Elegy for Ellen Tigh

Poor, poor Ellen’s fall;

Wife of Saul, lover of all.

Will tainted be her beauty

fromloathesome skinjob VD?

What will say Colonel Tigh

If his wife’s condemned to die?

Will he poke out another eye?

Or save her from the Cy-

lons? If Ellen ends up dead,

Who’ll give Cavil head?

Alone he’ll off to bed

Dreaming of Caprica Six instead.

(Hey, no one said it’d be good poetry.)

5 Responses to "Elegy for Ellen Tigh"
  1. Pike says:

    Audra, you seem to be disturbingly obsessed with Cavil’s sex life. Excuse me while I scrub my brain…

    Here’s one for Chuck. Take a look at the colonial seal (the bird-in-a-circle.) Notice that the outer edge has several rays (or curved blocks, depending upon what you see as positive space.) The odd thing is, there are fourteen of them. Why not twelve? Does that mean anything? Perhaps 12 Colonies + Kobol + Earth? If so, why isn’t fourteen a more important number in that culture?

    Also, compare that seal with the NBC Peacock logo. Bonus question: Who owns the SciFi channel?

  2. Tanya says:

    Well truer word were never spoken! LOL!
    I just discovered your podcasts and they are great! I can’t wait to hear all of your takes on tonight’s ep! Keep up the great work!

  3. Tanman the Hokie says:

    Kate Vernon has been posting on the scifi.com board and spoke out about Ellen’s final gift to Saul:

    “Ellen absolutly knew what was in the cup. She spared her husband having to give her the poison. As much as she wanted him to knock it out of her hands and come up wth a mercy plan, she knew her husband wouldn’t go against the resistance.”

    Go Ellen, and go Kate!

  4. Xero1 says:

    I was rewatching the Miniseries today, and had a weird Deja vu… Saul is sitting in his rack, and looking at the picture of his wife. He then burns out one of her eyes with his lit cigar… the same eye he loses on New Caprica. So what think you of the Watercooler? Forshadowing? Lucky/Unlucky happenstance? Just thought id throw the observation out there.

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