Podcast #13 Later Today!

Sorry for the delay! Don’t worry — we’re not disappearing. We simply delayed the recording of podcast #13 to make sure Audra could be here; She was out of pocket briefly.

Man, it’s been tough waiting, though. Torn was an incredible episode — the one we’ve been waiting for in so many ways. We all have a bunch to say about it, and you’ll hear it later today.

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  1. Pike says:

    Oh well, we’ll have to make our own fun until then.

    Did anyone else notice Sharon dressing down Doral for mentioning God? Something like “you can barely speak His name.” Interesting, because that’s the first instance I can recall of a Sharon being at all religious (excepting the ‘your gods suck’ remarks on Kobol.) Sounds like they’re setting something up.

    Oh, and speaking of Sharons. Nekkid Sharon returns! I’m sure that they originally concieved of the basestar being more organic in all aspects, including dress, but they’ve had to dial that back to do an extended arc. Now it seems that the Sharons are just freaky like that.

  2. DarthWeeF says:

    I REALLY loved this episode, especially the tension between the people that were on the surface and those that stayed on the ship.

    I am surprised that Tigh wasn’t put back on as the XO and that he seemed upset about it, I think that we are going to see him replace the Zerick character now that he is a fine upstanding vice-president. Tigh will leave the Galactica and will stir dissention through the other ships in the fleet.

  3. Aram says:

    I love that Starbuck cut her hair with a knife right there on camera. That’s devotion to a character if I have ever seen it. And the idea that the Cylon can project their own concept of reality around them was simply awesome. I guess Sharon didn’t have it that bad in her cell on Galactica after all.

  4. Manicorn7 says:

    So…what’s is up with the 5 remaining Cylon models that they “do not talk about”. That is really intriguing.

    Tigh’s downward spiral could be a sign that his character is gonna get the axe this season. That would suck though as his character has become so complex and fun to watch.

    Anyone think that we may eventually wind up at Earth and that Isis/Hera will be the first of what we know as “human”? May be we are the children of he humans and Cylons.

    Also, RDM in his podcast from this episode used both plurals….The Cylon and Cylons. Cuckoo!!!

  5. Blue says:

    So here’s my burning question of the day…

    We have “Admiral Adama” running things on Galactica, and Col Tigh is still the XO. What about “Commander Adama”? Hmm…..

    Since Lee now outranks Tigh, what gives? Shouldn’t Admiral Adama be doing overall fleet stuff (and he can still use the Galactica as his flag ship, of course) and letting Lee run the Galactica? And I wonder who Lee would pick as his XO if he got the chance to fire/dismiss Tigh…

  6. Galactic Myth says:

    I have to say my favorite scene was with Admiral Adama, Kara, and Tigh at the end. When Adama kicked Kara over then said “I thought of you as a daughter once, not anymore, so you either learn how to be a human being again or find another place to live off this ship.” I think this was the wake up call She’s been asking for.

  7. Manicorn7 says:

    Starbuck cutting her hair was cool and all, but Sackhoff kinda wussed out by only cutting it partially off. Would have been way cooler if she went for the full on GI Jane action and busted out the clippers. I think Starbuck would be more hardcore than GI Jane.

  8. Richard F. says:

    This Ep answered or at least gave one explanation to many of my questions regarding the show. . . .

    The other five Cylon => Apparently they are not with the fleet of cylons that we’ve been following. Observing the reactions of Six (I think, maybe 3 or 8), I appeared that they are either ostracized, or the unknown five models have put themselves in self-impose exile. Or maybe vice-versa, b/c they disagreed on the Human “Problem”. I hope that we’re up for a some three-way action between humans, known cylons, and unknown cylons.

    Baltar’s visions. (aka Six in a Box) => These sound an awful lot like the cylon projections. . . . Maybe Baltar is a Cylon. . . . . The way Caprica Six reacted, it seemed that she had no idea about his delusions. This give creedence to the notion that Head Six and Caprica Six are NOT the same personality. Head Six really only appears when Baltar needs some psychological “goodies” — like a kick of endorphins. May be he’s one of the unknown cylons that is broken. The BSG Wiki states that one of the criteria for being a cylon is to have no history prior to 3 years ago, BUT that’s NOT necessarily the case. Sharon, for instance. Maybe they unknown cylons were the first ones created shortly after they first war or just prior to the end (this would mean that the numbering is arbitrary). And they went to live in the colonies for some reason.

    I don’t know, if Baltar is a “broken” cylon, but it’s plausible. The Known cylons, don’t seem aware of the other models. So there would not need to be any kind of conspiracy theory.

    Leoben in Council — It is unlikely that the Leoben that we saw was Kara’s, but his appearance here indicates that he is not necessarily out of the loop when it comes to Cylon administration. I think it was an artistic decision to give greater weight to the scenes on caprica. Anyway Colonial One was crowded enough.

    Tigh, Tigh, Tigh. What can you say? I knew that he wouldn’t be able to re-enter military life immediately. He is just way too damaged, from NC. Living in such a harsh, black-and-white world of occupation made Tigh (the resistance go to guy) too obsessed with justice, vengence that the grey world of Galactica cannot be a home to him. I knew that he and Adama would be on the outs. I bet that he will end up on another ship and with him as commanding officer or higher on that ship will possibly come to loggerheads with Adama over a fleet decision.

    Command Structure — I for one am glad that Lee is not the XO. I don’t think that Lee and Adama could function effectively as the officer who executes the orders of the CO. Lee is too much of an independent thinker and actor to serve in that capacity. He belongs as CAG. And this only goes to show that RDM is trying to reflect real military. On a battleship, there may be many Admirals, each one the head of the department. The CO, XO, Chief Engineer, and the Air group commander, may all be Admirals. with there own subordinates. So it is totally plausible that the two most import departments on the ship may be lead by officers Commander and above, and that the XO is only a Capt(?). (btw what is Helo’s rank?)

    Starbuck is on the outs again YAH!!!! It was great seeing her become the favorite child of the command, but the show is so much better when she is frakked up.

    So much more, but I digress.

    The eps just keep getting better and better.

  9. John P. says:

    Hey y’all, just a thought I had after listening to the last podcast.

    I don’t remember EXACTLY when we first saw Baltar on the pills, but the whole subject got me thinking:
    What are they? And, more importantly, why would #3 be concerned with giving them to him?

    What if (and yes, I know this is a ginormous IF) the Cylons know about his “head Six”? Maybe the pills are some sort of neurological suppressor intended to keep him from seeing her? I don’t remember him taking them until AFTER the Cylons showed up on New Caprica. Interestingly, this is also when he stopped having frequent mental visits from her. True, she did show up once or twice after that, but it was during times of extreme psychological stress — maybe enough to overcome the effects of the drug.

    Just thought I’d throw it out there.

  10. Ken says:

    What a great episode! I was thinking about the Six in Baltar’s head regarding projection. It does seem like the environments they exist in together are seen by projection. I think this is done by the six in Baltar’s head. I see it working like a new Intel mac that can run Windows and OSX at the same time. She is a Cylon and since she is running on Baltar’s hardware, she can project for him as well as herself.

    Of course how is six inside his head in the first place? One possibility is that she is a version of the six that died in the bombings on Caprica. That version could have split and downloaded once into a new body and also into Baltar’s head.

    Another possibilty has to do with the “other 5” cylons. There was mention of the familiar 7 Cylon models having taken human form and having to deal with the trials of human existence because of it (I think the Dr. Cylon model said this on the base ship) What if the other Five exist only as computer code? With no physical body, they could take any form. And one of them is in Baltar’s head??

    That would explain the apparent cross purposes the “head-six” seems to be working at compared to the other Cylons. Can anyone tell me if I missed something, or if this is possible?

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