January 1, 2007

Bonus Podcast: The Very Jerry Talks Matrix (#23)

After we stopped recording podcast #23, our guest, the Very Rev. Dr. Jerome B. Wichelns mentioned in passing that he was a big fan of the Matrix movies. Thankfully, we fired up the gear and recorded the ensuing (very fun) discussion, which we’re realeasing here as a bonus ‘cast. Note: This ‘cast contains no Battlestar Galactica content whatsoever, so if you’re not a fan of the Matrix you can give this one a pass — though you’d be missing out. And, if this is your first visit to Galactica Watercooler, you might want to start with any of the earlier ‘casts which are all Galactica, all the time. Enjoy!

8 Responses to "Bonus Podcast: The Very Jerry Talks Matrix (#23)"
  1. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Imagine my surprise when I opened up iTunes to charge my iPod and noticed that there was ANOTHER podcast from this wonderful crew. Thanks, y’all. I was starting to jones for a Watercooler podcast. I’ll listen to it on the way home from work.

    Thanks for putting up the Matrix discussion. I liked the Matrix trilogy also (well, not the last one as much).

  2. Pike says:

    Very interesting ‘cast. I was struck by the fact that BSG and The Matrix are the only two modern scifi franchises that non-scifi fans really get into.

  3. Lt. Slingshot says:

    Pike I’d have to throw Star Wars in to that mix but you are right. I fall in that category myself. I loved the classics like Asimov, Clark and Herbert growing up but never went beyond that. Same goes for TV, other than the original I never got into any of the Treks, Babylon 5 or whatever else you might want to name. I’m not knocking any of the franchises that many fans love I just never got it. BSG is just good TV that appeals to a lot of people. I’ve personally turned on about 10 people to it who would never get past the name without a little push. But that is the tough part, getting past all the preconceived notions about scifi shows.

    It was great to hear a little more Very Jerry and I even got a little of what I had asked for after the first cast. I really enjoyed hearing his thoughts on the effects of the double edged sword of technology. I have to think a lot about that in my work but I’m certainly no philosopher/theologian. Nice bonus guys!

  4. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Thanks for the Bonus, if you guys havent seen the Animatrix, go see it its great. The first few episodes are free on its website

  5. Chuck says:

    Boxy: I’ve definitely seen the Animatrix, and agree that it’s great — both from a story and artistic standpoint. Actually (since this is almost a completely NBSGC thread anyway), I should mention that I just finished watching the last 13 episodes of Samurai Champloo — the ones that CN never gets around to showing. I received the DVDs for Christmas, and it was wonderful to finally see the end.

    All: Thanks for the kind words. We were a little worried that this might not go over well, but we figured that *we* enjoyed it, so what the hell. You know, “Sometimes you just gotta say…”

  6. Pike says:

    Slingshot, I didn’t think of Star Wars as a modern franchise! I’m not sure if that reflects poorly on me, or on the state of the franchise.

    I’ll third the Animatrix recommendation.

    There was another film released about the same time as The Matrix that also dealt with virtual realities. (Unfortunately, it was dubbed “like The Matrix, but without all the killer effects.” The producers must have had fits.) It’s called the 13th Floor, and is definately worth seeing.

  7. Lt. Slingshot says:

    hahaha It’s the state of the franchise Pike. It’s not you. It’s only been about 10 years since the first three were shown in theaters again but the last three make it easy to forget that.

  8. Hennessey says:

    AniMatrix – agreed
    Star Wars – i second that emotion
    The Thirteenth Floor – not worth a netflix queue spot. Good concept ruined by bad acting by Bierko and D’Onofrio.

    I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the last two podcasts. Others may think it differently but I found it interesting to listen to the point of view of someone who was only marginally familiar with the series. I wasn’t so interested to hear the opinions of a “fan” linking BSG to current religeous theory, but I did find it interesting to listen to someone who could explain some of the basis of religeous thought that could be linked to BSG in some way. Good Job. It was also interesting to hear the reverence ( no pun intended ) to which he spoke of the Matrix. Glad to see that this movie made an impact on someone not an 18 to 30 male.

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