Does Not Fempute!

Ok, it’s driving me crazy and I’ve gotta ask: what’s with the Hybrid? I want so badly to know more about this woman/machine/fembot in the bathtub of goo. I suspect as soon as we get back to the D’Anna Biers storyline and explore her forays between life and death a little more, we’ll also see more of the Hybrid.

Some theories: the Hybrid is the original prototype the Cylons (Centurions?)built when trying to add biological/organic elements to themselves, either to enhance their own species or create a new one. I think that they experimented with various methods and the Hybrid was the first viable result, maybe the firstone that could live on its own. We’ve speculated before about the Cylonz’ motivations and goals in creating the flesh models. It seems they thought they would be closer to perfection – or closer to God – by becoming biological. If their theology indicates that God created man first, and man created Cylons, then maybe they’re trying to take what they feel is their rightful place, closer to God, and replacing the humanssince weruined the chance God gave us. It’d be like, if after Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden, the animals in Eden figured out a way to combine their genetic material into human-like form. Then they turned into the modern humans and Adam and Eve were never heard from again. Hell, maybe we all evolved from the animal experiments. 😉

Enough of my speculations. But I am interested that the Hybrid vocalizes what seem to be computer codes, or some kind of mechanical language. I think she is the clue to the science (or magic explanation) behind how digital data becomes organic material in BSG, and therefore the key to the creation of the original flesh Cylons.

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  1. Pike says:

    I’ll refrain from getting too “RDM said” on ya, but the part that seems the most computerish is “End of Line”, which is a direct quote from Tron (where it was meant to suggest the computer codes “Line Feed” and/or “Carriage Return”.) Of course, it also reappears in D’Anna’s dream sequence in an altogether different context.

  2. eric-michael says:

    you know what’s funny about this show, is the interest people have in different things. You’re beautiful (in a matrix kind of way) Audra, but I have to tell you I’m not even the slightest bit interested in this hybrid … or the cylon ship for that matter. The damn ship looks like a bad 70’s acid trip, and the hybrid … well let me say this, it wasn’t until you podcast was I even aware she was hooked up wires and stuff. The Cylons were far more interesting when you didn’t know about them. This is almost as exciting as finding out how anakin skywalker became darth Vader … I mean it was cool to think about it, but once you found you were like “who cares?” Don’t get me wrong, I still dig the show, and your insights, but does anyone but me think this whole cylon thing needs to become more background and less foreground. And lets get Baltar back to the fleet somehow, he’s boring now. I was REALLY hoping that the cylon ship looked more like it did in the first season when Boomer blew it up. Made of “meat” for lack of a better word. I’d be totally interested in what people had to say about the hybrid though, but I have a feeling when we find out it’ll be as interesting as finding out about the cylons.

  3. The 13th Cylon says:

    By Gaius, I think she’s got it! I agree that the Hybridz are a link between the human Cylonz and the toasters. Of course I’ll feel dumb if everyone thinks that already. I personally love seeing her organs and all that stuff in the open. Much like the meat that lines the Cylon ships, it’s like a train wreck, I want to turn away but I can’t help it! RDM must show more of that meat stuff. In Kobol’s Last Gleaming it looked very much like a trampoline. I can see Six and Xena and Gaius all jumping together on a meat trampoline right now. Oh yes, I also want that creepio Cylon light up baby thing from the commercial . What a cool doll for a little girl to have. That thing could kick THX 1138 Elmo’s azz.

  4. Carol says:

    Responding to eric-michael’s comment about getting
    Baltar back with the fleet. Yes, please. I don’t know
    how they can do it, but I really wish they would. Baltar
    is at his most interesting when he has other humans to
    react to. It was amazing to watch him say things that
    worked for two conversations at once (6 in his head, and
    whoever he was really with).

  5. Arktis says:

    There’s something fairly obvious that is being overlooked: TUB OF GOO.

    The tub of goo is for coming back from the dead. The fact that the hybrids are always in one of these suggests some kind of connection to whatever lies beyond death, no? A lot of things start making more sense in that light.

  6. Arktis says:

    …or it could just be that the tub of goo is a way of connecting biological components to raw data (downloading), which makes tons more sense anyways… I need coffee.

    “Delusional machines! What will the universe come up with next?”

    -Brother Cavil

  7. Armando says:

    You know, I totally know where Eric-Michael and Carol (and Jamie Bamber!) are coming from: the Cylons were more interesting when they were mysterious.


    …I still want to know what they’re about. Not so much about the hybrids (they don’t seem that interesting or important, although Arktis’ comment about the tub o’ goo is intriguing and might be on to something) but their culture and, especially, religion. I wish they’d get into why they’re monotheistic, how that belief (which in human society is considered a step “forward” in ethical thinking) evolved and what it means to them and to the colonials (who are polytheists and, one would think, less evolved when it comes to ethics/sociology [?]).

    Maybe the Hybrids have something to do with this? Something you guys said in the podcasts about Leoben perhaps spending a little too much time talking to one of the Hybrids and taking their “gibberish” (is it gibberish?) too seriously leading to his sense of increased faith and connection with God seemed like an interesting thought in this direction. Could they in fact be a connection between life and death for the Cylons (and anyone/everyone else)?

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