Reader Theory: The Meaning of the Phoenix

Arktis writes: “Battlestar Galactica at its core is about the advancement of technology to the point that (due to human nature), it reaches a level that is dangerous and uncontrollable. The Cylons are the ultimate personification of this idea, and literally want to replace humans.

“The solution offered in BSG is that humanity has to start over again. Earth is a safe pocket of humanity put aside for this purpose. What we have is a continual cycle, like a phoenix being perpetually reborn from its own ashes. ‘All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.’ It’s also interesting to note that the BSG logo is a phoenix. So basically what we have to indicate this is a record (colonial scriptures) of the process which people have taken as their religion.

“The process would go like this: Human technology has reached the point where it is too dangerous and could possibly even replace humans themselves. Humans set off to start over, keeping records which become surrounded by dogma over the ages. Once their new civilization has reached a certain level of advancement, they begin to colonize other worlds again. A safe pocket of humans is put together and set aside, while records and signposts on how to reach them in case the need arises are left behind.

“The new interstellar civilization lasts for a while, until their technology becomes too dangerous again, and they have to start over. It is at this point that they follow their records (Colonial scriptures) and signposts to reach the safe pocket of humans that had been put aside (Earth). Lather, rinse, repeat.

“So basically, the ‘Gods’ in this scenario would be the people who understood and directed the process through the ages.”

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  1. Tanu says:

    How cool Arktis, i was thinking about the human race as the phoenix the other day after i rewatched exodus part 2.

    as for the safe pocket of humans or “reserves”, thats an interesting theory.

  2. Pike says:

    BSWiki has an excellent summarization of this idea in its analysis section of the Book of Pythia, see here:

    (Yes, I posted this before, but we have a lot of new people showing up, so I posted it again. It’s my own personal Cycle of Time.)

  3. Arktis says:


  4. Arktis says:

    Frak. And I thought I was so clever. 🙁

  5. Pike says:

    Artkis, no offense intended. I wasn’t slamming you or your theory (which is a good one) just pointing out that some folks have already run pretty far with that idea. I was pretty blown away when I first read it, so it stuck in my head. 😉

  6. james says:

    i think our current society may have reached that point. in april of 2007 in sweeden a national group for atomic energy is going to fire up the world’s largest particle accelerator, capable of creating miniature black holes, two theries come into play, the holes will loose momentum and disapate, or they will build in power and momentum untill our solar system is swallowed whole! anyhoo something to look forward to i guess

  7. james says:

    sorry thats a particle collider my bad 🙁

  8. BoxytheBoxed says:

    guess whats more imporatnt in april 2006
    The return of STARGATE

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