Digging Isn’t Just for Daggits

Some of you have already noticed this little “Digg It” buttons scattered around the site. These are links to allow easy submission of GWC posts — and probably more importantly, the podcast itself — to Digg.

If you’re not familiar with Digg, it’s a link-recommendation site where users submit links and “vote” on them by “digging” the ones that they, um, “dig.” Links that receive a lot of “diggs” (or a fair number in a short time) find their way to Digg’s front page — and into their RSS feed.

Regardless of whether you feel like submitting any of GWC’s content to Digg, you might want to give the site a look if you’re not familiar. One warning, though: It’s oddly addicting. Sure, a lot of what you see is junk, but after a while you find yourself zipping through the RSS feed every few days looking for the cream of the crop.

If you are a “Digg” user — registration is free — and you enjoy the podcast, we’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute to click on the “Digg It” link in the right sidebar under “Digg GWC!” Many people find new podcasts via Digg’s listing, and right now GWC’s pretty buried since there are so many there.

Anyway, sorry for the non-BSG content, but since I saw a few comments regarding the new buttons, I thought I’d explain.

2 Responses to "Digging Isn’t Just for Daggits"
  1. Its Boxey (O gods no) says:

    hey, i like daggots

  2. Tanu says:

    i digg you guys!

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