Happy New Year

I hope everyone’s having a good New Year’s Day today, hanging out, having some traditional food — whatever that might be for you — and enjoying the last vestiges of the holidays.

I also hope you’ll enjoy the bonus ‘cast this week. I realize it contains no BSG content, but it was so much fun we thought you might enjoy it — and thought maybe it’d help take the pain out of going back to work. We had a great time visiting with the Very Jerry, and hope he’ll visit again.

Anyway, have an enjoyable holiday, and we’ll see you this Friday with guest Tony Daniel.

7 Responses to "Happy New Year"
  1. Luc says:

    Happy New Year to you all from Canada!

    Enjoying all the podcasts and looking forward to the next.


  2. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Happy New Year, everyone, from the D.C. Metro Area!!! May 2007 be better than 2006.

  3. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Happy new years to ORA F.L.A(orlando, Florida) Its Jan 2nd, happy SCIFI day, celebrating Isaac Asmanov’s birthday

  4. Arktis says:

    I only have one thing to say about holidays: All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.

  5. The 13th Cylon says:

    And they have a plan.

  6. Pike says:

    Well, they had a plan…

  7. BoxytheBoxed says:

    It sorta got screwed when Blatar got into a sandwitch, or

    Caprica 6:whell we had a damn good plan then..
    D’ana: Cavil thew in Baltar
    head 6: The baseship yoused to be so pretty with those bright red lights that went of at night

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