Get The Lead Out

If this were a Jeopardy category it would be titled “Things that should be keeping Adama awake at night, but don’t.” Something that’s been bugging me since the fleet left the planet — I’m still not calling it New Caprica –is where the heck are they going? After we see the lion’s head nebula— which didn’t look the slightest bit like a lion, by the way— did they somehow figure outwhich waytogo? Did (in classic Star Trek fashion) Adama say (with a Picard-like gesture), “Mr. Gaeta, make for Earth…. engage?”

I know that you can’t really tell where you’re headed in a fictional universe, but come on: who’s plotting the charts here? The Cylon have super-human/robot machines and the greatest technical problem solver alive. Add to that the fact that they can jump farther and more often than the human fleet can. Why would they not be halfway there by now?

Adama and Co. have poor Gaeta going over Baltar’s notes from the occupation, and in the next episode they’re already running out of food –not to mention Roslin and the admiral are gonna have to drag the rest of the fleet kicking and screaming behind them.

Were I a betting man (and we all know I am as I lost 50 cents to Chuck and Martha last podcast), I would lay a quarter on the Cylon beating the fleet to earth by at least a couple of months. Why does this not concern the top brass more than a few grudges on-board ship?

Kick it in gear, Bill!

8 Responses to "Get The Lead Out"
  1. eric-michael says:

    okay you just fracked up the show for me! You’re totally right, why the heck aren’t the cylons to earth already, and frack the fleet, they’re a bunch of ungrateful bastards anyways. Does anyone on the fleet like Adama or Roslyn? She couldn’t even win an election to that slimy idiot Baltar. do you think that maybe the disease slowed the cylon down, meaning it got them to be more careful? Didn’t Adama sort of regret not taking the Beacon in because it sort of was a post mark to earth, and now they’re just lost … oh and here’s something to keep you up at night … If the 13 tribe went to earth, how the frack did the information on it’s location and route ever make it back to the Tomb of Athena or for that matter their scriptures? Now you got me me going … damn it man, this is gonna keep me up at nights.

  2. The 13th Cylon says:

    The Cylons haven’t found Earth yet because they’re waiting on the humans to figure out what their plan is and then the Cylons will steal the plan to be their own. Again.

  3. Arktis says:

    It’s just a half-assed planetarium show, remember?

  4. Baltar The Great says:

    I was actually thinking the samething myself. What is Bill waiting for? Things are sarting to look bleak wiht the food shortage and morale on the ship is still shaky at best. I really don’t know what to expect, however I’ll take you up on your bet. I think Adama and the fleet will find earth first, although the Cylons will be wise to all that’s going on.

  5. Pike says:

    I think I posted something like this before, but my take is that finding the nebula gives them a general direction to go (which narrows the search down a lot) but still leaves a large area to cover. Enough for another two and a half seasons…

    Also, does Adama believe that Earth is real now? If he still thinks it’s just religious mumbo jumbo, he’s not going to be worried about who gets there first.

    And, does anyone besides Baltar know that that’s the new, newer plan?

    OK, prediction. Baltar escapes the Basestar at head-six’s urging. He takes the baby (who might be in danger from some of the other models) and returns to the fleet. The return of Hera/Isis and the intel on the Cylon/s/z new and improved plan mitigate his collaboration enough that he’s not spaced. And the race to find Earth is on.

  6. The 13th Cylon says:

    I agree, Pike, mainly based on some conjecture from the mega long 3+ hour RDM podcast roundtable.

  7. Pike says:

    Argh. the roundtable isn’t on the Enhanced Podcast yet.

  8. Armando says:

    I’m with Pike on this. The Nebula just gives them a general sense of direction (or at least confirms that they’re reading the “half-assed planetarium show” correctly) rather than literally point the way. Besides, remember that the universe is a damn big place. They could be getting closer and still be several light years away from Earth…if it even exists!

    (Of course, WE know it exists since WE live on Earth, so obviously they will eventually find it. But that’s besides the point.)

    Oh, and since when has any interstellar body looked like what they’ve historically been thought to look like? The only way I know that the constelation Orion is Orion is because of the “belt.”

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