Show Me the Money!

Okay, this may have been done before (I’m way too lazy to check out the fan ‘verse to see), but here goes. In the spirit of the less-cerebral and sillier side of GWC…Vote for your favorite money shot! (Or add one if you don’t see it here.)

Male money shot: 1.) Lee dropping the towel in front of D’Anna when she’s on Galactica as a reporter 2.) Anders after spending the night for the first time with Kara on Caprica 3.) Lee flexing in the mirror after losing the Fat Suit 4.) Lee in the Fat Suit (hey, you never know) 5.) Helo getting it on with Sharon on Caprica 6.) Baltar nude on his Fainting Couch

Female money shot: 1.) Caprica Six getting it on with Baltar (any scene) 2.) Nude Sharon doing Tai-chi or whatever on the Basestar 3.) Nude Sharon x100 when they tell Boomer she’s a Cylon 4.) D’Anna Biers in the white fluffy dress 5.) D’Anna Biers in the white vixen cleavage jacket 6.) Starbuck practicing boxing and kicking a punching bag 7.) Dee practicing combat moves with Lee around the time they start dating 8.) Laura Roslin chilling on Bill Adama’s couch in his private quarters

Non-gendered money shot (vote on best action sequence) : 1.) Galactica dropping out of FTL in New Caprica’s atmosphere and rescuing everybody 2.)Kara flying the Cylon Raider home 3.) The Pegasus slamming into a couple of base stars 4.) Gina’s nuke taking out half the fleet 5.) Lee flying his Viper through the mining equipment to drop a nuke on a Cylon base 6.) Kat taking out Scar 7.) Adama’s beat-down of the first Leoben at Ragnorak anchorage

Oh yeah! Comment on your favorites or add to the list. It’s all you now.

34 Responses to "Show Me the Money!"
  1. Arktis says:

    Dude… you just want to prove me right, don’t you? 😀

    Male: Unlisted – Baltar getting busted whacking off in the lab with all the test tubes. HOT!

    Female: Unlisted – Dripping wet Boomer scene from the water tank explosion episode.

    Non-gender Action: Hands down it’s gotta be 1.) the Galactica’s freefall. That’s a no-brainer and if I were a betting man then that would be my winning horse.

  2. Moe says:

    Male: Quote from my French wife who can’t stand Scifi when she saw Bamber’s towel scene “Woauh (French for Wow) I wouldn’t say non!” (Add in the accent and it sounds better.)

    Female: Baltar and the ladies on the fainting couch…

    Other: In Haiku form

    Battlestar plummets
    Galactica burning bright
    A phoenix rises

    Bring on Judgement at Nuremberg!

  3. Chucksax says:

    Oh, man…

    Female shot: Gotta be the Baltar sandwich a few episodes back. In bed with both Caprica and D’Anna… OMG.

    Male shot: Lee dropping the towel in front of D’Anna… particularly because that was before Whiny Lee showed up. That shot got my wife into the show for good!

    Non-human: Galactica dropping through the atmosphere of New Caprica. No-brainer.

  4. Colonel P says:

    Male: Have to go with Arktis on his one- whack-a-mole Baltar FTW.

    Female: Sharon naked Tai-Chi, most definitely.

    Non-G: Galactica dropping through the atmosphere of New Caprica, by a long shot.

  5. Pike says:

    “money shot?” Audra, I don’t think that means what you think it means…

    Anyway, Male shot: I’m going to go with Helo in the boxing ring. Not flashy, but damn was he impressive looking. (That probably says weird things about me that I’m just not going to think about right now.)

    Female shot: (so tough) I’m going to have to go with Sharon’s glowing back in, er, “Flesh and Bone.” *cough* (Frak, Helo’s in both of those, isn’t he?)

    Neuter shot: There can be only one. As someone else said so well:

    I’m fairly certain there’s little red and yellow stickers on the underside of Galactica that say: “Warning, Do Not Plow Into Some Planet’s Unsuspecting Stratosphere Like The World’s Grimmest And Most Heavily Armored Fat Kid Jumping Into A Pool Full Of People He Hates Screaming Cannonball With A Grenade In His Teeth, Yeah, We’re Talking To You Adama, ‘Cause Jesus Christ.”

  6. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Audra, this was genius.

    1. Male: Helo smiling at Lee with the black mouth guard from Unfinished Business. Maybe it didn’t do much for the ladies but he looked like one badass motherfraker.

    2. Female: Tricia Helfer in Playboy. Ok yeah I’m off the screen here but she looked damn fine. I’d post pictures but this is a family site. 😉 Grace in Maxim was a close second.

    3. Non-gender: Galactica and Pegasus opening a whole case of Battlestar whoop ass on the Baseships in Res 2. After a season and a half we FIANLLY got to see what they could really do in action. After seeing that you knew why the Cylons had to plan a sneak attack.

  7. sween says:

    Female: Starbuck walking in on Baltar “exercising” at the table, and then when she leaves, Head Six appears bent over the table. (I still don’t know how that on got on the air…)

    Male: Lee flying his Viper through the mining equipment to drop a nuke on a Cylon base.

    Non-Gender: Galactica falling. Oh yeah. (And a shout-out to one of my all-time favs — the Cylon Raider flipping over and showing “STARBUCK” written on the underside… heh.)

  8. ShinyFab says:

    Male: Helo was so hot in the boxing ring, but I would say he’s just ‘edged out’ by Lee and that infamous towel. I have to stop thinking about it, or I’m going to start day dreaming. Helo and Lee. OH. Can’t forget Anders. Arms. Lots of big arms . . . okay. So um.

    Female: Head six and the torture, uh, distraction. Also very impressed Tricia has the balls to do those scenes. A for effort.

    Non-gender: Totally the Galactica falling through NC’s atmosphere. Hands down.

  9. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Okay… let’s see…

    Male money shot: Definitely Baltar getting caught in the lab. Talk about getting caught red handed (bah-dum-dum, crash… I’m here all week, tell your friends!!!).

    Female: Hmmm… so many to chose from. I feel like Chris Tucker in the spa scene in “Rush Hour 2” (or Jim Kelly in “Enter the Dragon” the night before the first round of fights). But, I’ll settle for Roslin and Adama. I got a thing for Mary MacDonnell. Hell, any scene with her in it.

    Neutral: Come on now…. We all know the scene. Galactica falling through the atmosphere like flaming death. I kept “Exodus Pt. 2” on my DVR for months because of that scene. A close second is Galactica and Peggy taking out the basestars in “Ressurrection Ship Pt. 2” and a close third would be Lee doing the Skywalker thing in “Hand of God”.

    Now, I have to say to my man, Pike– Dude, what’s up with the Helo fetish?

  10. Ray says:

    Male: I think it’s got to be tough to beat Apollo’s towel dropping scene (I swear Starbuck’s fighting back a smile behind him), but I agree with Pike and Lt. Slingshot on Helo’s badass grin in the boxing ring in Unfinished Business, it scared the craaaap outta me.

    Female: I’m totally in love with Starbuck, so basically any scene of Starbuck working out or kickboxing. Favourites including the same episodes as above: Final Cut & Unfinished Business.

    Action: It goes without saying that Galactica’s freefall is by far the winner, but I also have a thing for Apollo’s viper mission in Hand of God. I’m in viper mission withdrawal at the moment, can’t wait for some more of that good stuff.

  11. Frank says:

    interesting question….even more interesting responses.

    male shot…Helo boxing in lee’s ear, after soooo many shows of whiny Lee it was good to see him get decked.

    Female shot… from the mini series, the first time six and Baltar got it on.

    Non gender… I agree with everyone else about Galactica’s freefall, with an honorable mention to Pegasus when she first arrived at the battle of New Caprica, when she came into the scene with all of her front canon going off it was pretty awesome. A second honorable mention to the Pegasus collision with the Basestars, what a way to go out!!!!

    Pike, something tells me it is going to be awhile before you hear the end of this.

  12. Pike says:

    *ahem* Did I mention D’Anna’s cleavage?

  13. Ressa says:

    Male shot: Lee with the towel. Why doesn’t he just hold it up like a normal person? Not that I’m complaining!

    Female shot: any glowing back action

    Action: I agree with everyone else, Galactica to the rescue sequence!

  14. BoxytheBoxed says:

    male; ANder’s fighting Cylons all greasy in Rapture
    female; denna ajcket

  15. Lt. Slingshot says:

    I’m going slightly OT. Audra forgive me!

    Male: Steve McQueen as Lt. Bullit driving the fastback Mustang from Bullit

    Female: Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool in the dream sequence from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Non-Gender: The Huey helicopters hitting the beach from Apocolypse Now. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  16. Joe says:

    Hey! RDM’s podcast for episode 314 is already out! The Woman King. I am tempted to listen!

  17. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Joe… are you SERIOUS??? Man, that’s not good. Now, I’M tempted to listen to it.


  18. frank says:

    RDM’s commentary already downloaded on my ipod, it is taking everything I have to not listen.

  19. Pike says:

    Wha? FIVE DAYS early?

  20. john patrick says:

    I will go for the double gender money shot when I say that I want to see Sharon and Helo from different angles on Caprica from beginning to glorious end. And that I wish for a moment I could be Helo. And then I wish I could be Sharon. *shuddering at the hottness*

    This comment was too easy. It would have been more interesting if you had asked who in the Galactica universe I *wouldn’t* want to have sex with.

    In that case, I’d say Col. Tigh. And Leoben, no, I would do Leoben.

    But I wouldn’t do Doral. I draw the line at Doral.

    No I don’t.

    I’m a very lonely man.

  21. Pike says:

    JP, How ’bout Cavil? ‘Cause I think Audra’s your only competition there…

  22. Luc says:

    1. Baltar 3-6 Cylon sandwich, what a man! Did even Kirk ever pull off a threesome with alien beauties? I think not!

    2. 3 in that white dress, a statuesque beauty

    3. You know it, the Galactica freefall. How can anything top tap. That episode probably ate half the budget for special effects this season. Money well spent…

  23. Ressa says:

    Ack, what’s with the RDM podcast???? Help! I’m trying to resist….

  24. 13th Cylon says:

    1) Male: Baltar doing his “stretches” in the lab. “Very. Good…. very good.” lmao! That was back when Baltar was still a lovable and funny traitor.

    2) Female:

    Grown: Duh, anything with Racetrack going “Holy frak! It’s ____!!!” I just know that one day she’ll make a jump and say “Holy frak! It’s the final 5!”

    Fetus: Creepy hybrid promo, which gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

    3) Galactica in freefall. I mean if you disagree with that, we’ll have to execute you… publicly! Toss you out the airlock. So that’s like two birds with one Cavil/Roslin stone. Does that make it an alloy? I don’t really know. Either way, you’re really screwed.

  25. 13th Cylon says:

    Oh, I heard bad things about the podcast this week. It’s an episode that RDM is apparantly not pleased with and it’s supposedly a lot of “and starring Helo as Mr. Morals” type stuff. Are we getting another 2nd half mid season curse like with 2.5’s middle section (Scar, Epiphanies, etc)?

  26. Peter Coffin says:

    The podcast makes the episode sound completely missable (and I’m a fan-boy). Sounds like Ron is trying to put a good spin on it though (‘It really stands alone from the other episodes’) but has some regrets that he let this episode out.

    Hopefully he was distracted working on The Best Season Ending Ever.

  27. Carol says:

    Agree bigtime with 13th Cylon re: 1). I love that scene with Baltar in
    the lab. Baltar was so much fun back then. Kara’s reaction was priceless,
    and the shot of 6 was stunning.

    Haven’t seen anyone else mention this, and perhaps I’m the only one, but
    I really liked the shot when Kara was, well, seducing is too refined a word
    to put on it, but trying to boff Lee, and there’s a fleeting second where
    they’re both standing, you see Kara from the back, and Lee is jamming
    his hand down her underwear. I’m surprised it passed the sensors, but
    I do admit to liking that shot (almost reminiscent of a famous shot from
    Body Heat).

    Neutral shot? Really, any of the space battles. They always make me
    drool, and I start thinking they could do justice to Honor Harrington.

  28. Promethia says:

    Going with some unconventional choices here because there’s more to sexy than sweaty muscles and naked robots:

    Male: Gaeta on New Caprica with the curly hair and dark coat. There’s a particular shot while he’s talking with Chief by a scaffold and Chief is accusing him of not doing anything for humanity. Gaeta is turned away and looking over his shoulder all hot and brooding. mmmm.

    Female: Roslin in the red dress. Open invitation.

    Neuter: Frack, it’s the freefall. We all know it’s the freefall no matter how much we may rack our brains for alternatives.

  29. Audra says:

    Pike: >>“money shot?” Audra, I don’t think that means what you think it means…

    True, I *am* using a modified, looser definition of the term, hehe.

    >>JP, How ’bout Cavil? ‘Cause I think Audra’s your only competition there…

    HEY NOW! Lol…that’ll teach me to overlook comments!

    Great responses to this question, though I fear I’ve unearthed some latent desires in the fandom…JP??

    I had forgotten about the menage-moi Baltar! Perfect!!

  30. john patrick says:

    Audra! What are you saying!

    Militant heterosexuality is a Western convention. I’m Filipino; I’m free to lust over everyone the casting director puts on the screen. That said, I can’t say I fantasize about Cavil.

    Speaking of Filipinos, why aren’t there any Filipinos in space? Don’t they film in Vancouver? Hmph. Maybe all the Filipinos went to the 13th Colony. Or maybe we are the Final Five.

    No, then it would be called the “Pinal Pibe.”

  31. eric-michael says:

    I’m going to give the farm away here, but I have to say that any money shot involving anders far and above wins out. I have never been too sure what six’s appeal was, she looks as if she’s starving herself. oh and as for the galactia falling on NC … that is about the best sci fi scene ever shot

  32. Jaz says:

    Ok…sorry gang…I’m veering wildly off topic to to add my votes…

    Male: I just watched “The Woman King” and my new# 1 is Helo pacing around shirtless – HOT HOT HOT. #2 is the famed Lee towel-drop and #3 is any scene with my personal favorite: Anders (aka: my baby daddy).

    Female: My Gods…how to pick just a few…Caprica has the most perfect muscle tone I’ve ever seen so anything with her scantily clad. Starbuck and her abs practicing kickboxing is pretty hot. And I have to go with Audra on the whole D’Anna in a cleavage vixen look; I was one of the straight women who noticed the neckline plunged to her navel in Eye of Jupiter. Two words: AMAZON HOTTIE. 😉

    Non-gendered/non-human: #1) Watching the Galactica fall out of the sky and shoot vipers out that immediately started kicking cylon ass was the best frakking action scene I’ve ever seen on TV EVER.

  33. Pike says:

    FWIW, here’s the totals to date:

    MALE: Baltar ‘excercising’ in lab leads with 5 votes. Apollo’s Towel ties with Helo in the Ring at 4 votes each.

    One vote each for:
    Anders on Algae Planet
    Helo with Sharon
    Helo Shirtless
    Baltar Sandwich
    Gaeta on New Caprica

    FEMALE: Far more options here. Three stuffed into the jacket leads with three votes. Baltar sandwich ties with Sharon’s glowing back at two each.

    One vote for:
    Six’s glowing back
    Any glowing back
    Wet Boomer from Water
    Tai-Chi Boomer
    Tricia in Playboy
    Baltar and Six in lab
    Six’s torture distraction
    Roslin with Adama
    Roslin in red
    Any Racetrack
    Kara working out
    Lee and Kara making out

    NEUTER: No contest. Galactica’s freefall at 16 votes. Pegasus’ last stand got two. Lee’s Star Wars run and “any space battle” got one each.

  34. David says:

    Male-I dropped my Jaw when Anders first kissed Starbuck shirtless…aaa.

    Female-I think any Roslin scene is hot-She is the definitive hot older lady.

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