GWC Frak Party: “A Day in the Life”

If you’re not already attending a Frak Party — or hosting one! –join us here for the GWC online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we’ll check in here first to see what you had to say in real-time. Sweet.

See you here tonight!

62 Responses to "GWC Frak Party: “A Day in the Life”"
  1. john patrick says:

    Ha! First comment! Sweet!

    I am a Cylon! I love Helo!

    Frrrraaaaaaaaak party, baby! Meow meow meow!

  2. Moe says:

    As an iTunes guy I wish you a good episode and will touch base with you all probably on Wednesday by the time it is up and I have time to watch.

    I was quite disappointed with the Scifi video blog about tonights ep. It really seemed to give out way too much info. Oh well.

    Have fun!

  3. Pike says:

    Moe, I made the mistake of watching it too. What the heck where they thinking? They gave away the whole ending. Frakers.

  4. Carol says:

    I watched it, too. It would have been a great video blog, oh, a week
    from now, not before the episode. Gah. Oh well, nothing can dent my
    pleasure at the thought of a Chief/Cally episode. We’re due!

  5. wraith1701 says:

    Re. the video blog on Sci-Fi-
    I’m pretty sure that they were all kidding.
    (I hope!)

    Anyway; looking forward to a great episode!

  6. Its Boxey (O gods no) says:

    I might actually get to see it live tonight :0 πŸ™‚

  7. Carol says:

    I think the thing the Chief said was kidding, but it seems likely that most of
    it was the real deal.

  8. 13th Cylon says:

    Glad I didn’t see that then. I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode since it deal’s with Laura’s favorite thing on a ship- the airlock!

  9. wraith1701 says:

    LOL good ol’ Laura “The Airlock” Roslin. Someone ought to make a t-shirt. I’d buy one! πŸ™‚

  10. Saberhawk says:

    Hey, they have as big a space as Helo and Athena.

  11. Saberhawk says:

    So, is Adama projecting?… a Cylon?

  12. Saberhawk says:

    Looks a little Baltarish….

  13. Blue says:

    HOLY FRACK!!! Is it “head ex-wife” for Admiral Adama?

  14. frank says:

    good catch saber, and blue, another clue for the adama cylon, head ex wife that is classic blue!!

  15. Saberhawk says:

    Next thing you know we will see Head Lee – inside Dee’s mind whinning all the time.

  16. frank says:

    I don’t remember Cally being this whinny, is she taking Lee’s pills?

  17. frank says:

    Check it out Saber, we both made Lee whinning jokes at the same time.

  18. Blue says:

    Now if I make a whining Lee joke you’ll think I’m unoriginal….sigh.

  19. Saberhawk says:

    LOL Frank – on another note that looks like the same garden that Castiel (sp) used when he spoke about his wife on Miami Vice.

  20. Carol says:

    need people who know the difference between right and wrong
    thus Lee

  21. frank says:

    Hotdog is back prepare for some frakkin butt whoopin.

  22. Saberhawk says:

    Maybe that was Eddie Olmos omage to his Miami Vice days – he only discusses his wife in a Japaneese garden?

  23. Rorlins and Adeldia says:

    Adeldia votes Fair Trial
    Rorlins votes “Air Lock ’em”.

  24. Saberhawk says:

    That was for you Chuck – Iknow you had to be an old MV fan,

  25. frank says:

    I have got to say I think Blue, and Saber are right, He is doing a very good job of projecting, just like six described to Baltar in the hallway of the basestar.

  26. Saberhawk says:

    Prolly just a misdirection by RDM and those o so clever writers, but what if?

  27. Blue says:

    “We chose what we want to see. I want to see a forrest, and I’m surrounded by god’s work.” (Or something along those lines is what Caprica 6 said to Baltar on the Base Station). It’s interesting that the Admiral chooses to “see” his ex-wife…I don’t know many guys that would make that decision. Or maybe he’s not projecting, and he just has a really overactive imagination.

  28. Rorlins and Adeldia says:

    “Or maybe heÒ€ℒs not projecting, and he just has a really overactive imagination”

    Only seems to happen once a year. Probably just his introspective/ reflective personality.

  29. frank says:

    I sure as hell don’t want to see either of my ex wives.

    Looks like another bonus scene after the show, i guess that is going to be a common thing.

  30. Carol says:

    40 minutes in and the crisis culminates? Is that called premature ejection? πŸ˜‰

  31. Saberhawk says:

    Misdirection made to look like projection. That is my vote.

  32. Saberhawk says:

    Time for a Whinning Lee moment

  33. Blue says:

    HA! That was great, Carol!

    Maybe the Admiral kept some of the wacky hobbit weed he found on New Caprica and he’s lighting up when nobody’s around. That’s what I’m thinking.

  34. frank says:

    Maybe Lee could start eating more algae and make Audra happy by becoming FAT LEE again. He is like a great whinny superhero.

  35. Carol says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s cylon projection, nor a true Head Ex-Wife. Seems like
    just a gimmick to get some insight into Adama’s thoughts. Who woulda
    thunk he was feeling so insecure these days? And how does Lee jump to
    the conclusion that mummy never loved da? Seems a bit of a leap.

  36. Saberhawk says:

    Good one Carol!!!

  37. Rorlins and Adeldia says:

    poor Callie… all she wanted was to go to Dental School….

  38. Saberhawk says:

    Ever thinking about smoking that doobie with me “airlock”?

  39. Blue says:

    Right on, Saberhawk! For a second there I thought they were in High School again behind the bleachers…

  40. Rorlins and Adeldia says:

    I thought he was pretty smooth about it all… very classy considering that if the two get too close one of them will have to step down. Having the civilian leadership in bed with the military is one thing when you’re being figurative. But when they’re literally in bed together……

  41. Saberhawk says:

    I like Chief and Callie, but this is two weeks in a row that I felt the show was lacking. Airlock tension is not the same as Cylon tension. Looking gorward to the podcast.

  42. Blue says:

    THAT WAS IT!?!? The “Bonus Scene” was just a couple of junior officers starting some scuttlebutt about the Ma & Pa of the Fleet? Sheesh….

  43. frank says:

    what the frak was that preview all about? a mutiny? Chief is smarter than that.

  44. Carol says:

    The women were certainly cooperative this week:
    Laura ‘the Airlock’ Roslin was all girly and flirtatious
    Seelix was all gussied up, from last we saw
    Dee was all being the sex slave lounging on the bed waiting for her man thing
    Kara was sitting in the front row during the briefing with a grin and a
    ‘yes, this is my crotch’ shot for Lee (oh, I know, she was trying to pose
    all tough guy, but still…)
    Athena was her usual competent self

  45. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Man, if I didn’t know that RDM and Co. wrote these stories during the late spring and summer months, I would say they have been listening to the Galactica Watercooler podcast and checking the posts. I coulda sworn Chuck was talking about strikes and the role Chief would take with that experience of being a union organizer on New Caprica.

    BUT, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this show and the previews, I have a feeling that the mutinous Chief story will be the “B” story. But, I’m with you, Frank. What’s up with that??? “Oh, I’m on strike! I want more pay (to spend at Joe’s). I want better working conditions (nevermind Galactica is the best ship in the RTF).”

    Okay, now as for the Roslin/Adama thing, did anyone have the “Attack of the Clones” flashback? Just remember, with help from Armando on the “Government” post by Chuck, you heard it from me first!!!

    I will say though that this is the first episode that has actually had me drawn in emotionally. And I must say that Mary McDonnell was looking absolutely smashing this episode (yup, I’m crushing on Roslin).

  46. Browncoat Bryan says:

    I just got through reading the posts on this online frak party.

    You all are INSANE!!! LOL!!!

  47. 13th Cylon says:

    If Roslin and Adama don’t hook up by the end of the show, I’ll be sad. I normally don’t like the silly shipper stuff, but they’re an exception. I was hoping they were going to kiss again, but not this episode. Now that I think of it, it’s kind of weird being an 18 year old guy wanting two people on TV old enough to be my parents hook up! lol

    Glad to see the Cally and Cheif make it. That was a nasty hit they took. This looked like an episode where Cally might close her eyes and give up the fight when she put her hand up against the glass there. I guess the moral of this episode was about how a marriage takes give and take from both sides to work (or something like that).

    And Hotdog- Well you know something’s wrong if I’m not bashing Helo for his actions in this episode.

  48. lexi says:

    I don’t think that Adama was projecting when he was talking to his ex-wife and walking around his old home. Instead, I think he was just using a familiar setting in his mind to store all of the information that he needs to remember such as “Jaffer brings the coffee.” He was basically just using it as a mnemonic device. (I really hope Adama isn’t a cylon, it would be such a cop out).

    I loved the roslin and adama scenes! Frak responsablity. If Lee can marry Dee, have an affair with Starbuck, be CAG (and probably help out with Baltar’s trial in the comming episodes), then Adama can kiss Roslin!

  49. ShinyFab says:

    Totally ready for this episode to start RFK. Reading the posts just makes me all the more antsy . . . come on already.

  50. Carol says:

    I have to admit that I LOL’d at the ‘Is it ticking?’ line, though it did seem a
    little weird.

    And what’s up with the ominious music swell when Galen/Nick’s hands
    are pressed to the glass of Callie’s decompression chamber?

  51. Thom says:

    The Case Against Galactica Whiners —

    1. Helo. Throw him out the airlock. Why: You have heard it all before but what looks like another standalone episode is simply to much to bear after The Woman King. Helo is self righteous and too selfless to be believeable. He can no fail be counted on to dump a pale of whine over all his friends, which leads me to believe he would have no friends. The entire race is nearly wiped out and this guy is worrying about trivial details when I think survival should be the real issue at hand. He has no problem bending the rules based on his beliefs, but in doing so his decisions force his beliefs on the rest of surviving humanity. Throw him out the airlock because in nobody can hear him whine.

    2. Lee. Only worthwhile when not pining for Starbuck. When he is in a dire wartime situation he tends to sack up and redeem himself. I’m glad he has changed since being Leelo in the first season. Luckily they cut the Helo from him and now he is just Lee. Lee at least sometimes maintains an understanding that there is survival at stake here.

    3. Chief. Cally and Chief, so far so good. No airlock. N Caprica behavior saved them in my eyes.

    4. Col Tigh. Nuf said, his balls are huge.

    Final note, I’ll hit other characters later, but I am completely at a loss as to why the entire civ fleet isn’t pressed under the circumstances to serve in the military, or even why they wouldn’t be volunteering after all that has happened. We have even had a few episodes as to why that would be a BAD thing?

    Anyways, you guys rock, no airlock for you.


  52. frank says:

    I agree Carol, I thought Lee and his Dad were well past the disagreements of the past. Also did anyone find the music that was played when Adama was having his “projections” or whatever you want to call them, a little strange? Maybe I am just trying to see something that isn’t there.

  53. frank says:

    Great write up Thom!!!!!

    Colonel Tigh For President!!!!!!
    On the show or in real life, doesn’t matter

    The more and more I wonder about who is or isn’t a cylon, I realize the writers have me where they want me, confuzed as all frak!!

    Anyone I bring up there is points for and against.

    I think I am just gonna have to take the ride like anyone else.

    Maybe you should reconsider Thom.

    Shove frank out the airlock.

  54. Chuck says:

    Frank: You know what music I don’t like? The blasting “stay tuned for…” stuff. Inevitably we find ourselves watching some kind of touching moment right before a commercial break, then it cuts immediately to an explosion of music that destroys the mood.

    I’m pretty quick on the mute button, but I always seem to miss it.

  55. frank says:

    I see what you are saying Chuck. That damned surround sound I had to have doesn’t help either. I’ll be deaf before the show is over, By the way my ipod is hooked up to the surround sound, so your podcast is blasting at me from 5 speakers.

    Now please someone throw me out the airlock.

  56. Shaymus22 says:

    Chuck, I completely and totally agree with you, and was about to comment on how, throughout the show, I slowly but surely developed a raging hatred for it.

    Also, what was the deal with Hotdog? Not only was that too much information, but Helo’s reaction was so graceful that it epitomized the grace with which the character carries out just about everything he does! I’m not saying that I’m a Helo hater, I’m saying two things:

    1) Every time I see Helo on the screen, I reluctantly cringe, hoping that he doesn’t do something that will make me like him less (I really used to think he was the awesome down on Old Caprica)

    2) Almost every time I see Helo on the screen my hopes are dashed and scattered to the winds

  57. perry ostrin says:

    did any one eles’e cable go out half way through? I HATE TIME WARNER!!!!!

  58. Chuck says:

    You know what I really love about these frak parties? When I’m outputting the podcast at 1:30 in the morning here, I know that I’m not the only one thinking about BSG right now…

  59. frank says:

    Chuck, you are a galactaholic, there is a support group for it. Talk to Pike, he is a charter member, with the proper medication, and an audio clip of tigh saying craaap, you will be fine. We are all here to help, we have a disease. I found myself reading some episode scripts!

  60. Carol says:

    FYI, RDMs podcast for this episode will be posted sometime on
    Tuesday, according to, along with another, bonus podcast.
    (apologies if this was already mentioned in another thread)

  61. Pike says:

    Heh. Just now listening to the Podcast (iTunes didn’t get the show on the road until after noon today. Frakers.)

    Chuck, the nice thing about being a Galacticaholic is that there are only seven steps (act now, offer subject to change without notice.)

  62. Jaz says:

    Hey fellow Galacticaholics! I loved this episode! It reminded me of the dazzling “Unfinished Business.” I was really moved by Adama’s memories and internal conversations…they were so real to life. I was also moved by Adama and Laura’s admission of their attraction to one another. They are so gonna end up together one day.

    And hey, who knew Lee still had a backbone??

    And where’s Anders?

    Hats off to RDM and DE for a great episode (but more money shots please…at least one per episode). πŸ™‚

    BTW – I love watching on iTunes because no commericals come blaring in to ruin the mood. Sure, I have to wait an extra day but it’s worth it!

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