D is for Downloaded

I want to take a lead from a comment posted by Chris on the comments page for podcast #12:

In convincing Lee to abandon his father[Dualla] removes a central leader and a huge cadre of warriors in the death of New-Caprica. Leaving a fattened and weakened Lee to lead a civilian contingent.

There’s room for gobs of speculation about anyone on the show being a Cylon, but this Dee-as-a-Cylon thing really interests me. Maybe it’s my unfettered grief for Billy and latent irritation at Dee for dumping him. But if Dee was trying to get Billy out of the way to hook up with someone higher up, Lee would be the best choice. And, as Chris says, Lee got fat only after he started hanging out with Dee. She leaves bowls of walnuts lying around for him, encouraging him to snack, and probably hid his jumprope too. If poor Fat Lee got sidetracked by the snacks in the middle of an attack, he very well could lead the humans to doom. Plus Dee’s always been right there in CIC with the highest-ranking officials, and she always knows what’s going on.

Also, and as a secure woman, I think I can say this- Dee is pretty hot, which ultimately puts her high on the list for female Cylon territory. Just my opinion.

6 Responses to "D is for Downloaded"
  1. Pike says:

    Heh. I could see a BSG version of “Hot or Not.” Post a picture of yourself, and others vote on whether you’re a Cylon or not.

    Still, you’d think there’d be a Sister Cavil or two out there…

  2. Writch says:

    Even her name smacks of a double agent: DUAL-la

    The more I hear this theory discussed on the podcasts and blog/comments, it rings true.

  3. Baltar The Great says:

    That would not surprise me in the slightest if were to find out that Dualla was in fact a Cylon. With Lee going crazy over whether or not he should stay with Dee, this would be a good time for her to strike. You also make a good point of Dee being very knowledgable with everything going on in galactica. It woould certainly serve as a good shocker, if this were to be true. God I love this site, makes work go by so much faster.

  4. BoxytheBoxed says:

    Then Lee did the Rocky thing (yes i have seen all the Rocky movies) so it goes back to my theory of Cally trying to kill the chief by making him have a heart attack. What would Starbuck do? since she kinda sucks ass(or as) a raptor piolot. Starbuck might have to rely on skill instead of Cat to kill raiders. Speaking of them i think SB(starbuck) is kinda lost without Kat. Now SB has no competition. She is the hansd down best piolot. nobody cares about the star if they have no competition

  5. GeoKaplan says:

    The new “Last Supper” pic recently released supports this theory. RDM said the final Cylon is probably not pictured.

    Also, think about her name: Anastasia is Greek for “Resurrection.” Dualla could be a bastardization of the Latin “Dualis” meaning duo or two.

    She’s from Sagittaron, but doesn’t agree with their religious practices.

    Sagittarons believe in pacifism, but she does not. Again, parting ways with her colonies’ faith. Perhaps because of her true “faith” and purpose?

    And finally, Leoben was right: “Adama is a Cylon.” She’s married to Lee. That makes her an Adama, but isn’t interesting how RDM has the scripts calling her “Dee” or “Dualla” still? Is that to downplay her “Adama-ness?”

    The final four thus revealed are all people who are very loyal personalities. So is Dee.

    The “Significant Seven” Cylons tend to be more flighty and uncertain. Not Dee.


  6. exoduscrusade says:

    Anastasia means ressurection(the disney movie wasnt too bad, check it out) which adds to my belief that Anastasia Dualla(resurection double) is the last cylon, i mean who else would it be?

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