GWC Online Frak Party: “Eye of Jupiter”

It’s the last episode for four whole weeks; we’ll be there. If you’re not already attending a Frak Party, join us here for the GWC online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we can draw on your real-time comments in the ‘cast. Sweet!

Hey, one request: If you happened to catch the episode last night at the theater, watch out in terms of dropping spoilers for those of us who were stuck doing other things and didn’t get to make it out. (Doh!)

See you later tonight.

123 Responses to "GWC Online Frak Party: “Eye of Jupiter”"
  1. Arktis says:

    There was a theater viewing?!

  2. Largento says:

    Yeah, TV Guide did a “Bigscreen” event at several theaters. I went to the one in Dallas. It was fun seeing the show with an audience. I’ll refrain from any spoilers other than to say this is a jam-packed episode. Unfortunately the episode we were shown wasn’t finished, so there was a big laugh at a tense scene when green title cards flashed up saying what we should be seeing but weren’t.

    There was also some laughs in the introduction, when the girl from TV Guide mistakenly referred to the show as “Battleship” Galactica. 🙂

  3. Arktis says:

    That’s not as bad as “Baltar-star Galactica”, as the actor who plays Gaius was recorded saying at a convention. That was a good one. It’s probably still on youtube.

    Well I’m sorry I missed it. Ah but I doubt there was a showing in my area anyways.

  4. Sean O'Hara says:

    Battleship Galactica???? That reporter should be flogged!! 🙂

  5. Largento says:

    She wasn’t a reporter. Just some girl in a TV Guide T-Shirt who was obviously not familiar with the show (and claimed English was *not* her first language.) She was reading off of a card and made a few errors. The funniest bit was at the end when she read “Have a frakking good time” and the cheer from the audience startled her. It was clear that she had no idea what that meant. 🙂

    Although I’m sure it didn’t take her long to figure it out…

  6. oliver says:

    i have a devious plan to steal the common room to watch this episode. ];P

  7. Jon Davis says:

    Hey why can’t we get a real-time chat thingy here for these online frak parties? I tried to e-mail Chuck, but apparently his mail server doesn’t like my mail server. =( Well, I can start a Jabber-based chat room if anyone else cares to join: (on Jabber). Or we could always do the standby IRC too. Anyone else game?

  8. Arktis says:

    I’d love to! But… I don’t have cable tv so I don’t get to see the episodes as they are broadcast unless I go watch elsewhere. I wish my laptop hadn’t died on me. :/

  9. Baltar The Great says:

    My God I can’t wait for this. I was wondering if there were any showings in my area. Unfortunately there weren’t any. Talk to you guys later tonight.

  10. Jon Davis says:

    woohoo here we go on the east coast!

  11. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    What is this!!!? This is wrong. Cheaters!!

  12. oliver says:

    ooh hera, shes grown.

  13. oliver says:

    and the cheif is inexplicably drawn into the hills…

  14. Jon Davis says:

    Yeah, I mention on GWC before that I thought the “1 year later” plot twist was a mechanism to grow Hera/Isis a bit because the writers obviously have a role for her to play.

  15. oliver says:

    um an obelisk?

  16. Pike says:

    Act 1

    The algae planet has trees? WTF? Guys, check for some root vegetables or something.
    OK, the moral dillema of Apollo and ‘Buck seems a bit forced.
    It’s Baltar of Nazareth.
    Lots of Tyrol so far. Something must be about to happen to him.
    And this is the eye. Huh. Why did Tyrol go up there? Was he hearing something that I couldn’t?

  17. oliver says:

    commercial. bleh.. so who do you think will die?

  18. oliver says:

    4k years old +, and they left the lights on when they left?? thats a waste of power…

  19. Pike says:

    Dee! (Please?)

    I’m skipping commercial blogging this time, but “Dead and Deader?” And they’re advertising that on their most popular show?

  20. Jon Davis says:

    41,402 survivors listed on this episode, anyone remember what the count was last week? So, it was 41,420 last week, they only lost 20 people out of the lost ships.

  21. oliver says:

    ohmygod and the sharrons meet.

  22. oliver says:

    well those ships were only crewed by a few people…

  23. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    Boomer is looking hot, man. That’s an intense scene.

  24. oliver says:

    and baltar is going off the edge…

  25. oliver says:

    shit. baby bomb.

  26. Jon Davis says:

    Whoa, Boomer dropped the ‘Hera Bomb’!!

  27. Pike says:

    Act 2
    I like Blatar’s Am I a Cylon dilema. Nice that Athena outed Boomer.
    Here’s the Baby-Bomb. Midseason cliffhanger. I called that one.
    “She was hidden at Laura’s School?” WTF? How do they know that? They found her outside the Oracle’s tent.

  28. Pike says:

    Oh, and Grace Park acting with herself. NIce.

  29. oliver says:

    yeah the sharron and sharron scene didnt seem awkward.. so good acting.

  30. oliver says:

    ohmygod. kara is vicious.

  31. oliver says:

    haha tyrrol and porn. blas for me, and blas for you…

  32. Jon Davis says:

    Uhh, hello!! Look at the frakking ‘bullseye’ Chief!!

  33. Pike says:

    Anders is back already. Nice.
    Wait, was Apollo saying they didn’t find the temple, while Tyrol and Cally are wiring it with explosives?
    Why is everyone suprised that they all converged on the same planet? It’s the oasis on the other side of the stellar firehole that they just went through.
    Yeah, more Centurions!

  34. jeffstarship says:

    So when the Basestar called Galactica, why didn’t the Com Officer say, “Sir, they are hailing us.” Much more naval/military. sounding…. It was radio transmission between vessels, not a frackin’ cell phone call! Were the directors too afraid to sound like Star Trek?

  35. oliver says:

    they didnt find the specific artifact that is in the temple.

  36. oliver says:

    methodists? on scifi?

  37. jeffstarship says:

    AWE SNAP! Lee wasn’t the first.

  38. jeffstarship says:

    Umm….not the first time Starbuck’s gone done 🙂

  39. Pike says:

    Anders with the rubbing it in.
    Is the Hybrid calling Baltar the chosen one?
    And now Three with the rubbing it in.
    How is Head-Six going to take his snubbing Caprica-Six?
    Was Dee with Anders on that hillside?

  40. jeffstarship says:

    ..that’s “gone down”

  41. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    If they kill Duala I’m not watching anymore.

  42. jeffstarship says:

    c’mon Starbuck eject! You’ve been hear before… (can they eject from a Raptor? Last time she ejected from a Viper)

  43. Pike says:

    We’ve never seen a Raptor pilot eject so far.

  44. jeffstarship says:

    how does Adama know this? They didn’t show us the confrontation?

  45. jpv206 says:

    I am spoiling myself again! hee hee….

  46. Pike says:

    Aha! The old man DIDN’T know!

  47. Jon Davis says:

    Yes, it seemed obvious that the Hybrid was referring to Baltar. Despite some of the earlier comments, I don’t think this is referring to Baltar as some sort of Jesus-like savior. Rather, it seems to me that he is a chosen servant of the Cylon god. Like the Biblical David being the chosen one for his people.

  48. Pike says:

    jeffstar, they loose an awful lot in editing. It’s part of the reason why the show feels so so different, but you do loose scenes like that.

  49. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    Damn, she didn’t share that nugget?

  50. Pike says:

    Whaaaa…? He’s going to nuke his son and starbuck? After risking the fleet to save her? Gotta be a bluff.
    Don’t they have some spare raptors?


  51. oliver says:


  52. Pike says:

    Well, we know RDM loves his cliffhangers…


  53. jeffstarship says:

    yeah, I guess I knew that…The confrontation will most likely show up in a “Previously, on Battlestar Galactica…” flashback.

  54. Pike says:

    Dee dies next episode.

  55. jeffstarship says:

    That’s all the preview we get? Uggggggg….

  56. perry ostrin says:

    so 2 things..the screening last night of this ep was a real frack party and a great cliffhanger! this is the way to see this show…in a movie theater with bsg freaks..also alot of the writers including Verheiden were there and did a short q/a cause there was a second screening cause of the big crowd! also being a LA native im used to spotting and keeping my cool around famous people but today yes i had a mary mcdonald sighting!! ughhh i freaked and became fanboy..she was at a red light about to turn right and i saw her in her car(a jetta) i hope it was one of her kids and can afford a hipper car and i honk and give here a thumbs up! i think i freaked her out cause she looked worried,rolled down her window and i shouted”love your work on galactica!” and she then smiled and got i was just a fan and not trying to tell her the car was on fire or something..she said “thanks” and “sorry my light is green” then waved and drove off…i wanted to tell her so much but it was cool and unexpected..looking forward to the cast…

  57. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    Damn, that’s it. A month is gonna seem like a year.

    Thoughts: There were a lot of refences to 5. The Cyclons

    Temple of 5.

    What’s the link?

    Who does Athena want to see? The baby or Rosalyn?

    For the 21st seems Dualla takes the high road. I save leave Starbuck to rot.

  58. jeffstarship says:

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this one before….Anyone notice….how the Raptors resemble the old Navy A-10 Intruders?

  59. Pike says:

    The theater screening is a great idea, just wish there was one closer than 250 miles or so to me.

    Jon Davis, anyone join you on jabber? I’m not sure if that format would be better or not.

  60. Boomer "The Brother" says:


    I know you got a hard on for Dee, for some reason but she needs to be around so I’d b pissed if they killed her off.

  61. Browncoat Bryan says:


    First, I KNEW Adama didn’t know about Hera… And he was right for walking out on Roslin. I guess they aren’t really weed-buddies anymore.
    Second, was this a frakking good cliffhanger or what???
    Third, Baltar the Bastard is back… what a [BLEEP]-bag!!!
    Fourth, Lee and Kara having a little “oh, yeah – oh, yeah”
    Fifth, Dee going to rescue Kara??? Talk about karma…
    Sixth, Poor Six…. She should have known Baltar was a [BLEEP]-bag!!! Treated like a five dollar ho
    Seven, I’m hoping Sharon doesn’t go psycho…. But at least she knows that Adama didn’t hide anything from her.
    And finally, I think we all know that Adama isn’t going to launch the nukes…. He just rolled the hard six.

    But, what do you think will happen to keep him from doing it? What do you think will happen to Homewrecker Three and Baltar? Will Baltar return to the Colonials in the next episode? Will Dee die? Will Anders die? What about Chief?

    Man, what a great episode!!!! I can’t WAIT until January 21st. I’m now suffering from withdrawal.

  62. Pike says:

    Boomer TB, I’m sure there’s a link, although knowing RDM, he might leave that dangling for the entire series. Odd thing is that I can’t think of five being an Olympian number in any way.

    jeffstar, they’re supposed to be sort of helicopter equivalents. (Was the Intruder the A-10? I thought that’s the Warthog.)

  63. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Oh, yeah… and I’m with you Brother Boomer. I want Dee to live, too. So that she can bitch slap Lee.

  64. Browncoat Bryan says:

    The A-10 (Air Force) is the Warthog. The A-6 (Navy) is the Intruder.

  65. Jon Davis says:

    A6 Intruder, A-10 Warthog, you’re right Pike.

  66. Pike says:

    BTB, I hope you’re kidding. I’ve had a hate on for Dee since she ditched Billy. I’m just going to be pissed if she dies heroically. I’d prefer to have Cavil have his twisted way with her.

    Oh, and Athena was talking about her kid. Almost certain.

  67. Browncoat Bryan says:

    I think you’re right, Pike, about Athena wanting to see her kid. I think Athena and Helo will attempt to rescue the baby or Adama will work a deal with the Cylons.

    Yeah, Dee played Billy. Maybe if she loses an eye or an arm or something. But, I don’t want her to die. Personally, I think Lee going after Kara serves as a kind of karmic justice for what Dee did to Billy.

  68. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Damn, this was a good frakking episode!!!

  69. Pike says:

    OK, cliffhanger wrapup.
    *Athena wants to see her kid
    *Kara is MIA
    *Anders wants to rescue her
    *Lee wants to stop him
    *Everybody knows about Kara and Lee
    *Bill is about to nuke the planet
    *The Centurions are on the march
    *New Caprica Three and Baltar are on the way to Algae planet

    I miss anything?

  70. Jon Davis says:

    I definitely agree that there is a connection between the 5 final humanoid Cylon models and the Temple of the Five. Also, there was a reference from Three that knowing/seeing the final five models would bring her closer to knowing the Cylon god. So yeah that’s rather intriguing.

  71. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Yeah, considering the connection between the Temple of the Five and the Five Cylons, it kinda makes you wonder….

    The missing five Cylons aren’t known by the other Cylon models. The Temple of the Five was supposedly set up by five priests…. Let’s ask the obvious question here….

    How did the Scriptures on Caprica get this information about the Eye of Jupiter in the first place? How did they know about the Temple if the “Thirteenth Colony” disappeared? Where DID the Scriptures come from?

    Is it possible that there is some kind of Matrix action going on here?

  72. Boomer "The Brother" says:


    Just messing with you. I’ve been lurking around here enough to know.

    What’s with the supernova business I wonder? I’m sure that will play a part in Galactica escap somehow. That damn Gaeta. Too smart to live.LOL.

    How did it become a given now that Baltar is a cylon. He’s like a vampire wannabe vampire from the Blade movies. What a poser.

  73. Largento says:

    Favorite line: “Well you just lost your visiting privileges.” –Tigh to Boomer.

  74. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Or is it possible that the Cylons are the “incarnation” of the gods? Some kind of messianic thing?

  75. jeffstarship says:

    ah yes. A-6 Intruder. My bad.

  76. Aser says:

    The Raptor is meant to fill the roles of several carrier-based support aircraft such as the C-2 Greyhound transport, the EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft and the E-2C Hawkeye airborne warning and control system, as well as missions of helicopters and now defunct designs. It performs recon, combat control, search and rescue, covert insertion, assault and nuclear delivery missions.

    I guess I was way off from what everyone else was thinking; I thought the hybrid was talking about the Chief…

  77. Pike says:

    Largento, Tigh gets all the best lines. Or probably Tight GIVES all the best lines. He could say “Coffee, light, with Sweet-n-Low” and make it sound like a threat.

    BTB, I thought so. And I forgot about the impending supernova! This could be the most cliffhangery (mid)season ending ever!

  78. Pike says:

    Aser, you’re correct. The raptor is the general support ship. RDM pictures it mostly as a ‘copter, though.

    And it would be cool if she (it?) was refering to the Chief, and this was set up to make us think it was Baltar.

  79. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Aser, I think you’re right…. Perhaps the hybrid was talking about Chief. He’d be perfect. And also, good call on what the Raptor is used for. I would also add medium range bomber, because of the drones (cruise missles) it carried. So, it could also fulfill the role of A-6 as well.

  80. Largento says:

    I think it would be hilarious if Baltar goes down the temple convinced he’s the Chosen One only to have some voice say “Not you… the chubby one.” 🙂

  81. jeffstarship says:

    Pike, I agree the usage of the Raptor is like that of a helicoper. My A-6 Intruder comment was more to the general appearance. The forward cockpit and the down-sloping nose. Then there is the “all-weather design,” sensor package and bomb carrying capacity. Although I have not heard of an A-6 flying through a radiation storm in a star cluster….

  82. Pike says:

    Largento, LOL

    jeffstar, yeah, I kinda got sidetracked, but there is a similarity there.

  83. Largento says:

    I just watched the hybrid scene again and it looked like D’Anna thought the hybrid was talking to her. She says “The five await *me*”

  84. jeffstarship says:

    Yes it was interesting to get a glimpse of Chief’s religious background.
    Maybe he can activiate the Eye of Jupiter, which will then emit a force field and block the nukes.

  85. jeffstarship says:

    May the relic is a reactor! Activate it and it will plunge into the ice below and melt it, creating oxygen that will blast out of the mountain and create an atmosphere on the….oh nevermind. That was Total Recall.

  86. Browncoat Bryan says:

    LOL, jeffstarship!!

    Ahh-nold is one of the Five….

  87. Largento says:

    Here’s an interesting bit: Roslin reading from the scriptures, says there are five pillars in the temple dedicated to the five priests devoted to the one who’s name cannot be—

    Insert your own Harry Potter joke here

    Connection between the five priests and the five Cylons?

  88. nod says:

    What about the supernova activating the eye of Jupiter, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-style, literally poinying the way to earth with a shaft of light or something else they can follow?

  89. Pike says:

    jeffstarship, we had a glimpse of his background earlier, he mentioned that his mom was an oracle and his dad a priest, but this really fleshes it out.

    Largento, was that this episode? I missed that, but I’m watching in a bar, so abient noise is a problem.

  90. Largento says:

    Yes, Pike. She’s reading the book when Adama comes to confront her about Hera.

  91. Pike says:

    OK, right-coasters, the repeat is on.

  92. WarriorToaster says:

    CRAAAAAAAAP! Frak those three cursed words! So D’anna has gone rogue with Six pissed at her, Adama is pissed at Rosilyn, Athena is pissed at Adama, Dee is pissed at Apollo, Anders is pissed at Apollo…Was this episode called Eye of Jupiter or Pissed off? Well I’m pissed off that it ended on such a cliff hangar but man I can’t wait!

    Is it January yet?

  93. Rich McCarty says:

    Five unknown Cylons and the Temple of Five…a connection somehow? Roslin said that there were five high priests who were devoted to a god without a name. As soon as she said that, it made me think of the rise of monotheism in the Roman Empire as well as in early Islamic Arabia. Consider: In the Book of Acts, the apostle Paul visits the shrines of various Greco-Roman gods and comes across the shrine to the “unknown god” and declares that this unknown deity was none other than the single God he was proclaiming. Almost 400 years later that was — broadly speaking — good enough for Emperor Theodosius to make Christianity the ‘only’ religion of the empire (a step further than Constantine had gone in 312 by making Christianity legal). Also, the god “Allah” was actually one of the gods enshrined in the Kabba before Muhammad converted Medina and Mecca. In a similiar fashion, the prophet Muhammad declared to his fellow Arabic neighbors that “Allah” was not just ‘a’ god, but ‘the’ God. So I wonder…was there something of a monotheism starting out among the ancient humans in Colonial history? Perhaps it was from this that the Cylons later came to adopt a single God? Could be a long shot, but the initial (however small) similiarties are striking to me.

  94. Aser says:

    Side note, anyone ever see the Royal Navy’s SH-3 Sea King helicopter with an AWACS radar dish? If you had to point to one aircraft that was most like the Raptor, that’d be it…

    Anyway, my oddball conclusion to the chosen one bit is Baltar and his new bestest pal walking in to find the chief chatting up five mysterious figures, one of which turns to the newcomers and says, “who the hell are you…?”

    I find it pretty interesting that the Galactica has missile tubes for deliverying planetary firing solutions. The Colonial Fleet was really prepared for anything weren’t they? Well, almost everything…? 🙂

    It’s good to see Lieutenant Hoshi got a new gig. Might he be cheaper than Captain Kelly?

  95. Pike says:

    Rich, you may be on to something there, one of the upcoming guests could probably expand on that.

    Watching the repeat. You’ know what’s missing here? Tyrol sculpting the temple out of mashed potatos.

  96. Largento says:

    I think that’s a strong possibility, Rich. In the temple, the five pillars are relatively short, surrounding one huge pillar. That pillar is cylindrical. The five surrounding have five sides. There’s a design in the center of the ceiling that the central pillar is pointing to that could be a representation of a star.

  97. Largento says:

    LOL, Pike! “This means something…” 🙂

  98. Pike says:

    So the “Eye” (whatever that ends up being), points to earth. Neither side wants the other to have it, and the sun is about to go supernova. I’m guessing neither side ends up with it.

  99. Pike says:

    Cally is frakin’ amazing.

  100. Arktis says:

    100th. Couldn’t resist.

  101. Rich McCarty says:

    I just did a little more digging into Greco-Roman religious thought, and I found it interesting that one source claimed that the some in the Greco-Roman civilizations called the sun the Eye of Jupiter. What if the “eye” is the star about to supernova? If it’s no coincidence that the events of this episode are happening, then perhaps the supernova of the sun has something to do with showing the way? …I swear I’m going to propose a religious studies course on BSG at the university! 😉

  102. Pike says:

    Yeah, Three thinks the hybrid is refering to her. Baltar no doubt thinks it refers to him. I’m liking the Chief angle more and more.

    Noticed this time around that it looks like Kara is on fire when she gets hit. She may be in bad shape next ep.

  103. Pike says:

    Rich, do that. There are so many leaping-off poiints. Any significance of “Five” that you can find? I’m drawing a blank.

  104. Carol says:

    (as much as I adore him) I have to say, a thought went through
    my mind while watching the episode “Well, I guess we know where
    Lee’s fat suit went”…

    Great episode. Lots of interesting action and progress.

  105. Rich McCarty says:

    The only reference I have found to “five” that appears to be important is in the Islamic tradition, in which the five prophets: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are esteemed as especially important among the messengers and prophets. I just haven’t spotted the numeric significance in Greco-Roman thought.

  106. Pike says:

    And the repeat wraps up. Looks like Tyrol is going to figure out how to work the Eye (you press the middle of the giant hieroglyph–haven’t you watched any movies?) but why is one explosive package beeping?
    Dee is going to die a warrior’s death (more than she deserves) saving Kara (OK, I may be projecting.)

  107. Boomer "The Brother" says:

    Yeah, so I’m also thinking the supernova is the eye. Somehow that will leave the trail to earth.

  108. bowbot says:

    Great culmination of this 1/2 of the season. Tonight was my second viewing–after the TV guide showing in NYC Thursday night. I keep thinking about the nukes, Geata’s remarks about star about to go nova. Call me crazy, but one could guess there is a 60m window before they hit the star? 10-20min after that a supernova? is it enough to get lee et al of the planet?

  109. Rich McCarty says:

    Oh…and one more significance for the number five–duh–the pentacle star is the symbol for humanity, as the star has a head, two arms, and two legs. Reversed it is called the pentagram. Hmmm…. Okay, I’m going to break from the mystery solving and go out and drink a beer. Maybe some ambrosia will induce a vision of things to come…

  110. Pike says:

    Rich, there’s also the five pillars of Islam. And the number five being the number of man in some Christian thought. I also can’t think of anything significant with Greco-Romans and “five.”

    And then there’s the fact that the numbering of the models ends with eight (as far as we know–the males don’t yet have numbers) so there’s at least some overlap of the seven with the five. (Of course, that may not be significant if the five idea is a late one.)

  111. Pike says:

    Rich, the pentagram! I forgot that. May be why RDM felt that five was a good number to isolate.

  112. Pike says:

    Arktis, good one.

  113. The 13th Cylon says:

    Wow! I don’t think I can hold my breath until mid Jan! I don’t think I can recall the fleet being that divided amongst themselves. Is there anyone not at complete odds with someone else right now? My mind almost exploded bigger than that star might when we kept seeing the Cylons and the Galactica just sitting there looking at each other. It’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys getting along (I have no idea what show that’s from but I know they don’t get along. I was born in ’88, so cut me some slack!).

    Quote of the Episode: Tie between Tigh and Cavil at the “We’ll throw in a Baltar” conversation.

    And Pike, it’s actually 6 that’s the number of man in Judeo Christian teachings. 7 is the holiest (I guess that’s how it’s spelled, it looks mighty strange right there though… ) number. 7 days a week, 7 years of bountiful harvest followed by 7 of drought, etc. Lots of 7’s. And then we obviously get 6 in numbers like 666.

  114. Chuck says:

    Jon: I recv’d your email, tried to reply, but your server keeps rejecting me. If you get a minute, use the comment form to drop me a line with a different email address to try.

    All: Wow, this is awesome discussion. I’d SO be in here jumping in if I wasn’t busy pushing out the podcast right now. I’m so gonna get in on this over the weekend! Podcast shortly.

  115. perry ostrin says:

    man for a food shortage chief sure looks like he’s been putting on pounds! did anyone else notice brother cavel winking at adama as he was leaving galactica? was he just messing with him or are they in on something together??

  116. Jaz says:

    Perry – I didn’t notice the wink…I definitely noticed the pause. I think Brother Cavel was just trying to intimidate Adama, though.

    Question for all: what did Dee say in the “scenes from the next BSG” bit? Did she say something about bringing Lee back to Starbuck?!? My guess is that she’s going to be the one to rescue Starbuck. Whoa, imagine that. Scandalous. 🙂

  117. Jaz says:

    By the way…Audra, Chuck, Sean – thanks so much for creating this site. I found it recently when I decided to finally go online and find “others like me” (sci fi geeks/BSG lovers). I love your podcasts and the site rocks. Also a big thanks to all the posters – your comments are amazing and thought-provoking. Keep up the great work and thank you!!!!

  118. Audra says:

    Largento – “the chubby one” – LOL!!

    Pike – Love the mashed potatoes!

    Rich – thanks for the all the thoughftul comments and religious research. I’ve got so much to think about now!!

    All – Awesome comments, as always! I love reading what you have to say. Sorry I didn’t get to them until after we recorded the podcast; it looks like some of us are on the same page. I also think Chief is the chosen one.

    Perry – I’m with you; I’m having a hard time buying the “food shortage” with Chief this episode! As far as the wink, I think Cavil was just messin’ with him.

    Jaz – Welcome! Glad you like the ‘cast!

  119. BoxytheBoxed says:

    The song was all american rejects, damn mtv. Sombody needs to make a video of D’anna showing baltar the 5 playing Who are you

  120. jeffstarship says:

    Ok after Googling SH-3 Sea King, I must definitely agree with Aser that the Raptor most resembles this carrier-based helo:

    I knew I had seen that shape somewhere! Thats what I like about the new BSG, the technology is so recognizable, so within reach; instead of being so “out there” like in Star Trek, or even the orignal BSG. My dad being a Navy man back in the early 60’s, on the USS Saratoga, I can really dig the aircraft carrier roots of Galactica. And I also appreciate that the drama of the human element takes a front seat to the technology.

  121. jeffstarship says:

    the link did not post! Take a look here to see the Raptor roots. Aser was right-on.

  122. Pike says:

    13th, “If man is five…then the devil is six…then God is seven”, at least according to the Pixies. Wish I could quote something more schollarly off the top of my head, but there you go.

    Aser and JSS, That’s a good one, but look at some of the attack copters. The Raptors ‘Stub Wings’ seem to be even more evocative of them, especially with the hardpoints for mounting munitions. I’d say it’s a generalized amalgamation of different attack copters. Also, look at the SH-60F (with refueling tanks.)

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