March 12, 2007

GWC Podcast #33

In “The Son Also Rises” we learn a bit more about Baltar’s upcoming trial and meet his very interesting lawyer. Highlights: We question Baltar’s lawyer’s motivations for taking the case, wonder whether he might be a Cylon, try to understand the role of the captains in the “tribunal,” and ponder bad Hemingway puns. We’re joined briefly by GWC legal analyst Bill for a breakdown of the state of Baltar’s defense case.

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  1. Cavatar says:

    LAWER BILL!!!! Way cool guys.

  2. Largento says:

    Howard Stern is talking about Galactica Watercooler right now on his Sirius show. Doesn’t sound like he’s listened to the podcast yet. I think he thinks it’s a radio show.

  3. Ziggy says:

    He knows its a podcast.

  4. vodkamartiniup says:

    Having HOWARD STERN a reader is a huge deal for this web site…i an here because of it for instance. Alot of “artsie” action going on with the way they filmed this Baltars lawyer…alot of play on his eyes…he is a cylon i think.

  5. John says:

    Hey! In Podcast 32 you negelected to recognize the camera shot from Lee’s cockpit that clearly shows Starbuck’s fighter AND a cylon heavy raider! It’s there for a split second from his vantage point!

  6. John says:

    By the way–

    The lawyer lies when we can see his eyes. All other times, his glasses are on, covering his eys which peole naturally think off as “shady.” Thertefore, he is in opposition of that which is considered normal. His eyes are hidden and so he cannot be trusted; however, he speaks truths with his eyes covered and falsities when we can see his eyes. The interview with Caprica Six he takes his glasses off and lies to her; he reinforces his lie about a woman to Lee and peers over his glasses.

  7. WandofOrcus says:

    Baltar’s lawyer is Cory Hart. lol

  8. Andersfan says:

    Everyone check out the bonus scene! This one rocked! Anthena scared the crap out of Cally!

  9. Leon Kensington says:

    This bonus scene should have made the cut. I am sure that one of the Baltar reaching down his pants scenes can be eliminated.

  10. Nick says:

    Someone explain to me exactly why Lee is taking up this crusade? It made sense in the first season when Lee sided with the president when she was removed from office, but aside from the added drama to the show why is he on board with Baltar’s defense? It really doesn’t make sense to me.

    As far as the lawyer goes, what a complete and total lying stealing bastard!! That’s EXACTLY the kind of guy I want to defend me if at some point I get arrested for murder, caught red-handed standing over the body with blood on my shirt and the murder weapon in my hands. This guy is the type of lawyer who can confuse things enough to set me free…. The real question I have is whether or not he is going to confuse things enough to get Adama to vote not-guilty or will the verdict be a 4-1 vote for acquittal?

  11. Sean O'Hara says:

    Largento, wow, I take a nap for a few hours and bang I miss something ;)… when did that happen?

  12. vodkamartiniup says:

    you never hear about baltar’s cylon blood test. we know it works cause it worked on athena…i wonder if they still use it to test the fleet? also i hate cali…she gets on my nerves…athena should have gotten her last night

  13. Nick says:

    At this point they probably don’t trust anything associated with Baltar. We as an audience know it works, but everbody else doesn’t since he officially cleared Boomer. I also have to speak up for Cali, I’m definately a Cali fan. Come on, in prison she looks Boomer in the face and asks “How many time do I have to shoot you??” You don’t think that creates a little tension any time she is in a conversation with Athena?

  14. Ken says:

    What are the actual charges being brought against Baltar? In last night’s episode, someone said (I’m paraphrasing here) “Everyone knows Baltar is guilty, he gave the Cylons our location.” This was someone on the flight deck, not sure who. Is this really what people think in the fleet? Wouldn’t it be ironic if he was found guilty of the one thing he didn’t do on New Caprica?

  15. Athenor says:


    Raise your hand if you noticed that Baltar’s lawyer and Baltar shared the same accent? =)

  16. Sean O'Hara says:

    oooo, nice Ath. I hadn’t noticed that. Though it doen’t look like the knew each other but perhaps thats why Baltar trusts him so quickly, I mean other than the fact that hes a sneaky fraker.

  17. Athenor says:

    Someone else brought up that the lawyer was Irish, and Baltar’s was lower London. So my original theory that they were related would not be as well thought out. =P

  18. The 13th Cylon says:

    The lawyer reminds me of my dog because of the fact that he loves to steal.

    And Sean, Tricia Helfer was on Howard’s show shortly after her Playboy magazine hit the stands. Robin (?- I don’t listen to the show) is apparantly his #2 and was raving about the show. And Howard kept talking about the scene with Baltar in fron of Starbuck in his lab back in “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”. Yeah…

    And Lawyer Bill returns! Doesn’t that sound like a comic book superhero?

  19. Athenor says:

    Okay, I’m listening to the actual podcast.

    Your guest brings up valid points, save one:

    There is no man, woman, or child alive in the fleet that isn’t touched by Baltar. Indeed, I think it is MORE dangerous to put him in the hands of the people, and I think that’s what Tom Zarak was warning Roslin about. The captains, hopefully, have a better view of what life in the fleet is like than the average person.

  20. Zigdon says:

    I don’t buy the lawyer as a cylon. It would be incredibly stupid for the cylons to maneuver one of them into a defense position in the trial – if/when they’re found out, it would basically prove beyond any doubt that Baltar is guilty.

    Aside from that, do we know of any reasons the cylons (aside from head-six) actually care what happens to Baltar? Their “god” might (if we’re to believe H-S), but the actual live cylons seem to be done with him.

  21. Ken says:

    re: Captains as “jurors”… This seems like a move to accept the de facto political organization of the fleet. They aren’t really 12 colonies anymore. They are a collection of ships led by captains who are supposedly capable leaders. Choosing from a pool of such representatives makes a certain amount of sense for a trial like this. It wouldn’t fly under normal civilian times or for a normal criminal trial, but this is not a normal circumstance or trial.

  22. Athenor says:

    Ken, I think that’s the biggest problem. We filter Roslin’s dictatorship or the legal systems through our democratic view.

    They are not in a democracy on the fleet. And the last time they tried a democracy, “One Year Later” occurred.

  23. Athenor says:

    *continues listening*

    You guys are missing the fact that Kat was in the service for less than 2 years when she became CAG. I think Helo has a lot more experience at this point.

  24. vodkamartiniup says:

    in a deleted scene from a few weeks ago heilo tells adama about cutting off the air supply to the cylons on board galactica. i dont like heilo at all…he shoulb be locked up…Also are there aany technical manuals out there for BSG? i have them for star wars and star treck and i would love to see some schematics of the BSG ships, and such? When i do a search on the comp. all i get are comics and novels

  25. Athenor says:

    I think BSG is still too new, as far as a continuity goes. I don’t even remember any of those style books being written for B5 when it was on the air.

  26. Largento says:

    RE: Plug on Stern

    It was during the first half-hour of this morning’s show, Sean. He was describing it as a message board that Galactica fans could go to. He said that he should call in. Maybe you can get him to do a phone interview during one of the off season podcasts.

    I was surprised when I heard him mention it. First Rolling Stone and now the Howard Stern Show… pretty impressive.

  27. Mack-the-Mike says:

    Does anyone else think it’s strange that Baltar referred to Caprica Six as “Caprica Six”? I mean when she was his girlfriend on Caprica she presumably had a name didn’t she? Surely one would refer to one’s ex-girlfriend by her name. Up until now he hasn’t needed to use her name because he’s been talking directly to Head Six. On the Base Star he called her “Caprica Six” because that’s what the Cylons call her. But why wouldn’t he use her human name among humans?

  28. Zigdon says:

    Does the fleet know that they knew each other on Caprica? I’m pretty sure the fleet wouldn’t know her “human” name anyway. Besides, it’s quite possible that after his time on the basestar he just got used to thinking of her as Caprica-6.

  29. Mike D says:


    I think Baltar knew six for two years on caprica and never knew her name 🙂

  30. Largento says:

    I think Moore’s discussed Six’s name before. Baltar doesn’t remember six’s name. He was too self-absorbed and was basically caught in the situation where he didn’t catch her name and then had become involved with her to the point that it would have been embarrassing to ask.

  31. Athenor says:

    Yeah.. I get the distinct impression from the miniseries that Baltar never, ever knew Six’s name. He was, quite simply, a source of infiltration, and a source of possible procreation.

  32. ToasterChick says:

    I gotta show some love for Helo, man… I think as far as succession of rank and who gets to be CAG next, Helo definitely is a logical choice. I think as Captain, that makes him the highest ranking pilot aside from Apollo. I think it makes better sense that he’s CAG than making him XO, ironically enough, the person that should have been XO when Tigh was planetside was Captain Kelly, but for whatever reason he was running com and/or Dradis (who was the LSO, then?) during the Exodus.

    I see the role of the CAG being more a command job than a hands on job. Apollo and Starbuck flew as CAGs because of the need for Viper pilots, but I think the CAG’s main responsibilty is scheduling the CAP and whatever flight ops need to get done. Also, they haven’t seen any Cylon activity in a while which would make sense to have Helo take over the role when they are Cylon-lite. Plus, he is considered an experience pilot (he does have his wings), he’s just not a Viper pilot. Just because we haven’t seen him fly the CAP or go out on missions (save for the one in the “The Passage”) doesn’t mean he hasn’t been flying a Raptor all this time. ECOs are also trained pilots that can fly the bird in case the pilot is injured or killed during a mission. I actually am probably one of the few that actually appreciate the Helo character. The podcast a few episodes back made mention that Helo is probably considered a “good soldier” in terms of having a understanding for military protocol and following orders and such. Given, that his supposed moral high-ground contributes to questionable actions at times, but hey, he’s human.

    And do’h! Why’d they cut the Bad Ass Athena scene?!! In the broadcast, they even cut the cut scene! The extended scene is on the website and it’s so awesome. I like Cally, too, but duuude, I’m glad Athena got the chance to get a dig in on her. Awesome.

  33. Optimus_mike says:

    The only question is, Who watches the watchmen?

  34. Magycian says:

    Best deleted scene they’ve done yet. That really should have been in the show.

    Romo. Excellent character. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him out an airlock. He’s the perfect greasy lawyer type. I’ve already thought through the:
    He’s related to Baltar. – I like this one
    He’s a Cylon – Nope.. Not even they are this slimy.
    He’s not really a lawyer – Possible. He might have known a lawyer once.
    He’s really a great lawyer. – Joe Adama reincarnated?

    I do have to say it almost hurt to watch the picture go up on the wall. I was sure the number would be changed though. 400 was too round.

    Excellent podcast.. Thanks

  35. Athenor says:

    Wanna get really, REALLY twisted?

    Wouldn’t it be the ultimate mindfrak if the lawyer was Lee’s cousin? Or similarly related to Joe Adama, though some fraternity?

    As in, Bill gains a brother/nephew?

    Nah, they wouldn’t go down that kind of soap opera path, but it’s scary to think about. =)

  36. The 13th Cylon says:

    Woah, Largento- I thought you guys were talking about back when Tricia Helfer was on. Ha ha, leave it to me to think everyone’s a few months behind on the news. For Howard to mention this show is huge! He has like a bazillion listeners. Howard Stern AND Rolling Stone. I’m speechless!

  37. Mikey says:

    Am I the only one who is hooked on this podcast yet has given up watching the show itself? 😉

  38. rose says:

    hey – I am not watching the show but I listened to the podcast. 🙂 This way I can keep up on the show and still hear Audra giggle and Chuck complain about the lack of battles.

    Guys, Starbuck is dead. I wonder how many people would have the same reaction to the show as I do, if they believed, as I do, that Starbuck is dead. Whether the actress shows up again in some other incarnation of Starbuck, meh.

    What I think the cliffhanger will be? The reveal of the Cylon(s)? . And I think that reveal will be important in Baltar’s case.

  39. rose says:

    Sorry, I mean the reveal will be who the Cylon is, and maybe there will be more than one.

    Also, I discovered that Cold Case at 10:00 on Sunday isn’t terrible. 😉 Not that I would compare it to what BSG used to be, but it isn’t terrible if you need something to watch while you ride the exercise bike or run on the treadmill. 🙂

  40. Abel Vargas says:

    [link] Posted March 9th.

    Please note that SciFi is looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. It would be wild if one of the regulars got the job.

  41. Ken says:

    Do we know if Lee is a major now? Romo said, “It is Major, right?” when he was talking to him towards the end of the episode. I thought this could have been a slight bit of manipulation in reminding him of a demotion and turning him more against his father.

  42. Athenor says:

    Yeah, he’s been referred to as Major a few times now.

    That only helps your case that it was another bit of manipulation. I caught that too.

  43. Largento says:

    I think the cliffhanger *is* Starbuck’s death. The producers are just pullling a fast one by having it happen a few episodes early.

    I just looked on the wrap-up page for today’s Howard Stern Show and they don’t mention Galactica Watercooler by name, but it’s referred to as a fan site and there’s a link to in the show companion links.

  44. Athenor says:

    Didn’t I say something on a previous post about how you guys were the biggest Galactica fan site?

    Hm. Well if you weren’t before, you are now. Congrats, guys.

  45. Its Boxey (O gods no) says:

    haha starbuck being central to the plot haha

  46. Rebecca says:

    So…here’s one for you all if you care to ponder. Athenor made a great point that Romo and Baltar’s accents are pretty similiar, yes? And from the initial blush, there’s an interesting parallel to their personalities. Both are manipulative and brilliant. What’s really intriguing to me is when you look at them this way, Baltar is hated by some Colonists yet his views of BSG society are relative to others now – thereby nullifying some of the population who may not like him as President, but agree with his missives. Romo, on the other hand, is doomed to be hated by a lot of people just for *defending* Baltar – almost as unpopular as Baltar was when President on New Caprica. Plus, there’s that very freaky little quasi-klepto habit Romo’s got, aye? That’s the major difference IMO between Baltar and Romo: Baltar’s narcissm vs Romo’s observation/keepsake tendencies. Nifty juxtaposition 🙂

  47. Admiral Adama6000 says:

    Yeah guys, this website is pretty cool. Ill be listening to your podcasts from now on.

  48. jerryjrsfn99 says:

    This site is friggin awesome.. I love the show and am almost done with the second season dvd set..

    But keep up the good work, is there a place on here with pics of the ships and actresses and so on?

  49. Gaius Baltar's Gardener says:

    Although I can’t wait for the next episode and I think it’s been a great season, I miss the days of the Galatica being on the run and of the Viper/Raider battles. Priceless.

    If you can’t get Howard on the line, I’m sure you can get his best pal Ralph Cirella. All that dude does all day is watch Star Trek and play pocket pool. I suppose there are worse lives to live but I’m sure he is available. Great site and keep up the great work.

  50. frank says:


    I am glad you are staying with us, your comments are always insightful, you are one of us.


    Everytime I turn around you guys are getting bigger, new posts already today from new friends. First Rolling Stone, now Stern, maybe now you guys will start to see how great a job you guys really do, and I am glad you guys will help us get through this crazy 9 month layoff. You guys are our CRACK!!!

    Great podcast as usual.

  51. The 13th Cylon says:

    At this rate, RDM will be mentioning this show and people like Mary and Eddie will be calling to get in on the fun. I’m calling it now. lol

  52. frank says:

    13, I agree, things are really taking off, just going to get bigger in the off season when everyone else comes here to get their BSG fix. More people, more theories, it doesn’t get any better.

  53. john patrick says:

    I like that Romo’s cleptomania rattles all the characters, that they created a motif of missing things, and then it payed off by uncovering the bomber. I admire that kind of tight writing.

    Remember, any cylon we disover now is a final fiver, so it will be a surprise to the cylons as well. So I don’t see Romo as a cylon, at least not the one that Three apologized to.

    The only theory that makes sense to me is that Starbuck is a Final Five Secret Cylon, but yah, that missing ovary from the Farm is a wild card.

    As far as the long word contest from the podcast:

  54. Athenor says:

    Heh. If each comment reflects only a small amount of the user base.. *grin*

    This site is mostly about speculation and discussion, though. Technical specs.. well, I’ve never even seen them talked about here, outside of where it is important to the drama or the ongoing storyline. To be honest, I think I prefer it that way. Maybe someday they’ll add tech specs, but I see no reason to. This show has exactly 8 models of ship that are important to combat (Galactica, Raptor, Viper 2, Viper 7, Pegasus, Basestar, raider, heavy raider), so it’s not like there is a ton of information to go over.

    Maybe once Caprica gets off the ground, and we see the military at its peak. =)

  55. Saberhawk says:

    Great cast as always. I think that NeoSmith (err Lampkin) with his Cavilistic tendancies has the “potential” to be one of the best (if not the best – and I know that may offend some) character ever created for BSG.

    For those that have been around awhile – I will call this a modification to the original SKYNET theory (one the does not require time travel) —- I think that the F5 are different than the revealed 7. I also throw out that they have been in existence since the original immigration to earth (over 1,000 years) That they had a part in the “discovery of knowledge” (instead of the discovery of a deactivated original Cylon) to allow the production of the Cylon(s)z of this era for the first war. I also think they were instrumental in the development of the 7. THEY (F5) are the ones with the PLAN and the 7 are clueless. This would also allow Lampkin to have known and practiced with Joe Adama – although I’m not convinced that is not a pack of lies yet – it just fits with the theory (and the glasses, I think).

    Since we know that we are going to get a reveal in the next two weeks….and it should be a F5 – I submit that it may very well be the “original” Cavil – Romo Lampkin

  56. Luc says:

    I agree with many, Lampkin is an interesting character. In the RDM podcast he mentions that they originally had him in only one episode but subsequently changed their minds thinking it was not credible to have Apollo head the defense of Baltar by himself. True, and glad he’s still aboard. Must have made a really good impression on RDM because he was part of the Roundtable podcast on along with Bamber, Callis and I think Helo.

    Did Apollo smile when he saw what Lampkin stole? I thought I saw that. If so, nice to see a little wickedness in Apollo who sometimes comes off a little like a boy scout. I thought the cleptomania angle a riot and quite clever. I will be nice to see Lampkin and Baltar join together to play mind tricks with Apollo and all.

    I’m impressed that with all the people involved in that show and since some people have already seen the last episodes that the season ending cliffhanger was not leaked anywhere. If they can pull that kind of secrecy, they can probably surprise us with Starbuck coming back, that would be great drama if not at all expected. Looking forward to see what happens next. The third season has been great, best episode was Exodus 2.

    The podcast and web site are both fantastic. Thanks for all your efforts!

  57. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    Hi guys, de-lurking here after following the podcast for a while… You. Guys. RAWK! ’nuff said, I’ll get right to speculatin’:

    I loved Badger as Lambkin. So sleazy!! In the best of BSG tradition, he’s sleazy, but he makes some compelling arguments! However, between the shades and his hand gestures, Lambkin is just waaaay too Cavil-like. Also, Cavil himself is the only Cylon who shows any signs of aging, implying that Cylons do age, although maybe not in the traditional sense. I’ve always wondered whether when Cavil resurrects, would he be in a young body?. Could this Lambkin be, in fact, a young body (or a replacement body) for Cavil’s model? Sort of like boxing, but instead of being put out to pasture, it’s an upgrade?

    With Starbuck gone, and other Viper jocks getting more attention (HotDog, Racetrack, Seelix), it’s all too plausible that Lee might move on to a different role, apart from Viper jock/emo posterboy. Could they be pushing him to become some kind of civilian leader in the fleet, possibly in cahoots with Anders? Maybe as a foil to Roslyn’s totalitarian tendencies? It’s a stretch, but Bill Adama’s “I’m through giving you orders” line seemed very prescient.

    Did anyone catch Lambkin’s comment to Lee about Baltar being ‘pregnant’ when he convinced Lee to take him to Colonial One? I think he was referring to Baltar’s pen-in-the-pants, but that struck me as a very awkward piece of dialogue. Could it be that Caprica Six is pregnant? Or, -and this is a crazy stupid leap, of course- is BALTAR actually pregnant, courtesy of some Cylon meddling while on the base ship????

    Also, did anyone else get the impression that Tori is up to her old tricks again, with regards to stalling the release of those papers from Colonial One? Methinks she had some redacting to do…

    I loved Kara’s card. I almost cried, man…


  58. Audra says:

    Tigh’s Eyepatch – Best. name. ever. 🙂 We know that Cavil resurrects into his wrinkly old body each time because early on in Season 3 he was complaining about joint pain, etc. from the process. Remember when he got shot and was forced to suffer until he died on New Caprica (Exodus, Pt 2, I think?)? He came back the same ‘ole Cavil.

    AdmiralAdama6000 – Lol. Are you Howard?

    John Patrick – I think that definitely wins the contest. Huzzah!

  59. Tigh's Eyepatch says:

    Audra- That’s right! Good call, I’d forgotten about that. I’ve always wondered about his age, though. But I’ve never had a problem suspending my disbelief for Cavil because, well, it’s a very small price to pay for having Dean Stockwell on BSG, after all.


  60. Saberhawk says:

    After further thought, I am going to retract my thought that Romo will be the reveal at season end. If memory serves right they made that statement while displaying photos of current cast members.

    I still think there is a stong possibility for Romo to be a F5 (if the contract negotiations go well with RDM – HA) even with another reveal – there will remain F4 after season end.

    Thought for next Romo theft…..Tigh’s eypatch. Picture Tigh getting up in the morning feeling around for the patch – CRAAAAAAAAAAAP – who the FRAK took my patch?

  61. rose says:


    wasn’t antidisestablishmenttarianism the longest word for a while

  62. Armando says:

    Great point/theory, Saberhawk. But…did Romo really say he PRACTICED law with Joe Adama? i thought he said he’d WORKED with him. I took that to mean that Adama the eldest had been a mentor of his, probably in law school or at the public defender’s office as Romo was starting his career and Joe was finishing his. How old is Bill Adama supposed to be (how old is Eddie Olmos? 50s?)? Is Lee supposed to be the same age as Jamie Bamber (33-34)? Romo looks to be of similar age to Lee, which would mean that he started his career some 8-10 years previously, at which point Joseph Adama could have been anywhere from mid 50s-80 (probably in the lower part of that range if he was still practicing law and not retired, since we know Bill was going to retire at the beginning of the miniseries, putting, theoretically, Caprican retirement age at around 55-56 or so).

    Still, there’s definitely something we’re meant to find odd about him and I would not be surprised to find out he is one of the Final Five.

    (Alas, guys, I’ve not been able to listen to the podcast yet. I’m away on business and away from my computer so I can’t even listen to it in the car while driving to rehearsals. I’ll have to catch up soon.)

  63. Armando says:

    Right on, Tigh’s Eye Patch! There’s something appropriately Galactica-esque about romo Lamkin, no? It’s like he’s sleazy, sure, and you can’t trust him…but he still charms your pants off so you do trust him. A very cool character.

    So, I guess we should get used to some new blood in the comments pages, huh? It feels really strange to me, after getting to know so many regulars, but I’m glad that our little triumvirate of hosts is getting some recognition. So say we all!

  64. Armando says:


    I bet that Moore, Seinfeld fan that he is, calls her Mulva! 😉

  65. Vix says:

    I don’t think that they can find an impartial jury in the Fleet so it makes sense that they would get captains.

    Regarding the charges that may be brought against Baltar, I have a feeling that they’re only going to be New Caprica-related because I don’t think anyone knows the depth of his involvement with the Cylons. If they knew that he was indirectly responsible for the genocide of the human race, Baltar would be dead already, never mind having a trial.

    Lampkin’s kleptomania was an interesting point – he steals things that reveals something about a person’s nature – the prosecutor’s slipper, Adama’s button. I think he uses that to understand his opponents so that he can better manipulate them.

  66. Athenor says:

    Hopefully this is the last place I have to post this, to make my point made:

    The above poster at 8 PM is not me. I have no clue who it is, nor do I care. But it is not my post.

  67. ViperTech418 says:

    Hey guys! Great job on the podcast!

    Just thought I’d let you guys know that if you watch the *2nd* airing of BSG, the one that occurs Tuesday night, they don’t have the “bonus” clip and you get a better preview. The preview for Crossroads Pt I shows a bit of the trial, and some more strain on Lee and Bill’s relationship….something on the level of pulling a gun on Tigh.

    Anyway, take care. I’m off to the Hangar Deck to lock down a Gimball.

    Viper Tech 418

  68. BSG-38 Minnesotia says:

    First off, love the podcast. Great flow, good banter, feels like you’re in my living room.

    I’d venture the obvious that Lampkin is just a great character that got extended to more eps because he turned out so compelling. Be great if he asked Adama or Tigh if they were in the “Balls and Bayonet Brigade” during the war tho ‘eh?
    Don’t think he’s a cylon. Just a good oldfashioned human sleazy guy.

    More posts as I think of them. Keep it up!

  69. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i just saw spoilers for the rest of the season i almost cried
    i cant belive that ———— was a cylon so is ———- and ———- and ————— is ——–
    what ever you do dont go here dont do it unless you really want to be spoiled REALLy BAD dont do it dont do it. it ant cool it will ruin the rest of the seaon and part on the next season

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