January 13, 2007

GWC Podcast #25

We’re rounding out the last of our over-the-break ‘casts with a truly special set of guests: our listeners! We’re joined by a number of regular listeners and blog commenters who lead us down some interesting paths. Highlights: We review the practicality of Cylon genocide, wonder what might happen if Galactica arrived at Earth sometime in our past, talk BSG as political sounding board, speculate on which of Starbuck’s parents might be the abusive one, consider a couple of caller-suggested Cylon reveals, and (sort of) answer the toughest question of the night: Galactica vs. Enterprise — who’d win?

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  1. Eyeless says:

    Haha yes! Just as I reach for the off button, the cast is released. Now I have something to listen to tomorrow whilst I wait in line for a Wii.

    Gracias. =D

  2. Adam Heff says:

    Hey all, I’m currently listening tonight’s podcast, and between tonight’s and a couple weeks ago’s casts, I wanted to speak up about the place of politics in sci-fi.
    I’m in total disagreement with the idea that social commentary doesn’t belong in science fiction. All along, the best science fiction has been all about commentary. From 1984 to Night of the Living Dead, such commentary has played a key role in, and probably been a large reason for the existence of science fiction. Books like Animal Farm and 1984 (to stick with Orwell for a moment) were written in the way that they were so that they could attack important current issues from a safe-haven of “it’s about animals, so you can’t get upset at me for my politics.”
    One of the key roles of science fiction throughout history has been to comment on things that couldn’t easily be commented upon in any other way, and I was frankly astonished to hear a science fiction writer say something to the contrary.

  3. Sphagnum Core says:

    Listening to your last podcast I was interested in your thoughts on the plot holes involving the Genocide storyline. I actually thought that there was an even BIGGER one involving the ‘running out of food’ storyline.

    Why risk frying the entire fleet to get to an algae planet (yuck) when thay had a far more accessible source of food easily within their reach? I’m talking about the cylon raiders! Catch a bunch of them, get the chief to set up a giant cauldron on the hangar deck and they’d be fine. Can you imagine… cook ’em in their shells and they’d be just like a giant crab or lobster…

    Not to mention the potentially wonderful scenes of the Galactica crew all sitting around the cooking fire bonding, celebrating, all that stuff. They could even have a fondue style toga party (the writers do seem to like the Greek/Roman references on this show).

    But seriously, the scene I’d like to see would be Tigh (maybe in a toga), poking his fondue fork through the eye-slit of the cooked raider, pulling out a wad of steaming white raider-meat and saying ‘That’s an eye for an eye you frackin’ S.O.B.!’. I don’t even wanna speculate as to who would go for the ‘mountain oysters’.*

    BTW, I love your show and my wife thinks I’m quite insane as I wander around the house with my headphones on giggling insanely to your shows. We’re both huge Galactica fans. Keep it up!


    * ‘Mountain Oyster’ is the term given by High Country sheep farmers to sheep balls. As sheep reach a certain age they are (mostly) neutered by removing their scrotums. In the (not-to-distant) past in my home country (New Zealand) the farmers used to remove them with their teeth. At the end of each neutering day (it’s seasonal) they would cook them around the camp fire and eat them. It was considered somewhat of a delicacy. To me it gives a disturbing insight into the minds of yer average high country sheep farmer.

  4. BoxytheBoxed says:

    dude Galactica has nukes NUKES
    “BTW, I love your show and my wife thinks I’m quite insane as I wander around the house with my headphones on giggling insanely to your shows. We’re both huge Galactica fans. Keep it up!” i do the same, except im 14, have no wife and am forced to live with my parents, brother, and sister
    How bout’ this A Viper vs. a raider vs. a F-302 form stargate
    Im with the F-302 or viper

  5. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Warning I’m about to get long winded. There was a lot of great stuff in this cast.

    Earth colonized Kobol and then returned to Earth?
    I hadn’t considered this until I was looking up the religions of BSG on the Wiki prior to the Very Jerry but I kind of like it. It would explain the constellations and the naming of the gods.

    From the Wiki :
    There is some evidence that appears to indicate that the humans of Kobol actually originated from the planet Earth.

    When a ground team from the Fleet enters the Tomb of Athena, they find a map room in the form of a planetarium, depicting constellations in Earth’s night sky. Laura Roslin identifies the actual star patterns, not their symbols, as the original flags of the Twelve Colonies. These patterns are only visible from Earth, which implies that the creators of the map had some prior knowledge of their destination before setting out.

    Hmmmm, not sure I totally buy in to that but very interesting

    Fiction and Social Commentary:
    I never thought about the issues dealt with in the occupation of New Caprica as being directly pulled from current events. My experience when talking to other fans has been their personal politics had a more to do with this interpretation rather than what was actually on screen. I’d like to think that suicide bombing began and will end with Iraq but I know that’s not the case. These began in the 1980’s in their latest incarnation of the car bombs and explosive belts but you could just as easily site the kamikazes of WWII. We are naturally overlaying our perspective on the episodes but I think the concepts are more wide reaching than just our current events and thus not at risk of becoming dated. I did find it ironic that in the couple of weeks before Baltar says no one is being tortured our own government was making the same denials but that episode was filmed months before. Odd timing but it couldn’t have been a direct commentary.

    In the general sense I have to side with Anna Nomous and Adam. Fiction is a wonderful forum to discuss political/social issues and still steer clear of the more heated emotions. There are large issues that come up over and over through time. Discussing these in fiction can risk being dated but I don’t see BSG crossing that line other than when we impose narrow definitions that writers may have not intended.

    Shat and Kara getting it on?… shudders in horror

    Kara and a centurian?!!!… slowly backs out of the room to distance myself

    Philip Glass was not an abusive father 😉 I’m still leaning towards mom being the abusive one but interesting take.

    Kara as a Cylon:
    Man I’ve been going round and round with this for a couple of weeks. Great idea for a twist but I can’t reach an opinion pro or con. Whatever they do with her I hope RDM shocks the hell out of me in a way I never considered.
    I still have this sneaking feeling Cally could be one of the five. What better way to mess with the Chief than have him fall for a Cylon? AGAIN! Somebody give little Nick a blood test!
    RDM: Wake up Helo you’re one of us. A really stupid one of us! Love it Pike!

    Sean you caught me. I did make a cheat sheet to make sure I didn’t forget anyone on the planet. Chuck, Audra and Sean, thanks again for Exley, Very Jerry and Daniel. And the biggest thanks to the GWC audience. You made these last few weeks fly by.

  6. Pike says:

    Man, I sound like craaaaaaap. Oh well, at least it was useable.

    Hey, is Kara and a Centurion really weirder than Tasha and Data?

    Sling, Cally as Cylon? I love it. We don’t know anything about her backstory, and it’d be interesting to see how Tyrol reacts this time around.

    BTW, the ‘Stupid Helo’ comment was one I did based on the BSWiki’s drinking game page:
    [broken link] 

  7. Lt. Slingshot says:

    LOL Pike you were fine. In fact everyone who left a message was great. Now I know what Shiny Fab, you and Leon sound like! I’m so glad people got on board with this. Most people don’t like hearing themselves but I have audio looped 24/7 in my house of me reciting speeches of Mussolini in Italian so I’m used to it. 😛 Just kidding everyone.

    Loved your editing job. Which podcast was that from? I know I’ve heard it before but couldn’t place it. The long writers meeting?

    Actually I find Shatner and Kara more disturbing so Audra is the freak here not Sean.

  8. Lt. Slingshot says:

    So Leon, are we calling that video a draw?

  9. The 13th Cylon says:

    The Shat!! lol

    Another totally off topic thing, but since we all bashed that most recent promo with mind numbingly bad music, we’ll be able to make our own promos soon. Basically it allows Sci Fi to slack off and us fans do all the hard work. Of course, their biggest news yesterday was a Flash Gordon series coming in July. I imagine he’s getting an update much like BSG did (although I think this will be more light hearted).


  10. Pike says:

    Sling, it was from “Home, Part II” It’s the part just before the end of act 3. And thanks. I hate the way I sound. Hopefully, I’ll grow some bass soon….

  11. Leon Kensington says:

    Yah, the vid is a draw. It is also old BSG, if you have the new one with Kara, Lee, and Sharon I am sure the Galactica would win.

    I mean how can you beat Laura “Airlock” Roslin and Kara “The Hotdog Killer” Thrace? Who?

  12. The 13th Cylon says:

    Yes, Adama could do his death glare and blow up a ship the size of the Enterprise if he needed to.

  13. Lt. Slingshot says:

    I’d grow catfish myself since the farms are a little more lucrative but who doesn’t love a good bass? I understand why you don’t grow pike, that’d be a little creepy.

    Sorry dude couldn’t resist

  14. Les Vogt says:

    Random thoughts and responses to the podcast.

    The cylon disease was new so the cylons were just speculating and playing it safe. For Lee it was an attempt at a possible genocide. No one on either side really knew what would happen. What Helo and Adama did was reject the idea of genocide. As far as how Helo killed the cylons, it is not clear when he decided and how much time had elapsed. He may not have had the option of going to the brig with a weapon.

    The theory of relativity states that time is altered by faster than light travel so it might be complicated to know when they might arrive at Earth. My preference is sometime before the great flood.

    We see current political circumstances on New Caprica because they are happening now but it expressed the nature of any occupation any time. Picasso’s “Guernica” was a very specific commentary on the bombing of that city but it tells a universal truth and has stood the test of time.

    I think your author’s statement last week that – art doesn’t teach, it makes you feel – is simply wrong. The purpose is whatever the artist says it is.

    Kara is the true believer, that’s why they brought up the fact that she cuoldn’t divorce. She’s wounded. What if she stays behind to blow up the eye but she is raptured when the eye is triggered by the helium flash preceeding the supernova. The eye will display a beam towards earth or perhaps create a wormhole.

    Perhaps the person who dies, dies in the Eye of Jupiter and sees who the next cylon reveal is. It may be themself. Maybe D’anna is with that person at the time.

    I’d like to see Boomer and Athena switch places so Athena can see the baby.

    BSG is great and I am enjoying your podcasts very much.

  15. Manicorn 7 says:

    Great podcast as usual. Great idea to have people call in. I love that one guy’s theory about Earth mythology. Very plausible in my book.

    One part of the podcast really bugged me though. How can anyone, who is a serious science fiction fan, say that politics and current events should be kept out of scifi stories? That flies in the face of the very history of what science fiction has always been about in many ways. Look at many of the classic films of the 1950’s. During the Cold War many filmmakers used scifi allegory to try to address difficult issues of the time, ie Them!, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Classic scifi literature is no different if you think of books like 1984 and Brave New World. BSG writers, Ron Moore & David Eicke are doing great work in my estimation when they bring in contemporary issues and explore them in dynamic ways within the confines of the Galactica universe. I have to totally disagree with your comments and your previous week’s guest’s comments on the subject.

  16. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Doesn’t sound like anyone was in agreement with Tony Daniel’s comments.

  17. BoxytheBoxed says:

    you guys were talking about the role of SciFi “Science Fiction is an exostential metaphor that allows us to tell stories about the human condition Isaac Asmonov onec said ‘in the modern time individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to blinders critics and philoshpers of today but the core of science fiction is the essence that is crucial to our salvation if we are to be free'” teal’c played by Christopher judge

  18. BoxytheBoxed says:

    MTV isnt listnening but i am, ummmmm whos that other guy

  19. BoxytheBoxed says:

    final five=Five Drgrees of Starbuck:drunk starbuck, anders lover starbuck, lee loving starbuck, regular starbuck a.k.a “Frak Off” starbuck, kick-ass viper poilot starbuck

  20. BoxytheBoxed says:

    if starbuck is a cylon not only are the cylons are screwed, but so is leoben

  21. BoxytheBoxed says:

    id like to be Boxy, or hotdog

  22. BoxytheBoxed says:

    i think the extra raiders not carrying Baltar or 3 will get in the way of the nukes, as the raiders jump to the planet

  23. Pike says:

    OK, in defense of Tony, I’ll say that I don’t think he meant that scifi shouldn’t deal with politics at all, but that stories that embrace subjects too specifically tend to date themselves, which (as a writer) he sees as problematic.

  24. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Pike you’re right on and I totally got that from what he said. My issue with his premise was that he accused BSG of that. I’ve heard so many different points of view from my friends about those first couple of episodes I have to disagree with Tony that the writers were being specific about our times and date the episode. Viewers with diverse strong politics saw those episodes very differently so I’ve come to the conclusion that writers did their job. I can kind of understand why Tony was bored by it but it stirred a lot of people I know up in very different ways. That’s good writing in my book.

  25. Carol says:

    A thought on the supposedly upcoming Cylon reveal.

    People seem to be concentrating on existing, live characters.

    What if it is someone who has been killed off? Say…. Ellen?

  26. Arktis says:

    Or Billy. Only the rest of his model are totally bad-assed.

  27. Browncoat Bryan says:

    I have to disagree with Helo being the Cylon, however, your reasoning is pretty sound. I still favor Starbuck (as much as I’d hate to see it). The only history we know about Starbuck is what’s been revealed by Cylons (Leoben and Simon). And she did pick up on how to fly that Raider pretty quick (remember, once the Raider was back on Galactica, no one else could figure out how to fly it/him/her). If Helo were a Cylon, I’d love to see him boxed for what he did. Let’s see:
    Sharon/Boomer – Innocently Seductive Cylon
    Six – Gentlemen’s Club/Escort Cylon
    D’Anna Biers – Glenn Close Cylon
    Leoben – Mystical Psycho Cylon
    Simon – Smart Brother Cylon
    Aaron Doral – Mail Room Clerk Cylon
    Brother Cavil – Roslin Cylon (come on… he’s just like Roslin)
    Hybrid – River Tam Cylon
    Starbuck – Poison Pill Cylon
    Helo – Stupid Stud Cylon

    Also, I have to disagree with the idea that Starbuck’s daddy was the abuser. I may be reading more into it than I should (and perhaps you all have a better perspective than me). But, if I remember the episode where Helo and Starbuck are chillin’ in Starbuck’s apartment, didn’t Starbuck treasure her father’s jacket? If her dad was the abuser, then why would Starbuck do it and also listen to his music? My thoughts are that her fingers were broken by the piano, but it was done by her mother, who was jealous of Starbuck’s relationship with her father (sick, but possible).

    As for politics in BSG, I do see Tony’s point and I have to agree with him. If the writers of any show tie the events of the show too closely to current events, it is dated. However, I do think that the episodes this season pointed to something deeper. Occupation/Precipice dealt with one race trying to control another. As RDM has said (and I agree with him), this was more along the lines of Vichy France than Iraq. If Occupation/Precipice was along the lines of Iraq, and the Cylons were the Americans (and the Colonials were the Iraqis), then wouldn’t it make more sense for there to be a Colonial faction that backed Baltar fighting a second faction that backed Roslin, with the Cylons supporting Baltar?

    And finally, I agree that the A Measure of Salvation episode had way too many large plot holes. But RDM did achieve his desired effect. We did talk about it and the moral ramifications of genocide. Until we wised up and realized that we’d been played. And it was nice putting voices to text.

    Thanks you all for making this excruciatingly long wait more manageable. Great guests and great podcasts.

  28. Lt. Slingshot says:

    1st guess for Rapture

    Adama is just about to unleash all his nukes on the continent when Gaeta informs him that the star is going supernova. Since the planet is going to be destroyed anyway the Admiral instead launches a rescue operation for those still on the planet.

  29. Arktis says:

    I still think that the basestars are going to jump in the way of the nukes.

    4/5 nukes left, 4 base stars present. Oh, wait… we still don’t know about the nukes that the Pegasus had. Did Lee’s crew manage to salvage any before scuttling the ship?

  30. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Artkis I’ve been curious as well about how many nukes are left but I know that’s one of those numbers that is as much as the writers need it to be. Galactica has seven nukes ready to go so there must have been some nukes shared from Pegasus.

  31. The 13th Cylon says:

    On the podcast RDM said that they pretty much decided that BSG would’ve had nukes that we didn’t know about and the writers needed them to tell the story, like LT said.

  32. eric-michael says:

    a: the galactia would kill the enterprise … all it would have to do is launch it’s figher and the story is over
    b: I don’t know if I ever said this, but you guys rock! sometimes I totally disagree with what you’re saying, but I dig that you get up there every week and say it, so thanks. I listen every week, and thanks for keeping up the program even though battlestar isn’t even on.

  33. michaelb1 says:

    That scifi writer they had on a couple of weeks ago did not impress me.
    His opinion that the political discussion does not belong in the show is abot 180′ from logic.

    He just came off as petty and maybe a little jealous of Ron Moore and the writing team.

  34. Chuck says:

    It’s funny — there’s been just as much “outcry” *for* “politics in BSG” as there was *against* at the beginning of the season.

    First, I take this as a positive sign; it seems that everyone’s finally “into” the show again, and that’s awesome. 🙂

    Second, I think Tony’s comments were directed less at “bringing politics into the show” than they were at using the show to make a straightforward political statement. While that’s something one can still argue, it makes a lot of sense. If the writers allow their political statements to overpower the key elements of drama — characterization and plot advancement driven by recognizable human emotional drives — then there’s a problem.

    And even if they don’t cross this line, there’s a good chance that later public opinion will turn, leaving the show high and dry. And even if that doesn’t occur, dragging the show into a Democrat vs. Republican mess will only turn off a significant portion of the audience.

    That said, I don’t believe the show has gone that far. I think that some of the early season came a little too close to current politics for most people’s enjoyment, and though I argued at the time that it wasn’t really a problem — to the vast consternation of listeners, who sent me loads of nasty email — I can’t help but wonder if maybe this isn’t partially at fault for the sagging ratings. (Which, sadly, are a reality. Gods, I hope we can change that!)

    I love political debate, and will engage in it at the drop of a hat. I love it in Sci-Fi. The majority of viewers, however, don’t, and that’s where Tony’s coming from. He’s not making his point from a *moral* standpoint, but from a *practical* one — and this is an area in which he has a lot of experience, having written, read, and edited professionally for years (novels and for the screen).

    Having spent some time with him outside the podcast, I can’t really see applying the words “petty” or “jealous” to him regarding BSG. As he mentioned briefly in the podcast, one of his good friends writes for BSG now — a man for whom he has enormous respect (and visa versa). He’s happy for his friend, and happy to see a successful sci-fi show on TV. Besides that — if you can’t already tell from listening to him — Tony’s about the most laid-back person I’ve ever met.

    Tony very much looks at the show more from a professional perspective than that of a fan, which is why we thought he’d make an interesting guest. We love the show as a way to escape for a bit, but for the people who create it, it’s more than just art — it’s a living.

    Anyway, thanks, everyone, for all the great commentary on this last ‘cast. We really had a great time with it, and I’m certain we’ll do this again before season three is up. The Christmas break podcasts were really an experiment to see if we couldn’t continue through the upcoming longer break between season three and (hopefully) season four. I think to do that we’re going to need more than guests, so we may experiment with a few other types of podcasts as “bonus” ‘casts during three-point-five.

    At any rate, you’ll see another “listener” ‘cast in the future. This was (is) fun.


  35. A. Lo says:

    As long as any current political or social issues are woven into BSG in the ultimate service of the plot/story/characters, I’m all for it. I think the opening 5 or so episodes did this fairly well – yes, there were some moments where you couldn’t help but see the deliberate connections to Iraq, but even so, the connections weren’t necessarily cut & dry, one for one. To that end, even though I was aware of it, the episodes themselves were riveting and compelling.

    In contrast, I felt like in “A Measure of Salvation” the writers tried too hard to create an episode that dealt with a particular issue – it was far less compelling (plus all the plot holes mentioned) because I felt like the issue took precedence over the story.

    Great work, guys – by the way, I vote for more singing in future ‘casts.

  36. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Ive got bad news my parents said i cant watch BSG on sunday at 10. So im juts jonna get it ou YouTube(just like season 1, 2 and all of Stargate and Atlantis, and EUReKA, and Heores)wow, i dont play my part anyway Adama sais load missle tubes 4-10, 6 nukes. Althow Geta flipped 4 switches, and we saw 5 missle pods

  37. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Boxy not to nitpick but 4 through 10 = 7 tubes… 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Bummer that you won’t catch them live. Sorry about that.

  38. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Damn, Boxy, I’m sorry to hear that, dude. If you have a video iPod, you can purchase the episode for only $1.99.

    As for the political thing, how can people be offended by it on television shows? Hasn’t anyone been watching “24” for the last three seasons??? Notice that show is still going strong (and I would hazard the guess that the people who are complaining about BSG watch “24” religiously).

    I agree with Chuck concerning Tony, now that I think about it. If the story hits a central/universal theme, then it is okay. Again, I believe Occupation/Precipice was about one group of people controlling another group because of feelings of superiority. To me, that’s universal… it goes back further than Iraq (Nazi Germany, British colonization, American Slavery, American western expansion, the Conquistadors, etc.). I think it is sad, however, that folks are so sensitive about their political positioning that they would quit watching an excellent show because it sympathizes (or empathizes) with an opposing viewpoint.

  39. Lt. Slingshot says:


    It’s obvious that you think Tony is a great guy and that goes a long way in vouching for his character in my book. He did come off as a little condescending at times during the cast IMHO. People who know a lot on a subject frequently run that risk. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that it wasn’t his intention since I’ve been accused of that myself from time to time. I think some of that impression may come from the fact that you had the Very Jerry on the previous week and he came off as patient and humble while obviously an expert in his field. They were definitely contrasts in personality. Keep the great guests coming. Even if I don’t agree with every word, it certainly keeps the conversation interesting around here. You did an EXCELLENT job of spanning the break. That’s why you all keep me coming back. 🙂

    Slingshot Out

  40. Pike says:

    Slingshot, I was hearing his tone as that of a professional making a professional assesment, but I think I can understand how you’d hear it as condescending. I suspect if RDM was present he’d say something like “that’s a valid argument.”

    I’ve been mulling this one over, and I think where they lost some people (and earned the “Battlestar Iraqica” moniker was the sucide bombings. We identify with the humans in the show, and their culture is much like ours. Since suicide is abhorrent to us, it seemed out of place. I understand what they were trying to do, and appreciated it, but I can see how people could see it as being overly political. OTOH, themes like resistance, retribution, and amnesty they handled much more deftly.

    They dropped an entire plotline that was even more interesting. They were going to have the humans abducting and interrogating the Cylon/s/z, but keeping them alive. The C/s/z were going to be freaking out that they were disappearing and not downloading, and start putting the clamps down on the humans, which bred more resistance, etc.

    Sadly, I’m not going to be able to catch the Sunday episodes live either. So, I’ll be AWOL from the online Frak Party for the foreseeable future.

  41. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Pike, let me clarify a bit. I really enjoyed that cast and Tony was spot on to discuss AI given his background. I’ve never read his work so I can’t judge there and I certainly don’t know the man so I’ll trust the GWC hosts on that count. There were a couple of spots his tone rubbed me the wrong way but just a couple. I didn’t mean to overstate it by any means, merely to observe that I felt some of the same things that others have commented on. I’d have no problem hearing him again on this cast. He brought good stuff to the table even if I didn’t care for his delivery in a couple of spots. If I ever start agreeing with everything I hear then I’d ask someone to slap me. Polite debate is a wonderful thing.

    Sorry to hear the new timeslot has another victim. I always enjoyed your play-by-play even if I wasn’t watching live. Living in the Mountain Time zone has a lot of advantages for me. From a strictly TV viewing perspective I hated being in the EST. Now I can watch Sopranos, BSG, Monday Night Football, etc and not drag in to work the next day. My sympathies to you and any other viewers who are getting inconvenienced by the move.

  42. fnord says:

    First time commenting but I have to say great podcast guys, been listening since the start of season 3.0 (after having the first 2 seasons lent to me on DVD and becoming sooo addicted.) Loved the Very Jerry podcast especially.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    I’d like to concur that the Galactica would open a can on the enterprise, the dreaded exploding panels are the Federation flagship’s achilles heel. (I’m amazed that the Romulans or Cardassians havn’t figured that out yet!)

    btw, my bets for the impase that ended Season 3.0:
    Either Adama nukes the base stars , or Caprica six orders the Basestar to take out the heavy raiders heading for the planet, forcing Adama into a wtf? reversal of his nuke plan. (Baltar and Dianna can always make it to planet on the surviving heavy raider, they like sent 4 of them…)

    Later, keep on truckn’

  43. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Welcome to the party Fnord!

    Good people around here and always room for more. Looking forward to your future posts. Is Sunday here yet?!

  44. Sean O'Hara says:

    Welcome indeed Fnord, Slingshot pretty much has it right; a great group of people can be found lurking in the comments of GWC. Glad to have you amoung them.

    Good calls on the 3.5 opener. I am of the opinion that we will see nukes leave the tubes but after that all bets are off. I still think it would be cool if he nukes him some basestar though.

    Can hardly wait though…. like all of you I’m sure 😉


  45. Pike says:

    Spot on Sean, and Sling, I’m with you, at least as far as to identifying the questionable parts.

    Like I said, there are parts that I think you’re alluding to that I think I can counter, but that would be too time-consuming unless we were listening to it over a couple of beers. (Which would be cool.)

    I think it was Chuck (forgive me Sean, if I’m wrong) who said that the cool thing about this site is how weirdly civil everyone is here. I’ll just add that I appreciate that. I’ve been on the web about since it *was* the web, and I really appreciate a good community when I find it.

    Oh, yeah. Fnord (great name, BTW, and welcome) Enterprise would pwn Galactica. Sorry, but true. Enterprise doesn’t have nukes. Why? Same reason you don’t have a frakin’ slingshot. ’nuff said.

  46. Arktis says:

    I can see the fnords.

    Sean, at this point… they had better damn well launch those nukes. It’s gonna be pretty lame if they don’t. I’d guess that the writers are well aware of that, and so I’m with you.

  47. Lt. Slingshot says:

    LOL beers are on me just tell me when and where. It is weirdly civil around here.

  48. The 13th Cylon says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the nukes got jammed or something since we’ve been talking all about this stuff of how BSG works even as it’s getting nuked.

    A strange question I had while I was listening to the podcast- why don’t the Cylons just give suicide bombers nukes and do Gina a dozen more times and pick ’em off one at a time? Other than the show ending and all, I would imagine this could be effective.

    Also, when G-Daddy gave Chief the shot and questioned Boomer about the Cylons and stuff way back when, how many did she say were still in the fleet? Also, for Audra’s what’s in a name game, “Gaius or Caius was a common Roman praenomen derived from Etruscan Cai, meaning ‘I am glad’ “.

    Remember kids, you don’t need pants for the Gaius dance! lol

  49. Lt. Slingshot says:

    2nd guess for Rapture

    Earth is… mostly harmless

  50. Pike says:

    13, good one.

    Sling, ditto. I had almost put in my last post that it would have made a whole lot more sense, if Cylon/s/z were the ones doing the suicide bombings.

  51. Lt. Slingshot says:

    13th I think it was 8 in the fleet? Could be off on that. I always thought that could include duplicate models but I’ve been way wrong before. Maybe once everyone was on New Caprica and saw the models their cover was blown? Then again maybe some of the final five were in that number? I really wish Sunday would get here 🙂

  52. eric-michael says:

    am I wrong when I assume from the previews they keep running over and over again, that there is no way that Adama launched the nukes if all those people end up back on the galactia having drama … I mean aren’t nukes pretty quick? and I’m not sure who mentioned it, but they are right about this site being so fraken civil and everyone seems to pay attention to what others have to say … that rocks!

  53. fnord says:

    I know, the tech advantage that the Enterprise has would mean severe pwning of the Galactica, Transporters for example… But gee, you can just look at a warp core the wrong way and they breach 😛

  54. cavatar says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have just heard the podcast, sorry I am late but I have been really busy for the last two weeks. I also know I made some critical comments of the show in the last podcast blog and I was not able to get back to respond and I am sorry for that.

    Anyways I was driving home and listening to the podcast when I heard the Enterprise vs. Galactica comments. I wanted to add that I do think that the current Galactica is in many ways way cooler then the many Enterprises, however (not to put my geek hat on) but to answer the question I think you need to answer the question does a photon torpedo stand up to a nuke?

    I want to point out that in an Original Series episode that introduced the Romulans, the Romulans sent out a nuclear device that exploded and thought I do believe it caused damage; it did not destroy the Enterprise NCC-1701; whose shields I do believe were down or damaged. However in the Next Generation episode Q-Who, when Riker ordered a Photon Torpedo lock on; Data said to him and Picard; “Without our shields, at this range there is high degree of probability that a photon detonation could destroy the Enterprise.”

    So if the nukes and the photons have comparable destructive power, I would have to give that edge to the Enterprise of any era because there shields would protect them while as far as we have seen, the Galactica does not even have intercept countermeasures that were shown on Babylon 5.

    I would also like to point out that any of the Enterprise starships could transport an anti-mater mine or a bomb on board the Galactica and destroy it.

    I do however say the hyper jumping of the Galactica is superior to the warp drive.

    Even with that being said, I have to give the edge to the Enterprise, but I have been wrong before.

  55. Armando says:

    Les Vogts said: >

    That’s very Dada-ist of you, Les. 😉

    Art has many purposes. Indeed, I also disagree with Tony (?), the author from podcast 24, in that the purpose of art is to make one feel anything. There are two sides to art (at least according to Nietszche. I happen to like his argument, so I’m sticking with it): the Dyonisian, which consists of the emotional, visceral response to a work of art (usually most powerful at the initial exposure); and the Apollonian, which represents the more intellectual, measured response to a work, particularly after prolonged study. In my mind a work of art must be able to be appreciated in BOTH of these ways for it to be Art with a capital “A.” I think the argument that the political references in BSG somehow take away from this and date the show are incorrect. The writers on the show have, in my opinion, kept these things general enough to be applicable, as you said, to any extinction level event at the societal level or to a political situation where you have a strong occupying power against a weaker occupied power that still resists through guerilla warfare and whatever other means it has at its disposal. We, unfortunately, live in a time when these issues resonate within the general culture and the writers have obviously been able to draw on that (maybe if this version of the show had existed in the 70’s we wouldn’t have seen suicide bombers on New Caprica but rather paramilitary guerillas ala the Viet Kong or the Cuban revolution). Your example of “Guernica” is a perfect one of a work that, though a response to a very specific event, still has the power to resonate beyond that event.

    (With that said, I think it IS dangerous to make too specific a reference to any contemporary event in a work of art, of whatever genre, for danger of making it irrelevant to a later time.)

    Sorry to be so long winded, but as a professional composer I think about these things a lot.

    And I must say, although I’ve had my name in the press and online a little bit (not much, though. I’m still in the early stages of my career, but more than before, which was zilch), I got a huge kick out of Pike crediting my theory of Helo being a Cylon. Even if, after listening to the podcast, I think it may be bupkis. Although hey…Sean’s theory of the male Cylon 7 being sterile (NOT impotent. After all, we’ve seen Brother Cavil getting it on with Elen Tigh) is actually really interesting. Maybe the male Final 5 aren’t shooting blanks and Helo is one of them?



  56. Armando says:


    Heh-heh! That is such a disappointing character, no? In the first season I thought he had a great air of menace. Detached, cold, reasoning. Then after “Downloaded” he turned into Mail Room Cylon and Barista Cylon.

    Oy vey!

  57. Armando says:

    All right, one last post (like Cavatar, I only just finished listening to the podcast yesterday, so I’m a little late and need to catch up). Geek hat goes on:

    The Enterprise, ANY Enterprise, would take a pounding from the Galactica. Period. I don’t care about the tech, the crews are too different. Picard or Kirk or whomever (I’m not really a fan of the Star Trek franchise. I’m much more into those guys with the laser swords) would simply take too long trying to negotiate with the other crew. The Galactica, however, are a bunch of bad asses (even after softening up on New Caprica. Hell, even more so because of this!) who would simply shoot first and ask questions later. Starbuck alone (and maybe even Lee, who can be a bad ass pilot when he wants to be) could take on the Enterprise.

    Now, an Imperial Star Destroyer….no. They could kick their ass too.


  58. Arktis says:

    …Cylon Toaster Porn!

  59. BoxytheBoxed says:

    ……Baltar threesome Porn

    with Baltar replaced by 8

  60. Dan, the Lord of Kobol says:

    Dang nab it!

    I vote that Chuck, Audra and Sean do the another phone-in podcast sometime soon because I’ve been taking it rather easy on my GWC intake the last few weeks. I blame the mid-season break.

    And on a completely unrelated note, I’m supporting Anders in the up-and-coming “Anders vs. Lee and Cronies.” Who’s with me? 😀

  61. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Depends whoever has Cally is gonna win, cause shhes more of a beast the even Anders

  62. Pike says:

    Heh. Boxy, you’ll appreciate this bit from the transcript of RDM’s commentary on “Eye of Jupiter” over at BSWiki. He’s talking about Boomer and Athena:

    “Now we go back out to Sharon on Sharon. (Laughs.) I was WISH it was Sharon on Sharon. No. It’s just Sharon AND Sharon.”

  63. ShinyFab says:

    Look mom! I’m on GWC!

    A few things after listening to the podcast – it was great to hear what some of you sound like. Now I have a voice to go with Pike’s great posts. If Helo’s the cylon, well, I think I’d be disappointed. It would also leave great BIG gaping holes in the plot about Hera being special. Of course – what if the Cylon’s are part human already and just don’t know it? If Helo were a cylon then Hera’s strange human/cylon blood mix would mean the nature of the cylonz is more human than even they realize. Standard human blood tests couldn’t detect the cylon difference. What if the FinalFab5 are the missing human/cylon links? then all the cylons would be hylons. If anyone wants to run with this, go for it.

    Back to the podcast. Adama is definitely NOT bluffing; he’d nuke the planet in a heartbeat. As for scifi and present day commentary, you might want to settle in. I think scifi, like history, often gets stuck in a mindset of a being objective thing. Its only scifi, not reality so we shouldn’t take it too seriously. Sure they can be cautionary tales, etc, but its not real. However it is still fiction and is just as subjectively specific to certain parts of the human condition as history often focuses on the biggest winners or the biggest losers. Certainly the state of political affairs broadcast in our faces day and night may make us all want to drown ourselves in good scifi, which is a great escape. But to say commentary on current events isn’t relevant to scif and shouldn’t be viewed in scifi is to me, trying to ignore the fact that many of our beloved scifi stories present exactly that – societal political commentary (Star Trek, Firefly, Children of Men, The Handmaid’s Tale). Did RDM/Co come close to present day events? Yes. Did they mean to? I don’t know unless there’s an interview out there saying they did. Was it unsettling? Maybe due to the rawness of our own global situation. I may have interepreted what’s going on in postings and in the ‘cast completely wrong, so someone please let me know if I’m off base. I do go on. its been said.

    I think Galactica would shoot first, ask questions later which would totally catch the Enterprise by, well, surprise. The Enterprise would probably hold a meeting first and then try hailing the Galactica, by then being blow into vapor.

    . . . . I would troll for Cylon sitcoms. I mean, how in the frak would that work anyway?

    Roger, Roger.

  64. Pike says:

    “Now I have a voice to go with Pike’s great posts. ”

    Um, feel free to use another voice… Might I suggest Olmos?

  65. Armando says:

    Cylon sitcoms?

    “Everybody Loves Doral?”

    “I Love Sharon?”



  66. Lt. Slingshot says:

    I have James Earl Jones under contract to do my voice overs in future casts

  67. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Love it Armando!

    Six and the City?

    Curb Your Enthusiam (for Genocide)?

    Simon and Simon?

  68. Pike says:

    Good one Armando!

    Leoben at Large
    Simon and Simon and Simon and Simon
    The Magnificent Seven
    Eight Eights is Enough
    I Dream of Athena
    Doral Loves Everyone
    Three’s Company to Baltar
    Eight Simply Rules
    Raptor 54, Where Are You
    Toasters Behaving Badly
    That 70’s Show (It’s Good This Time. No, Really.)
    Welcome Back, Baltar

    And, of course, Audra already gave us The Cylon Bunch.

  69. fnord says:

    You forget the best on of them all!!!
    Married with Hylon 😛

  70. Lt. Slingshot says:

    How I met your mother (after she nuked my planet)
    Two and a Half Cylons
    3rd Melted Rock from the Sun
    8 Simple Rules for dating my Sharon
    All in the Cylon Family
    Just Shoot Me (and then delete it)

  71. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Indiana jones ant the Toaster of Doom
    till Ressurection
    how to get a sandwitch in 10 days
    Zena:warrior princess, now comes in Chrome!!!!
    A reality show: Were datung Baltar
    True Life(some crap MTV show) AM a Gay cylon

    are there gay cylons?
    male cylons=Mylons
    female=felone no Fem bote…..er hot
    are there cylon STDs
    Replicators(Stargate), Replicants(o come on), and Cylons(um i know this)

  72. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I got bad news no nukes If there launched at the Basestars, no Hera, at planet no Earth
    ive decided to be cheap and watch the episodes on You Tube. Lt. To me 4-10 is 6 dont burst my bubble

  73. Arktis says:

    How about Cylon literature?

    If I Did It, This is How Genocide Would Have Happened, by O.J. Sixson
    Cylonetics, by L. Ben Conoy
    FLIGHT Club, by Scar (“You are NOT how many kills you have! You are NOT the size of your wingspan! You are NOT how many times you’ve resurrected! You are the all humming, all glowing flak of the universe!”)
    Manimal Farm, by George Cavil (“No copies good, countless copies bad.”)

  74. Manicorn 7 says:

    Just have to say, Galactica Watercooler ROCKS!! I can’t believe all this great reading after not checking in for a few dyas. Can’t wait till Sunday night at 10pm EST. Anyone hear any news on when SciFi is gonna make a commitment on season 4??

  75. Pike says:

    Frak, that should have been “CAVIL Loves Everybody”

    Good one, Fnord. How ’bout:
    Eight’s Simple Rules (for Raising My Daughter)

    Arktis, I like it, but I’ve got nothing.

  76. Pike says:


    No comit on Season Four yet, but there’s talks of doing a direct-to-whatever (DVD, possibly air) movie that’s supposed to be an adjunct of S4, so I’m betting that S4 will happen.

  77. Lt. Slingshot says:

    lmao eveyone is cracking me up today!
    so this is what stir crazy BSG fans act like 🙂

  78. Armando says:

    “It’s Always Sunny in New Caprica” (after my other current favorite cult show).

    As to season 4, I heard through the grapevine (can’t remember which site, though) that Sci-Fi had committed to a fourth season and that an announcement was forthcoming. Also, I don’t know if any of you guys have noticed the season 3 gag reel made for the cast at the end of production on the season, which has been floating around on YouTube (it’s damned funny), but the reel ends with a “see you next year” to the cast and crew.

    Let’s hope that means renewal.

  79. Pike says:

    Armando, saw it and submitted it to GWC. It’s also on video.google, which is a hell of a lot easier to D/L so you can laugh again and again…

  80. The 13th Cylon says:

    I’ve avoided the gag reel as I’ve heard that there might be some spoilers. If not, then I’ll check it out.

    Hey folks, some people think that a painting on Starbuck’s apartment wall on old Caprica is the same design as the Eye of Jupiter. I don’t know if it is or if it isn’t, but it looks awfully familiar. Could Starbuck be The Chosen One? If so, I think ol’ R&D pulled a fast one on all of us. The Lords of Kobol move in mysterious ways, I suppose… taking a wreckless drunk if she’s it.

    Also, speaking of the politics of BSG as we have the past few weeks, a thread at the SciFi boards said that a Congress member on CSPAN was speaking about how the Bush administration is like the Cylons and has a plan, then changed the plan, and really doesn’t have a plan. Oh boy! Still doesn’t compare to Reagan and the Force quote. lol

  81. Pike says:

    13, there are two spoilers in the gag reel, and they are SO minor, I’m just going to tell you what they are.

    At some point, Dee and Starbuck are in a Raptor together. At another point, Bill is sitting over Laura’s bed talking to her. That is all.

    There’s another scence marked “spoiler”, so it almost certainly isn’t, so that may be a spoiler in the sense that it almost certainly doesn’t happen. A ‘fresher’ if you will.

  82. ShinyFab says:

    Cylon Like Me

    The Love Galactica

    A Few Good Cylons

    *I remember hearing about that. And then David Wu called the Republicans Klingons. Oh boy.

  83. ShinyFab says:

    Sorry. I meant I had heard about Bush being like the Cylons. You know the rest.

  84. Pike says:

    Shiny, watch the gag reel.

  85. Armando says:

    Seriously. The Bush stuff on the gag reel is fantastic.

  86. Pike says:

    And let’s not forget the dramas.

    Genocide: Life in the Fleet

  87. Armando says:

    CSI: Cylon Six Investigation

    (Okay, okay…I may have hit the bottom of the barrel on that one…)

  88. Moe says:

    I just got done watching the gag reel – hilarious but I think there are some real potential spoilers in it so I would stay away from it if you don’t want to risk any hints.

    There is stuff from Sunday’s episode I think that I would preferred not to have seen.

  89. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Thanks Moe. I had been debating whether to watch this or not and you’ve convinced me to stay away for awhile longer. Anything else you could see that was definitely spoilerish for 3.5? Should I just wait till the whole second half is done?

  90. BoxytheBoxed says:

    CSI: What the hell is with all the Dead Dianas, I thibk Starbuck+Dee will fix the raprot DEE+LEE=DEATH i head the last 5 cylons were:jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks, and Gius Baltar…wait Baltar?

  91. Pike says:

    Slingshot, I mentioned the actual ‘spoilers’ above, b/c they’re not, really.

    There is a sequence that’s marked “spoiler” but it therefore almost certainly isn’t. Of course, that could itself be a spoiler, since then you know something that will not happen…

  92. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I bet cha you didnt see that commnig
    no, there be spoilers
    are you kidding itl be in a comercial

  93. ShinyFab says:

    I think I’ll watch the gag reel tonight anyway, even with the potential small/medium spoilers.

    *FabFinal5 = Boxy, the head of Nixon from Futurama, hot-man Helo complete with wife beater/tight pants/sexy look, the original BSG mechanical dog, and Michael Jackson (because he’s too weird NOT to be a Cylon).

  94. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Pike I trust you but I really don’t want to see something that is in the Rapture. I think I’ll hold off for now just to be safe. Thanks for the heads up though. Much appreciated.

  95. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Thought I’d post these one more time before Sunday gets here. I still have no idea if there is any bearing on the Rapture but got to give BSG credit for continuity.

    Starbuck’s Apt


  96. BoxytheBoxed says:

    They should totaly screw Caprica and do Battlestar TOS A boy and his Daggott and Battlestar the life as a teenager onboard a ship with no girls within 3 years of age, and no daggott o the Horrors

  97. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Boxey, the story of a teenage boy with no girls around? That sounds like the story of boy slowly going blind. 😉

  98. BoxytheBoxed says:

    hun im 14 and dont get, and idiont got good grammar

  99. Lt. Slingshot says:

    No problem Boxey. As long as you don’t have any chimps in daggit suits, I’ll watch your show.

  100. Pike says:

    Boxy, I’m curious. How did you become aquainted with the original series?

  101. Pike says:

    Geez, now that I think about it… “A Boy and His Daggit”? THAT’D be one fraked up show.

    I’d watch it, though.

  102. St. Cavil says:

    I got it!

    When you think of the 13th Lord of Kobol that supposedly went off on his own to colonize earth, who do you think of? Baltar is definately the oddest of the oddballs on this show.

    The humans and cylons will both find Earth. Due to some catastrophic event (disease, civil war, whatever) the cylon(z) population will be minimal at this point in the story. The human fleet will be destroyed at Earth, but there will be survivors that the cylons take prisoner.

    DeAnna has one of her supposed visions, and highjacks or persuades the others to settle on Kobol with the humans. Kobol is where the final five are somehow trapped. DeAnna will release them.

    Baltar, who has by now gained the trust of the last remaining hybrid (only one basestar remains at this point, and all human vessels have been destroyed), attempts a lame rescue of the humans but only ends up taking a portion of them back to earth where they colonize. The last basestar is destroyed by Baltar after arrival to ensure that he will be isolated from the cylons.

    After a few generations, the 12 cylons are thought of as Lords by the humans on Kobol. One of the original humans, who was along for the ride the whole time and knows Earth’s location and story of the journey their, writes a “scripture” about it.

    Over 5,000 years language changes enough that the story written sounds like scripture. Just look at how much the English language has changed in a short amount of time.

    You know the rest of the story…

  103. The 13th Cylon says:

    LT- Concerning the gag reel, the only thing we haven’t seen yet in an actual episode is something that would coincide with the promo with the bad song for Season 3.5. In my opinion, it wasn’t a spoiler because of that (kind of like the “Will Laura live?!” at the end of episode 301 and then seeing her on Colonial One in the following promo lol). There’s no harm in waiting though, as I’m sure it’s well worth it. It’s got some great stuff on it and certianly strange considering how serious BSG is in tone (other than Baltar talking to head Six in front of people).

    And Gaeta! lol!!! And apparantly Bill’s eating more than just noodles. You can tell they have a blast making the show.

  104. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Arrrrgh you people are not making this easy. 🙂 Ok I have enough strength to hold out for 3 days but I’m not sure about 9 weeks.

  105. The 13th Cylon says:

    Okay, LT, I saw a new extended cut of the gag reel, and it had the new “spoiler”. It was done as a joke, obviously, as this was with TV Guide Channel. I think that alone tells you this isn’t true given the nature of TV Guide.

    This shorter cut has absolutely no spoilers (but it’s missing the hilarious W giving the Cylon intro) so it’s safe to watch:


  106. ShinyFab says:

    OH DEAR GODS! Who knew Olmos was such a gas?

  107. Moe says:

    My final comment on the gag reel and potential spoilers. I wasn’t talking about the TV Guide spoiler.

    I was referring to a scene of complicated dialogue between two characters that makes them really happy when they apparently finally get through it without screwing up. Clearly from Rapture. Not episode ruining by any stretch of the imagination, but still.

    I am envious of you all who get to watch live on Sunday. I am among those who have to wait for iTunes. It is nice watching without commercials though.

  108. Chuck says:

    Shiny: Anyone who’s seen him in person. Believe me, Olmos != Adama. In person he laughs a lot and is as quick with a fart joke as the next guy. What’s powerful is how quickly he can switch from laughing to uber-serious. It has an effect…

  109. rose says:

    I didn’t think of Helo as the Cylon until I remembered that he saved Baltar and that he himself survives Caprica. Maybe the remaining five don’t know who they are? I prefer for Helo not to be a Cylon though. I prefer that his motives and actions are all based on humanity.

    My vote for the Cylon is Dee. I have been suspicious of her managing to see through the Dradis when no one else can. Plus, I’ve just never liked her. Didn’t RDM say on his podcast that even he didn’t like what they’ve done with Dee and also Apollo?

  110. Lt. Slingshot says:

    13th, Pike, Shiny, Chuck and Moe. Thanks for all the feedback on the gag reel. I’m gonna stay strong and at least wait till after Sunday night’s ep. From everything you guys are saying it sounds like a riot.

  111. Manicorn 7 says:

    1 day and 12 hours to Sunday night’s BSG.

  112. BoxytheBoxed says:

    31:15 till The Rapture of the cylons. This season is gonna end great 3 big reveals in 9 episodes

  113. ShinyFab says:

    Still no word on Season 4? Making me just a little nervous . . . but then again. maybe RDM saw this coming and the movie is going to be Season 4. hhmm. Anyone heard?

    Stay strong Chuck! Maybe the gag reel will even be funnier after Rapture.

  114. The 13th Cylon says:

    Typically the seasons aren’t renewed until late Jan or early Feb. No worries.

  115. Pike says:

    The fact that they’re having serious talks about an “adjunct to Season Four” movie is a very good sign that they’ll be back.

  116. Armando says:

    Unofficial word is that SciFi has already renewed BSG for season 4 but no official announcement would be made until after season 3.5 started up again (at least I read this in the same article that announced the direct to DVD movie. I’m not at my own computer at the moment, so I cannot provide a link, alas).

    So you can breathe a little easier, 13. At least for now (I do think that all the Earth stuff they’re setting up would indicate just one, maybe two more season[s] of BSG before THE end, though. Frankly, I’m not sure how they can sustain it for more than that anyway.)

  117. Lt. Slingshot says:

    I found this article about a recent deal with DIRECTV which would make you think that this deal would be for more than just the remaining 9 shows BUT I have not found this press release on either SciFi or DIRECTV websites so it may be completely bogus. If you search for the title of the release you’ll find many sites posting it but not the websites of the companies invloved.


    Whenever I’ve heard the producers, actors and crew posed the renewal question, the majority have thrown out a mid-February date for the deadline. I hope the answer is yes for season 4.

  118. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Whats with scifi and Direct-to-DVD movies there like fat boys in a candy shop
    Chuck im sorry

  119. Manicorn7 says:

    only 2 hours and 15 minutes till BSG season 3.5 gets underway. I’ll look forward to my injection of BSG watercooler on my drive into work tomorrow or Tuesday (depending on how the upload works with the new schedule time).

  120. Chuck says:

    Manicorn7/All: You should receive your fix sometime Monday morning. We’re scheduled to record right after the show, and it’ll take about two hours to post/output the ‘cast, so it’ll likely be ready around 1:30am CT. If I’m still up — which I shouldn’t be, though I might — I’ll drop it out then. If not, it’ll come out first thing in the morning.

    I have to admit that I really liked the Friday timeslot a lot better…

    One other thing: I didn’t post a Frak Party for this show because it seems like very few of you’ll be watching in realtime. If this is a mistake, let me know. I’d be happy to put the FP posts back out!

  121. Lt. Slingshot says:

    I feel for the east coasters, I know 10PM on a work/school night may be a little rough for a lot of people. I’m getting it at 8PM so I love it but I know I’m in the minority here. I’m thrilled because I’m going to see way more of these live now than when they were on Friday. I’m also hoping the later timeslot may get rid of the censoring we’ve seen since they moved it up earlier on Friday’s for 3.0.

    Chuck you should keep the Frak Party going. I’ll admit I shut down my PC during the show so I can’t be distracted but I always loved reading what people had to say the next day. I’m going to miss Pike running down the commercials. 🙂

  122. Pike says:

    Slingshot, glad to hear that someone actually liked that. I was afraid it was a fun-for-me only moment. Pity that I’ll be catching it on iTunes now (especially with their onerous video DRM) and won’t be listening to the ‘cast ’til Mon evening earliest.

    Oh well, if it helps the ratings, it’s worth it.

  123. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Pike if you get feed up with the low quality on iTunes just let me know. I can hook you up and this isn’t P2P sharing.

  124. Pike says:

    Actually, it isn’t the quality (it’s not DVD, but it’s close enough for me.) It’s the DRM. Both of my BSG opening parodies would be impossible to do if all my BSG was from iTunes. The thing that really irks me is that their music format is relatively easy to get around (the James Brown song I used in one came from iTunes.) I guess the MPAA is a tougher negotiater than the RIAA.

    So, yeah, I may be talking to you at some point. Chuck’s got my email, so I’ll have him send it to you if I need to do something with the episodes (that I’ll be purchasing anyway…)

  125. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Gotcha. I want to see your vids keep coming so the offer is open anytime you need it.

    Chuck if you are listening feel free to send my email on as well.

  126. BoxytheBoxed says:

    pike im goin to Tape it the Old-Skul way VHSVHSVHSVHSVHSVHSVHSVHSVHSVHS
    or go to youtube some of the vids. are DVD quality

  127. john patrick says:

    hey, no online frack party today?

    and what’s going on with the secret preview on scifi.com?

  128. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Okay, who wants to sign up for the Baltar’s a complete ass club?

  129. Chuck says:

    John: Sorry — I didn’t know if there’d be anyone availabe at the new time. I promise one for next week!

    Bryan: As you’ll hear in the podcast just posted, I really thought we has going to pull an old-style Baltar move: shoot ’em both and try to claim he’s back on the Colonial side of things. Oh well.

  130. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I think Baltar’s character was defined for me he just rthlessy kicked D’anna

  131. Uter says:

    Enterprise Vs. Galactica – The question is, could Enterprise destroy Galactica before they lose their shields. Galactica doesn’t have photon torpedoes, but it does have nukes and an insane amount of fire power that puts to shame any ship on Star Trek. With the Enterprise taking a pounding from all the Galactica guns, nukes, and Vipers, the question would be could they destroy the Galactica before they lost shields.

    The Enterprise can’t fire many torpedoes at once, and the Galactica can pepper the entire battle area with so much flak I don’t think they’d be very effective anyway. The Enterprise would have to depend heavily on phasers and shields while they prepare a nuke or torpedo to beam over to Galactica — which would take time, probably too much time. I believe we’ve seen them try this in the past and it’s not something they’re prepared to do, so it takes time to setup.

    Also keep in mind that the Enterprise is only designed to defend itself and maybe mount an offensive against a max of about two ships. The Galactica is battle hardened and can take a pounding and uses the Vipers as part of its defense. The Enterprise would have many targets to contend with.

    The way the ships are configured in the latest models I think the Galactica would pound through Enterprise’s shields very quickly, destroying most if not all of their torpedoes en route and Enterprise would be toast while Data was just starting to suggest they beam over a bomb. How many times have we seen Enterprise take on a couple ships and the shields are down to 30% in seconds? It just wouldn’t hold up to Galactica’s wrath. Also the Enterprise is used to “targetting” weapons, engines, etc. to disable them on other ships. On Galactica all the systems are separate entities, and with the many guns around the ship it would be impossible for Enterprise to disable them.

  132. Dave Griffin says:

    I have a radio identical to the red one used in the show. I bought it because it has a phonograph and I needed to transcribe my mom’s records to CD for her. It’s a TEAC SL-A100. I’ve seen similar ones but this one looked identical. Having finished what I intended it for, I still use it as a radio. It was just too cool to get rid of.

  133. Dave Griffin says:

    Galactica vs. Enterprise (D? E? A?). I’ve thought a lot about sci-fi intergenre warfare and in the end it’s all opinion since you really don’t know how the technologies would interact. But here is something to think about. The designers of the Enterprise D came (in part) from a tradition of wet naval carriers so they are familiar with the concept of carriers. If small craft were really effective in the world of Star Trek, they’d be used all the time, especially by the Klingons who love the idea of personal glory. For them NOT to be the main combat arm of Star Trek there must be a downside that might not be obvious. Either they can’t carry weapons that are effective or they’re too fragile to survive combat. Just something to think about.

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