Reader Theory: Hybrids and Toasters

Boxytheboxed writes: “What if the toasters weren’t the ones that made the skinjobs, perhaps it was the hybrids? The entire tech for the cylons seem robotic in nature –the toasters could have created the basestars andraiders (in Jupiter the raiders to the planet looked very much like toasters). I think the toasters created the hybrids, who instructed the toasters how to make organic people.”

“Hybrids to me seem like they are religious tools. They might be explaining the scriptures in current time. When the skinjobs were created, they changed the toasters. The knowledge of the true meaning of the hybrids was lost with them.”

I have often wondered about the whole chicken-and-egg of the Cylon org-chart myself. We know that the humans created the Cylon and that they would most likely have started with centurions — but after that things get a bit fuzzy. There are twelve models but did the Cylon themselves only create 7?

Boxytheboxed also talks about the hybrid spewing out scripture in real time. That’s a most fascinating comment. What if they can not only decode the scripture but understand where and who they are in relation to the story? Then a step further would be: What if they are manipulating everyone they come in contact with to push that story one way or the other?

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  1. Arktis says:

    So far the hybrids don’t appear to have qualities needed for the task you are attributing to them. Besides that, the hybrids are clearly organic Cylons themselves – at least in part, which is suggested by their name and their entirely organic appearance.

    Clearly we have not seen the exact source of the human Cylons, but to assume that it was the hybrids seems a bit of a stretch to me.

    I think this is going to get addressed in the prequel series.

  2. BoxytheBoxed says:

    one more:what if the hybrads (with aid from the toasteers) are minupulating the skinjobs. D’anna seems to be listneng to the hybrad the hybrad might be using her as a “hoast” like the Go’ald

  3. BoxytheBoxed says:

    thanks for everybody who poster manily atkins

  4. The 13th Cylon says:

    Oh man if they can do it in real time then the Cylon’s version of Pithia is like the Never Ending Story!

    And speaking of toasters, I bought my mother a chrome toaster for Christmas. Hmmm… I suppose I’m a real fan boy.

  5. BoxytheBoxed says:

    My mom bought my dad a 1200 dollar toaster for chumkah last year

  6. Arktis says:

    Has it made any unusual noises? For instance, does it have a humming red glowing slit? Has it said “by your command”?

    You might want to keep a close eye on it. When the revolution comes, it could turn against your family.

  7. The 13th Cylon says:

    Hey, Six said it herself! “Those models still have their uses.” Or something like that.

    The ‘casters were right. Centurions are babysitters.

  8. BoxytheBoxed says:

    when you turn the toaster on it glows red on the inside. holy frak! its an inside out centurion

  9. eric-michael says:

    Man you’re more optimistic than I … that you think there actually is an explanation for the skin jobs and the hybrids is the coolest thing I’ve heard all day. I was reading Chuck’s blog the other day about how their (twelve tribes) religion is tangible … how our (most of the people on earth’s not mine) religion is based on faith, and theirs is based on something real you can touch and feel and smell. They have planets with magic rooms, probes, and the rest of the crap that pretty much feeds their religion. I assume the word atheist cannot exist in the battlestar universe since how can anyone not believe when they actually have proof of their gods. I totally went off on a tangent there, sorry.

    What I’m trying to say is that the skin jobs may not have been invented, but rather just enhanced humans. I mean what if all the cylons did was discover how to tap into our souls, and what they do is just a controlled reincarnation? It’s kind of a cool thing to think about really. I mean what is Boomer wasn’t programmed, but brain washed? That would explain why she’s fracking crazy! And if Boomer wasn’t programmed then Athena has a chance of not being a double agent …

  10. Pike says:

    13, Great link!

  11. BoxytheBoxed says:

    now that i think about it the hybrads really seem like living bibles. we have never seen the cylon scriptures. and the hybrad was seen to “talk to god”.think…..

  12. Fiscus says:

    After Maelstrom, I came up with the following theory. The original skinjobs were actually another race of humanoid-type beings, though more advanced than the colonists. They ran into the 13th tribe thousands of years ago. This interested them in humans and they went on to discover the other 12 tribes and quietly live among them. One of the OSJ’s met Mrs. Thrace and became Kara’s father. When the toasters left town 40 years ago, the OSJ’s joined forces–combining the OSJ’s advanced biology, and the Toasters advanced technology. The result is that the OSJ’s could now “download” themselves, and make endless copies of each other. 5 of the 12 OSJ’s later became disillusioned with what they had become–perhaps they did not think it was right that they could effectively live forever, or perhaps they did not like how the colonists were treated. In any case, they became the Final Five–including Kara’s father.

    This explains the Cylons’ knowledge of the Colonial’s religions, the temple on the algae planet, Kara’s advanced abilities and internal conflicts, and Leoben’s interest in Kara. The original Leoben, too, might be who Kara is taking to in Maelstrom, and it is only his copies that treated her wrong. It does not explain the whole ‘it’s happened before and it will happen again’ thing–I’m still working on that.

    So, Starbuck is not a Cylon–she is not part machine–but she is a hybrid of sorts between two humanoid races. Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  13. D says:

    When watching Razor this theory popped in my head. I think you’re exactly right. Either that or Ron read the post and realized this makes way more sense then what he was originally aiming for.

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