Sharon’s Baby: Hera/Isis

We received a call today reminding us that Sharon actually named her baby “Hera” — after the Greek goddess, we’d imagine. In Podcast #5 we refer to her as “Isis.” Technically, both of these names are correct as far as we can tell. Though Sharon originally named her “Hera,” her name was changed to “Isis” when she was secretly given to other parents. So, we’ve been calling her “Isis” since we imagine that’s what we’ll hear going into season three.

I tend to think that these two names aren’t an accident, but it’s pretty easy to come up with all kinds of possible story hints from the names. Wikipedia indicates that Hera was the wire and older sister of Zeus and presided as the godess of marriage. Isis, on the other hand, was an Egyptian goddess “most prominent mythologically as the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, and was worshipped as the archetypical wife and mother.” So, what do you think? What does this mean?

All this does bring up an interesting point again, which is that Sharon and Helo are as of yet unaware that their daughter is still alive. It appeared that Sharon was with the battlestars when they fled New Caprica, so I can’t help but suspect that Adama may find it convenient to let her in on the fact that her daughter’s alive on New Caprica — it could serve as a very valuable motivation for her to help with the repatriation of the detainees.

2 Responses to "Sharon’s Baby: Hera/Isis"
  1. Nick Z. says:

    Why is it assumed that the baby Boomer delivered was conceived naturally? You’ve got those human “baby farms” on Caprica and several instances where Boomer has gone off on her own, plenty of opportunity for the Baby Sharon delivered to have been implanted.

  2. Audra says:

    True, but so far with the information we’ve seen, everything indicates that Helo is the father and that Sharon got pregnant when they were on Caprica. However, you are right that it is possible that it could have been something else. But I still think it’s probably just what it seems.

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