Reader Theory: The Cylons Were Looking for Earth All Along?

Armando writes: “So I just watched Kobol’s Last Gleaming again. It strikes me that when Starbuck finds the arrow of Apollo in the Delphi museum the Number Six that ambushes her there seems very interested in the arrow. Could it be that the Cylon plan involved finding Earth all along and that they simply needed the humans to show them how to start finding it? After all, the Cylons supposedly know the scriptures better than the colonials.Could it be that they knew Roslin was the dying leader? (although, apparently she’s not any more… D’oh!) They were also waiting for the colonials on Kobol. This seemed a coincidence two years ago, but now –given the apparent changes in the plan –it seems less like a coincidence and more like a purposeful ambush.

“Maybe they’re not winging it as much as we thought?”

8 Responses to "Reader Theory: The Cylons Were Looking for Earth All Along?"
  1. Pike says:

    Did the Cylon/s/z know Laura was dying at that point? Were any fleet cylons killed (and able to transmit the information) since her condition became public knowledge?

    And could it be that the reason that the Cylons/s/z ‘knew more’ about the Colonial religion was that they had already been to Kobol, while the Colonials hadn’t?

    If so, where is Kobol? I’m guessing that the fleet was heading away from the armistice line (Cylon space), so Kobol must be pretty deep into the Colonial side. If the skinjobs had been visiting Kobol for some time, they were breaking the armistice themselves.

  2. Arktis says:

    The Cylons studied colonial religion and came to their own conclusions about it. This would have been a logical step because the Cylons came from the colonies.

    The simple fact that everyone seems to be blind to is that the Cylons want to take over human destiny. Earth is obviously on the list of things to address in order to achieve that goal.

  3. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Pike, remember that D’Anna was alive and part of the fleet when the word came out about Roslyn’s illness. Additionally, she was part of the press. They had to have known.

    I agree with Arktis that the Cylons are attempting to take over the human goals. Perhaps it’s some kind of grudge destiny. Wipe out or (in the tradition of the movie “I, Robot”) protect humanity from itself (through fascistic subjugation).

  4. Pike says:

    Bryan, good point. I had forgotten her b/c she didn’t die (at least, not that we saw.)

  5. Armando says:

    Yeah, I’d forgotten about D’anna too but it stands to reason that, as a cylon agent working in the colonial press that she would be feeding information back to the cylon homeworld. After all, she is obviously capable of doing this as she sent the documentary she made throughout “Final Cut” back to the cylon leaders, wherever they were. So they must’ve known about Laura’s condition–except her condition was not revealed to the general population until she was in the brig after the coup attempt (AFTER the fleet found Kobol, which kind of puts a whole in my theory).

  6. The 13th Cylon says:

    Maybe they just wanted to get farther down the road to Earth and wait and a rest stop, so to say, and just wait on the humans to catch up with them instead of doing the goose chase.

  7. Jay says:

    I guess the big question is why? Why are the Cylons interested in Earth. We know why the humans are. We know that the Cylons want to become more human but how will Earth help them with that? They had 12 colonies to interact with but instead they nuked them. That would lead me to believe that the cylons don’t really want to live with humans.
    Does Earth hold some other key for the cylons? Does it have to do with the final five? What is the connection between the cylons and the 13 tribe?

  8. Phil says:

    What about this? Cylons feel that they are the new child of destiny and by knowing the scriptures of the colonies so well and actually taking them quite literally, they are following the dying leader, or what’s left of the human race, to earth as told by the lords of Kobal.

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