Help Us Choose Season One Episodes for Commentary

Based on your suggestions we’re planning to record full-length commentaries for two episodes for each of season one, season two, and season three. These “commentaries” will differ from our standard podcasts in that we’ll actually record as we re-watch the episode. The idea is that you can start the ‘cast along with the episode and enjoy it right along with us.

We have some other fun planned, including an organized re-watch of the entire series to date, guests, listener ‘casts, and more, but we wanted to go ahead and ask you which episodes you’d like us use for our commentary tracks.

Here’s the plan: vote for the episode for which you’d most like to hear a GWC commentary below. We’ll leave the poll active for a while, then plan on recording commentary for the top two episodes.

13 Responses to "Help Us Choose Season One Episodes for Commentary"
  1. Turk says:

    Oooooooh 33… What an intense episode.


  2. Joe says:

    This is a no brainer. 33 all the way!

  3. The 13th Cylon says:

    These polls are so much more interesting that the stuff on CNN and FOX News.

    I know “33” will win, which is great, but my vote goes to my all time favorite BSG episode, “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”. We meet Ellen, Baltar has air sex with Six in front of Starbuck, we have some funny scenes in Baltar’s lab, etc. C’mon Tigh fans, let’s get our XO to #2 (which is rather redundant)!

  4. The 13th Cylon says:

    I’m absolutely double posting, guilty as charged, but I had an idea. Make this a bit of a RDM spoof podcast! You can beverages clanking and heavy exhaling after a moment of silence, random animals/children heard in the background, and have telephones ringing and yelling for someone to answer it (my fave!). Also mention his recurring quotes like “Gary Hutzel and the boys… and girls”, “that’s a fair criticism, I would say”, and bash Standards and Practices over not letting us see more Tricia Helfer pelvic thrusts. Oh yeah, you’d also have to start out as “Hello, we are Chuck, Audra, and Sean, the voices and executive producers of Galactica Watercooler” and end with “Good night and good luck”.

  5. Proton says:

    Tighclops demands Tigh me up, Tigh me down. Demands it I say!

  6. Pike says:

    My first thought was 33, their finest episode ever, but I ended up voting for Six Degrees because it ties more directly into the larger story arc, and it would be more interesting to go back and revisit it in light of what’s happened since.

    Plus it has nekid Sharon.

  7. Ray says:

    I would have voted for 33, but I just knew it would already be so far in the lead, so I voted Six Degrees, mainly because I remember it being a funny Baltar episode, and it’d be nice to revisit the lighter days of Baltar’s residence on the Galactica.

  8. Zigdon says:

    Of course, this is the vote for the FIRST of these, right? It’s not fair to make me choose one and only one!

  9. Its Boxey (O gods no) says:

    Whatever it is lets go for the Starbuck eps. so we can specluate. FOr season 1 we should bith of the Kobol eps. they will be really importants seeing as BSG might m=not have a season 5

  10. Promethia says:

    With each successive season of this show I am more and more starved for humor, but whenever I get too down, I always return to that fabulous dinner party scene. Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down, please, please, please!

    I also think TMUTMD is well suited to an actual, watch-along commentary in that many of the scenes themselves are worth talking about–lots of character moments, bits of business, etc. Doing a commentary on some of the more mytharc-ic episodes would probably lead to long digressions about the larger story and speculation about what’s to come. Not that I’m adverse to digression and speculation–and I hope to get lots of it on the long hiatus–but nothing gets on my nerves more than watching a commentary and having the commentators talk right through my favorite scene on an unrelated topic. Granted, I will listen to whatever you guys record, but a commentary seems like a unique chance to engage with the texture of an episode. TMUTMD has great texture (as does 33).

  11. Chroko says:

    It may have been simply overlooked – but of more importance than 33, and any of the first season episodes – I would most like to hear a commentary (or at least a discussion) – for the miniseries.

    But of the season 1 episodes, “33”, definitely. It was such a fantastic episode and sets the tone for the first season. After that, I’m torn between “Can’t Go Home Again” – it’s the only episode in the first season that forces several main characters into conflict, and “Flesh And Bone” – because Roslin’s visions and Starbuck’s interaction with Leoben make it such an important episode.

    I have to speak out against TMUTMD (the current #2 as I write this). It was a weak episode. The “humor” fell flat, the music trying to point out the “funny” moments just makes it painful. And seemingly important questions raised by Ellen’s sudden reappearance are completely abandoned. The podcasts are always great, so I’d still listen to it – but it just seems like there are better episodes to comment on.

  12. Max Peck says:

    33 will win, no doubt…Six Degrees is my second…

    I want to see something more MST3K like from them…not to knock it, but to give us something to entertain us in the off season…10 fraking long months…

    at least it ain’t like the Soprano’s off season…


  13. frank says:

    As already stated, 33 is the best episode to date, so what better way to kick things off than to comment on 33.

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