The Recruitment Poster

Though it’s not posted quite yet we did have a 6th podcast yesterday. I was very curious to know after the ‘cast what the recruitment poster outside the jail on New Caprica said. So as usual being the anal, have to know type of dude I am… I freeze framed and zoomed in to find out.

The left side of the poster says:

Your family and friends deserve a safe and secure community.
You can help by becoming a member of the NCP.
New Caprica Police Serving You!

(NCP stands for New Caprica Police)

At the bottom of the poster it has a NCP badge in the middle and on one side of the badge had people cheering and the other had two humans fighting. That part stuck me as very odd indeed. The other side of the poster had a picture of a random human in a uniform. It is inscribed with the words:

New Caprica Police
Keeping your streets safe!

Creepy cylon frackers!

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