Issues with Podcast #21 on iTunes

First of all, thanks to those of you who submitted the fact that you’re not seeing Podcast #21 listed under the search page on iTunes. I’m not seeing it now, either. What’s strange is that the ‘cast is showing up correctly in the raw feed, and those of you who’ve subscribed via iTunes should automatically receive it (as I did).

But for some frustratingly-un-figureoutable reason, it doesn’t show up in the search. I’ve pinged iTunes multiple times this week, but it still doesn’t appear.

I’m stumped, but I’m still working on it.

Update: This might have something to do with it. From CNN: Music Denied — Shoppers Overwhelm iTunes.

Update #2: The kind people at Apple have taken care of it. It looks like it was just delayed due to the overload mentioned above.

3 Responses to "Issues with Podcast #21 on iTunes"
  1. Pike says:

    Very strange. I got 21 fine earlier in the week, but it’s not showing up there now. Stranger still, everything else is.

  2. Nod says:

    The (so called) news this morning mentioned that the iTunes Store is overwhelmed by people redeeming gift cards, loading up new xmas iPods, etc.

    I’ll bet free stuff like podcasts are the last things on their todo lists to get working, so I would just wait a few days and see if it comes back.

  3. Pike says:

    That makes perfect sense, Nod. It may be that they disabled non-essential tasks (like updating podcasts) to help them through the rush.

    As Chuck mentioned, the RSS feed is fine, so anyone who subscribes should get the new episode regardless. (If you don’t, just subscribe and it will automatically download, you can unsubscribe after that.)

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