Happy Thanksgiving from Chuck, Audra, and Sean

In between eating Turkey, watching BSG DVDs, and generally laying about today, Audra, Sean, and I would like to offer our thanks to those of you who’ve made GWC so much fun. Your comments, ideas, and inspiration keeps us excited about making the ‘cast (and posting to the blog) every week.

We’re all having a happy Thanksgiving today, and we certainly hope you are, too. If you get a minute — drop us a line today and let us know how your day’s going. Or just enjoy it!

And, if you’re Jonesin’ for some BSG goodness tomorrow night, we’ll be here with a new podcast even though there’s no episode. In fact, we have a fun guest joining us: Martha Harbison.

Martha’s a key member of the “Science Police” at Popular Science magazine — she makes sure that the information other writers (like me) include makes sense. She’s also responsible for creating many of PopSci’s infographics, making everything from car engines to quantum entanglement easy to understand. Her undergrad degrees are in biology and chemistry, and she’s an ABD PhD in physical chemistry.

Oh yeah, and she’s a massive sci-fi and BSG fan!

We’ll talk brain-machine interface, God Helmets, and biological machines — it’ll be a great time. See you Friday night.

10 Responses to "Happy Thanksgiving from Chuck, Audra, and Sean"
  1. Nand1 says:

    Sounds good, I’m excited.

  2. Browncoat Bryan says:

    Chuck, Sean, Audra, thanks for making my BSG experience the best. I love your podcast and blog. To the commentors (commenters???) out there, you guys are awesome as well.

    Also, please do the virtual frak-party again… That was awesome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the computer near the TV because my wife was on it (she’s an original series BSG fan and hasn’t yet seen the wisdom of watching the new and definitely improved version).

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. And as we say in the Firefly ‘verse, “Keep flyin’ and Stay Shiny”.

  3. Maddie Ardillo says:

    Yours truly is an avid watcher of BSG, but I have missed the last few episodes…thanks to this podcast, I can keep up with all the under the radar schtuff, so thanks a bunch. On the way to VA for Thanksgiving, I watched the miniseries in the car with my sister Margaret (who has been telling me about the last few episodes I missed), and at the opening we watched the meeting place for the Cylon and Colonial reps. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that the last few episodes have revealed something about the armistice line and how it may have been the Colonials’ fault that the war began. Margaret pointed out something I didn’t recognize beforehand: What if that meeting place was the armistice line? And that got me thinking: Will the explosion of that meeting anchorage come into the plot with the original armistice breach? Because, if so, could that anchorage have stopped whatever ship went over the line? Or did they just intentionally let them go on with their mission? I don’t know if it’s exactly important, but it is a good thinktank…

    Second, I was listening to the latest podcast while writing this, and I agree. That bleeping out is total bull-*blank*. What’s the point of going to all the trouble of creating a new profanity if you’re just going to end up using normal schtuff? Frakking bull-*blank*. Heh.

    Third, my dad (another BSG fan), my sister and I were discussing Earth on Tuesday. My theory is that what if the Cylons arrived first and said “There’s this group of robots called Cylons coming after us, and they pretend like they’re humans. But we’re the real humans.” and the Earth people believed them, and when the Colonials arrive they’re in a fix trying to prove they’re the real deal.

    Also, it’d be interesting if (upon nearing Earth) Helo and Kara were sent down in a Raptor, and they land in some remote field. They walk for hours until they finally reach a city. Upon entering, the first refuge they find bears above it’s door in large, green letters “STARBUCKS COFFEE”.

    Have a good Thanksgiving, Galactica Watercooler crew!

  4. Pike says:

    Awesome. It’ll be great to have a guest voice at the round table.

    Introduce her first, so she doesn’t have to follow Audra…

  5. Manicorn 7 says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s podcast. Galactica Watercooler is what podcasting was made for. Makes my hour long commute absolutely painless.

    Happy TG everyone.

  6. scorch99 says:

    Happy Holidays, to you all, I discovered this site a few weeks back and have to say you have the bwst BSG podcast. The comments, the fun the thought provoking comments have mad eme go back and look at some the past airing of BSG.

    Thanks again for a great podcast.

  7. perry ostrin says:

    i think i ate a toaster!!

  8. The 13th Cylon says:

    Whoo! Thank you for a wonderful podcast. I love listening to them at work, along with Ron’s podcast, on Mondays at work. I suppose it’s a bit like projections, I just think and listen to great and wonderful BSG stuff while I’m doing the work of the Imperious Leader.

  9. Pike says:

    If you’re left Jonesing due to lack of BSG, you may want to head over to the New Voyages website. They’re doing the original Star Trek as though it was picked up for a fourth season. So far they have a pilot (skip that one) and two episodes released. The second episode, “To Serve All My Days” was released yesterday, and it guest stars Walter Koenig (the original Chekov.) I’ve only gotten through the Teaser so far (I’m D/Ling Act One as I type) but so far It looks fantastic (the MOV version is better than DVD quality.)


  10. Maddie Ardillo says:

    Just so you know, Watercooler Crew, I listen to your podcasts while I write, and it somehow helps get the creative juices flowing!

    Rumors usually start from a shred of truth…but NBC? I don’t think so. Sunday night BSG, however would be good cause I’m usually out friday nights…

    Also what I want to know is, if Cylons have blood but are immune to human diseases, whose blood did they use for the first models? Also, has anyone discussed the possibilities of androids? Meaning that Cylons (ironically) plant chips in the brains and nervous systems (as well as biomechanical parts) of normal humans? Then they would be immune to the lead poisoning on Ragnar and the recent disease that kills fleshy Cylons, they would test human on Cylon screening, and could actually be undercover agents for the Cylons. But then we would get into the androids conflict over loyalty to the humans and loyalty to the Cylons…I don’t know, just an idea I had.

    Good hunting!

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