First Guest for the Christmas Break: Zack Exley

We promised to keep things going to help give you (and us!) a much-needed BSG fix over the four-week-without-new-episodes Christmas break, and we’re in the process of signing on some fun guests to sit in and shake things up a bit.

Our first guest (on the Dec. 22nd ‘cast) will be Zach Exley. Though you’ve probably heard of him via his excellent Frak Party site that helped thousands of BSG fans hook up to enjoy the program together — and coined a killer phrase by concatenating two of our favorite words — his day jobs center around online organizing. He’sworked as aunion organizer,helped to coordinate the online efforts for the British Labor Party’s 2005 re-election campaign, was the Director of Online Organizing and Communications at Kerry-Edwards 2004, and served as the Organizing Director at In short, he’s played the political game more than a bit — and paid his dues the hard way.

But he’s not here to talk about real world politics — he’s here to apply his real-world experience to politics in the BSG universe. How could Roslin win her next (first) election bid? What’s going tohappen with Zarek, and could he rally support among the fleet at large? What happened to the Chief’s union movement? Why do all those people keep working, anyway?

It should be a good time, and we’re looking forward to it. We’ll post more as we sign on other guests.

4 Responses to "First Guest for the Christmas Break: Zack Exley"
  1. Pike says:

    Excellent news! Exley on BSG politics. That’s going to be a keeper.

  2. The 13th Cylon says:

    It’s great to see this podcast get such great guests (like “Martha, Martha, Martha!”… dunt da dunt, that’s the way we became the Cylon Bunch!…)

  3. 2nd Ugly Cylon"Boxy" says:

    Its a Fraking haunkah podcast You fraked up —-(scifi sucks)

  4. Cameron Sellers says:

    I love your previous podcasts, but I will skip this one!

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