Help Us Choose Season Two Episodes for Commentary

Here’s the poll for selecting the season two episodes for off-season GWC commentary tracks.

This works just like the season one poll (which you should vote in if you haven’t already): vote for the episode for which you’d most like to hear a GWC commentary below. We’ll leave the poll active for a while, then plan on recording commentary for the top two episodes.

21 Responses to "Help Us Choose Season Two Episodes for Commentary"
  1. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    If you do choose Pegasus, you should do the extended episode found on the DVD for S2, even if it’s just for Gaeta’s “Got any porn in there?” line…

  2. Matt says:

    I voted Pegasus, and I agree with Tigh’s Eyepatch that it should be the extended version though.

  3. vodkamartiniup says:

    I disliked rear admiral Helena Cain but did LOVE her ship…the Pegasus was one hell of a battlestar. Oh that Lee Adama…Soo wasteful…I wish he kept her together, what a help another battlestar would be right now…the only bad thing was the pegasus must not have had a good gym on board…Lee got pretty chunky on her…they should have renamed her pegasass when she was captain. Gods what a bad joke that was…lol

  4. ToasterChick says:

    Pegasus was so difficult for me to watch because of Sharon’s rape scene. I must have watched every other episode at least two or three times, but I could only watch Pegasus once. I voted for the feel-good episode, “Flight of the Phoenix.” =)

  5. Ryan says:

    I voted for Flight of the Phoenix as well. But I am having second thoughts. The F/X in the Ressurection Ship part 1 and 2 were the best of the season.

  6. Magycian says:

    Had to vote for the Farm on this one. The great episodes were 2 parters that I couldn’t choose one half of them over the other.

    The Farm has so many repercussions throughout the series that It had to be my choice.

  7. ToasterChick says:

    Athenor, I know, I know! Belive me, I know it’s really really good, but just, you know…difficult to watch. Ok, if it wins this poll (which looks to go that way), I WILL watch it again. I’ll even watch the extended version…yikes.

  8. The 13th Cylon says:

    Well I meant to vote for “Fragged”, but it looks like I really voted for “The Farm”. It’s really one of my favorite episodes. We get to be on Kobol, which is always fun. The scenes of Baltar shooting Crashdown and then Tigh declaring martial law have always stuck out in my mind.

    And Pegasus looks like it’s got it in the bag. I watched that one a few weeks back and it’s a really great episode. Those scenes with Gina and Baltar are pretty powerful stuff.

  9. Athenor says:

    I once again state in this thread that I have not been posting today since about 1 PM. I don’t usually participate in threads like this, other than to vote, because it is a matter of personal opinion, and I don’t feel that makes strong debate and analysis.

  10. vodkamartiniup says:

    these are some very interesting ship spec sites for all the tech heads like me. I thought i would pass them on

  11. cylonaccountant says:

    nice sites vod, but i see the information is a few years old, and the first link didnt work at all. as the bsg sci fi series moves on i am sure more technical information may be available to us.

  12. cylonaccountant says:

    this one is better

  13. cylonaccountant says:

    sorry i mean this one

  14. vodkamartiniup says:

    the first link must be down today. it shows the comparative sizes of hundreds of ships from all sorts of shows including star wars, galactica, star trek. ect. you can even drag a ship next to another to see how they compare. as for the other two links, you posted the same links???

  15. Athenor says:

    Come back? *blink* I didn’t go anywhere. I just was gone most of yesterday.

  16. ToasterChick says:

    Um…Yeah. That wasn’t me. I haven’t been on the site today until now. What’s going on here?

  17. Pike says:

    Had to go with The Farm. Possibly the most relevant to seasons 3.5/4.

  18. Alasdair Lumsden says:

    I think it would be better if you just went through the episodes as they appear instead of randomly. I think this would help everyone understand the series a lot better.

  19. Athenor says:

    As I understand it, Alasdair, I believe they are going to go through every episode. These are just voting for full-length commentary, instead of the current GWC format.

  20. Gray says:

    Wow, looking at all those superior episodes is hard cause it highlights the ball dropping in 3.5 but I say Resurrection Ship Pt.1

    It’s the major turning point for Roslin and her future decisions. We start to see what she’s capable of and it makes the election fixing and the really dug in stance during the New Caprica stuff much more sensible for her character.

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