Answers To A Few Questions

Just a couple of quick things, the answers to a few of the questions we have been shooting back and forth for a bit. I reviewed some of season 2.5 for guidance earlier last night.

The first question was how many people are on the planet? The answer is 39,579. Leaving the rest, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 left in the fleet in space. The fleet is indeed split but we still don’t have exact numbers yet on which ships stayed and which didn’t.

Helo is found; he is serving as Galactica’s Comms officer. So he is in space with the fleet and Sharon. No surprise there really.

Sharon and Helo’s baby is named Isis and is being watched over by the president’s assistant school teacher down planetside.

At least in partial answer to how long it takes to reload a cylon and have them all downloaded is answered in the episode “Downloaded.” Caprica Six states that when Anders blew up the cafe that 30 to 40 cylons died and that would give her and Sharon (the reincarnated Boomer Sharon) about 36 hours before they would be able to download the No. 3 cylonclone that Six killed. So it takes about an hour to reload a human cylon….scary.

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