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You’ve all been posting such great comments that we thought some of you might like to get in on the full-fledged-post action as well. So, we’ve added a new feature to the Submit a Theory form. (You can also use the text link or the graphical link in the sidebar any time.)

It isn’t a replacement for comments — that’s wherewe can all hash out ideas — but if you’ve got a particularly interesting (and specific) theory about BSG, drop us a line via the form. We’ll gather your submissions and post them back to the blog to give everyone a place to jump into the discussion.

The form’ll also be a great place for you to pass on any links you think the rest of your friends at GWC might enjoy: like news, events, YouTube links, comics, and so on. We want to keep GWC focused around the story and characters — our favorite part of the show — but everyone’s gotta let their hair down from time to time.

Be sure and tell us on the form how you’d like to be credited for your idea or link.

And hey — thanks again for all the great comments and ideas. I know I speak for Audra and Sean as well when I say that we put together the podcast and maintain the blog because we love talking about BSG with intelligent, witty, nice people. You’re exactly that. One day we’ll all have a hell of a frak party…

PS: Can’t wait ’till Friday.

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5 Responses to "Submit YOUR Theories!"
  1. Pike says:

    Looks like the form works as intended 🙂 You might want to put something like “… or cool links” under the “Submit Your Theory” on the graphic.

  2. St. Cavil says:

    I got it!

    When you think of the 13th Lord of Kobol that supposedly went off on his own to colonize earth, who do you think of? Baltar is definately the oddest of the oddballs on this show.

    The humans and cylons will both find Earth. Due to some catastrophic event (disease, civil war, whatever) the cylon(z) population will be minimal at this point in the story. The human fleet will be destroyed at Earth, but there will be survivors that the cylons take prisoner.

    DeAnna has one of her supposed visions, and highjacks or persuades the others to settle on Kobol with the humans. Kobol is where the final five are somehow trapped. DeAnna will release them.

    Baltar, who has by now gained the trust of the last remaining hybrid (only one basestar remains at this point, and all human vessels have been destroyed), attempts a lame rescue of the humans but only ends up taking a portion of them back to earth where they colonize. The last basestar is destroyed by Baltar after arrival to ensure that he will be isolated from the cylons.

    After a few generations, the 12 cylons are thought of as Lords by the humans on Kobol. One of the original humans, who was along for the ride the whole time and knows Earth’s location and story of the journey their, writes a “scripture” about it.

    Over 5,000 years language changes enough that the story written sounds like scripture. Just look at how much the English language has changed in a short amount of time.

    You know the rest of the story…

  3. themosh says:

    I like a lot of the post above except I have a little bit different theory. The above post was pretty good considering it was written before The Rapture. Since I saw that episode though I have a few revisions. I completely agree with the idea that the Lords of Kobol and the twelve Cylon models are one and the same. HOWEVER, I think instead of the people seeing the Cylon models as the lords, the Cylon made the twelve in the image of the Lords of Kobol. Keep in mind the skin jobs have been around for less than forty years. The Cylon god is the 13th Lord of Kobol who struck out with his/her followers to find Earth. Some (five) of the Lords went with the thirteenth Lord to Earth and that is why the temple on the algae planet reveals the five remaining Cylon models AND points the way to earth. I think that there were earlier Cylons who went with the humans to earth as their servants and on the way came to worship the 13th Lord as their god. Since the skin jobs seem to act a certain way based on their type, it would be fair to say that they represent the archetypes of the twelve lords. That is why the five who left to go to earth with the 13th Lord are collectively separated from the other seven who know of them but do not speak of them. There was obviously some schism, likely religious, that caused the five to disagree with the seven. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  4. wraith1701 says:

    I posted this on another site that I visit, and would like to see what you think…

    I’ve been trying to reconsile the 4’s past histories with the fact that they are cylons, and have come up with a wierd little theory…

    Before I get into it, a question- Tigh is in his 50’s, right? And yet he was supposed to have participated in the first cylon war, which ended over 40 years ago. What was he, a ten year old viper pilot?

    What if the cylons WON the first war, and more or less wiped out the human race? Perhaps for some reason yet to be revealed, the cylons decided to clone a sample of humanity and program them with false memories. And perhaps they divided these clones into 2 groups- a control group and an experiment group. Maybe the control group was lead to believe that they were a new type of cylon (I’m referring to Sharon, Leoben, Cavil, etc.). The other group was given a collective false memory of winning the war, and re-seeded among the 12 colonies.

    Why would the cylons do this? Perhaps to better understand humanity?

    In an interview, RDM stated that we would have to eventualy redefine our definition of “cylon”. Perhaps ALL of humanity in the BSG universe are “new-type cylons”. And these “new-type cylons” (including the skinjobs) are not truely cylons, just clones of a defeated humanity; subjects of an experiment being conducted by the REAL cylons- The Toasters.

    I know; its pretty far-fetched and “Matrix-esque”, but it seems at least sort of possible…

    What do you guys think?

  5. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

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