Top 5 Reasons the Goo is Different this Season

(Also, see comments on podcast #26 for further speculation)…

5. Dry air on basestar forced skinjobs to begin mandatory oatmeal soaks

4. Clumpy low-grade goo much cheaper than premium slick goo

3. Consistency of goo directly proportional to current mood of the Hybrid, and she ain’t happy

2. More useful consistency for slingingduring Cylon wet t-shirt contests

1. The pool guy got boxed

And… Top5 Least Likely Reveals for the Person Under the Glowing Hood:

5. Ellen Tigh

4. Hot Dog

3. Scar

2. Tom Zarek

1. Jammer

19 Responses to "Top 5 Reasons the Goo is Different this Season"
  1. Joe says:

    It’s probably not Boxey standing on a step stool under his cloak either.

  2. Arktis says:

    Top 5 reasons Audra made a post about slime consistency:

    5.) Booze

    4.) Lack of sleep

    3.) “oatmeal soaks”

    2.) Post-hypnotic suggestion

    1.) long chains of amino acids, or polypeptides, that are able to bind to the neuroreceptors in the brain and are capable of relieving pain in a manner similar to that of morphine

  3. Ressa says:

    Haha, Scar! But he is kind of a cylon, right?

  4. BoxytheBoxed says:

    How Audra thought of this
    1. She Shpt the Ambrossia with Starbuck
    2. Ellen Tigh
    3. Otmeil and Rasin Cookies
    4. Helo told her the goo was “concus, alive”
    5. Goo takes like Chicken
    5 most lilely people for cylons
    1. Boxey
    2. Hotdog
    3. Racetrack
    4. Little Nikki(how does that work)
    5. Dr. Daniel JAckson

  5. BoxytheBoxed says:

    THe pool guy got Boxed YES!!!!!!!! now i have sombody to watch Football with

  6. Tanu says:

    hehehe, “current mood of the hybrid”

  7. Pike says:

    We never see the males in the goo (mostly a good thing.) It would have been fun to see Cavil after resurrecting from the temple.

    “Damn! I can’t believe the little twerp shot me! Yeah, yeah, I know the drill, now let go of my hand. And someone get me an asprin.”

  8. Browncoat Bryan says:

    For some reason, the whole notion of a naked Cavil coming out of the goo in the waiting and welcoming arms of Doral kinda makes me want to gag.

  9. Pike says:

    Like I said, it’s mostly a good thing. If they ever go that route, I’m hoping the goo is heavy on the oatmeal…

  10. BoxytheBoxed says:

    does Doral ressurect in thoes suits, casue i wouldnt be suprised

  11. Tanu says:

    *possible spoilers ahead?*

    maybe this is a spoiler, maybe not. depends on if you’ve seen the previews for next week’s episode. I only saw it for the first time yesterday and it seems that Baltar is not going to be a happy camper. But they did show Baltar in the tub of goo…didn’t look heavy on oatmeal but i’m thinking that if they revealed this on the preview, its probably not going to be true – maybe one of those escape in his own head scenarios. hallucination or not, we still get to see one of the guys on the show naked and in the goo. i hope they change the goo after him.

  12. Pike says:

    Tanu, I haven’t seen the preview (WHY don’t they put those on iTunes?? Hey SciFi, I’m willing to D/L your frakin’ commercials. Work with me here.) I did see an interview with RDM where he mentioned that and he implied that it was not what it seemed. (Can we discuss spoiler spoilers?)

  13. The 13th Cylon says:

    Oh yeah, from the podcast, the KMart goo! lmao Good stuff.

  14. Carol says:

    Re: naked in the goo thing. When Athena woke up in the goo in
    “Rapture”, the full body pale body suit she was wearing was really
    noticable, particularly around the neck.

  15. Pike says:

    Carol, I went back and looked, and I don’t think she’s wearing a body suit. I think you’re seeing the difference b/t her skin in and out of the goo (which is rather a lot, what IS in that stuff?)

  16. Chris DiBona says:

    1) Aveda…they discovered the Aveda salon planet, refreshed their goo.
    2) Organic goo adopted instead of old lame non-organic corn derived goo.
    3) The goo will change again due to lack of 3’s overusing the goo to resurrect, what we were seeing was “goo-oversubscription-thinning” caused by excessive downloading by D’Anna.
    4) Unfortunate six/baltar ah… experimentation in goo filled hot tubs.
    5) They ran out of regular cylon food and have been experimenting on how to make the goo taste better. “Goo, it’s what’s for dinner”
    6) They are considering making a goo waterfall in the control room to go with the 70s oil curtain thingy
    7) Goo thought to be too hybrid friendly, and they don’t like the hybrid, as she is too chatty with Baltar.


  17. Chris DiBona says:

    Regarding the reveal: So remember that D’Anna had seen and met everyone on the ship during her girl-reporter phase, so “I didn’t know you were one of us” could mean pretty much anyone (I buy that it is starbuck)

  18. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I think Audra needs to write a otmeal goo song

  19. jaiuaimtvi says:

    Thanks for this site!

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