GWC Online Frak Party: “The Passage” (12/08/2006)

Savor these last two episodes before the dreaded “Christmas Break.” If you’re not already attending a Frak Party, join us here for the GWC online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we can draw on your real-time comments in the ‘cast. Sweet!

See you later tonight.

68 Responses to "GWC Online Frak Party: “The Passage” (12/08/2006)"
  1. Pike says:

    Pre-emptive post. No feeling sorry for Dee! None!

    That is all. (4:21 to go…)

  2. Arktis says:

    Unless you happen to be a character on the show looking for a quick way into her pants. Come on, Gaeta! You can DO IT!

  3. Jim says:

    Scott Adams used “Frack” in today’s Dilbert comic strip!

  4. Sean O'Hara says:

    I saw that too, that was sweet!

  5. Chuck says:

    Me, too, Jim. Thanks for sending it in — things were just too hectic during the day today to get it out yet. I’ll get it on the site soon!

  6. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Oh, hell yeah…. I broke out laughing like a hyena when I saw that. Frak, yeah!!!

    I’m with Pike, no love for Dee.

    1 minute 30 seconds to go……

  7. Sean O'Hara says:

    Oh no… its happening…. She’s too hot…. Can’t help it….. must love Dee….

  8. Pike says:


    Wait, missed it. What’s with the radiation? Already rationing? Damn they’re jumping right into this.

  9. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Okay… my girl is Kat is BACK!!!

    So, what do we see? The orgasmic jumping Hybrid. The talk about the Five and D’Anna.

    Did I mention that Kat is back???

    Did I also catch a blank-out for the word “ass”?

  10. Lt. Slingshot says:

    OMG are they going to kill her and resurrect her back? With the Cylon(z)

  11. Pike says:

    Commercials (I can’t help it)

    Coinstar, Miami Vice DIrector’s Edition???!!! Worlds of Warcrack, Panasonic, Direct TV, Direct TV again, Scifi in-house for Mummy Returns, and the Lost Room.

  12. Tanu says:

    looks like this is going to be a Kat-centric episode.

  13. Lt. Slingshot says:

    whew! (wiping sweat away)

  14. Chuck says:

    We can’t say “gave him head?” Huh?

  15. Sean O'Hara says:

    yeah that kinda blows…… no pun intended

  16. Pike says:

    Act 1

    Baltar Sandwich returns! “She’s been doing things” Well, obviously…

    How come Cylon/s/z are only vulnerable to ONE type of radiation. (Kryptoninium?)

    Oh, my. Didn’t I say that Kat would develop a messed up backstory?

  17. Chuck says:

    “And give him he… help.”

  18. Tanu says:

    yep, yep! Kat-centric. Right now, i want to scream that she is one of the 5 cylonz but i don’t think thats what the guy meant by “do they know who you really are.” if i were to take a guess, i’d say he’s her dealer. maybe…

  19. Browncoat Bryan says:

    What the FRAK??? What’s this Sasha crap? Please don’t make her a Cylon!!!

    For all of those folks who thought that D’Anna was “projecting” Baltar and Six, I think this clears it all up. Baltar is the MAN!

  20. Tanu says:

    hahaha “Kryptoninium”

  21. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Didn’t Mr. Creepify also say that he was with the “sinners”? Damn… please don’t make Kat a Cylon.

  22. Pike says:


    (missed one?) Dragonrider, Black Christmas, VISA, DishTV, Apple,

    Ah, I called it! Hard Knocks post, third comment!

  23. Tanu says:

    i loved that Tigh was nervous to go back to the CIC. HAHAHA, then he yells at the crew! so Tigh, so good!

    Poor hotdog, they lost a ship. 🙁

  24. Pike says:

    Act Two:

    This guy is a serial killer. I’m sure he’s been on CSI or some such.

    Gaeta talking to Dee? Arktis may be on to something there. (Poor Gaeta.)

    Like that Hotdog lost his civillian ship. Not sure why.

  25. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Tigh’s back. He’s definitely the XO. “Don’t you all have jobs to do? I don’t have time for this craaaaaap.”

    D’Anna’s got her little drug problem and Kat’s trying to run away from hers. We need to put Mr. Drug Pimp out the airlock.

  26. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Man, I’m feeling for Hotdog. I almost thought he was gonna stay behind.

  27. Carol says:

    Cackle. Between the podcast and the comments, I’ll never react
    the same way to the word ‘crap’ again.

  28. Browncoat Bryan says:

    BTW. Good call, Pike. My baby’s a crackhead. Just as long as she doesn’t become like Whitney. “Hell to the naw, Starbuck.”

  29. Pike says:


    Missed the first two, people seem to think it’s OK to talk to me durning commercials. SAP software, that’s interesting (don’t do it people, it’s a nightmare.) Black Xmas again, Allstate, The Lost Room yet again.

  30. Tanu says:

    Browncoat, i agree, i thought he was going to do the whole hero thing, stay behind even past black badge…maybe he’ll find them later. or wasn’t there a drifting ship that Kat runs accross in the previews, maybe that’ll be the missing ship.

  31. Sean O'Hara says:

    I feel bad for Hotdog. Poor guy triesat least.

  32. Tanu says:

    holy crap, Sean is at least partially right about D’Anna’s visions during resurrection.

  33. Sean O'Hara says:

    Told you I’m a Cylon 😉

  34. Pike says:

    Act Two.

    So that’s two ships down and we’re halfway through the episode? damn. Helo is the shit–when he looks sick, you buy it.

    Paper shortatge. Nice.

    Ooh, Starbuck gains some ammo on Kat. I hope she uses it responsibly…

    Is it me, or is this interrogation rather, ah, intimate?

  35. Tanu says:

    omg, Kat could be a collaborator – unintentionally so but still

  36. Tanu says:

    Pike, yea, i was expecting Starbuck to smooch Kat…if the show wasn’t on basic cable.

  37. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Today I listened to the extra podcast from RDM. On that roundtable podcast, James Callis stated that the intriguing thing about this show is that even though it is the end of the world and people need to make the right (not necessarily the good) decision, people can’t get past their pettiness (pettyness???) to do the right thing. “I have a grudge against someone and I’m going to act on it, even though it may have long range bad implications.”

    I’m feeling that with Capt. Kara “I’m so close to Kat/Sasha/Louanne that I can kiss her” Thrace.

    I think Kat has redeemed herself time and time again. But, Starbuck finally has the advantage.

    Starbuck is making it to my “I really don’t like this person” list.

    Also, what about Tigh and Adama. Drunk without the booze. Punch drunk.

  38. Pike says:


    Best Buy, Miami Vice again, Ciallis (ugh), SAP again WTFBBQ?? SAP is nonconformist?, Fatheads(!) BSG store (well that makes sense, ’tis the season.)

  39. Sean O'Hara says:

    Nah, Starbuck hates Kat. I don;t think we will be seeing any smootching between those two

  40. Pike says:

    Act 3–no must be four. Either I misnumbered or no tease today.

    Whoah, the hand that lies in shadow, the husband of the eye, the eye of the cow? Oh, we’re going to be dissecting this all week. Or, maybe not, Baltar’s explaining it.

    Kat’s looking like a crack whore (good call Bryan.) And now she’s acting like one. Oh, she’s going to off herself? Suicide by radiation? She’s just got to do Starbuck one better, doesn’t she? Nice that all the signature ships from the original series are making it through. Does Kat’s Near Dath Experience look like D’Anna’s? Is that intentional?

    Craaaap. Are they offing Kat as a teaching moment for the Buck? Fuck. And she gives her the means to off herself?! Damn, AND a pity promotion?! AND a confessional moment?! The GF calls BSG my “stories”, can’t argue with her now.

  41. Browncoat Bryan says:


  42. Pike says:

    Sean, Starbuck gave Kat the means to kill herself. That’s pretty darn close to smooching comiing from her…

  43. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Frak this stupid Rocky commercial. Doesn’t Sci-Fi have any decency???

    BTW, is it just me or does the Hybrid seem like River Tam from Firefly/Serenity?

    Okay, now I’m going back to mourning.

  44. Tanu says:

    yea, i can’t believe, it. she gave her enough! yeesh. that’s gonna create some stir…well perhaps not for the die-hard fans.

    hahahaa, the preview for next time – “we’ll throw in Baltar”. TOO FUNNY!!!

  45. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Oh, SNAP!!! Cavil’s back!!!

    And I want a good five seconds of silence for the passing of Louanne/Sasha “Kat” Katraine on the podcast. (Please???)

  46. Tanu says:

    one of the pilots being washed off earlier looked like Sylar from Heroes…did anyone notice. i can’t rewind right now b/c i’m at my parents’ house and they dont’ have dvr.

  47. Pike says:

    Who said, “we’ll throw in Baltar?” Damn, i wish I had Tivo. And cable. And a yacht (hey, while I’m at it.)

  48. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Oh, and not to drift too much, getting back to the Rocky commercial. Is Rocky’s son the dude who plays Peter on Heroes?

    Okay, I’m back to mourning. BTW, I love Adama. I wanna be him when I grow up.

  49. Tanu says:

    Pike – it was Cavil who says “we’ll throw in Baltar”

    Browncoat – yes, it was Peter from Heroes, i love that show too. hahaha.

  50. Pike says:

    Hybrid as River? Yeah, a bit. Hell, they took most of the look of the show from Firefly, might as well take one of the better characters…

    Damn, I was all set up for some good Dee schadenfreude, and they go and kill Kat instead. (And yes, it’s OK to feel sorry for Kat.)

  51. Carol says:

    Loved the giggle-fest between Adama and Tigh. Loved the last
    line of the preview for next week. Whee!

  52. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Damn you, RDM!!! First Kate Vernon, now Kat.

  53. Pike says:

    Bryan, Billy was first.

  54. john patrick says:

    geez, I couldn’t help myself. I read all your comments, and the show hasn’t even aired on the west coast yet. I self-spoiled.

    (I am a cylon)

  55. Tanu says:

    no john patrick! why, now you’ve ruined the episode for yourself. Sean, Chuck and Audra, i demand you start blocking john patrick’s IP address from your site for the 3 hour gap between the coasts. LOL.

  56. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Oh, yeah… Billy. But, I never had visions of hot showers with Billy… That would be kinda gross.

  57. Chuck says:

    Ok — I hate to ask for a count or something, but are there enough of you out there on each coast that we should do separate “East coast” and “West coast” online frak parties?

  58. john patrick says:

    It’s twenty minutes until the show airs on the west coast. Sean, Chuck, and Audra, you can block me if you want, but remember, I am a cylon. I can watch the whole season anytime I want in my basestar (condo) by blocking up the sink, putting my hand in the standing water, and psychologically projecting the scene onto the bathroom mirror.

    Or maybe I’ll finish watching this episode of Dr. Who. This show is totally baffling.

  59. ShinyFab says:

    Sasha? That guy totally looked like a tweaker . . .

  60. john patrick says:

    Did all the cylons in the hallway stop when Baltar challenged Three?

    This episode is intense!

  61. The 13th Cylon says:

    That was the best episode ever. I knew it would be when the teaser had a clip of one eyed Tigh laughing. I don’t thing he ever does that when he doesn’t have a bottle in his hand. That was the best laugh ever, and a creepy one at that. Tigh is the man. I say he should’ve gotten rid of that eye a long time ago, it was only slowin’ him down.

  62. ShinyFab says:

    Did Tigh and Adama pull out the good NC weed before we saw them? So. Starbuck and Kat. Kara’s trying to protect her group in a sick, twisted way. And I’m not sure, but I almost think she was upset when Kat wanted to tell Adama herself. I’m thinking on the fly and I could be wrong so far. Poor Kat. A loudmouth who wanted to do the same thing most people in BSG want to do – leave their past behind. When the worlds end, so does your old life. I’m turned about already . . .

  63. The 13th Cylon says:

    And nice to see we got another on screen yaking this season and it’s just at halfway! Hotdog must have had too many hot dog crumbs before that flight.

  64. Aser says:

    SureWest here in Sacramento CA puts out the east coast feed for some reason… Do I call them to complain? Hell no! 🙂

    Did anyone get a good look at the org chart at the end? I was wondering who/what else was on it.

  65. john patrick says:

    I think the good NC weed would have made them hungrier.

  66. ShinyFab says:

    ions of evolution bury their fears. Weird chick. Definitely a little on the River side of things. Baltar and animal husbandry? Who knew! So the hybrids know more than the Cylons think, except really creepy Leoben. I’m guessing its because the hybrids can’t run from him.

    Overall this was an intense ep. It almost felt too short to me. I think this one might even have overwhelmed me a bit. I mean, Kat the drug runner? And it was the worst feeling as you watch her hair falling out in huge clumps. They’re all trying to flee the cylons. But mostly I think Kat is a good reminder that overall, the fleet is trying to flee from their own past – running from the mistakes. The Cylons have just given fewer people fewer places to run. How many dirty secrets do you have? Even little ones? Ones you don’t know about? Once again the question needs to be asked: should humans be saved at all? Do they really deserve to remain in the universe?

    The interesting part is how mistakes, human emotions, and human reactions are spreading to the Cylons. They look human and the longer they keep chasing the fleet, the more human they become. Like love. Welcome to the world of pain, giddiness (even w/o the NC Gold), destruction, hate, etc. The Cylons actually want to know love. Yeah it can be great, but damn can it be horrible. Poor suckers. It can suck a lot more than the damn flu they got on the Base star.

    Enough of the crazy random crap. I think I’m going to sit dazed for a moment and watch it again when it starts for round 2 here on the left side. more later maybe . . . .

  67. The 13th Cylon says:

    One last thing, that was the first of Jane Espenson’s episodes. There was actually humor for once in this show we love about people with more problems than us!

    I was just thinking about the whole pet Centurion thing again and I was hoping that in one episode they should have Chief catch one and the whole crew could tame it. Or maybe get an injured one and nurse it back to health and let go free again, unleashing destruction on the baddies. lol! Athena cheating on Helo with it. Since every sci fi franchise has a cartoon spinoff at one time or another (Star Trek, Stargate, etc), I’m going ahead and starting to write the script to that one.

  68. ShinyFab says:

    My Pet Cylon. A boy and his Cylon. My Cousin Cylon.

    Six of Nine and my Pet Cyon go to Prom – a tale of torrid teen angst and semi-organic/semi-robots.

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