Humans: They Make Great Pets

Humans don’t make great pets — andneither did the Cylon. However if you were to ever to try and convince a human to feel a certain way when they started off dead set against it, Starbuck would be the last person you should pick.

Still, it’s interesting that they Cylon seem to be fixated on her so much. There are many possible reasons why I could imagine:She is a great warrior of the Human race. She is strong of mind and spirit. She is also crafty in a way that confounds the Cylon time and time again. Yet when they have her in their clutches, they try to bend her to their will with the whole Three’s Company thing down in the detention area.

This demonstrates either a total lack of understanding about what makes her tick –or perhaps they just don’t know how to deal with someone wired the way Starbuck is and are trying to provoke certain responses to get their bearings on the road to frak her mind. What will be telling is how she reacts when she climbs (as we all hope she does) back in the cockpit.

3 Responses to "Humans: They Make Great Pets"
  1. Adam says:

    Perhaps there is some kind of notion on the part of the Cylons that if Starbuck can be broken, any human can? I’m not sure..that idea might hinge on whether or not Leoben is a ‘broken’ Cylon model. If he is, he may in acting alone in his attempts to make Starbuck bend to his will.

  2. Pike says:

    What Adam said. I was going to post something similar, but my posts tend to run long as it is, and I dropped it.

  3. GALACTIC MYTH says:

    Perhaps maybe since the cylons try to fall in love so two can become one, but they can’t understand how someone like Starbuck can love someone but continuously hurts, and pushes them away from her. And the only way for them to find this out is to find her emotional boundaries.

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