatar says:

    Well Baltar looks like Jesus.

  21. Retro says:

    Baltar’s getting his own cult…creepy.

  22. Zack says:

    Going back to the whole, Baltar is a instrument of god?

  23. Aleigh says:

    I guess he is but what miracles? Did he turn algae into fish and bread and feed the masses?

  24. caleb says:

    Awe come on. Baltar doesn’t look like Jesus. Jesus looked better than that 😛

  25. Uriel says:

    Baltar is JESUS!

  26. Zack says:

    You said it Caleb…haha.

  27. Retro says:

    How long has it been since someone got shot?

  28. Rube says:

    Baltar = Jesus or Charles Manson???

  29. Aleigh says:

    So can we expect to see a velvet Baltar painting soon?

  30. frank says:

    Lol Aleigh, it is amazing what you can do with Algae!!!! I guess this ep will be all brain, no action, just a guess.

  31. Joe says:

    Don’t you remember reading the passage where Jesus saves the dying woman with baby stem cells?

  32. The 13th Cylon says:

    Yay for another derivation of the Tigh/ Starbuck apartment/ 13th retro Teac Radio! I didn’t know that they come in red, then again, maybe they don’t.

    Eh, Scott Peterson gets wackos proposing to him all the time, so a person who’s caused billions of deaths doesn’t surprise me too much.

  33. Zack says:

    No complaints here Frank. But, I am starting to get action withdrawl. >_O

  34. Matt says:

    haha joe that was great. i am still laughing

  35. Retro says:

    Does that make head Six the holy ghost?

  36. Cavatar says:

    Hey that song Anders heard….was that a possible song from Earth???

  37. Cavatar says:

    It is racetrack…dont tell me she finds earth?

  38. Matt says:

    adama is not the head judge?

  39. Zack says:

    Cav, who knows. Radio signals do travel outside of the Earth.

  40. Zack says:

    Thats a hell of alot of people.

  41. Rube says:

    I remember on the TOS… “Houston, this is Tranquality Base, the Eagle has landed”.

  42. Rich says:

    Is every episode starting with some comic relief by Hot Dog?

  43. Cavatar says:

    Oh like this attorney.

  44. Zack says:

    Wow, who would want that guy for a lawyer. “THROW HIM OUT THE AIRLOCK!”

  45. frank says:

    Hey Cav, this lawyer could work for your Campaign

  46. Zack says:

    Did anyone notice Roslyn’s smile haha!

  47. Rube says:

    Interesting strategy here.. pleading guilty.. or at least appearing to.. “Justice of the mob..”

    Great defense strategy here.. “I owe my life… ”
    I wondered how they were going to defend him.

    And we have bandits….

  48. wraith1701 says:



  49. Matt says:

    The cylons are back yeah

  50. Retro says:

    That’ll pucker your ass!

  51. Cavatar says:

    There BACK!!!

  52. Zack says:


  53. Rich says:

    My vote is for Baltar=Jim Jones. They’ll move to a ship called the Jonestown.

  54. Aleigh says:

    Tigh and 6 coming up. Woo Hoo

  55. Zack says:

    Rich, HAHA!! Bad, but funny.

  56. Rube says:

    They’re tracking ’em by their warp drive signature!!

  57. Zack says:

    HEAD Baltar too!

  58. Cavatar says:

    Ohh Ohh…great with 6 and ole one eye,

  59. Rich says:

    I loved the way they shot the incoming missile.

  60. Zack says:

    I think she might have tweaked something…

  61. Rube says:

    Look at Tigh’s face.. hard as a rock..
    He’s the last person you want to try to head frak!

  62. Aleigh says:

    Woo Hoo fight fight-one cage match I would love to see 6 and Tigh on pay per view

  63. Zack says:

    it kinda was a cage match. But it was just one punch…ah well

  64. wraith1701 says:

    OK- Assuming that Head Baltar is just a figment of 6’s imagination, how in the world did he know that Tigh killed his wife? How does 6 know this? WTF?

  65. Retro says:

    She did mind frak him…his lip was shaking.

  66. frank says:

    Maybe it was a little early for me to say no action, as long as racetrack lives, they need to keep all the hottie pilots they have left!!!!

  67. Lt. Slingshot says:

    That’s going to hurt in the morning

  68. Blue says:

    Tigh took a shot from 6 (hereafter affectionately known as the “Ass-Kickin’-Sexy-Battle-Bot”), and keep his feet. What a tough old bastard!

  69. Rube says:

    If the guards weren’t in the cell it would be a very one sided cage match.

  70. Max Peck says:

    wraith great point… continuity error on the writer’s part?

  71. Joe says:

    Frakkin Awesome!

  72. The 13th Cylon says:

    What happened to the regular intro of the moaning women and the shots of nukes going off? I don’t even rememeber seeing the Cylonz evolved and rebelled bit.

  73. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Just to backtrack, Laura looked nice with the straight hair in the dream sequence. What was in her drink that Lee smelled? Kamalah?

  74. wraith1701 says:

    Man, 6 took Tigh’s hit like it was nothing. I guess she’s built a lot more solidly than she looks 🙂

  75. Rich says:

    Hey, I can just see it…head Ellen.

  76. Doc says:

    Uh, notice how Six never said who Tigh lost?

  77. Zack says:

    Six is a female Tigh I think. A HEAD ELLEN!! THAT WOULD BE SHWEET!

  78. Rich says:

    The good thing about head Ellen, is that he will always know where she is. 😉

  79. Retro says:

    She didn’t say anything about him killing his wife…she just said she was gone.

  80. Rube says:

    Oh what a ballsy defense… trying to make Tigh look like a war criminal.

  81. Cavatar says:

    Smack down on the Admiral…cool

  82. Zack says:

    is he drunk on the stand. Music in his head? OH NO!! They are gonna think he is a crazy, one eyed, drunk.

  83. Rube says:

    “Who killed Ellen?” – damn man.. that is below the belt.

  84. Rich says:

    How do they know he killed her?!

  85. Max Peck says:

    Head of state – Laura Roslin
    Not head Judge Admiral Adama
    AKSBB – Head Six
    Jesus-lookalike – head Baltar
    Head badass – Saul “take your best shot” Tighe

    Seems almost freudian…

  86. Zack says:

    hey atleast you know he regrets it.

  87. Cavatar says:

    Tigh….a slam dunk witness…NOT

  88. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Got to give Romo credit he’s good. Is Tigh losing it? What’s up with the music?

  89. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Ok now Tory too? What’s up with that?

  90. Cavatar says:

    I thought Lee was in a suit in the preview??? Not a uniform.

  91. Zack says:

    What is with that frakkin music!

  92. Rich says:

    Isn’t somebody talking to these witnesses? What to do and say before they get on the stand?

  93. Max Peck says:

    Tighe – Nam flashback?

  94. Rube says:

    Okay… Roslin’s aid on Galactica.. looking very conspiratorial to Anders. Now we know who tonight’s assassin is..

  95. Cavatar says:

    Truth. justice and the Colional/American way????

  96. Zack says:

    YEAH! Tigh might be experiencing PTSD

  97. Rich says:

    Lee is being initiated into a gang…

  98. Aleigh says:

    Do they have apple pie and chevrolet too Cav?

  99. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Love Romo pressing Lee on his ideals. We haven’t seen that Lee since he put a gun to Tigh’s head during the military coup. I hope he gives up whatever it is just to get the pre-whining Lee back. I miss the guy that just did what was right according to the law.

  100. Cavatar says:

    Aleigh I bet they do…they are right by the Cat that Romo has.

  101. Joe says:

    Romo Lampkin is an awesome character. He’s a big slime ball, but still an amazing performance.

  102. wraith1701 says:

    Speaking of Tigh and the music-

    What’s up with Tory and Anders and the Radio feedback?

    And what’s up with the “lovey eyes” they were giving each other?

  103. The 13th Cylon says:

    Lee’s gonna sell Roslin out, isn’t he? Right when I was starting to like him.

    What’s up with this music? No way they have this storyline dead end like this after making a big ol’ deal out of it.

  104. Aleigh says:

    I love Romo too. Hope we see more. Maybe a spinoff Galactica L&O?

  105. Carol says:

    Hmm. Why am I getting a vibe from Tori that she’s jealous of
    Anders w/Seelix (and why is Seelix all flirty with Anders??? Too
    soon, man, too soon).

    Nice to see Anders..

    Nice to see Head Baltar

    Loved the missile shot

  106. frank says:

    Good to see Anders, looks like he is back flirting again!!!!

  107. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Again what’s up with the music? I’ve counted Tigh and Anders Tory for a split second. That can’t just be Tigh going nuts.

  108. Zack says:


  109. Zack says:

    Brokeback Galactica? Wait that was bad…

  110. Cavatar says:

    LOL at Galactica L&O

  111. Rube says:

    Galactica L&O Cyclon Skinjob Eradication Unit

  112. Cavatar says:

    That is a really good idea from Lee.

  113. Cavatar says:

    More adama vs adama

  114. Zack says:

    Another Adama square off…

  115. Zack says:


  116. Blue says:

    HOLY FRAK!! Lee’s resigning his commission!?!?!??!?!!?

  117. Rube says:

    Don’t do it Lee!!

    Any bets that after this is over, they kiss and make up?

  118. Rich says:

    I think he would serve under a man who would question his integrity.

  119. Doc says:

    We aren’t getting season 1 Lee back, we’re getting mini-series Lee!

  120. Zack says:

    Guess so…Helo as CAG again!? HAHA!

  121. Matt says:

    Did anyone notice the wood ship behind adama that he supposedly broke?

  122. Rube says:

    Whoever called the Kamalah earlier goes to the head of the class!

  123. Rich says:

    I wonder if they have dry cleaning services in the Fleet. This case most be leading to amazing profit to him/her.

  124. Blue says:

    I wonder what Dee thinks of her hubby’s new line of work?

  125. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Careful where you leave your thermos! I knew something was up there.

  126. Aleigh says:

    Did Roslin just threaten Lee?

  127. Cavatar says:

    OH YEAH…..

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  128. Zack says:

    Roslin kicks ass! SHE IS THE DIEING LEADER AGAIN!!

  129. Lt. Slingshot says:

    And our dying leader is back boys and girls

  130. The 13th Cylon says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m seriously teary eyed again and we have our dyling leader back. I’m such a Roslin fanboy, I admit it. I didn’t see that one coming AT ALL. I’m pretty sad now.

  131. HailBaltar says:

    Holy crap. Is her death the real “death” this season?

  132. frank says:

    her pres approval will go up again, sorry Cav.

    This is messin with my head, I don’t know who to hate anymore!!!!

  133. Carol says:

    I’m glad Admiral Adama isn’t dominating the panel, it’s good for him to
    not have the final say so on stuff, he’s too used to getting his way.

    The viciousness between the Adama boys seemed a little forced, it was
    not that long ago that they were fairly close. Now that they’ve decided to
    have Lee resign, though, I hope they run with that and we see what else
    that boy can do.

  134. Cavatar says:

    Matt….no I did not…

    maybe he fixed it.

    Is Dee leaving Lee?

  135. Rube says:

    Um.. I think Dee is pissed about her hubby’s new line of work

  136. Aleigh says:

    Gee Dee is a little upset at Lee she looks like she is going to flee

  137. Lt. Slingshot says:

    wow they are getting the show back on track with all the original ideas. i’m impressed

  138. Carol says:

    Whoa, Dee’s movin’ out?

  139. Carol says:

    Have to say, the boy looks good in a crisp, white shirt, dark pants and
    shiny belt buckle…

  140. Rich says:

    I think the dying president simpathy numbers is dependent on one things, is Kamala=weed, or Kamala=Crack? Think about it.

  141. Cavatar says:

    Are those snakes on her podium…oh wait I as having a flashback.

  142. Carol says:

    Whoa, Tori’s losing it (enough of this craaaaaap)

  143. Rich says:

    I like tory’s lips…I want more tory. droool.

  144. Retro says:

    Mind fraks for everyone!

  145. Lt. Slingshot says:

    father son conflict, rosling dying, cylons in pursuit, righteous Lee, dsyfuntional Tigh… it’s like it’s season one again

  146. Cavatar says:

    Incert officer here…helo is XO

    so is hot dog the new CAG?

  147. Blue says:

    All of you guys know that Airlock is just missing the hell outta Billy right about now…

  148. Rube says:

    CAG my lily white rear-end.. he’s the XO..
    Racetrack CAG?

  149. HailBaltar says:

    Does anyone else think that Tigh hearing the radio has something to do with him being a Cylon?

  150. Zack says:

    Good for dee. A storm? another reference? Tori, and Tigh and loosing it.

  151. HailBaltar says:

    Or maybe there’s a cylon tracking device in the ship?

  152. Blue says:


  153. Retro says:

    Their finally explaining why everyones gone nuts this season.

  154. Cavatar says:

    wow…over already

  155. Zack says:

    The Kamalah really explains Roslin’s vibe.

  156. Rube says:

    I wonder if the Colonies have a 25th Amendment to their Constitution.. in walks Tom Zarek back into power… with Lee Adama as his chief of staff.

  157. The 13th Cylon says:

    Poor Tigh! He’s going bananas.

  158. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Lee resigned?

    Adama vs. Adama?

    Roslin’s dying again?

    Helo XO again?

    Tigh gone nuts?

    Massive Cylon attack?

    Next Sunday is going to be the pinnacle of BSG history since New Caprica.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t mind chatting with other BSG fans about the episode tonight. My e-mail is – add me to MSN!

  159. Doc says:

    That storm reference was a lot like Athena’s “There’s something dark coming.” comment to Helo just before the mission to recover the resistance on Caprica.

  160. Lt. Slingshot says:

    HailBaltar he wasn’t the only one though. Are we going to throw Tory and Anders in there too? I’m not saying you’re wrong but that’s three people who heard at least a bit. Maybe Tigh has a weird filling in his teeth and is broadcasting radio and Tory and Anders heard it too. 🙂

  161. frank says:

    WTF just happened on that preview?

  162. The 13th Cylon says:

    What!? Who said that they’re Cylons? BAHH! I can’t handle this next week. Next week’s gonna be the motherload…

  163. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Okay, so it’s actually

  164. Cavatar says:

    Did Anders just say…its true we’re cylons?

  165. Carol says:

    Could it be that everyone that hears the mystery music is a Cylon?
    Saul, Tori(?), Anders (I thought Anders was a Cylon when we first
    met him — it seemed poignant to have Starbuck fight to return and
    rescue him only to have him turn out to be a Cylon).

    Ok, whoa, I won’t any anything that happens from the preview they
    just showed, but the end bit was interesting..looks good

  166. HailBaltar says:

    Whoa are Tory, Anders, *and* Tigh Cylons?

  167. Matt says:


    Yes he did.

  168. wraith1701 says:

    Preview for next weeks episode-

    Anders says “It’s true… we’re cylons”?

    Dream sequence, or what?!?

    I need it to be next week NOW!

  169. Retro says:

    They cut it to make you think that.

  170. Joe says:

    Huh? Frak, what? That preview was way too incriminating!

  171. The 13th Cylon says:

    They’re the reject Cylons. Tigh’s a frakked up throw away, if he is.

  172. HailBaltar says:

    Hmm gonna make you wait to see the verdict of course, but I’m placing bets immediately that he’s voted guilty.

  173. frank says:

    Rube, great call, I think you may be on to something.

  174. Carol says:

    Cavatar, I think that was Chief’s voice

  175. Lt. Slingshot says:

    The music seems a little too obvious, there’s something more there than a bunch of characters being cylons. Since when do previews actually give us the correct information?

  176. jimtothehum says:

    yeah that preview dromped a huge bombshell
    Anders saying something like “we are Cylons”???

  177. The 13th Cylon says:

    I thought it was the Chief too. If so, it might explain why he and Boomer were frakking each other early in the show.

  178. HailBaltar says:

    Well, it could be Anders saying it ironically

  179. Joe says:

    Carol, I agree with you. That sounded more like Chief than Anders.

  180. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Yeah definitely Chief’s voice

  181. Matt says:

    166 hours till the next episode i dont know how i am going to make it.

  182. wraith1701 says:

    There’s no way Tigh could be a cylon… He has known Bill since they were young. They fought in the first cylon war together, right?

    Although… That was what, 40 years ago? were they 10 years old when they joined the military?

  183. Zack says:

    Oh yeah he is gonna probably not get off. The Cylons might show up and take him again. Maybe Caprica Six will go back too.

  184. Joe says:

    Does anyone else have an unsatisfied adrenaline rush?

  185. Retro says:

    What if the thing that’s driving people nuts is the same thing that the Cylons are tracking. They’re not traking the ship they’re tracking the people.

  186. Aleigh says:

    Sounded like Chief to me…that is what I thought when I heard it I went CHIEF!!!!!! NOOOOOO—-Boy how would Cally handle it?

  187. Zack says:

    Its gonna be a fraking HURRICANE next week.

  188. Aleigh says:

    Wraith-planted memories maybe?

  189. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Tigh was in cylon detention for awhile, who knows what they could have done to him there. Maybe he just has a cylon ipod in his head

  190. Carol says:

    Wellll, playing devil’s advocate, what if Tigh has false memories, and
    further, what if cylons can place false memories in humans, as well?

  191. HailBaltar says:

    Why did Roslin’s cancer return just now? Supposedly she was cured – is there something causing the cancer – Six perhaps?

  192. Rich says:

    pretty amazing episode, for some reason however, it had a comic book feel to it.

  193. Aleigh says:

    Carol I agree—planted memories.

  194. The 13th Cylon says:

    Well, they say you’re never cured from cancer, that it only goes into remission- right?

  195. Aleigh says:

    So if Roslin has cancer she CANT be a cylon right?

  196. HailBaltar says:

    It’s too convenient that it returned right now. There has to be a Cylon/prophetic cause.

  197. wraith1701 says:

    Joe- I’m right there with you, man! Talk about galacticus-interruptus… this episode just leaves you wanting more!

    Retro- Sounds like a good theory; please elaborate. Are they tracking the people because they are sleepers, or do you think that there is some kind of beacon on the ship that affects some people adversely?

  198. Lt. Slingshot says:

    never say never aleigh but I think you are probably right

  199. jimtothehum says:

    so…I think it was Anders voice not Chiefs—Im almost positive. So if we make the link between hearing music and being a Cylon- Who’s all a Cylon then?

    (if this is true– all hypothetical)

  200. HailBaltar says:

    What if the attack by the Cylons happens at the end of the ep, and we’re left with 10 months of speculation?

  201. wraith1701 says:


    Tigh, Anders, and Tory (hypotheticaly) 😉

  202. Joe says:

    What happens? No Lee, Kara or Kat in cockpits? No Tigh as XO? They’re all Frakked!

  203. HailBaltar says:

    You’re kidding? Lee would jump into a raptor in that suit if he had to.

  204. Arc Light says:

    (First Time Commenter)

    Just throwing it out there –

    Think back to New Caprica. We know Tigh was detained by the Cylons there. The Cylon occupation was of a sufficient length that we don’t know for sure if Tory and Anders were ever detained for, say, a brief period of time. Let’s say if that did happen – could the Cylons have knocked them out and planted something in their minds, regarding the music they’re hearing?

  205. frank says:

    I tried both addresses both came back undeliverable

  206. The 13th Cylon says:

    Lee made a bad move. After this trial’s over, it’s gonna be the kitty litter ship for him!

  207. Luc says:

    Can’t wait till next week. This episode just dropped a bunch of questions unanswered. What’s up with Tigh and Anders and Tori? Did not see that development coming.

    We haven’t had any story threads involving Tigh in a long while. I hope they resolve at least that one next week. Multiple reveals of Cylons?

    I wished they had shown the last 2 episodes back to back. This one just felt like one big setup.

  208. Creamope says:

    I had a feeling Anders was a Cylon for a while now but it was only recently that I was listening to the Podcast and someone suggested Tigh would be the most ironic. I am blown away by the fact that Tori, Anders and Tigh make 3 of the final 5. Did I jump the gun?

  209. HailBaltar says:

    Lee made a move he thought was necessary. One of the major drivers of the story has been father-son tension, both between Lee and Bill Adama, and the father (Human) – son (Cylon) overall tension. Aren’t they connected?

  210. HailBaltar says:

    If Tori, Anders, and Tigh are 3 of the 5, maybe Starbuck is 4, leaving one more? Roslin anyone?

  211. frank says:

    I’m with you Luc, I feel like I was blindfolded and sent up a mountain!!!!

    long time till next Sunday!!!

    Lets not forget that next week is it for a really long time!!

  212. St. Cavil says:


    Anders looked at her at the bar, at the time I thought it was an attraction, but it was how she ordered her drink. The way SB did.

    The ‘vulture’ speech at the press conference, totally starbuck.

    “Run a comb through your hair every couple of days.” Starbuck.

    On the trailer for next week, Anders saying “Its true, we’re all Cylons”.

  213. Rube says:

    I’m afraid all the Anders people will be sorely disappointed when they find out that Chief and Cally have hybrid #2

  214. Rich says:

    Not that i agree or nothing, but we all better get ready to the idea of Halo as Admiral and supreme commander of the fleet. It gets better, and all oracles in the fleet better look out for their jobs, Mr. Halo can also predict the future! WHAT’S NEXT?!!

  215. Joe says:

    Oh no Dr. Kottle is out sick for the week? What’s that Helo? You learned how to treat deadly wounds on Caprica? Dr. Helo, MD.

  216. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Well let’s run it down for Helo and his jobs

    Raptor Pilot
    Keeper of Refugees
    and finally

    He’s a busy man

  217. Retro says:

    Does anyone remember that music from New Caprica? If the music was playing while implants were being placed it could be a sub conscious memory. Since Tigh was in prison longer the effect might be stronger with him.

    We use music as a weapon to drive people crazy ourselves.

  218. Cavatar says:

    Frank…just saw the lawer could work for my campaign post.

    Sorry I missed it…but you are right.

  219. Armando says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I missed the party. The computer’s in a different room than where I was watching. Still….DAMN! When 11;00 hit and Tigh said “it’s in the fraking ship” I just did not want it to be the end.

    Can’t wait till next week….except that after that I’m going to have to wait till January. ;-(

  220. Rich says:

    What’s that?! All prostitutes on strike? Helo?

  221. Carol says:

    Just started re-watching it. The Laura cancel revelation puts that whole
    beginning dream of her chasing after Hera in context, eh? She’s, at
    least subconsciously worried that Athena won’t let Hera give her blood
    for the cause again.

  222. Joe says:

    So this has gotta be a record number of comments for a single entry on GWC. Helo? Can you check for us?

  223. HailBaltar says:

    Carol, that makes sense. I wonder, though, if the Cylons are causing her cancer?

  224. Retro says:

    Unless they come up with one hell of a explaination I will be disappointed if the final five turn out to be anyone in the fleet. The other Cylons would know who they are…including Athena…who could pick them out on sight. There would also be no explaination for their presence in the temple. It would be a real “jump the shark” moment.

  225. frank says:

    sorry Joe, he’s busy checking out his new Fleet Admiral uniform!!!!, then he is getting measured for a new suit for when he becomes President!!

  226. Joe says:

    Retro, the other seven don’t know who the final five are.

  227. Retro says:

    That’s the point…if they are in the fleet they would know who they are.

  228. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Retro, 1st rule of Final Five Fight Club is we don’t think about the the Final Five. Unless you are Brother Cavil and that’s only a maybe. They’ve established in previous episodes that they don’t know who they are thus Deanna’s obession with killing herself to see them in the space between life and death.

  229. Retro says:

    No Cylon is ever surprised to find out that someone else is a Cylon.

  230. Cavatar says:

    Frnak…LOL for when he becomes President.

  231. HailBaltar says:

    Maybe this whole season has been a dream and we’ll see Tigh wake up on New Caprica with a hangover – kind of a “Who shot JR” moment.

  232. Carol says:

    I’m thinkin’ the ‘it’s true, we’re cylons’ thing will be something where they
    realize that Everyone is a Cylon, for some definition of Cylon, instead of
    a small group being revealed.

  233. Joe says:

    What if Helo is really just imagining all this while stranded on Caprica suffering from radiation overdose. The Helo Show, anyone? (Truman Show)

  234. Rube says:

    Re-watching (gotta love TiVO and DVRs) and I’ll buy off on the dream sequence being Roslin’s fear that Athena won’t let Hera participate in another transfusion. Then 6 comes and scoops Hera away….

  235. frank says:

    I guess it is safe to say that this is a good episode, maybe i shouldn’t have doubted RDM, but after “the woman king”, I had some doubts about this season, but holy frak they have been kicking us for a few weeks now!

  236. Cavatar says:


    The dream was Bobby dying, not JR. It was Pam’s half sister Katherine Wentworth who ran him down with a car.

    When the dream ended, Pam wakes up to see Bobby in the shower.

    Sorry I was a big fan of Dallas…dont ask me why or how considering I am under 30 years of age.

  237. Retro says:

    I hoping that the Admiral is being affected also. It would make the killing Cally thing make a little more since. He was just out of his fraking mind.

    Roslin’s a possibility too. She got a real Sybilesk thing going on. All smiles one minute. Airlocks and venom the next.

  238. Luc says:

    As far as I understand it, I’m with Joe on this, no one knows who the final five are except D’anna who was boxed.

    Do we even know if they would allie with the Cylons?

  239. Rube says:

    No way that this past season was a dream.. no FRAKIN’ way

  240. HailBaltar says:

    No problem Cavatar, but you get my point 😉

  241. frank says:

    I like what you are thinking Carol, everyone is a cylon, that just makes me confused about the whole music thing. Tigh, Anders, and Tory can hear it, and noone else can. What is going on? Someone either push me out of an airlock or make it be next week already!!!!

  242. HailBaltar says:

    It could end up being like B5, with the Shadow war… both sides want to claim the 5 but they end up bringing everyone together.

  243. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Carol I posted a wild theory awhile back that the final five were part of the 13th tribe that had returned from Earth and that ‘s why the 12 Colonies had all the signs and scriptures that they couldn’t have gotten if the 13th tribe just went off and never returned. I think the humans and cylon are a lot more intertwined than either want to admit. It’s all along the ” all of this has happened before…” idea. I think you are right and that there is common heritage going back a long time in the cycle.

  244. Joe says:

    Lt. Slingshot, that is a great theory!

  245. Retro says:

    I’m still waiting for Count Iblis to show up. That white light in Starbuck’s face before she go boom reminded me of those white ball of light from the original show.

  246. Rube says:

    Question: How would Lee know what Kamalah smells like?

  247. Retro says:

    The Cylons were numbered as they were made. What is the current order and which numbers are missing?

  248. Cavatar says:

    I liked the Count Iblis episode from he old show.

  249. frank says:

    Rube, Lee was with her after the first Mutiny. I guess we are supposed to assume that he knew what she was taking when they were on the run together, but that is just a guess.

  250. Carol says:

    Yeah, Frank, the music thing is odd. I like Retros theory about possibly
    some people being implanted with little thingies while on New Caprica.
    Notice that all of the people who can hear the music (that we know of
    so far), were on New Caprica, instead of being off with Admiral Adama.

  251. Cavatar says:

    Maybe Lee got a smell of it back when the Lee broke Roslin out of Jail when he was the legal president in season two.

  252. frank says:

    Question… I can’t remember what that girls name is who is flirting with Anders, the one who was just promoted?

  253. Cavatar says:

    So does anyone know why some people think Baltar is a god???

  254. Cavatar says:


    Is is Seelka or something to that effect.

  255. HailBaltar says:

    Some people will believe anything.

  256. frank says:

    I’m not sure Cav, but if I could see Tricia Helfer in my head, I might start thinking of myself as holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Cavatar says:

    If I had Tricia Helfer in my head I would never leave my bedroom!!!

  258. Retro says:

    Cavatar – maybe they’re hearing the music.

  259. Carol says:

    Ok, tossing out an alternative theory on the weirdo Anders/Tori vibe.
    There were some ‘knowing’ looks going on there, and Tori is having
    trouble sleeping. Could it be guilt on her part? Perhaps Anders and
    Tori were being ‘friendly’, pre-Maelstrom, occasionally. Anders had been
    tossed out by Kara, largely. We’ve never seen Tori involved with
    anyone. A little soap-like, admittedly. I dunno. Tori just seems
    steeped in guilt. What has she done? She’s capable of lots of sneaky
    stuff. Maybe she’s blowing up lawyers? (Kelley’s probably not the only
    one making things go boom). Perhaps she’s working with Anders on
    rabble-rousing/explosive. Anders is certainly capable and he’d have an
    easier time with any ‘guilt’.

  260. Cavatar says:

    Vote Baltar….2 for the price of one.

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  261. Rube says:

    Baltar is a god because he cured cancer, Cavatar

  262. Retro says:

    Hearing the music = drinking the kool-aid

  263. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Amen Frank

  264. Cavatar says:

    Carol…I like that idea.

    All the more reason not to trust Roslin.

    LOL…maybe Retro

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  265. Retro says:

    I want to go back and just listen to all the episodes to find out where they picked up that music. I’m sure it’s been used before.

  266. Rube says:

    Wasn’t Tori in on the election rigging scheme???

    Also, concerning Baltar’s trial..
    Tight and Roslin have been discredited as witnesses but you got Gata and 6 (remember she turned state’s evidence to keep from getting airlocked) coming up.. Baltar will be found guilty..

    if not.. well.. Tori and Anders will make sure that justice will be served.

  267. Retro says:

    Did anyone else notice that Baltar’s lawyer planted the guy in the audience. The guy yelled on cue.

  268. frank says:


    I think I see a pattern forming!!!!! I am guessing you don’t like ole Laura Much.

  269. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Retro if you find it please let us know. I really like what McCreary has done on the show and that one seemed new but I’ve been wrong more times that I’d like to admit.

  270. Artemekiia says:

    Yeah, that sounded sort of like the Shape of Things to Come actually, which would be an interesting choice considering the other scenes it’s been used in.

  271. frank says:

    Baltar should have hired Matlock

  272. Retro says:

    I’m rewatching and I’m a little concerned that Tori is the one supplying Roslin’s drink.

  273. Cavatar says:


    I don’t like what she as done as President. It is one thing to do a bad job, like Baltar. Is another thing to put yourself up above the rest of the humans as better, and to do an end run around things like due process and human rights.

    In many ways Roslin is like another President I can mention from the real world.


  274. Retro says:

    She’s not THAT bad.

  275. Erik says:

    “Question… I can’t remember what that girls name is who is flirting with Anders, the one who was just promoted?”

    Seelix (

  276. Retro says:

    It would be funny if Baltar was in the cell humming the music.

  277. Cavatar says:


    She is really not that far off… after all she is content with being the Queen. Remember she has no problem with jobs being passed from parent to child.

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  278. Arc Light says:

    We know that before her death in “Rapture”, Three apologized to one of the Five. This means she’s had issues with that person before, whether Cylon or Human. I don’t recall Tigh or Tory having a substantial scene with Three before “Rapture”. But Anders did, in “Downloaded”. So that’s one possibility.

  279. Matt says:

    I am so mad at Lee right now though, Roslin is so right what happened to the Capt. Apollo we all thought we knew. Also why the hell is Lee still on galactica he just gave up his military commission. He either needs to get off the ship or go down and live in Helo-land with the rest of the civilians.

  280. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Any regular posters know I normally save my comments for the cast instead of the frak party but I have to admit this was fun! I should have done this before. Now I’m going to take a healthy swig from Roslin’s kamalah thermos and hit the hay. 🙂

  281. HailBaltar says:

    Roslin is a more complex character than some would suggest here. I’m not a huge fan, but anyone in her situation would be having similar problems dealing with a presidency. Her regime is flawed, but it may be the structure of the system rather than her.

  282. The 13th Cylon says:

    Wait, now that Laura is the Dyling Leader again and it’s said that she won’t make it to Earth, I guess we’ll be getting some episodes (possibly, or a part of the last episode) without Laura Roslin! Nooo! Not having Starbuck around is bad enough, but we’re also going to miss our leader.

    I loved what Laura said to that reporter asking how much time she had left. It reminded me of the last scene in Blade Runner where Edward James Olmos’ character tells Harrison Ford “It’s too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?”

  283. Cavatar says:

    Long live the Queen!!!!

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  284. Retro says:

    Not necessarily. I already submitted a theory to a podcast in which Deanna is looking into the faces of the “gods”. She’s realizing that the Cylons belief in their god has been completely wrong. Like a Christian finding out the Zeus is still in charge.

  285. Matt says:


    She is not a Queen.
    So lets do this right.

    Long live the President.
    So say we all!

    Paid for by Republican Earthlings for Laura Roslin.

  286. john patrick says:

    Ok, 20 minutes until the show airs on the West Coast.

    West Coast, baby! Woooooo (I am a cylon).

  287. Rube says:

    So say we all!!

    Paid for by Earthlings for Laura Roslin

  288. Cavatar says:


    Roslin would cernaintly be a Republican….

    Wants of slave labor, no middle class, the taking away of abortion, and the loss of many rights…

    yes that does sound familar.

    “Paid for by BSG fans to elect someone other than Laura Roslin…who has never been elected as it is.”

  289. Arc Light says:

    Retro –

    Your point does make better sense, I admit. It recalls to me the soul-searching Three went through prior to “Rapture”. I suspect the one that Three spoke to is a major character. Could it be Adama? Noting the use of Zeus, we know Adama has been referred to as Zeus before, primarily by Zarek.

    I suppose this doesnt make much sense; I’m trying to look at this from every different way possible.

  290. Cavatar says:

    Oh…did I forget election stealing???

  291. Cavatar says:

    On a different subject now…is Helo a Major now?

  292. Matt says:


    Well I would disagree with you on what the Republican Party stands for but that is neither here nor there. Roslin is a conservative like I stated before she is for keeping the status quo. She has been a remarkable leader. She has managed an unmanageable situation. She is the fleet’s only hope of survival. She knows how to manage the political reality with the military reality. She is the only person in that fleet that has been able to keep the delicate balance of security and personal freedom. Everyone in the fleet still has all of the basic liberties provided to them under the articles, which is amazing under the current circumstances.

  293. Matt says:


    I don’t believe Helo is a major. I think he is still a captain.

  294. Rube says:

    If Helo is XO, wouldn’t he be a Colonel? But just because somebody gets a promotion in position doesn’t mean they automatically get the rank that is normally associated with the position.

  295. Cavatar says:

    Rube…. I know and agree.

    However with Adama resigning his commission, it would not be to much of a strech for him to promote someone.

  296. Artemekiia says:

    So, am I the only one that was decidedly depressed after this episode was done? I mean, c’mon! We’re going back to the cancer thing and Lee and the Admiral are at odds again. We’re back to the beginning just without Starbuck’s awesomeness to make everything better. My mom asked me if I was okay today because she found out Starbuck died. It was pretty funny and yet I was still rather sad. I’m totally in mourning.

    Also, I totally want to make a replica of the card the Admiral had from Starbuck!! That would be awesome!

    Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out this guy’s gallery on Deviant Art:
    Frakkin’ awesome fanart here, guys.

  297. john patrick says:

    shackle that thing!

  298. Cavatar says:

    Artemekiia, you do make some good points.

    Almost at 30 posts…wow

  299. Artemekiia says:

    Thanks! I also think that perhaps Katee Sackhoff left the show because it was too hasty the way they tried to wrap up all Starbuck’s loose ends in one episode. They didn’t build to it like I would’ve preferred.

    They did warn us in the season 3 gag reel, which is just PRICELESS.

  300. Matt says:


    300 and counting!! What a night!!!!!

  301. Cavatar says:

    Oh yeah…hell of a night

  302. Matt says:

    Just about two hours till the podcast is out. I hate the wait.

  303. Cavatar says:

    Yeah I know what you mean buddy…to bad they cant do it live.

  304. Artemekiia says:

    Oh, really? I didn’t know it comes out that fast.

  305. Matt says:

    I posted this in the President Approval blog by mistake, so I am posting it here again. When Apollo resigned did anyone else notice that behind Adm. Adama was the wooden ship that he broke in “The Son Also Rises”?

  306. Matt says:


    Yep, they are usually out by about 3:30am

  307. Chuck says:

    Matt/Artemekia/All: Indeed. The ‘cast is in post right now. It’s taking a little longer because it’s our longest ‘cast to date — a little over an hour and a half. There was just a lot to say, and Lawyer Bill joined us again with an analysis of the court portion of the evening.

    Anyway, don’t despair if it’s a little later than normal tonight. It’s coming — there’s just more to enjoy.

  308. Matt says:


    Thanks for the notice. I am addicted to the Podcast. It is Crazy. It is now part of my Sunday routine to stay up all night waiting for it to come out.

  309. Cavatar says:

    Way cool Chuck…I love the long podcasts

  310. 17th cylon says:

    yes! a longer podcast! more time for me to forget about how much time is there until the next episode! can’t wait

  311. Max Peck says:

    Next… head Helo?

  312. Pike says:

    OK, JUST NOW saw the frakin’ thing, and all I’ve got to say is, “FRAKIN’ A!”

    I’ll forgive half a dozen “The Woman King” for each one of these.

  313. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    OmanOmanOman. My heart frakkin’ BROKE for my boy Tigh on that stand. Man tears, an’ everything.


    “. . . It’s in the ship. . . “

  314. By your Command says:

    I just have to vent and say: If the next one is like this, then it’s pretty obvious there are going to be a lot of “BEST EPISODE EVER” banners everywhere.

    Looking forward for the BIG cylon reveal, and also looking forward to listening to the GW podcast tomorrow morning.

    PS: God give me strenght not to read the AICN spoilers for the whole week, only 6 more lousy days.

  315. Timbuck says:

    I just got to see the episode tonight (Tuseday night) because of massive amounts of homework and school. It was killing me watching my VCR record while I was typing away across the room. WOW! I wish it was Sunday. I am dying. Just listened to Watercooler and all the theories are making my head spin. I think I’m the intellectual equivalent of Muffit: Imperial Cylon Uberdaggit. My thoughts for the finale: Starbuck is back and still human, Baltar gets off, gets shot and “rises” very Jesus-esque from his assassination attempt but no clue who the Cylon reveal will be. Help me…


  316. Renegade says:

    I think that Sam finds the way home with the help for the Colonel. But i still think that Dee might be the next Cylon. :^(

  317. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    No, not Dee, anyone but Dee!!!!! O_O

  318. Audra says:

    Hehe, I also use music as a torture device for others (See “Here in CIC.”)

  319. Audra says:

    Artemekiia, thanks for the link to deviantart and the guy’s awesome fan art. VERY COOL stuff!!


  320. Rollerex says:

    Did anyone notice in the preview for the season finale that where were glowing white beings sitting at what appears to be council seats?

    Angels of Light from the original series? The final 5 Cylons?

    From Maelstrom:
    Also, Starbuck is NOT dead. I have a Tivoâ„¢ and I looked frame by frame.
    There were 2 point of views, one from Starbucks ship and another from Apollo’s.
    The point of view from Apollo’s ship CLEARLY there were 2 ships. Starbucks raptor and another ship, perhaps of Cylon design.

    The other ship could have “beamed” Starbuck to safety.
    Perhaps it was an Angel of Light ship that rescued Starbuck.

    I dunno, I guess we will all find out on Sunday.
    I hope the season 3 DVD will have everything. The Webisodes and extras and will be released SOON.

    See ya Sunday

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