GWC Online Frak Party: “Unfinished Business” (12/01/06)

Making another appearance this week is the post for those of you who’d like to post your comments in real time during tonight’s episode. So, if you’re not already attending a Frak Party, join us here for the BSG online ‘party. Or hell, even if you are watching with friends, post their comments, too! There’s room for everyone, though you’ll have to bring your own snacks…

And, since we record the podcast right after the episode, we can draw on your real-time comments in the ‘cast. Sweet!

See you later tonight.

51 Responses to "GWC Online Frak Party: “Unfinished Business” (12/01/06)"
  1. Pike says:


    Where was that “you’re not still frakking Dualla, are you?” bit from in the intro? Don’t remember that.

    Doc Cottle ringside, gotta love that. Damn, Helo is a big frakking guy.

  2. Tanu says:

    sweet, they did sleep together! did Lee get fat b/c he started eating the pain starbuck caused?

  3. Pike says:

    Commercials: Honda, Superman boxed set (incl. the Donner cut.) Mac vs. PC (which makes this Mac user feel bad for PCs.), Ad for the ‘Tussin, Direct TV, WTF? DTV and Myspace hook up? Do they have horrible backgrunds throughout the show? Missed that last one. Horror movie?

  4. Pike says:

    Tanu. LOL.

  5. Pike says:

    Act one:

    Of course Rosslin loves the fights. Damn, there’s going to be lots of concussed pilots. Oh yeah, bring it Hotdog (he might as well be wearing red.)

    And there he goes. Ladies, don’t try this at home.

  6. Sean says:

    Yeah, Helo may be a weenie, but is is cut.

  7. Sean says:

    Poor Hotdog

  8. Tanu says:

    omg, she butchered hotdog! she is so frakkin’ hot in those shorts…hell, she’s just frakkin’ hot. this is my fav episode in the series and it isn’t even halfway done yet.

    i wonder if adama/laura romance actually became a romance on new caprica.

  9. Pike says:

    Commercials: Jeepers Creepers, the Lost Room? WTF? Your prime ad spot and you waste it telling folks about your worst shows? Dish Network. Burger King on the XBox–endtimes are here. Braun razor, and Subaru. So guys and lesbians watch this show? Ooh, Advil with boxing chick, THAT’S product placement.

  10. Pike says:

    BSG flag behind Baltar as he does the ceremonlial shovel thing. Odd that.

    Hey, can Gaeta tell the Cylons apart?

    Hey, Rosslin and Bill. Hot couple, yes?

    Oh Frak. Here it comes. Adama and Tyrol. He’s just showing of for Laura, I think.

    Frakkin A!

  11. Pike says:

    Tanu, I think you’re right about Adama/Roslin

  12. Tanu says:

    Holy frak!! one punch!!! thats awesome!

  13. Pike says:

    Commercials, Hose Ad, what was that weird movie? Some folks on a beach. Will Smith Boy Genius, Subaru again, We are… (intern doing traffic apparently). Esurance. Dell (custom PCs! Someone should have thought of that twenty years ago. Oh, right.)

  14. Pike says:

    Act two: What is that, English country dancing?

    Oh geez. Weird Bill and Laura moment.

    I think Tyrol is going to lay out the Old Man.

    Does anyone not like Cally? Is that possible?

    And there he goes. Is that poignant? Now the speechifying. He does get all the good lines, though.

    Oh yeah, you always hurt the ones you love.

  15. Tanu says:

    that was an awesome speech. as always! Laura giving fight advice was awesome.

    oh, be over commercials, i wanna see the fight already!

  16. lelandpalmer says:

    Was Bill smoking a J?

  17. Tanu says:

    pike, you and i are the only ones on except sean. hehehe. you gonna rewatch it tonight? i’m probably going to replay the episode like 3 times at least!

  18. Pike says:

    Commercials. House ad. Ford. Cialis (Eew.) Worlds of Warcrack, Showtime Boxing (the sales staff went overboard) Starz

  19. Pike says:

    Tanu, I’ll try, but I watch at a bar so I often miss the subtle stuff. I don’t really get to watch it until I D/L the iTunes episode.

  20. Pike says:

    Act Four:

    WTFBBQ? Is this Thai boxing? Well, that helps believablity a smidge.

    What’s the name of this episode? “Sex and Violence?”

    Oh, SOMEbody’s going to hear that. I mean, that’s so obvious. (note to self, get some kind of job on the set.)

    Kara was sparing you Apollo. (Or maybe she REALLY liked Billy, and was just doing this to frak with that two-timing Dualla.)

    OK, someone break up the clinch. Where’ sthe Ref? Y’know what? This is Creepy weird.In a good way.

  21. Tanu says:

    omg, that is so sweet at the end! please get together finally forever! that starbuck is so good though, loved that kick that knocked him off his feet.

    pike, you are at a bar? how are you doing comments?

  22. Tanu says:

    Tigh left when he called an end to the dance. no ref.

  23. Pike says:

    Bleh. Reused R&D outro.

  24. Pike says:

    Tanu. Open WiFi hotspots. Gotta love them.

  25. Martha says:

    I win my quarter from last week’s podcast.

    What a bitter episode. Regret, all around.

    I love how Tigh is randomly swilling from a flask during bouts. heh.

  26. Martha says:

    Pike — yeah, who the hell started the Country Dancing = Bucolic Happiness. good gods!

  27. Sean says:

    Well, looks like a draw with Starbuck and Lee….. did anyone have draw? Crap I know I didn’t.

  28. Pike says:

    I did.

    No, really.

    OK, worth a shot.

    Overall rating: B. Solid episode, works within the ‘verse. Something we’ve been missing a bit in the last couple.

    Martha: Science annoyances?

  29. Pike says:

    Replay. Interesting coverup of Katee’s crucifix tat. Usually it’s covered with a bandage or somesuch. They seem to have given her a step pyramid coverup.

  30. Martha says:

    Martha: Science annoyances?

    Maybe something about marijana cultivars? LOL. no, nothing to complain about. despite my propensity to snark, I actually really liked that episode. Once you get to be my age (early 30s, for the record) you’ve racked up your share of regrets. It certainly captured that feeling quite well. *sigh*

  31. Pike says:

    Damn, missed it again. Who was in the girl/girl fight? Was that Kat and Sgt. Hadrian?

    Note to self. Do NOT pick a fight with Olmos.

  32. Pike says:

    Martha, Really? Nothing about mass or leverage bothering you here? OK, just checking.

  33. Pike says:

    Huh, second time through, and I keep hearing Olivia Newton John singing, “You’re the one that I want, Oooh, Oooh, Oooooooh.”

  34. Pike says:

    OK, the actress that plays Roslin (can’t believe I’m blanking) is fraking perfect in this role. The fact that she was the Sec of Ed. plays perfectly. She so often manages the “this is a teaching moment” look.

    Tigh’s got to get a new eyepatch. A flesh colored one looks creepy.

    I’m thinking some domestic violence group makes hay out of this episode this week.

  35. Pike says:

    Is Bill Adama just more clueless than Anders? He seems to get it early on (on New Caprica.)

    Hey, why doesn’t the boxing ring have cut corners?

  36. Sean O'Hara says:

    Martha your Quarter is on it’s way as soon as we work out how to send it to you… from me and one from Audra!

    We just finished recording the podcast and Chuck feels vindicated he picked the Chief. I gave him some guff seeing if he would forget which side he bet on…. it was funny.

    I for one dig the flesh colored eyepatch but it needs to be black to be uber kewl.

  37. john patrick says:

    West Coast, y’all!

    For me, the first show just started. No Cylon(z) in this one?

  38. Sean O'Hara says:

    not a one sir

  39. Sean O'Hara says:

    but it’s still a great one even with no Cylon…. wait till ya see the old man climb in the ring. 😉

  40. john patrick says:

    Get up, Chief, we just gettin’ started.

    I heart this show.

    ps. I am a Cylonz

  41. Jeff says:

    Holy crap … always knew Adama could land quite a hit, but geez. Guess Chief should watch what the frak is going on.

  42. Pike says:

    Well, he’s been kicking Apollo’s butt since the first season… Nice to see him *almost* hold his own against the Chief. Feels about right.

  43. john patrick says:

    Ooh, the bloody face speech, the rational for maintaining emotional distance: love of duty.

    I have to say, I only like Starbuck when she’s doing her job. I like watching her succeed. I don’t like how she taunts the other inmates. And to me Apollo was most likable when he was sticking his neck out for Roslin.

    I know Starbuck and Apollo are not a couple of dudes, but there is something about the desert, the music, the flashbacks, the secrets, and the sadness and regret that seriously reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, a movie that I loved but that I never never never want to see again.

    So getting fat was Lee punishing himself… Yikes. It didn’t take that kind of drama to make me fat? (or did it!)


    Well they fought each other till they couldn’t. I hope this means they can go back to being competent and admirable.

    Next week is about starvation, looks intense.

  44. john patrick says:

    ph yes, I forgot: I am the cylon.

  45. ShinyFab says:

    I loved the way Sharon jumped on Helo after his fight yelling ‘Yeah baby!’. I don’t know how I felt about Adama’s speech. Fighting the chief was his ‘penance’ for what he believed he had done wrong before the occupation. It needed to be said, but I don’t know. Almost felt the boxing ring speech went a little cheesy. At least they can’t call it the Checkers speech. Now THAT was a lame name for a speech. It was all sorts of fun angst to finally find out what happened between Apollo and Starbuck. But I had to ask myself what the frak was wrong with Starbuck a couple of times. I think I am getting a little, teeny bit tired of the build her up/knock her down formula. Not that it isn’t fun to watch and the hope she gets only to lose it is deliciously awful. How much more can a girl take?

    Reminders to self:
    Hot Dog = Apollo warm up – Was he even standing in the ring for more than 2 minutes before he bit it?

    Dee & Anders = 2nd best. Not too fond of her, but still felt a little bad for Dee. Only a wee tiny bit though.

    The desert = cold at night. Bring more blankets. Maybe start a fire.

    Hopefully Lee and Kara can finally make some sort of come back. The fight could help them get back to the same friend head space at least. And there could still be hope for their spouses if there is hope for them. That’s it for me. Over Over.

  46. john patrick says:

    YIKES, did you all see the secret sneak peek at they’re sitting around a table eating their last crackers, and I’m pretty sure Starbuck snapped sarcastically about giving Cottle head. the writers amuse themselves.

    don’t forget: iamacylon.

  47. john patrick says:

    Hey, for those of you wondering about rank, Starbuck totally got called “Captain” and Apollo definitely got called “Major.”

    (wssm, wssm)

  48. Maddie Ardillo says:

    Lee/ Kara montage!!! me and my sis had to tape it and so we watched the part where Kara drop kicked Lee I think thirty times…I agree with Roslin: nothing like a good fight! Especially one between “intense” combatants. heh

    By your command, Watercooler crew!

  49. Maddie Ardillo says:

    P.S. I bet the writers are gonna do a Dee/Anders thing…just my guess

  50. Jaz says:

    Nice idea Maddie. I hope you’re right. Anything to keep Anders on the show. He’s just too hot for words and I love his character. I think he’ll have to have a love interest, but it’ll probably be someone besides Dee…but wouldn’t it be great if it was Dee, then she gets preggers and she turns out to be cylon?? Then Anders would be the one trippin’ about having a cylon bambino.

    And we still don’t frakkin’ know what they did to Starbuck at the Farm…she has an incision scar on her abdomen that no one has explained (besides the Leoben I-stole-one-of-your-ovaries thing). It would be a trip if she really did have some cylon kid running around. Then she and Anders could reunite searching for their half-cylon kids! But I digress. Let’s just see if they starve anyone to death next week…

  51. Pike says:

    OK, a bit of cleanup since I do the liveblogging at a bar (which is closed Sundays, so I may have to get cable i f they move…) Anyway, I miss some of the subtle stuff due to ambient noise. I had thought that Gaeta had seen a Cylon ambassador rather than the Finance Minister, which is why I was wondering if he could tell Cylon/s/z apart.

    Having taken in the iTunes version in a the quiet of my home, I have to upgrade my assesment to an “A”, and probably the best of the (rather few) standalone episodes.

    Pisser with the iTunes version is that they don’t include the ‘next week on battlestar’ bit. (And anything else, like captions, Act breaks, etc.) So if I miss it the first time, I miss it. Although I’ve noticed that if the episode is weak, everyone focuses on the preview. If it’s great, nobody pays any mind.

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