Where’s the Fleet?

I realize I should go back and watch the last few episodes again and again (just got the 2.5 DVD set…it rocks!) till I find out where they are but, where are all the ships from the fleet?

Did they strip them for parts and ground them permanently on the planet to live in or off of? Or perhaps some of the ships are with the Battlestars. If that is the case, I was under the impression that the Battlestars needed the fleet to function correctly.

In the wide shot of the “prison camp” on the webisodes I didn’t see any ships parked out back so to speak. In fact I didn’t see anything but tents and a large building in the center of the camp. I know that Gaius has Colonial One on the planet because that’s the ship he surrendered in down on the planet. So we know some are down there.

I guess my real question is have they been stripping them to live off of for the last year and change and how long will they take to make ready to go if that be the case? They might have to be leaving in a big damn hurry.

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  1. Bryan says:

    the fleet was probably in orbit and some were landed, and even fewer were scrapped.

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