The Nature of the Eye

I’m pretty sure — based on what I saw in last week’s episode and the great discussion on the podcast post — that the Eye is indeed related to the supernova. As Gaeta says, the chances of all the participants and events (including the supernova) coinciding seem pretty astronomical. (Groan.) But while I’m convinced that the supernova is related to the Eye, I’m not convinced that the supernova will necessarily be the Eye.

The difficulty withsupernova as Eye is thatthe ‘nova’s been set up as so destructive thatit’s difficult to imagine everyone just hanging out and watching itpoint the way toEarth.

A reader (who didn’t request credit) recently submitted a theory that was pretty much along the lines of the discussion so far (i.e. Tyrol is “the one” and will find the Eye), but one bit really caught my attention: He suggested that Tyrol will (paraphrased) “find the Eye just in the nick of time, and it’ll protect everyone from the nuke attack.”

This helps to resolve two different plot difficultes: the relation between the Eye and the ‘nova and the fact that Adama’s not bluffing. Adama could wholeheartedly launch the nuke attack whileTyrol “finds the Eye,” activates it, and protects our favorite characters from the death and destruction.

Of course, the Eye could also serve as a source of information alone. While that’s not nearly as exciting as a supernova pointing a Family Guy-like-shaking-monkey-finger at Earth, it would certainly make a lot of sense, and it’d allow the supernova to serve as a plot-quickening agent alone.

Another thought: The recent freeze-frame-artist (Sean loved this, BTW) discovery of the resemblence between the pattern in the temple and the painting on Starbuck’s Caprica apartment wall could well mean that the pattern in the temple is simply a well-recognized “icon” for the Eye, and that Tyrol’s not surprised at all to find the icon — he just doesn’t know what to do with it. Does he push it and duck, Indiana Jones-penitent-man-style, or does he speak a phrase to it? “Open sesam-Eye?”

And since, as one commenter said on a recent post, “this place thrives on off-topic,” I’ll go ahead and go off-topic before a single comment posts;as I said in the ‘cast, I totally think Anders is going to bite it on this stink-hole planet. Anders dying at the hands (or at least under the command) of Lee is just way too nasty a plot element for Galactica’s writers to pass up.

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  1. Arktis says:

    I totally want Adama to unleash the nukes, and I would be pissed if he didn’t. The eye protecting everyone makes a decent plot device to allow this to happen without it killing everyone… but I’m afraid that it may be too far out there in terms of being able to provide the viewers a suitable explanation for how something so fantastic would work.

    I have a simpler solution that I think would be just as neat: One or more of the Cylon basestars could jump in the way of the nukes. There’s four nukes left on Galactica, and four Cylon basestars. They’d have no problems with jumping in the way because they could just download into new bodies.

  2. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I think the eye is a big-ass telescope showing where earth is

  3. Pike says:

    Arktis, I like it. I didn’t like the idea of the Eye providing protection, b/c that’s not what it’s supposed to be. It points the way, pure and simple. Cylon/s/z jumping into the way of nukes to protect it would be nice.

    Hmmm. The C/s/z are affected by ONE type of radiation more than humans are. You can get that stuff (kryptonium) from a warhead (because that’s how Baltar’s detector worked–and it did work.) So, what if you could isolate that exclusively and irradiate the temple/area/continent with it? That way you could ‘nuke’ the place without risking human life.

  4. Tanu says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA “Family Guy-like-shaking-monkey-finger” thats awesome!!!

    as for the painting at starbuck’s apt being similiar to the eye pattern – thats some awesome thinking and connection! i am only working from memory (b/c i dont’ have access to my dvds at my parents’) but i’m pretty sure that is correct – the color patterns and all.

    personally i’m not loving the idea of the Supernova being the eye or part of the eye – thats a natural phenomenon that the 13th tribe couldn’t possibly have known about or predicted the presence of humans/cylonz being there at the right time to make this part of their artifact or trail. its like the MOVIE version of the War of the Worlds story – they buried the machines underground a million years ago because back then they knew that the humans or homo-sapiens would evolve from homo-whatever-stage-they-were-a-million-years-ago in one million years and have the right stuff in their blood to support martian life…idiotic!

    as for the eye helping protect everyone from the nukes and/or the supernova, that i like a little better because that could have been a contingency that the 13th tribe could have placed on the artifact.

  5. Ken says:

    Hmmm… I don’t know how the eye would work with the supernova. That would be a very weird trigger for the 13th colonists to work with.
    However, we do know they are in an area of space nearby to some dense star cluster (remember The Passage). That could make supernovae more common than in other areas of space. I guess they could have built the temple and eye with that in mind.

    On a slight tangent, how much contact do you think the 13th colonists had with everyone after finding Earth? Someone must have come back a few times to leave clues on where to find them. Also, we know they must have really liked scavenger hunts.

  6. Walter (Kilroy) says:

    I don’t like the supernova part as if the star is anywhere near the planet and it goes supernova there won’t be anybody left to see the way to Earth. I do think the eye can protect the occupants of the room from a war like attack and they would have thought about things like vandalism, treasure robbers or war type attack to the planet. However I don’t think it could protect them from a supernova. I do think Tyrol is the key as he was the only hear, see, feel or whatever drew him to the place and no other person has had that ability

    Walter (Kilroy)

  7. The 13th Cylon says:

    Speaking of Chief, the reason he gained some weight is because during the starvation period his metabolism slowed down a ton. His body switched to save mode when they finally got to process the algae and because of that, most of the food was stored as fat. That’s why something like 10% of all teenage girls who binge eat become overweight. It’s like a one time binge eating event.

    Of course, it may have really been that Aaron Douglas has had a knee or some other leg injury for a few episodes now as he’s been inactive for a little while.

  8. The 13th Cylon says:

    Totally double posting, but it’s a pretty good one. This should tie Chuck over on Chief for a little while. This is the third reason why he put on a little- he was playing with toys all day:

  9. BoxytheBoxed says:

    I think Callys a cylon and trying to get the chief overweight, have a heart attack, and die

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