Starbuck’s “Special Purpose”

OK, I couldn’t resist a little poke at The Jerk. Forgive me my strange sense of humor.

Seriously, though, as Audra mentioned below, Leoben is the cylon Starbuck “waterboarded” back in the season one eposode Flesh and Bone. As usual I’m having trouble remembering Leoben’s exact phrase, but he essentially toldKara that she would play a special role in the cylon/human religious “it-happened-before-it’ll-happen-again” play. Could the child we see in the season three teaser be the result of that role?

Also, what’s with Kara behind the bars? Could her baby have come from a stolen egg — as I suggested in Podcast #2 — or was is made via, umm, a more direct method?

One Response to "Starbuck’s “Special Purpose”"
  1. Sean says:

    I pity da foo who tries to “direct method” Starbuck.

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