D’anna’s Love

It seems that D’anna Biers (Number 3) has found love in Hera/Isis, just as the Oracle on New Caprica predicted. But where is the baby? It seems like the baby is a significant part of D’anna’s newfound love, and based on much speculation here on the blog and in podcasts, love could be an invaluable element in separating skinjobs from toasters (and making their backs glow).

D’anna’s other “love experience” has to do with Baltar. Imagining he was speaking to Six-in-a-box, Baltar proclaims his undying love for…D’anna? All of the Cylons? Either, way, it’s clear by her expression that she is moved by his statement. As Lt. Slingshot commented, perhaps D’anna has a messiah complex of her own and is planning to unite and lead the CylonZ.

It is odd that D’anna is one of the most ruthless, cold Cylons, and even after she “knows” love she remains this way, at least toward humans. I look forward to seeing what love does to change her character and perhaps inspire a new leadership role for her.

At least let us see her changing dirty diapers and waking up every two hours to feed Hera/Isis. Now that takes love.

6 Responses to "D’anna’s Love"
  1. Cavatar says:

    Right before the Galactica returned to New Caprica, D’anna Biers and Baltar talked about the Cylons leaving New Caprica. She played out a scenario of what would happen, and it ended with the Humans generations later returning to destroy the Cylons. So it is oblivious the Cylons think that they need to kill all the Humans, or at least control the few that are left to ensure there own survival. (Let us not forget that is exactly what the Cylons did to Humans 40 years after the first war had ended.)

    Laura Roslin feels that this is the case also. So she in turn feels for Humans to survive, all the Cylons must also be destroyed.

    I am sure I don’t need to spell out the cycle here. If each side feels they need to kill every member of a race to survive, then for one to survive they need to destroy each living being of there enemy. Does that make Roslin right? When watching the episode I agreed with Admiral Adama, but now I am not so sure.


  2. A. Lo says:

    We’ve already brought up Cylon/Centurion nannies . . . but as far as feeding the baby, are you suggesting . . . Cylon/Centurion wetnurses? Ewww . . .

  3. Pike says:

    A. Lo, wow, that’s going to send Sean for a loop.

    And, BTW Sean, you can have your Centurion. I’ll take a Eight, or two…

  4. Cavatar says:

    Love the comedy A. Lo and Pike…but personally I’ll take a six and one of what ever number Lucy Lawless is (I think it is a three).

    But seriouslly, what happened to the two Cavils that were on the Galactica at the end of last season? They were not in the cell where the others were killed by Helo. Why not just infect them and do the plan over?

  5. Pike says:

    Cavatar, I believe they were killed. One of the Cavils complained about being downloaded multiple times, but we hadn’t seen one killed before that. So he may have been one of the earlier two. I’m guessing Laura ‘spaced’ them.

    Oh, Audra, I haven’t forgotten you. When I’m down at the store I’ll be sure to pick you up a Cavil. (No false protests, now. We all know how you really feel.)

  6. Cavatar says:

    Pike, you may in fact be right. However they found new Caprica not that long after the destruction of the resurrection ship. I had assumed the Cylon Six that blew up Cloud Nine never downloaded, and if the two Calvils were spaced at that time, would they not have downloaded also? Who knows, I just hate to think the producers and writers forgot about them. It has not been in there nature with this series.


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